New Sound Pack DLC for Sound Shapes out today

After last week’s unfortunate patch issues, the first round of Sound Shapes DLC finally launches in Europe later today. It’s available for download in the PS Store or in-game in the Sound Shapes Music Shop.

Below is a quick rundown of what you’ll get. Thanks everyone for hanging in there – we’re looking forward to playing all your levels. Catch you in the Community!

The Queasy Team

Acoustic Sound Pack (€0.99/£0.79)

Bring some clean analogue tones to your game with five new acoustic instruments. Strum a tune with a guitar, dance across the ivories on a piano, or thumb the unique sounds of the kalimba.

Drum Kits Sound Pack (€0.99/£0.79)

This pack is all about rhythm. Snares, hi-hats, toms, and more let you groove to everything from a cool jazz backdrop to a driving rock beat. There’s even an electronic kit for some 80’s hip-hop style jams if that’s more your style.

8-Bit Sound Pack (€0.99/£0.79)

Compose in the key of chiptune with bleeps, bloops, and other classic game sounds. It’s more than just chiptunes as you’ll get modern electronic synths, bass lines, and loops too. A variety packed pack for sure!

Curved Terrain Pack (free download)

This one’s for the platforming fans out there. Bend, stretch, and shape curves to add smooth surfaces to your smooth beats. Many of you have been waiting for this and it’s free right now. (It’s also key for some future DLC but we’ll keep that a surprise for now.)

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Hi Mark, is this for Vita too? Stupid question perhaps, but Most Wanted Vita isn’t getting next weeks DLC.


Yes indeed, Vita too.

Any chance of Sound Shapes coming to plus igc for Vita anytime soon. I will buy the dlc then ;)

Thanks for the free terrain, will pick up the dlc when I get back to UK. Mostly want the ability to download community levels with Sound Shapes like with LBP. It’s a great game and would love to have some extra levels to try outside of the home.

(Going on what PMurphy1978 said): Is the Vita not getting the NFS:MW dlc – the game cost more than most versions could be had for…
NFS is also bugged as well when you add friends (which it pushes you to do in-game) – it freezes before billboards/speed cameras which are everywhere. Criterion didn’t respond at all. Great game but what a let down Criterion, still no fix.

RonnieJamesDio21 12 December, 2012 @ 12:45



Let’s stay on topic please. The Store post is due up at 3.00pm – that’s the place for these kind of queries. Thanks.

@Yasir_said EA told me directly that it wasn’t coming on the 18th for Vita, they have been pretty coy about it on Twitter. I have asked if it means the Vita won’t get it at all, or later.

Great news that some devs are supporting the Vita with DLC though.

Thanks for the reply PMurphy1978, that’s really disappointing to hear.. hopefully it will come later but I’m not holding my breath, extra race events would have really been nice.
I’m dying for that patch though, basically cripples online play (even just connected to autolog) – I recommend people not add more than 10 or so friends for now on the vita version. (sorry for off-topic)

Btw if anyone is still worried about the platforming in Sound Shapes not holding up (I remember I felt like this before playing it, after only watching videos) – the platforming really impressed me (nice and tight/precise platforming) with some amazing level designs. Music integration ended up being a really great bonus for me – the create mode is an infinite time sink! :)

I would pay for DLC that let me download levels – I know it’s less important on PS3 but with the Vita I’m offline a lot when I play it.

Will definately pick these up. I’m hoping future dlc brings some more graphic artist/musician collaborations. Always thought Pete Fowler/Super Furry Animals would suit Sound Shapes very well.


Great news, will be picking these up. What size will each DLC be on the Playstation Vita?


When you get the curved terrain pack on ps3 it gives you the 8-bit sound pack on vita, I dont think its supposed to do that.

I realise the creation community will appreciate this DLC but is there any hope of a ‘story mode’ (for lack of a better word) DLC pack at some point? Or even just a pack of a few extreme levels?

Came here to report the same as Blood_God_UK #9.
The free curved terrain DLC bundle includes curved terrain for the PS3 and the 8-bit Sound DLC for the Vita.

I am not a level builder but enjoy playing those created. Will I not be able to access levels built with these packs?
More ‘story’ levels via dlc please!


I purchased the 4 packs for PS3 but I only received 3 packs for Vita. The Curved pack was missing and was not included with my cross-buy purchase.
Had to go and look for it separately. It was available free and downloaded it but should have been included with the PS3 versions like the other 3.
Also any chance to get more levels?

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