Ratchet & Clank: QForce updates and DLC incoming

We’ve been having a blast playing against you online in Ratchet & Clank: QForce the last few weeks, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making it and playing online ourselves.

We know many of you have been asking when the PS Vita version of the game will arrive. As you know, R&C QForce is a cross-buy enabled title, so your purchase of the PS3 game entitles you to download the PS Vita release at no additional cost upon its release.

Developer Tin Giant has been hard at work finishing the PS Vita version, which will be available soon in early 2013! If you bought the game digitally, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version via your Download List on the XMB when it releases. For those purchasers of the retail disc, you’ll also be able to download the PS Vita version via the “Disc Benefits” option under Game on the XMB.

One thing every great multiplayer game has is regular new content and support. The team in North Carolina has been working hard and listening to your feedback the last few weeks. We have a new patch coming out this week that addresses many of your requests, and fixes some of the balance issues both online and in the campaign. In addition, we are adding two additional levels to the weapons in the game, so you’ll be able to further up(grade) your arsenal.

But that’s not all – in early January we’ll be bringing another patch to the game that will add a new multiplayer map. This patch will be free and will add the map for all users. This map is set in one of the most famous locations in the Ratchet & Clank universe: Metropolis. Check out a first sneak peek at the new map below.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Metropolis Postcard

For those of you who have already jumped into QForce, thanks for your support! And for those of you still waiting, check out the free trial on the PlayStation Store!

We have more skins and free maps to come in 2013 as well, so stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for all the latest updates. If you have any questions, ask below and we’ll do our best to answer!

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‘Metropolis’ COOL!!! :P

YEAAAH Awsome, nice to hear these informations. i was already wondering when a new map would arrive :P

man im happy when this game comes no need for ps mobile to buy it :d

and i love the ratchet and clank games


so the vita version has gone from being released in November to released in January to released in early 2013.

I don’t like where this is going.

I’m pretty annoyed that it’s advertised as “Cross buy, buy this version and get the Vita version free” without any mention of “(oh by the way, it’s not out yet and we’re not sure when it will be)”.

I asked for the game for Christmas knowing I’d be away from my PS3 but would take my Vita away with me, expecting to be able to download the Vita version from a code in the package and play that while the family doze post-Xmas dinner.

But no, not possible, as we don’t even know when the Vita version is out.

Pretty poor showing really; the advertising mislead me on this one. It was implied that both versions would be out at the same time.

Also, I still think it’s ridiculous that we have to call it “Q Force” rather than “Full Frontal Assault”, which is a much, much better title. “Q Force” is a rubbish title. Shame.

@ Bumblebee

so when is your self made game coming out ? oh and we want a ps3 version and a ps vita version within 1 month

and if you cant do it then dont cry about this game


you dont get a code to download the vita version.

i think the idea of this is to stop people d/ling the vita version then selling the ps3 version.

Everyone hates the Qforce title, that’s for sure. Full Frontal Assault was a much better choice. I guess they were forced to change it, just like with All 4 one.

Anyways, thanks for the DLC! It’s even free, that’s awesome :O

i wish there were also comming up new Modes

I haven’t bought this yet, but will do when it’s out on Vita. It’s great to see such effort is being put into it. I’ve got to say, charging such a low price for the game, offering two copies and then patching it and giving out free content, definitely sets a new benchmark for developers out there.

Keep it up and have a great Christmas! See you in January :D

supersmith2500 18 December, 2012 @ 15:59

As long if it’s in January, I’m fine.


I’m getting my game for Christmas. I know its here cos i already had a little peep ;) shhh! Don’t tell anyone that. Will have this update at perfect timing with no waiting needed. :D


I’ve only completed the first level, got a lot to play. I do like the traditional games more, eventhough Qforce is technically more refined. It almost seems like the creators are experiencing an identity when it comes to this series, trying to add co op to it.. First there was All4One which changed the camera and everything, now Qforce features co op in the traditional R&C way but the gameplay has been altered with the whole strategy element. To be honest I thought the strategy battles were just in between traditional levels, not built in the very core of the game.
I really wonder why Imsomniac is making all these changes to the series, it was fine the way it was..


identity crisis*

Multi sucks, single sucks, co-op sucks less.
Gimme Gladiator multi and co-op online. No excuses.

WitheredBlossom 18 December, 2012 @ 21:40

Do you also plan on creating some DLCs for the single player/coop campaign? It would be great to have more maps and more story to enjoy.

‘We’ve been having a blast playing against you online in Ratchet & Clank: QForce’ Really? I bought QForce when it came out and I have yet to find anyone playing it online.

If you guys want your questions answered you should ask in the US blog, Insomniac don’t answer questions here on the EU blog.


What a crock, how much have you paid to bumblebee to whine bout his hypothetical game? Nothing exactly, however Insomniac have took his money so he has a right to ask questions.


It was pretty plainly put on both the blog and the info thing on the ps store where you buy it that buying this will entitle you to both when its released later. When I got the game I knew the deal on the vita version before I bought it.

yeah, about that vita game. Hurry up! most people bought this to have on the go as there are better games to play at home like farcry 3, ac3 and the new hitman. can you guys let us know a real release date? its the least you can do for everybody who is waiting for the vita release. Many thanks in advance,


This Game gets my Vote for the worst game of 2012 !

I’m really happy with the new Ratchet and Clank game. I just don’t like 2 things in multiplayer:
1º- We can’t put a shield in the Node 1.
2º- When I play a Ranked game in 2×2 sometimes my team mate goes out. When he does, I loose the game and points are deducted from my League Standings chart.
Ps: Please excuse my english.

When a team mate leaves the game no one wins. That’s really bad! Some times my team is going to win and then one of the other team player goes out and no one wins. Because of that rule I already did not win 50 points in the League Standing chart. :(
What I think you should do is when a team mate leaves, the team with better results win.


I think that Ratchet and Clank: Q Force on my PS3 is OK 4/5 stars, and it better come out on the PS Vita soon

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