Community update: Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3 and Hitman challenges

Ho, ho, howdy folks! The festive season is upon us and we’ve got more activities, events and competitions than you can shake a pack of mince pies at! Each day, a new panel opens up on our advent calendar. Each newly opened door will unveil a video game character dressed in Santa attire. Figure out who it is first and we might be able to sort out a little stocking filler for you!


The moderation team and I have opened ourselves up for humiliation by challenging the community to take us on in a Black Ops 2 special on 28th December! As you can imagine, the opportunity to gun down a moderator has proved quite the attraction! To keep track of what’s happening in this event, keep your eyes on this thread here!


If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the awesome Far Cry 3 then you’re in luck, because we’ve teamed with Ubisoft to offer three copies of the game as prizes, with a map of the game world and a bobble head of the villainous Vaas throw in!

To stand a chance of winning all you have to do it create a ‘Wish you Were Here’ style postcard depicting Far Cry 3’s savage Rook Islands and post it in this thread! If you’re not the artistic type we’ve provided a few assets to help you out, although you don’t have to use them!


If that wasn’t enough, we also have a whole heap of Hitman Absolution swag to give away.
“How do I win these epic goodies?” I hear you ask. Well, you need to take part in our Community Challenge for all of the Hitman Absolution players out there. A hit order has been put out against noted chef Francois Munguia for his crimes against cuisine. To accept this mission you need to do the following:

  • Add ‘Baldskopff’ to your friends list
  • Boot up Hitman Absolution’s Contracts Mode
  • Search for Baldskopff’s “OPC Food Critic” Contract
  • Complete the Contract, earning the highest score possible
  • Confirm your entry by posting on this thread

Until next week!

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I shall have a go tonight :-)


Good luck Frodo!

Cheers Chris..

With regards to the ‘icon’ – delete the software, you don’t get anything pop up then.

forcing singstar to everybodys console is what i would call WRONG WAY, i can’t enjoy my console anymore since it has been placed there the same way i did all the years before and nobody seems to address this for 2 months already , i dont even demand a solution ASAP , just a confirmation that the icon will be optional like in USA , i simply dont want to have it there, why is my and the opinion of people who feel the same way not being taken seriously ?
you need to understand i have to remind about otherwise there will be no solution at all

How do I post a picture…

Any good? Hey, I know I kinda missed the point, but who cares I always do anyway, but check it out, my work i did ;)

Do you think deleting harmless posts will solve anything. Why does everybody at SCEE keep silent? Communicate with us!!!

yeah ironically they deleting negative singstar icon feedback but dont give us the same “delete option” for the controverse singstar icon and wallpaper on our consoles

can’t blame them for deleting a off topic comment, esp if it was the first post in thread, didn’t see it myself but looks like it’s the case. agree with the please remove option though.
Looks like theres a lot going on here, the 3 challanges look awesome, wish i still had Hitman as i would defo give that one a couple of hours, am crap at art though, help tools or not, so can’t try that. lol, have had a copy of blops2 here over weekend and been tempted to open the seal, But it’s xmas pressie for someone, the mp/zombies look Very good, i will eventually get a copy, just gotta finish what i allready have first. Still as you say, the thought of ninja-ring a mod, Very tempting.. lol. have fun ppl.

yeah cant blame em, but so cant they blame us for trying every possibility to get a official response and solution for this issue for two months already!!! while having to deal with that disgrace on our consoles during each usage

Agree with the complaints, totally, but theres no way a opening post would stay, if it was off topic. add to that the particular off topic and am surprised it got passed in first place. mods must been eating another mince-pie, lol.. Just hope that next major firmware gives us same option as US, otherwise i will bet it won’t ever go. i would be Well more mad if i had paid money for custom themes as well.. in fact Why are they still selling those ?. Surely they (sony) can’t have it both ways.


Hey there, we have a home for all constructive feedback in regard to the SingStore Icon on the XMB which can be found here:

When are they going to ((((fix)))) the freez-ups on black ops 2 and clean up the lag ?

I’ll try (yet) again (my comments never seem to appear, 3 attempts already).

I have added Baldkopff as a friend for the Hitman challenge, but have yet to have this request accepted. How long is this supposed to take? It’s a bit naff that I can’t enter the contest simply because I’m waiting for someone else to hit an ‘OK’ button :-(

That’s ‘Baldskopff’ of course, I got it right on my console.

Finally! :-)

Hitman challenge played. Not the highest score though. 395,862 at the moment…

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