LittleBigPlanet Karting: Expert customisation tips and tricks

LittleBigPlanet Karting is packed to the brim with opportunities to customise the way you play, from dressing up your Sackperson in the latest Sack styles to decking out your Pod with all the trappings of home. With that in mind, we’ve collected this list of handy tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of the huge breadth of customisation options available to Karting fans.

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Basic Customisation
Stickers and Decorations can be positioned using Left Stick and rotated or resized using Right Stick. Using the two together allows you to place them pretty much wherever you’d like – with one exception…

While in the Pod, your Sackperson and Kart face forward by default – which means, normally, the back of both would just be out of reach. However, we included a feature that allows you to rotate them using R1 and L1 (Right Stick when the Popit is open), so you can customise those hard-to-reach locations just as easily!

Styling your Sackperson
Trying to customise your Sackperson but his Kart is in the way? Press Square (while in the Pod editing Stickers and Decorations) to prompt him to exit the Kart and stand on his own feet. He’ll even hold still for you while you decorate him!

Feeling uninspired? Try the “Random Character” feature in the Characters Popit menu – it’ll instantly choose a random selection of clothes, accessories, and other items for your Sackperson to wear.

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Pimp your ride
You can apply Stickers and Decorations to any location on your Kart’s body. Used in combination with the previous tips, this allows for a plethora of Kart customisation possibilities: paint jobs, mufflers, even spoilers!

You can customise the sound of your Kart just as easily as you can its look. Simply head over to the Kart Sounds page in the My Karts section of your Popit to fine-tune the sound of both its engine and its horn.

The Pod
Although the game camera doesn’t usually move in the Pod, while placing Stickers and Decorations it will automatically adjust to allow you to see what you’re working on. Use this to your advantage – it allows you to customise more of your Pod than you would be able to otherwise.

The openings on the left- and right-hand sides of your Pod are actually solid windows, which means you can easily apply both Stickers and Decorations to them.  Keep this in mind – it allows for much more variety in your Creative efforts.

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You can “Heart” any Popit item (Stickers, Decorations, etc) and they’ll automatically be added to a dedicated Favorites menu in your Popit. This saves a lot of time, especially if you find yourself using a certain Popit item regularly.
Popit items are already categorized for you, but you can also create custom categories and assign Popit items to them. Simply press Square on any item and choose the appropriate Categories option. With this feature, you can essentially customise the layout of the entire Popit.

The far-right page of the Popit is dedicated to the PlayStation Eye – if you have one, you can use it to take pictures, turn them into in-game Stickers, and then place them on your Sackperson, Kart, or any other Sticker-able surface you want. This is also a great way to add custom colours, patterns, or other options to your Creative palette.

Miscellaneous tips and tricks
If you’d like, you can actually customise the look of both your Earth and your Moon as well. While in your Pod, grab hold of the in-game Dualshock and head to Me > Decorate. From there, you can use Materials to alter their basic appearance and Stickers & Decorations to fine-tune their look further.

Almost everything that you can customise – your Sackperson, Kart, Pod, Earth, and Moon – can all be retained via their respective Save options, so don’t worry about losing your work if you want to try something new.

If you make a Sticker big enough, you can use it to apply certain colours to your Sackperson, Kart, and other customisable items. This allows you to use one or two colours from the sticker without showing the full design, making it a really useful tool for deep customisation.

Want to get right to customising? You can pick up the Timesaver’s Pack for £2.39/€2.99 from the PlayStation Store to instantly unlock all Stickers, Decorations, and other in-game items!

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I love customising my sackboy and kart….. but it would be soooo much easier and far less annoying if the hover-kart was to keep completely still whilst adding stickers/decorations! Instead it just bobs up and down!

where the hell is lb2 crossplay dlc

@xbass247: Why the swearing? It’s out this week, so hold your horses, it’s coming.

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