God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta coming soon to PS Plus

Today we’re proud to announce that the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta is officially coming to PlayStation Plus on 9th January. To whet your appetite in advance, have a look below at our brand new trailer.

So, for all you PS Plus subscribers, I guess you’ll want to know exactly what you’ll be playing in the beta?

A visceral, larger than life, online combat experience for starters. We are kicking off the beta with our signature Team Favor Rush mode and the yet-to-be-seen Favor of the Gods mode, which plays like Team Favor of the Gods, but without the teams.

In both modes, you’ll fight to reach the requisite number of favor points from the Gods, earning points via kills, bonus brutal kills, opening chests, capturing domination points, and, if you’re skillful enough, performing executions using the Spear of Olympus.

Check out our Beta page at godofwar.com/Beta for strategy tips, scoring details and more.


You’ll hopefully have seen the Desert of Lost Souls map, featuring our massive Titan, Polyphemus. In the beta, you’ll get your chance to go head-to-head in this epic map.


But that’s not all! THIS IS GOD OF WAR! God of War: Ascension multiplayer levels are broken out into two categories – larger maps, which feature large open environments, like Desert of Lost Souls, and more compact arenas, which bring the action in tight to test your reflexes as you fight for survival in close-quarters combat.

Fans of God of War III will remember the Hercules Arena – considered one of the most epic moments in the God of War franchise – and we’re really excited to introduce our tribute to this, the Forum of Hercules Multiplayer Arena level.

The beta will also provide you with the chance to play through our tutorial level, which is an epic experience in itself. You’ll be able to test your might with both Zeus and Ares allegiances, and experience a taste of the player customisation options and upgrades that will be in the final game.

Keep in mind, this is the beta stage of our development, and the team at http://www.worldwidestudios.net/santamonica will be working daily – up until the very last second – to provide you with a truly incredible experience. We value your feedback, and this is where YOU can help to make this game ascend to even greater heights for our release in March. See you in the beta!

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So will all PS Plus subscribers be able to play the beta?

Ross Alexander 13 December, 2012 @ 09:17

Yes, all PS Plus subscribers will be able to play the beta.

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 12 December, 2012 @ 17:58

yay gonna try and finish god of war 3 now

Not a big fan of god of war, but i’ll give the beta a shot.

Played it at EuroGamer this year. Was pretty awesome tbh. Not sure about longevity though.

Lol. I love how they replied on the Blog countless times about PS+ Members not having any Access to the Beta. But either way great news. I signed up for the Beta during the Sign Up Period that ended last week so hopefully I get picked.

lol, at the jewish comment, am surprised it’s still up.
Anyway, can anyone say when to expect a e-mail about last weeks beta entry, just want to know a rough date to give up hoping etc.

Ok if you’re just going to ignore me in the store update page maybe you’ll bother to answer me here. Why hasn’t Tomb Raider 2 been discounted? You said it was supposed to be.


Any news on the total recall 2012 single player demo on the blu ray it’s out on Boxing Day still not heard if its on it, also is shop to the only place to preorder gow a with the kratos figure?

Ross Alexander 13 December, 2012 @ 09:20

More info on Total Recall to come very soon.

On the Collector’s Edition, you should be able to find it here too:

@ residentSteve
are you saying there’ll be a GoW SP demo on the Total Recall blue-ray ?. or have i misread. it’s first i heard about that, and i am hoping i read correct. wasn’t aware there was any sp demo’s around. so if there is then that’ll be a good thing, as i will find some way of getting one.
If i have misread you then apologies.

Ross Alexander 13 December, 2012 @ 09:21

Yes, there will be a SP demo on the Total Recall Blu-Ray. News to follow very shortly.


Please Reply, I won in the “Rise Of The Warriors” and the god of war website gave a code for the Beta, tried to redeem it but it’s not working! Will it work in 17th of December ? and when I pressed on “Enroll Now” it took me to PSN Beta Enrollment page and it says “The enrolment for this Beta has now closed. Invitations to successful participants will be sent shortly.” Does that mean I missed my CHANCE !!!?

Please Answer!


@9 it’s the one from the e3 demo I know it’s coming to the usa’s total recall, hopefully ours to looking at an old blog entry Ross Alexander from Sony said there would be more news in the near future but that was back on the 11/10/12.

Highland coo ftw.

Ross Alexander 13 December, 2012 @ 09:22

Aye, ye cannae beat a Highland coo, pal.


@ residentSteve
thnx for info, it’s the first i have heard about it. fingers crossed that it isn’t US only, i was going to check recall out (eventually) anyway so if it’s got demo then that’ll be a nice way to recover from xmas/get ready for new years, providing the Mayans are wrong that is. Guess that would make a ok weekend debate, though am sure Motorstorm Apocolypse run a similar one, But never picked any winners.
If you find out where this might be had will you post it on here, i will do same if i see it, thnx again.


Some people are overly offended by different words…


Not me fella, i presume its the jewish reference i mentioned. anyway it never bothered me, i just said the obvious, and doubt your post was removed due to that, perhaps it was for best, as you say some are offended, ie you might of ended up on mossad hit list (lol), or at least had a nasty post aimed at you.


Not that it deserved one (nasty reply), i Should of added.

I already kick ass with this game.
Looking forward to see you join to let me kill you muahahaha



I know this is unrelated but comments on older blog posts tend to go ignored.

None of the festive sale discounts are showing up on the store when the sale supposedly started yesterday.

I have a question. I played Rise of a warrior few weeks back as a spartan and won. It said wait for your beta codes.
Some days later I logged in again and I was a trojan. As if I never existed before in that game…
I haven’t gotten my code yet…
I used Google to logg in.


Even with a big bidget CGI trailer the Multiplayer still looks so…..meh to me. I just hope they dont give the game multiplayer trophies and force me to play it.

Got my beta invitation email earlier

at work but just checked my email inbox and my invite arrived at 11 am so roll on half past 5 till i rip some people to shreds :)


Enjoy everybody! I’ll try and jump in when I can.

got my invite, but having trouble downloading,, stuck at 65%
and am getting access denied when trying to go to the forums.
think i might leave it untill the morning, massive tension headache brewing :/

Supa_Fly_Guy_71 14 December, 2012 @ 12:54

got mine i just need to finish work so i can get home and download

declan__watson 14 December, 2012 @ 17:09

Hello Ross
Sorry I’m a little late to the party guys but I finally got my god of war accession multiplayer beta I cannot wait to try it I’m downloading it as we speak.

From what I’ve seen, I think accessions will be a fantastic new edition to the god of war franchise and an amazing new IP for playstation 3.

It’s my birthday tomorrow too so it’s like a really nice early birthday present.

Thanks to Ross for providing news and SCE for handing me out this beta.

LongLivePlay Sony make.believe :)


Yes .. got invite and looking forwards to getting to grips with it. thnx @ beta team for giving non-plussers a equal chance. see all on the fields.

Also got the invite and can see the voucher code, but when I try to enter it, the store tells me it’s invalid!
I tried to access the forum, but it tells me access denied!
Any help please?

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