escapeVektor makes a break for PS Vita next week


We’re happy to bring you information about escapeVektor, a new game coming to PlayStation Vita from Australian independent developer Nnooo.

The concept is simple: Vektor is trapped inside your CPU and needs your help to escape! Each node (level) consists of a series of interconnected lines which form cells. These are claimed as Vektor moves along them. Claiming all of the cells in a node unlocks the exit to the next node, bringing Vektor closer to his escape. Watch out because the CPU sets up obstacles and sends out its army to destroy him.

There are four main abilities to unlock and use in escapeVektor.

Detonate: This ability allows you to destroy enemies which get too close. If you can escape a node without detonating you’ll earn a star! Getting stars on all the nodes is going to be tricky.

Boost: Boost allows you to travel much faster than normal for short periods of time.

Super Boost: This is a much faster version of boost which drains boost energy even quicker!!

Boostenate: Boostenate is Vektor’s most powerful ability, which not only makes you invincible for short periods of time, it also allows you to travel at Super Boost speeds while doing so! Now those pesky enemies are no longer a threat…

02_UseSuperBoostToOutRun 03_UseBoostOrSuperBoost

Vektor will also periodically upgrade one of your abilities, making your detonate radius larger, allowing you to hold more detonation pips or Boost energy, making Super Boost faster or allowing Boostenate to drain boost energy and detonation pips slower.

There are 150 nodes – or levels – in escapeVektor spread across 27 zones (worlds). Some nodes have second exits in them which open up different routes through the game. These secret exits and routes will allow you to explore more of Vektor’s world and uncover shortcuts to other nodes in the game.

And there are many different enemy types to watch out for: Patrols, Hunters, Interceptors, Locusts and Munchers are all hiding away in nodes trying to hinder Vektor’s escape. For example, Patrols will stick to their patrol route. Learn it and you can easily avoid them. Munchers are super-fast and will consume lines you’ve coloured, changing them back to normal!

04_ACarefullyTimedBoost 05_SmashThroughEnemies

There are also a variety of objects you can interact with. Electric Fences will destroy you and enemies on contact, so try to work out how to turn them off before you pass through them or try to trick an enemy into passing through one which is turned on! Cannons will fire bullets out in patterns, so dodge them when you can.

Every node in the game has a leaderboard allowing you to compete with other players, and you can filter this by:

  • Location – Players nearby via ‘near’
  • Competitors – Players from across the world who are closest to you in score
  • Friends – Your friends

Every time you set a personal best on a node you’ll earn a Wildcard. Use a Wildcard before starting a node and if you complete that node you’ll double your score! These doubled scores will also be uploaded to the leaderboards. Each time you earn a Wildcard, the game will also drop a ‘near’ Wildcard gift in your current location, allowing people who are nearby to earn more Wildcards in the game.

Check out the trailer below for a closer look.

escapeVektor launches on PlayStation Vita on December 19th, priced at €9.99/£7.99/AU$15.95. PlayStation Plus subscribers can claim a 20% discount on this price until 9th January.

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CreamyDingle 14 December, 2012 @ 2:20 pm   1

Looks interesting, good to see a Aussie dev getting on Psn. Just wondering is the a Playstation Mobile game or a proper Vita game with Trophies?


#1 Pretty sure this is a psn game.

Graphics looks a bit meh for the price but the gameplay looks pretty fun. Might buy it but will see what the reviwes says first. €6.99 and you would have had a deal 🙂


Inspired by deus ex human revolution hacking n trophies then might be worth a download

Lately too many developers go the easy way and mass produce those retro-stylized games, requiring little to no work in graphics department. I’d rather see lo-fi pixel art than… well, lines. This looks more like an €1 app than €9.99 game on a console capable of near-PS3 awesomeness. If you put a €9.99 pricetag on the game then at least make it look more compelling than PS1 titles I could have for the same price (even two of them).


Hope that some publisher or programmer read this comment… if i want to play a 8 bit game…i buy a gameboy… whit my VITA i wanna play game similar or even better than ps2…. maybe near ps3 graphics… and stop asking that phatetic amount of money for a game that can be made in 1 day… i will sell my VITA and buy an ipad and play BETTER games…whit BETTER graphics than this vita nonsense games that are comming out… cya….

RustySanderke 14 December, 2012 @ 4:10 pm   6

By charging 10 euros you are sending this game out to die.

jonnyalpha 14 December, 2012 @ 4:42 pm   7

I think this will look great on the Vita screen. It’s all about the clean lines and sharp image which will suit the vita down to the ground. I’ve had the Wii version for a little while and it’s a cool action, reaction puzzle type game.

Project2insanity 14 December, 2012 @ 5:02 pm   8

I like the look of this, the trailer music might have sold it. Bundle the soundtrack in. ^^

@F3l1xbxb & MaxiM_82; Bear in mind graphics do not equal gameplay and unless you know the work that went into it, it may not be fair you suggesting the developer was being lazy. You both have a nice Plus discount available. Your call either way.


Just read the review for the original game on the Wii and it got an fine 9/10 from IGN.

This ew version also got ALOT of more content.

The original game had: 30 nodes (levels) spread over 5 zones (worlds)
This have: 150 nodes (levels) spread over 27 zones (worlds)

+ online leaderboard and trophies.


@Project2insanity games like this i play in my old gamegear that is in the attic, games like this are killing the PS Vita system because of the high value that is charged… for instance… look at Zenonia for IPAD and ANDROID, alot of fun, and how much it cost?? 0€… so do u think that a game like this desearve 10€ i dont think so… sorry… This is the main reason why vita is dying, low budget games… high cost for buyers… and no decent games… yeah VITA needs more games, but not like this….

Project2insanity 14 December, 2012 @ 10:27 pm   11

@F3l1xbxb; No disrespect but people said Okami HD was priced far too high as well yet here I am, over 30 hours into it and loving every moment.

As for these games, they aren’t replacing other titles, they are adding to them. Would you rather less titles? If so, I find that rather odd since people have said for months that a lack of titles was the reason the Vita was ‘dying’. With the discount included, I’d say this is a fair price.

harountje 15 December, 2012 @ 7:21 pm   12

When is Wake Up club coming out in Europe?

JaydenJshuen 17 December, 2012 @ 9:49 am   13


Seriously. You think it’s easy to make a game? Where’s your critically acclaimed, well developed and amazingly thought provoking video game?

Oh right…

For all your information, Nnooo are a famed Australia developer who cut their teeth developing for Nintendo platforms, and this newly revised version of escapeVektor – which for your information took more than ‘1 day’ to develop, not that you care – is the companies first foray onto a PS platform.

You say games like these is killing the Vita platform? I see a total lack of games from where I stand. Why do you want to leap hate onto a developer who want to develop for the system? Or would you rather no one, ever, develop for it and Sony pushes it under the rug?

Before you start lashing out, perhaps take a moment to consider for a moment the people who actually make games. Like yourself, they need to eat, pay rent and take care of their bills. Like anyone with a job they work hard to do what they do. Take a look at yourself before you try to tear someone profession down?