Demolition Inc. sets up shop on PSN today


Hi, my name is Christian Kinne, Lead Developer on Demolition Inc. for PSN. In this blog post I’m going to discuss a little about how we came up with the concept for the game, which we here at Zeroscale Games are proud to be releasing later today.

It all started with the idea to make a game with a realtime physics sandbox, where people can tear down buildings by setting up explosives and chain reactions in a smart way. So we created the concept of a game where you manage a demolition company that has to destroy buildings for money.

When we started to make a prototype we quickly realised that it’s much more fun to tear down not only one building but a whole lot of buildings. We also found out that doing so with cars as well as explosives is even more fun than just using standard weapons or destruction tools. So we decided to make not just a regular demolition simulation but a game that combines all of our ideas in one.


Inspired by the Vogons in Douglas Adams’ classic book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that wanted to tear down planet Earth to build an intergalactic highway, we created Mike: a sympathetic alien who is a one-man demolition company that gets a contract to demolish Earth in order to change it into an intergalactic green Recreation Area.

Mike is sitting in his UFO hovering over the city and can make cars slide into buildings and gas tanks by throwing super glue or summoning oil clouds to rain down on the streets – without getting his feet wet.

Playing Demolition Inc. requires a mix of strategy and action skills, as you have to work out the best way to blow stuff up while getting the timing of your actions just right. Developing it was a lot of fun – even when we had to play it over and over the gameplay stayed interesting because each time you find new ways to blow stuff up!


When Demolition Inc. was chosen as a finalist in the Indie Game Challenge 2012 in Las Vegas we really felt we had done something special. So it’s great to present our first PS3 title as an indie game studio in the PSN Store.

We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the making of it. We are also looking forward to creating some DLC for the game, as there are still so many ideas that want to be turned into levels and destruction tools.

Enjoy this ‘extraterroristic’ demolition experience!

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Video/trailer is set as private :(

Any plans to bring this to the Vita? The concept sounds good.

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 14:24

We really like the idea of having it on the Vita. The mixture between Touchscreen and Analogsticks would fit very well to the game :)

Interesting new game. So, this is also out on Android (and presumably iOS), why the move to PS3, instead of Vita? This seems so much more appropriate there.
Very interested to see the price setting, We’ll see if it’s closer to the Mobile prices (1,99) or the Steam price ($9,99).

Always a pleasure to see new games like his pop out of the hat :-) Good luck with the launch of your game today!

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 14:26

We started the development originally on the PS3.

Vita version would be bloody awesome!!!


How much is this going to be and is there a PSV version or just PS3?

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 14:23

Its 9,99euros . Currently its just PS3.

Will there be a demo? Looks like a try before you buy sort of game otherwise I will wait for reviews.

However, I applaud you on a very fun concept and making a game that has a very appealing art style. it looks very fun to play, but I simply can’t make a blind purchase so close to Christmas. Best of luck to you and I hope the game exceeds expectations.

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 14:29

Thank you!

as mentioned by others it seems a great game to be played on the PS Vita and a demo would be nice to try before buying

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 14:26

We are working on a Demo, But you would have to wait until next year.

ah, another developer who talks to customers! Hope your game does well!
I’ll take a look at this when I’m done at work.

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:33


Another one of the wonderful and fun looking indie titles on psn :) we have been soo lucky this year well done Christian and all at ZeroScale Games.

I would also love to see this on Vita, titles like this make Vita stand out from the handheld crowd….if Sony notices that also ofc :)

but yes such a fun game and almost screams LBP design your own levels and head to head multiplay :)

Thank you for sharing i shall take a look when i get out of my office

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:22

Thank you very much!

Looks quite cool. If there’s a demo/trial I’ll certainly be checking it out.

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:33

Sorry, not now.



please say the super cute Cow on the crossing lived :P

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:23

Its always rewards by the game when you save cows ;)

So it will be around £7 in the UK? Bit steep, especially as it’s only £1.50 ish on the Android store…

Why the huge mark up?

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:29

The PS3 Version has a lot more details and FX, 6 more levels than the HD Version. Cars are much smarter. We added the Black Cow Market. And we polished a lot of other things.

i got this on my android tablet i think it was FREE or £1 something but anyway i didn’t really bother much with it because game is average,nothing special or amazing here.

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:25

The Android Version is missing Shadows, Bloom and Shaders.
So its much more fun on a big screen with all this FX.

For a split second their i thought it was a remake of blast corps from the N64 days! got a little excited:O looks interesting though something i would defiantly play on my vita

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:31

I really enjoyed Blast Corps. But you have to think more in Demolition Inc. :)

Played this game on PC through Steam and it was a lot of fun. While it’s great to see it’s coming to PS3, I’d love for a Vita version also. It’s a great game for portable devices. :)

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:20

Nice to hear that you liked it!

Three questions:

When will it release on US so that gamers from Americas know the release date is it next week?

What will be the price in US $?

Are you planning on implementing DLC and if yes will that DLC have any trophies on it?

Thanks and good luck for starting with this game

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:20

1. Beginning of next year

2. I think around 10$

3. Currently we dont know when we are releasing DLC

@Christian Kinne: Thanks a lot

I wanted to be sure that’s it’s going to be 10$ instead of 10.99$ like Page Chronica was.

Thanks for pointing that out, I hope it is 9.99$ straight

Christian Kinne 12 December, 2012 @ 15:52

Okay. I see :)

little improvement on th graphics does not matter much when the gameplay is so hollow & fake,the game conecpt is great but sadly it was poorly excuted on this game.


Not seen the video but i think judging by the screenshots, the sunniness of the game would make me feel happy if i played it :D


Some aspects remind me greatly of Blast Corps on the N64. Awesome game.

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