PlayStation Home update – Xi: Continuum is here

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 12th December for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Xi: Continuum

This week sees the release of Xi: Continuum. There have been strange things going on in PS Home recently, and it all comes to a head this week as you will need to come together to answer the question: what is the Continuum?

The game will take place over 47 days with new content each day in Home, on external websites or via community tasks. If you want to play it at your own pace you can do that as well. Xi: Continuum has been designed to appeal to everyone, whether you love teaming up with others or prefer to act alone.

If you missed out on Xi in 2009, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Home Square Rewards

Winter is blowing a gale through Home Square this week, bringing with it some all new rewards for anyone who turns up! We’ve also got a special surprise in Estates to celebrate Home’s 4th anniversary for all of you who are feeling nostalgic.

Emo Ray: Mission Pack 1


The epic story of Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears has a new Mission Pack for you to play, “Mission Pack 1: Bearly in Love?” The story of Hammie and Porsche will be explored while Emo does what he does best: take out evil little (and big) teddy bears! Grab this Mission Pack today to add to your overall leaderboard score and have the ability to earn the full sized *Hammy Companion*!

Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues


Home Tycoon gets its biggest update ever this week with Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues! Visit your city to download the FREE Aggressive Promotions expansion pack, loaded with free missions, new rewards, and buildings to unlock.

There are new features including the ability to move buildings for free, new cash rewards, special car paintjobs, new driving animations, improved building stats, and some upgrades to the Home Tycoon Train Station!

Audi Technology Experience


Head to the Audi Technology Experience for the most advanced and immersive driving game in PlayStation Home. Customise and race your own Audi virtual vehicle and unlock up to fifty FREE reward items including a new Audi Personal Space. The Audi Technology Experience concept car has been designed specifically for this game and is exclusive to PlayStation Home.

Atom Republic

The latest batch of RadPetz are the only species of penguin known to man who can fly! Watch your new companion slide on its belly to catch up with you, flutter around your head, and sit on your shoulder for a rest.

Did you like the hoverbikes? You’ll love the ringbikes! Travel through Home in style and at top speed on these ring-shaped futuristic monocycles!

Lastly, celebrate the festive season with a collection of party moves from the Epic Dance Moves collection: pull some irresistible Party Moves: the Shuffle, the Latin routine, the Charleston and… the Sprinkler!

Juggernaut Winter Adventure Pack

Juggernaut Games wants to wish everyone on Home the finest of season’s greetings and present their Winter Adventure Pack – the perfect complement to your festive decorating needs.

Includes: customisable Christmas tree and snowman, gingerbread house with roaming gingerbread citizens, the Santa’s list, sled and ice-skating locomotion items, companions, and much more!

The Jewel of the Skies

A faraway place, a magical world, The Jewel of the Skies is just waiting to be discovered! Enter the palace in the clouds and visit the Genie. If he deems you worthy, you’ll be given a magic carpet and gem-hunting quests to follow. Follow the Genie’s commands and be granted wishes that will gradually restore their palace to its former glory. An apartment, a game, an experience, new from Lockwood.

Winter Gift Shop

Lockwood’s Winter Gift Shop is open for business! Find the perfect seasonal gift to let your friends know that you care. Look out for special variants on clothing and furniture from The Jewel of the Skies.


Sprawl out in a variety of ways – the Dreamy Bed has arrived! Two people can lie down together and there are various sleep poses to choose from, such as face down, on your back, and resting your head in someone’s lap. Sprawl out as you like, just the two of you spending time together!

Also this week, a pure white body and cute, round eyes – the Snowy Owl has arrived!

Relax in a new yukata decorated with beautiful snowflakes. The gentle snowfall is perfect for a quiet snow scene.

Konami Gothic


Black Leather is back in this latest release of Gothic Clothing by Konami. Try on the latest instalment of gothic-wear and sport the latest in leather and metal. Available at the Threads Store.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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woooow awsome update. Cant wait for the bmx locomotions.

What an awesome update! :D :D :D

Surely nobody is going to come on here this week moaning about the content, are they? lol

supersmith2500 11 December, 2012 @ 18:21

Winter Wonderland for Home Square?

blacklagoon-REVY 11 December, 2012 @ 18:24

Any word on the nDreams SciFi costumes, Digital leisure aquariums,Granzella Xmas Bikinis or the new BMX bikes and other locomotion stuff that seem to have been left out of this update?

CoolRichy0008UK 11 December, 2012 @ 18:24

thnkss sony for this update and keeep up the good work :::)))

Xi2 was a big reason to install Home again

Looks awesome. Wondering what the surprise in Estates might be. Would love to revisit the first home square, but I guess it’s got to be an apartment space.

is home tycoon a proper city builder as my wife is a big fan of these and i would reinstall home if it was.


Playstation home gets an update for the 10 or so people that use it.

i haven’t went on Home for ages i wonder if my pets still there, a couple of questions.

1 can out Pets go thu xi space doing Xi games will there be danger the last Xi maze took out our avatars.

2. you said on our own pace how will it be about you said 49 days & update every day some ppl may not like going on everyday.

anyhows it a dam fine update kudos SCEE Home team & Ndreams.

do we have to pay to drive cars?

I remember playing Xi but rarely use Home anymore, Xi: Continuum is a reason for me to load it up again.

I cannot believe that Xi 2 is not free.

I say turn it in to “The Sims” online. Intergrate the whole Tycoon part with the main “game” somehow. Live in someone elses city, purchase a house using in-game cash.. and all that lot. It’s boring otherwise.

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