Labyrinth Legends launches this week on PSN

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

Hey again, PlayStation faithful! Scott here from Creat Studios to remind you all that our next PlayStation Network title, Labyrinth Legends, comes out in Europe on 21st December – this Friday. Everyone here is very excited to bring you our new fast-paced, quirky, addictive, hackin’-slashin’ dungeon crawling adventure.

We’ve packed as much hidden treasure and weapons, concealed traps, tricky puzzles, mummies, zombies and monsters into those ancient tombs as we can to give you your €9.99 worth! Enjoy spanning the globe and unearthing the buried wealth of long-lost civilizations.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

You’ll discover a few fun twists, such as the professor companion to your daring adventurer. He’s an important part of solving some brain teasers, but he does have a tendency to wander off into trouble. Be sure to keep an eye on him.

What if lone adventure isn’t enough? Labyrinth Legends does feature three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. Plus leaderboards and full Trophy support, too.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

And here’s something new. We’re running a fan art contest. Check out our blog or Facebook page for details and see what cool prizes you can win!

Thanks so much to everyone playing our games. You help us do what we love. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. We love to know what you like and want to see next. Follow us on Twitter @CreatStudios and like Creat Studios on Facebook, as more fun contests and giveaways are coming. Happy holidays to you all from the gang at Creat Studios!

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So when is the Vita version? *hint hint* :)

Definitely think I’ll be picking this up for the PS3 though, looks like it will be a fun game to spend some time with over the holidays :) Some fantastic looking artwork in it as well.


Thanks, Ravenblade86! We’re feeling that Vita love. Please let us know how you like the PS3 version.

Will there be a trial of this?
Nothing wrong with trial before you buyal.


No, nothing wrong with trials, Silent_Gig. Sorry, but we don’t have one ready to go at this point.

Hmm think I will wait for the psvita version. That is if you can’t promise it will be a cross buy game because then I will buy the ps3 version now.


We can’t promise a Vita version, kivi95. But we’re having some very serious discussion about it, I assure you.

But, yes, if we do Vita, we’ll likely do cross-buy. We’re big believers in that option.

declan__watson 17 December, 2012 @ 16:20

Hey there Scott
Nice new game, looks really good I will take a look at this hopefully I have enough got £18 so an gonna buy lbp cross controller for when I get my vita next Tuesday. :)
LongLivePlay Sony make.believe have a nice day


Hey there declan__watson!

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you enjoy it!

If you want a chance at really cashing in, you should enter our fan art contest. We’re going to be giving away our entire PSN catalog!

9.99 in euros, so does that convert to about £8?
I’m buying it anyways


I think you’re right about that, checknique. Please let us know how you like it!

declan__watson 17 December, 2012 @ 16:39

Hi Scott
Your very welcome always nice to see great new games and I will take a look at this competition. One question when will it be? Thanks again Scott. ;) LongLivePlay Sony make.believe


The art contest is right now and we announce winners on Friday, so get drawing. The link for info is in the blog. Entries should be jpg files no larger than 1200 x 1200 and emailed

This looks good. I’ll try my luck at the competition.. you’ve got to be in it to win it, or something like that?

Keep up the great work!


Thanks so much, ChazzH69!

Please send us your entry! We’re very excited to see how our fans will interpret our beloved creations.

cant wait


Neither can we, migel1_11. Please let us know how you like it.

“We can’t promise a Vita version, kivi95. But we’re having some very serious discussion about it, I assure you.”

Don’t want to disrespect anyone but the person making decisions here needs to re-think the way things can be done.

This is the kind of game that works better on the Vita so this should be launching first for the Vita and then while at it you could have those discussions in order to think of a ps3 version.

You think just because there’s more users with ps3’s than ps vita’s you’ll sell more? Think again.

Like I said, this kind of game works better on the vita than on ps3.

Since it’ll be ps3 only I’ll pass it.


Thanks for the insight, VitalogyPJ. I’ll pass it along.

migel1_11 what is the game???


how come its not out on wednesday with the store update ?


You would have to have one of the fine folks from Sony explain this. I believe that there may be additional content being released on the 21st before the holiday break.


That’s correct Scott – there’s no Store update on the 26th, so there’s an additional update on the 21st, as well as on Wedensday as normal.


Hi, once again:

Please can we have the following:

Assassin’s Creed 3 Avatars
Assassin’s Creed 3 Theme

I WANT to spend 20p on an avatar for once in my life, and you’ve stopped me from being able to do this! Please can you add these AC 3 items to the UK store.

Also any news for the following apps??

Ps Vita Wake Up Club
PS3 Youtube App


Hey, Phantom_Blaze. I don’t think you’ll get answers to your requests here. This blog is strictly about Creat Studios’ release of Labyrinth Legends.

We’re big Assassin’s Creed 3 fans, too. But we don’t get to make their avatars.

But… we will have Labyrinth Legends avatars coming soon… stay tuned!

PS+ discount?


Hey, I’m really sorry, the USA have had these avatars since May, and seeing as Fred commented I assumed he would see it!

Sorry again, I am really looking forward to your Labyrinth Legends as well! :D


No worries, Phantom_Blaze! You gave me a reason to mention our cool upcoming Labyrinth Legends avatars. And who doesn’t want a cartoon zombie avatar?

Plus we all got to watch Fred in action. Nobody is more helpful than Fred!

Hell-Raiser-85 17 December, 2012 @ 19:03

Trophy list please, looks fun :)


Thanks, Hell-Raiser-85. Let me see if I can get you a list.


defo looking forward for this..specially cummin from such a talented studio..keep up with the excellent work.


Why thank you, Kurupt_El_Don.

If you’re familiar with our work, you should give our fan art contest a try! You could win a bunch of our PSN titles.


meant to say”for this one”ha..and we need more support and love for vita =)


Another Vita vote counted,

cant wait to try it, looks really awesome. Also count my voice about Vita version and cross buy option. Suppose no discount for ps+? :(


Thank you, fidoom.

Nothing is set yet for PS+ just yet. It’s certainly possible at some point.

hi , welkom back
u say good price …. jep definitly good price to me
i hope to see vita cross-buy in near future
also u reply better then sony blog team !!!
i now them very frustrated to hear every week same – same – same again .
but also litel bit sony foult = list questions we ask + statuus
+ tel truth if them have problems = not hurting eni one .

if game not come to europe = good ore if them havel isue laws also we understend , but keeping zzzz = same as not respecting peopel who buy u devices + games … if continu = them go somwhere else .


Thanks, monoliet! Glad you like it, and we will count your vote for a Vita version.

Yesss I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced! Really excited :D


We’re thrilled to hear that, Tsubaki_14! We hope you enjoy it.

supersmith2500 17 December, 2012 @ 19:58

You know Scott, I think Creat should make some games for the Vita. The Vita desperately needs games you know.


Yeah, so I’ve been told, supersmith2500! :-) We’re talking about it quite a bit around here.

And on the PS+ discount?


Nothing worked out for PS+ just yet, Voodoo341.

Hi Scott,

With local multiplayer can each player log in to their own PSN account?
This game looks like great fun to play with my wife however we don’t tend to play co-op games if we can only log into one account as she likes to be able to build her character up also.


No, ScottyM76, the local multiplayer isn’t like that. It’s a competitive style of play, not a co-op campaign.

wil the game be more dificult when u play solo ?

Probably more of a suggestion to the blog managers than anyone,

I’ve noticed an annoying trend with blog posts about games “coming to PSN this week” it’s never stated wether its Vita, PS3, or Crossbuy and it always needs to be clarified in the comments section.

Just to put some weight in for a Vita version –> Yes please! :-)

Missingperson117 18 December, 2012 @ 13:07

This looks really awesome. Except I have a Vita, not a PS3, so a Vita version would be fantastic.

More weight on the scales in favour of a Vita version! :-D

The game looks pretty neat. But I won’t be buying it for my PS3. It looks like a game much better suited for my Vita, as far as my gaming preferences go. If you want my money, make a Vita version.


Hi Scott
1st of all I just want to say that it’s nice of you to reply to like everyone here. Am sure you have made many of these people happy with receiving a response. Always nice to get a reply. We could always do with a few more sending more replies like you do :P (I’m hinting at Chris here as he does the least). lol

2nd, this game looks interesting but at the same time I’m not 100% sure if it will be my kind of thing. I shall look for some gameplay videos if there is any as this is the 1st time I heard of this game. If there could be a trial on this then it would really help us.

And 3rd, have a good Christmas :P

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