PlayStation Plus: Your January content

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the new content that arrived on PlayStation Plus at the beginning of December. As we move through the gift-giving season I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to inform you of all the awesome content changes you can expect in January.

But before that, I wanted to let you know about a great offer that starts today on the PlayStation Store. As soon as the store has been updated, the PS Plus 1 year membership will be available at an incredible 25% off its usual price!

Until 9th January you can get a whole year’s subscription for a one-off payment of only £29.99/€37.49. And remember – you can stack your membership so you can treat yourself even if you’re an existing member!

Right, onto this month’s games. Kicking things off is your lead title for January – BioShock 2, diving into the PlayStation Plus service from 2nd January for four weeks.

Developed by the talented teams at 2K Marin and Digital Extremes, this first person shooter takes you back to the underwater dystopia of Rapture. You’ll step into the boots of the original ‘Big Daddy’ in a thrilling adventure that see you tracking down the evil force responsible for snatching girls for the Atlantic coastline.

With BioShock Infinite on the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity to get your aim back in.

The next title entering the service, also on 2nd January, is the acclaimed Guardians of Middle Earth from our friends at Warner Bros – an authentic multiplayer online battle arena game set in The Lord of the Rings universe and specially crafted for console systems. Take a look at the trailer below to see it in action.

The final PS3 title entering the service on 2nd January is Mortal Kombat. Those of you who have a PS Vita might already be taking advantage of this title on the move but now you can also enjoy this classic beat ’em up on your TV screens too.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer our friends in Australia and Germany this game due to regional rating issues so as a replacement we’ve secured Gotham City Impostors in those two territories. Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions, this multiplayer first person shooter pits violent vigilantes against crazed criminals in open warfare on the streets of Gotham City.


Moving onto PS Vita, the first game joining the service on 16th January is the heavily requested Jet Set Radio. You must join up with the GGs – an up-and-coming street gang in the futuristic city of Tokyo-to fighting for self-expression. Rolling through crowded urban environments on magnetically-driven inline skates, you take control of gang leader Beat and his growing posse of artists as they steal turf from local gangs by covering the city with graffiti.


Secondly, entering the service on 23rd January is the PS Vita version of The Pinball Arcade. This impressive title really nails the retro score-chasing thrills of the pinball machines of old. Check out the trailer below for a closer look.

As usual, you can also expect exclusive PS Plus discounts on lots of titles, including Foosball 2012, Wakeboard HD and Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD. We’ll update you on these offers in the weekly Store posts.

In summary:

Leaving PS Plus:

  • 2nd January – Batman: Arkham City
  • 2nd January – Bulletstorm
  • 2nd January – Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
  • 16th January – Mortal Kombat (PS Vita)
  • 23rd January – Knytt Underground

Joining PS Plus:

  • 2nd January – Bioshock 2
  • 2nd January – Guardians of Middle Earth
  • 2nd January – Mortal Kombat – excluding Australia and Germany
  • 2nd January – Gotham City Imposters – Australia and Germany only
  • 16th January – Jet Set Radio (PS Vita)
  • 23rd January – Pinball Arcade (PS Vita)

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about the Instant Game Collection, which gives members access to at least 14 games at any one time, and over 65 games across the course of a 12 month subscription – all for a one-off payment of just £39.99.

But don’t forget from 19th December until 9th January you can claim 25% off this price by purchasing through the PlayStation Store.

That’s all from me this year folks! I’ll be back with more updates in 2013! Bring it on!

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I presume, Mortal Kombat will be without the Komplete characters? If so, will any discounts be available?

Not the greatest month. But Jet Set Radio on the Vita is good enough for me, was hoping for Wipeout 2048 though.


Great list on PS3. Still wanna Wipeout Vita on Plus.

It’s alright, Bioshock 1 would have been cooler than 2 but hopefully this will boost the multiplayer for trophy hunters.

Impressive amount of content.

I need to stop buying games at launch though.

Playstation Plus is looking good for 2013


Ive been waiting for a excuse to play Bioshock again.
Anychance we can get a discount on Bioshock 1?


I’m working on this at the moment, bear with me :)


But why Australia and Germany getting another game ?
Don’t get me wrong ..BUT …
If you remember that game that didn’t come to SA store, we didn’t get other game like Australia and Germany .. just nothing . so why ?!
or I’m forgetting something .
Any way cool Australia and Germany ..


I am still working with the teams here to come to a solution for that issue, due to the holiday break I will assume I will get a response in the new year

Good job of Guardians of Middle Earth and Jet Details Radio in particular. Looks like a happy new year.


thanks for the heads up looking forward to pinball arcade on the vita as i like pinball games.
is this not a cross buy title? so do we get both or is it just the dlc that is cross buy?
any chance of a discount on some of the pinball arcade dlc to run alongside the game being on plus?

mortal kombat is a great game and id be more excited for it if we were not already getting the komplete edition free on vita today.

i really want us to have street fighter 4 arcade added in a future update and requested this before it even showed up on usa plus is there any chance of us getting this in a future update?


the game is cross buy but as far as I know our agreement with the publisher only allows us to use the VITA version. I will double check this and let you know

Yes. A great game of the month for me. Hopefully some nice deal on the first Bioshock will follow. The only problem with Bioshock games is that they weight quite a lot which means I will have to free some space on my PS3.

Hey, what about discounts like Little Big Planet Vita, Dyad, Catherine etc.

They are heavily discounted on US Store this week. Won’t we have it?


@Everyone at ps blog,
Thanks to everyone at sony for launching the amazing pc store. It really helps me access ps3 store easily.

Vita offerings are a little weak in jan, as there are no retail games there. Maybe put disgaea next month ? :) I would not like wipeout 2048 or unit 13 since I know both.


Simple amazing! Thank you! :D

Chris give us an update on Festive Sale !


There will be an update in the store post

almighty-slayer 19 December, 2012 @ 13:19

Eh, nothing great here at all. Shame.

@Gamesgbkiller +1

It’s allright, already got Bioshock 2, and will pick up MK for Vita next today.

JSR on my birthday! Why SCEE you are so very kind :D

i’m in for Guardians Of Middle-Earth and Mortal Kombat and Bioshock 2 (just swapped my copy)!! :D
1 question: will Mortal Kombat be the Komplete edition?????

I’m from germany (captain obvious) and Gotham City Impostors?
You get this game 4 free on steam and also nobody play it anymore on the PSN!
The same like this month..
Mortal Kombat for EU. Lego Batman for DE. But not Lego Batman or 2 for PsVita. The 2008-PSP-Version.
Shut the (CENSORED) up sony, i’m out.

very mediocre month then =\, BS2 is already super cheap everywhere and simply old, I get that Infinite is out next year but still, Id have preferred GCI tbh, I thought we were getting it as the Americans got it last year, would have beena good AC companion imo x_X.
might dl GOME but prolly not Mortal Kombat, so really theres nothing of any interest at all, unless theres any bonus ones x_x.


Weak offerings on the Vita, and MK is a disappointment, considering we get the Vita version today.

I guess every month can’t be a winner. :/

That’s fantastic news!Never got to play any of the Bioshock titles so far, so just got Bioshock 1 for a tenner from amazon, and now this!!! Guardians of Middle Earth and Mortal Kombat are most welcome too, though I’ll most likely play Mortal Kombat more on the Vita. Keep up the good work! I can’t see how anyone can resist signing up to PS Plus, I think it’s the best thing Sony’s ever done for the PS3 and Vita!

Mmmm no free retail game for Vita? where’s Wipeout?

Lol I was hoping we wouldn’t get Bioshock 2 like USA got it this month…

The rest of the content is very welcome, although USA already got Jet Set Radio HD and Wipeout for PSVita at launch for the instant game collection, so it is just catching up now, well half that is, probably Wipeout 2048 for February then I guess.

The Pinball game is nice, although I already have Zen Pinball 2 through cross buy but nice to see what tables this game brings.

@ Chris

Question: USA got festival/extra week of sales starting now till 24th that also had PSVita deals on some great games like

LBP Vita for around 18 USD for PS+ members, Escape Plan for about 7 to 8 USD etc.

A while ago there was said you were looking into PSVita deals for the festival sales in EU, because the Christmas deals had none.

When can we expect an update on that? I’d like to buy LBPV and Escape Plan if the deals meet the American ones!

Great games again, though Only Guardians of middle earth is new to me. Bioshock 2 is amazing though, and probably worth another play through.

Can’t wait to get a vita with all these ps+ games, but I know a hefty price cut has to be nearby.


Great games, another fantastic Januar…. oh boy I need to buy larger HDD :(

Oh man, I just bought jet set radio recently. Oh well, it’s a great game so lots of people will enjoy it.

Great stuff again, thanks.


I think itt will be the Standard Mortal Kombat edition.

In Ps+ the Dlc-s make money to the company-s.

When will Mortal Kombat arrive for Vita? It’s still in the store for €39,99…


It will be available when the store updates later today

almighty-slayer 19 December, 2012 @ 13:29

Also, giving away a game for free that was only added to the store a couple of weeks ago is completely boneheaded.

As is discounting the year subscription when lots of people stacked 4 90day subs when it was on offer a week or two ago. People will be annoyed about that.

Also quite annoying – MK taking up a spot in the IGC two months in a row. *sigh*

Hope February is better than this.


Not a great start to 2013 ..

Seriously, you really need to stop giving retail games or at least give us the option to choose between store-only games or digital versions of retail games. Once again, I already own every single retail game you offer and I would prefer Gotham City Impostors over Mortal Kombat, quite frankly. I want freebies and discount on store games, not gigantic digital versions of retail games I own for years.

Good update, but nothing great.
Something else: wasn’t there a reduction for PS+ from 19 December to 9 January?


That was a deduction for the 90 day subscription. This is a 25% discount on the 1 year subscription

ChemicalBacon90 19 December, 2012 @ 13:33

If you’ve already downloaded the Full Game Trial for BioShock 2 (and the other games with full game trials) then the Store doesn’t let you download the Full Game as it says that you already own it, even though you don’t and you just have the trial.

So how can Plus members get the game for free if they’ve already downloaded the full game trial?



Please let me know if you have this issue once the store has updated and I will forward it to the operations team if you are unable to download the full game


are we talking about middle earth here or jsr or both?

im not trying to offend anyone here but if people bought jsr for vita when it came out a few weeks ago after usa plus got it free they were a little bit silly as it was pretty much a given we would get it at some point soon enough, it was also hinted towards coming in a future update in the comments of the blog.

@ Almighty Slayer

“As is discounting the year subscription when lots of people stacked 4 90day subs when it was on offer a week or two ago. People will be annoyed about that”

Doesn’t make too much of a difference. Those were 9,99 Euro for 3 months, so if you got a year, you’d pay 40. With this deal you’ll pay 37,50 Euro for a year.

There are always different deals, this is the same with cloths in shops or whatever other item. If one is content with the price that is offered at that time, one buys. If one thinks a better deal might be upcoming one wants and skips it.

I got the 25% deal in October, I might get another one before the 9th of January, or maybe I’ll wait as more of these deals will be released over time.

Pretty good haul, would like to go back and finish Bioshock 2, only played it as a rental for a bit before. Also the new LOTR game could be fun, I’ve never tried a Lords Management game before.

No offence but giving us MK on Vita, then as a seperate game on PS3 is lame as hell.

It isn’t bad when you give us a cross-buy game that works on both but only counts as one game for either PS3 or Vita.

Using up two slots for one game though…lame. Is like we only getting 2 PS3 games and 2 Vita games, instead of 3 PS3 and 2 Vita.

We’ve been robbed of a game.

PS: More PSN only games and less retail stuff please.


Why is it I can’t see Mortal Kombat as part of the PS Vita or gaming collection for PS plus members? I’m I missing something?

I am really frustrated by Jet Set Radio being included in PS Plus for Vita. By not offering this when the game was released you or giving any indication that it would be included, those customers who paid for the game and who have PS plus are disadvantaged. The game was only released last month.

In the future I hope you can avoid practices like this. All you are doing is penalising the most loyal fans.

Hey Chris,
Good Job on getting Guardians Of Middle Earth for us. Little Question: Will we see Spyro on PS+ anytime soon? It’s just the Americans had it pretty early on in the year with their PS+ Sub.


I must admit that its not planned for Plus anytime soon but if there is enough call for it, we can look at it :)

AussieOutsider 19 December, 2012 @ 13:39

Wow, so because we here in Australia can’t get Mortal Kombat, we get stuck with a PSN Network Title that was, from all reports, not that good…

then again, we got the PSP version of Lego Batman in place of Mortal Kombat on the Vita, so why doesn’t it surprise me.

Neither are a fair swap in my opinion.

Hope February PS+ Content is better.


not everyone who has plus has a vita but so thats not quite true.

i have a vita and i know what you mean but at the same time im glad that non vita owning plus users can get there hands on mk.

Bioshock 2 as a IGC title in EU… does that mean we’ll also get titles like Hard Corps Uprising? It was already released in the US.


Gotham City Imposters? You gave us a multiplayer game in which nobody is even online. Really? This is just most disappointing.

Carnivius_Prime 19 December, 2012 @ 13:42

Nothing much for me that month it would seem. Instead of Mortal Kombat (poor excuse for a fighting game) I would far prefer Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition as a plus freebie. I haven’t ‘upgraded’ to that one yet because I already spent money on the original SSFIV and then Super SFIV.

Also I just noticed the store is updated now and that Canis Canem Edit PS2 is there which is nice (£7.99, still a bit much for a PS2 game but not as much as the GTA:SA thing last week), and the Red Dead Revolver also being there had me scrolling fast through the list to see if The Warriors was but nope. I’ll still have to wait for my fave PS2 game then? Perhaps license issue with the film company?

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 19 December, 2012 @ 13:43

hmm not a very good offering lucky i will playing the games i got for christmas then

supersmith2500 19 December, 2012 @ 13:44

Another yet again great Plus content for next month. Not to mention, you have just saved me some cash for Jet Set Radio on Vita, since I was planning on buying it today and until I found out it’s free next month for Plus members. I’ll wait until 16th for it since I’m planning on getting couple of Vita games this Christmas. No biggie but thank you.

Also Chris one question, is this Mortal Kombat version the Komplete version with all DLC characters or the Standard version without them.

Store is not updated yet, be patient.

I’m a Plus member in the UK, but Mortal Kombat Vita doesn’t show up as free? asks me to pay £34.99 =S

wow gotham city imposters couldnt think up something that hasnt been previously put up on plus?

johnnyquicknives 19 December, 2012 @ 13:46

Solid update, Bioshock 1 instead of 2 would have made it great.

Really looking forward to trying out the LOTR MOBA and I really enjoyed the MK demo but I never really buy fighting games anymore as I just dont play them enough to justify the cost making it the perfect free plus game for me.


Anserw to ChemicalBacon9.

Just download again and the game will be running.

I have the same issue with the Red Dead. After the 1 hour I quit, restart the system and the game is runnig.

Dont worry.

I would love to get Asuras Wrath on the IGC. Please try and make it happen!

I’ll take Jet Set Radio if you insist :P.

When does Big Sky Infinity leave the Plus service?


Big Sky Infinity will leave the plus service on 30th January

I already have Bioshock2 and I can say it’s a good game. For everyone who missed it or read in reviews it didn’t do anything different from Bioshock1, give it a try.
I don’t care for the multiplayer games but I’ll give them a try. It’s great to see Australia and Germany getting a wothy replacement title and don’t have to wait weeks. It looks like you guys are finayly getting the hang of it.
But what it’s the biggest Plus for me next month is the Vita content. YEAH!!!

Sp4rkyM4rk1337 19 December, 2012 @ 13:51

The description for Pinball Arcade on the PlayStation®Store says:

Buy this product for PlayStation®Vita and get the PlayStation®3 version FOR FREE. After purchasing, simply head to the PlayStation®Store “Download List” for your PS3™ and you’ll find this product ready to be downloaded.

I am guessing this doesn’t apply to the PlayStation®Plus offer but just want to make sure. Either way, it’s a game I’ve been wanting to try out as I’m already hooked on Zen Pinball.

As for the rest of the month, I’d say it’s strong as always. Sure it may not top other months, but it certainly remains to be the best deal in gaming. Might even consider extending with the 25% discount this time. :)


Nice update :-) Merry X-mess Chris

Gotham City Imposters … not nice. Guess I should be thankful that we didn’t get another 2008 Lego game, eh? Still I don’t see how a 12-15€ PSN title should be a fair replacement for a full price BR game.

You certainly don’t seem to understand the idea of fairness, do you Chris?

Besides those, already have Bioshock 2, don’t like either of the Vita games, so just the decent Guardians of Middle Earth for me in January. That’s okay I guess, the real annoyance is how you treat our 2 markets.

ChemicalBacon90 19 December, 2012 @ 13:54


Thanks for the answer.

But what if I don’t want to play BioShock 2 in January when it’s given away for free?

If I want to play it in March for example, I download the trial (which is all it will let me download) and play it for 60 mins, but I won’t be able to download the full game for free anymore will I?

So basically, the only way to get the full game if you’ve already downloaded the trial (but not played it for 60 mins), is to play it until the trial expires, then go on the store and download the full game during the month that it’s being given away for free?

Not the most user-friendly of systems…It’s really quite inconvenient actually.

looks like a new great month :). Jet set radio looks really cool and Pinball arcade well is worth a try I guess.

But the lord of the ring game will be my ps+ game of the month!

Great month, very interested in both BioShock 2 as I just got BioShock for PC and Mortal Kombat as well. Looking forward to that Foosball 2012 discount :)

Oh and I miss 2 games in January. The 2 games in a 4 week rotation should be replaced 30.1 too, so where are those?

So SCEA gets it right and gives away Jet Set Radio for PS+ with the release of the game and SCEE just waits two months so there are enough idiots like me that have bought the game. This is really stupid, thank you.

I can tell you that this will sooner or later hurt the sales as people will just stop buying new PSN releases and wait for the inevitable PS+ release.

Wasn’t Middle Earth released recently??

I was told by Ross & James that content that “new” would never see the light for PLUS or any type of discount that early upon release??

Oh well, i’m glad I never bought it :)

Will Mortal Kombat be the Komplete Edition?? Only asking, as i’m better off saving the space & buy it Retail instead for £12.85!

I should have said that another 2 games in a 8 week rotation should be replaced 4 weeks after the 2 at 2.1 too.
January should be the first month with 5 fixed PS3 games, as defined by the rotation system that Ross explained when he detailed the differences between the EU and NA IGC.



Simple. Put the bioshock 2 game to the download list. Delete your game in the HDD. When you want to play in March go to the download list and Download the game. it will work 100% percent

@ Golwar

Give Gotham City Imposters a chance….you might like it!

I bought it on release day & when you have a lag-free game it’s an enjoyable beast.

Chris, Why isn`t mortal kombact free on vita ?


hell guys…is mortal kombat available for vita on ps plus?if it is where is it lol..thanks

@ Kurupt_El_Don

It might not have filtered through yet as the updates are normally between 15:00 – 17:00. Some content randomly filters through, so you’ll have to keep checking.

Try using the search function too.

Xerife_Lavanda 19 December, 2012 @ 14:11

Exccellent offering! Three games again? Really glad for my PS plus subscription, since I really don’t have the means to buy many new games and thanks to this I always have fresh content to play.

Keep up the good work! :)

It absolutely doesn’t matter if you can have fun with a game. Fun depends on you personal prefenrences anyway.

We had 2 full price Mortal Kombats for boths systems and we got a PSN and a PSP game as replacements. Those are both objective discriminations, measured by the simple difference of value.

@ Shoyab

“Posted on 19 December, 2012 at 1:39 pm by Shoyab
I am really frustrated by Jet Set Radio being included in PS Plus for Vita. By not offering this when the game was released you or giving any indication that it would be included, those customers who paid for the game and who have PS plus are disadvantaged. The game was only released last month.
In the future I hope you can avoid practices like this. All you are doing is penalising the most loyal fans”

Well you should know Sony’s practices by now. Don’t buy stuff in EU that USA got for free already and the other way around.

It just works like this. So don’t buy Wipeout, it’ll be free in February or something like that.

Most likely also hold off buying LBPV, Escape Plan and the rest of the American current deals, they’ll turn up on the EU store for some other festival week too or something.


Some good choices, If you don’t have Bioshock 2 it really is a fantastic game. Not a huge amount for me but I still have Batman, Red Dead and loads of others to get through. Fantastic service and PS+ is looking like THE Killer app for PS Vita, just need to get one.

Having Jet Set Radio on the horizon is a good sight, although I might be tempted to treat myself to it sooner if I finish with Uncharted over the holiday. It’s pretty cheap either way.

Wipeout I managed to get for free anyway through the Vodafone launch offer so I’m not too concerned that the US has it but not Europe. This way more people have time to pick up Gravity Rush, which is essential for any Vita owner.


oh ok..thanks for the info catkiller.

Haha. Perfect I knew JSR was going to be free.

But I would want to see on sale is a discount on Kingdoms of Amalur DLC, since it’s ridiculously high. Or you can’t do anythign about it because the company kicked the can?


Just to be clear Mortal Kombat Vita will be leaving PS+ on Jan….I have checked to see if I can download it now before it expires but the game still says I have to pay.

Whats the deal? Is on PS+ or isn’t it? I am getting confused here as you say that PS3 version will be out in Jan yet Vita version I can’t find the PS+ version at all.

Why expire something that isn’t even in PS+?


A good haul. Looking forward to JSR.

Forgot to ask, but could we please have some PSP RPGs?
has a lot of games I never bought on PSP that i’d like to play on the Vita.

Pretty decent line up, awesome for Sony to do both ps plus for both vita and PS3. Main reason why I bought my psvita.
Just a quick question for vita owners, I couldn’t seem to find mortal kombat on the playstation store free for plus members, has anyone else had this problem?

I have US + and tried Jet Set Radio. Bad game with broken controls. And pinball arcade…. Bleh….I hope US Vita’s IGC will be better in January. Unit 13, for exampe =)))…

Wipeout 2048 was crap, too =).

Little Big Planet for Vita Plus please!

Catherine for Valentines Day please :)))))

@ Gemuarto

Wipeout 2048 crap? Don’t think so… Maybe your gaming skills for that game are crap ;-)

Wipeout games are always win. Too bad the former studio has been axed by Sony, the old Psygnosis guys from back in the days on Amiga 500. Wipeout 2048 their last game, I’d love to play it on EU PS+

PSN hasnt fully updated yet, just check later again for free MK :)

Also Chris, can I ask for an Eye of judgement PSP discount please?

Ah, besides those 2 PS3 games that I miss for 30.1 … where the Plus avatars for December? Till Ross left we had those at the beginning of each month, since Chris joined we get them randomly at best and none so far for December.

Those 2 games are more important of course. ;)


This is an ok update. Not the best but at least There is something here i can play again after all them months. I can try out Guardians of Middle Earth and Mortal Kombat. Bioshock 1 would have been a better choice as Bioshock 2 isn’t really that great. Being back to rapture in Bioshock 2 just doesn’t seem as good after already being there in the first.

I’m a little disappointed we don’t get Gotham City Imposters as I was really looking forward to that game. Could it be possible to give us Gotham City Imposters instead of Bioshock 2 for those of us who would rather have it while the others get their Bioshock 2?


Aww come on it’s free on the PC just give us Gotham City Imposters :(


Maybe you are right… But JSR and Wipeout 2048 are too hardcore to put them on PLUS. I tried to beat elite passes from 2048 season and it was frustrating as hell. Really can’t understand Wipeout’s gameplay.

Well happy with this. Enjoyed MK on PS3 so to have this on the go with Vita is epic.

Jet Set Radio!! One of my all time favourite games. Again will be good to have this on the go.

I never played Bioshock 2 but I guess now its free I have no excuse.

Thanks guys x

For all those interested, I created this spreadsheet keeping a track of all free games on PS+ since the instant game collection for the Euro and US sores.


What’s with the complaints? I don’t even like Mortal Kombat but I don’t see the problem with offering both versions separately. Not everyone has both a PS3 and a Vita.

Another shooter? Another FPS? Everytime, it’s an FPS. Don’t you listen to your customers? Last FPS release, people complained. And yet, another FPS. How about an RPG…we’ve not had a good RPG at all with ps plus free games. Also why mortal kombat if giving it away today for vita. Seems a cop out tbh. Giving the same game away twice.

Also, can you please please add a ‘keep logged in’ button to the sign in page. Having to log in every time to comment is annoying.


@ m8ntis
That’s pretty cool. I wonder if anybody out there has been keeping track of EVERYTHING Plus got for free (DLC, Themes, Avatars, everything) and what their normal prices are. Be nice to see exactly how much (price wise) Plus has given us. I’m guessing it’s well over 1000 quid by now.

As for this new content.. loved Bioshock 1 but Bioshock 2 just did’nt hold my attention for long. Might try getting into it now it’s free.
MK confuses me. What MK is it?

dont know why the aussies and germans keep moaning about getting different games. its not sonys fault that your goverment rules dont allow such games!!! so whilst i am kickin the (CENSORED) out of mk u away and play lego because my goverment says i can.

i actually love plus now compared to when it first came out. i really dont understand why so many people get upset.

merry xmas to the psn blog mods and keep up the great work on ps3 and vita content :)

What about the 3 games that were said to stick around for entire 2012 (MotorStorm, LBP2, InFamous2)? Are they going to be replaced with 3 new ones for 2013 in the beginning of the new year as well?


@ d-gal

Hardly giving the same game away twice. I don’t own a VITA, so now with the addition of the PS3 version of MK, I can now play it!

@ Devils Demon, I considered it, but I just wasn’t up to the task for that much info, and I didn’t care that much either as I am personally more interested in the “free” ones.

What I did notice is that we get better free games, but the US gets far more discounts.

its mk 9 hence why us aussies dont get it i dont even know why it was RC here in australia seen worse movies/games allowed here

@ Gemuarto

“Posted on 19 December, 2012 at 2:45 pm by gemuarto
Maybe you are right… But JSR and Wipeout 2048 are too hardcore to put them on PLUS. I tried to beat elite passes from 2048 season and it was frustrating as hell. Really can’t understand Wipeout’s gameplay”

But the group of PS+ members also has hardcore gamers, they don’t like just more casual stuff…

So I think nothing defines PS+, it is just a mix of the games that are out there, which is good! You can always try to improve your gamer skills. I’ve played Wipeout since PS1, and it can be a tough game, but one can figure out that gameplay if you put the effort in. Games in the old days were never easy, with just 3 lives one had to find a way to finish the game. Nowadays savepoints everywhere.

@chris @jawad @anyone who actually replies to posts.

Is there any chance of filtering the results for the game collection by default, so those of us that don’t have a vita don’t have to see what’s available, there’s already a vita section so it just seems redundant to me.


PHEW, I was teetering on buying Guardians Of Middle Earth this week, gonna hold out another few weeks so, cheers PS+ people! Some nice content but definitely would have preferred Gotham City Imposters to Mortal Kombat. Doesn’t really matter anyway, with the backlog of PS+ games I have to get through I probably wouldn’t have the time anyway! Definitely going to top up my PS+ with another year as well with the discount, great stuff!

This is the first month i don’t like it, i have Bioshock2, i don’t like the others games lol, same with Vita anyway can give us free memory cards for vita it too expensive :)

It’s no surprise that you dodge all comments related to GCI Chris, but could you at least answer on the other topics? Most importantly the question related to the missing games for 30.1.


My PS+ year membership is valid until next month; if i buy new one, will it “add on” on my actual expire date or it begins right with new activation (and “steals” 1 already payed month)?


it will stack onto your membership so you will not lose a month


Great work, I’ve been compiling the Plus offers for quite some time, I think I have it all since the very beginning up to today, if you want to complete your information, feel free to use it:

EU Store:
US Store:

It’s a portuguese forum, but the content of those topics is in english :)

Hello, Chris.

Great content this month for me. But…
With the release of the new DMC january, i was hoping to get DMC 4 on plus. Is there any change of a mid month surprise?

Merry Christmas for all!

Catherine discount please!!!

Nice for me, MK is cool, and Jet Set Radio for Vita is gonna be fun! Question, would it be possible to get SSFIVAE, or has it been a past Plus game for the EU? I heard that the USA PSN got it at some point, don’t know about EU.


so is mk free from today or the 16th of jan?

MK Vita today.
MK PS3 in Jan

That’s basically it.


You may not have a vita yet but a large percentage do, so to us who do own a vita, it’s a con to give away the exact same game. They should of just done a cross-buy for the vita/ps3 version and given ps3 users it too. Mortal Kombat can be bought on disc for a tenner anyway.

But Australia is getting the R 18+ at the start of jan I hope we get it later when the rating broad pass MK

The_Last_Ninja 19 December, 2012 @ 16:44

Where is the dicount on Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD for PSN+ ?

still waiting for mortal kombat on vita ps plus… its still not free.. can someone fix that. so hyped to play this game


No sign of Mortal Kombat on Vita Plus.


Tomba 1 & 2 and Castlevania now work on Vita (at least I’m downloading them now…)

Hey Chris, any chance of some the Pinball Arcade DLC going on special offer?

Its after 5:00pm and there is still no sign of Mortal Kombat vita for ps+. Whats the hold up? Been waiting all day to play it!


Hi guys,

apologies for the hold up, this content will go live on December 21st (Friday). It was actually meant to be later but we have brought it forward to get it to you by Xmas.

Envisager ‏@Envisager_
Mortal Kombat on #PSVita – Free for PS+ users from tomorrow.
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9:12 PM – 19 Dec 12 from Westminster, London · Details

Great, waited all day for nothing! oh well. Thanks for the heads up Chris

Great update again from Sony and yourself Chris. Great start to a new to a new year of great content. Mortal kombat can’t wait remember that in 80`s. Hard drive increaselying getting smaller but worth it. And slash price of membership again great. Can’t wait till February’s content ain’t played October s yet. If u lime black ops to domination add me ppl. Until next time

this sucks even more… it was supposed to come today but he said was meant to be later but bringing it for xmas for us… as if he is doing us a favor.. the actual deadline was not met… i would be totally okay if they dated the game to be released some later date in the first place but it was supposed to come today . was soo hyped to play for this game today. thx for trolling us

This is amazing, thank you!

Particularly excited about getting MK on both PS3 and Vita, but the line-up in general is pretty incredible.

A question, if I may: will the MK DLC for PS3 receive a discount?


Mortal Kombat? Awesome! Loved this game when i bought it but it got stolen, was gonna buy the Komplete edition after Xmas, but this is superb! Cheers Chris!


@126 I think you mean the 90s.


So let me get this straight, MK vita for plus which was supposed to be available for today’s store update as posted in last months update is now delayed and you will try to get it for us by Friday and that it was originally supposed to be released later in the month even though the original post stated it was supposed to be the 19th.

I’m confused by this and while the content on ps plus has got a lot better the communication between plus staff and consumers seems to have got worse and more confusing. If there is a delay why is it so hard to be forward and up front about it.?

You actually bought MK forward on the release? Lies I say Chris!! The last PSN+ update said it was coming out on the 19th, which is the 20th in NZ.. But one more day isn’t going to hurt i guess, but it is best to stay true to your words!

Anyways… I think I might have to buy LBP2 cross controller DLC, took you guys awhile but should be well worth it


Chris, minis and PSOne Classics were abandoned, as big games introduced to Plus – now when we have Vita Plus, maybe its time to bring them back for Vita, not to many, but some classics from ps1, u know to test ppl reactions – why not. Also i would like to see Bully and some RStar games from ps2 as plus offers too but, those really big titles are in minority, maybe better idea would be to introduce more often price cuts for those titles

Yeah i can smell a little BS as well, when you factor in other content which is being removed and the dates its ment to be removed it all measures up with today. I think they just missed the dead line or they strategically moved things around.

All this talk of January’s content, would of been nice to get the rest of december’s content today, AS PROMISED.

how upsetting :( i already have bioshock 2

i guess i should just be greatful this is the first main game that i already own to be free since getting plus considering i have over 100



R18 classification for games is to be introduced to Australia on Jan 1. Why not leave it for Aussies?

Chris, can you tell me if it’s possible for previous free games of the month to return? I missed Dead Space 2 and I’d love to play it. I’m wondering if I should just get it or wait until it’s one of the Plus offers again.


Great content guys! Can’t wait to play bioshock 2 and guardians of middle earth! Is there any chance of getting one or two RPGS in the plus content in the future?


great update for ps3 as usual, but to be honest ps vita games this month are weak and i already have uncharted, mortal kombat and gravity rush, so could we possibly get black ops declassified please or rayman or ressistance because i’m very unlucky gamewise for ps vita. thank you for understanding and please think about black ops.

supersmith2500 19 December, 2012 @ 20:24

Meh, I perfer PSN games and full digital games over Minis and PS1 Classics mate.

“Hi guys,
apologies for the hold up, this content will go live on December 21st (Friday). It was actually meant to be later but we have brought it forward to get it to you by Xmas.”

So you go on and on about it coming on the 19th and then suddenly, the 19th comes around and you change the date? Not very good customer service is it? Don’t give customers dates if you don’t intend to stick by them.

@ KlotX, great work I will put link to those in my spreadsheet.

I was considering opening it so others can edit.

TehPhilosopher 19 December, 2012 @ 21:00

Been playing GoME a lot, and it’s a really good game. The UI is top notch, I much prefer it to PC MOBAs. The latest patch fixes most network issues, so it’s great to see it featured on PS+.


Ps+ is the most precious playstation purchase ive ever made. I have always wanted mk9. I therefore thank you for making my game wishes being fulfilled


You should consider adding WipEout 2048 to IGC, it’s a great game, and în us it is available. Please think about this, given the fact I am not the only one requesting it.

No Mortal Kombat
Here have a dead multi player shooter.
Far out not sure who i am more mad at my Country’s stupid laws preventing Mortal Kombat or Sony even bothering to offer us this pathetic excuse for a substitute.

What a disappointing mont.. December is a shambles (particularly for Aussies oh get the pathetic replacement PSP Lego Batman from 2008) and January doesn’t look much better. No retail game for Vita and Bioshock 2 is way too old; most people would have played it by now.

Gotham City Imposters? Are you serious? Kinda glad I only got a 3 month sub to PS Plus as it is shaping up to be average.


This is normally not worth a complaint but…
Wipeout is a Sony game given out in America, there is NO DOUBT we’re going to see it. I can’t afford to burn my money for no reason so every time I don’t see it I’m just, ugh another month to wait.


Bioshock 2 for me then and that’s it unfortunately.
I would have downloaded Jet Set Radio if it were for PS3.

Mortal Kombat I thought was a terrible game.

Still happy with Bioshock 2 though, gives me something else to play.

What a surprise Guardians of Middle Earth is.I never knew this existed,and after playing the demo nearly bought it.The wait until jan 2nd will be a tough one,but well done on getting this.

supersmith2500 19 December, 2012 @ 22:21

But why the delay on MK Vita? Any reason??


We have an extra store publish going live tommorrow so MK VITA will be part of this publish

Merry Christmas Australia and Germany, Merry f#*king Christmas.

Oh I guess Merry Christmas is in order for the rest of the SCEE covered regions too – here, have an old game that you most likely bought years ago, never mind that it’s the squeal to another game, you don’t need any back story.

PS Plus has gone down hill VERY quickly.

So where’s the MK Vita? No point telling us about January when we don’t even have the December content on time!


How the Hell do we make a Ruckas about this ? Australia is getting Royally screwed over here a PSP GAME ! And not Mortal Kombat ? Get stuffed, highly doubt they will respond to this or any comment about this but come on, Australia already has one of the MOST EXPENSIVE Stores compared to other countries, even with our Currency doing better then the US…come on give us a break…pathetic.


Near Christmas too…Nice..

For everyone saying we’re getting an R18+ rating in Jan – they’ve already said that games already refused classification will not be eligible for resubmission so MK will not become available in Australia Jan 1, it’ll still be banned, despite the fact that we have R18+.

Does anyone know who I’d email about about getting my access back to my copy of Mass Effect 2 which I purchased through the PSN? It says it’s expired and it’s no longer in my download list even though the expansion packs I obtained at the same time are still there…


So no update today? i was hoping for today, tomorow i go home and at home my internet sucks, im still downloading gotham city on my ps3…

himynameism1ke 19 December, 2012 @ 23:48

Great update! I have never played Jet Set Radio but I hear it is a cult classic. I must say though that both Mortal Kombat and LOTR’s warrant ‘Game of the month’ more than Bioshock 2. Bioshock is fantastic but it is a little old now, most people can pick it up for next to nothing. Still, great update and no complaints!! Here’s to a great year on Playstation Plus!


damnit man! Hey the PS+ 1yr sub auto renewed on me even though I turned auto renew off! What am I supposed to do with that? That’s really annoying and I definitely don’t want it happening again I rather wait when it’s on discount!


Make sure you contact customer services to report this.

Nothing good, lets hope Febuary is better.

hey chris i live in USA, but i am really fed up with NA plus, is there a way i can have both EU N NA, since i already have 1 year NA subs. since it seems like you guys are catering to the needs of the gamer by giving EU subs solid games, unlike NA. please let me know!!

hey chris, any chance the DLC for Bioshock 2 is bundled with the game for PS+? literally just bought the game on disc yesterday (already had it on xbox too, but I’m a big bioshock fan) but will probably download it from PS+ aswell, especially if the DLC is with it.


We are working on this with the publisher, I’m sure as you can imaging Xmas is a difficult time to get in contact with people so we are doing the best we can to secure Bioshock DLC discounts in the new year


Week PS Vita offerings. No retail game?

Disappointing, i guess Sony is making up by offering 3 retail games in 2 months.


Hi just wanted to ask if mortal kombat for vita and ps3 will be reconsidered for publishing/releasing on the psn in Australia in 2013. Australia is introducing the R18 category for video game in January so it seems like there should be no reason now for us not to have access to them on PsPlus or just as a regular purchase.


If it gets passed through the rating board in January then it will be made available to buy in Australia but it is not a quick process I am afraid and could take a month or so we can’t commit to saying if or when it will be available

G’day Chris, i have just signed up for playstation plus and am so excited for the upcoming fantastic free games. Just so i am clear, if i download batman Arkum City now, can i still play it in january after it gets pulled off from playstation plus? cheers Chris have a good one :D


Yes, you can play for as long as your membership is active.


I totally agree with you, NA+ has been garbage for quite some time. I will not renew my NA+ again until the have newer and better titles, like EU.

Exception of bioshock 2 like we just had. Which is a decent title just old. There was a blood bath on our blog. lol

To answer your question YES you can have a EU sub and NA. You will have to create a different account, with a EU address, also you can only use a EU network cards.

Do a little research on and you will find what your looking for.


I originally bought PS+ because it was on discount and it was the best move I could have made so I have just snapped up this deal again for another 12 months!!

On a side note: I would have much preferred Gotham City Impostors here in the UK!

Not the best month but the last few have been fantastic and I’m sure that there are many, many more to follow! :)

All i gotta do now is wait untill Bioshock:Infinate is out, it comes with Bioshock 1.

Not too hyped for Guardians of Middleearth however, played the demo and… well i found it REALY Boring, how exactly did this kind of game make it to be an E-sport? Is it better with human players coz i just had AI…

Also, will we ever see PS1 and Mini’s on the PS+? i still play mine, all those lost treasures of times gone by

I’m from south africa and we fall under EU and still no mortal combat free on plus….whats up with that?


Where is Mortal Kombat for Vita still showing up as like £39 on vita store really wanted to get this downloaded before I go away for the holiday plus as it is like 3gb do I need 6gb of card space free on the vita to install like with the ps3? please answer Thanks


As explanied in the comments here guys, the store team are doing an extra publish tomorrow as next week is Xmas so we wil not be here. MK VITA will go live in Plus within this publish

@theindieboy They’ve already said elsewhere in the blog that the discount kicks in tomorrow.


the 25% discount off the plus subscrption kicked in yesterday, it’s on the store to purchase


Come on Chris and Fred no reply ? Don’t Tell me Australia/Germany is SERIOUSLY getting a PsP game and its Lego Batman and not Mortal Kombat?..

Hello Chris. Any update for those of us who bought Uncharted fight for fortune 2 weeks ago not to be shafted by the release of a complete edition last week at a cheaper overall price.

Chris, I was talking about the MK discount…


They are never going to be able to keep everybody happy. Being a reasonably recent owner of a PS3 (12 months), I love getting the retail games as it tops my collection up. It’s a pain when one is added I own but there you go. Surely if you’ve played virtually every game on the platform then PS Plus isn’t really for you? Think it sucks that not all markets get the same games though.

Anyway apologies if I missed this but I still can’t see yesterday’s update. An I being a pillock or is there a delay? Trying to get MK installed on the new vita before the kids start Xmas hols.


There has been a slight delay on MK VITA, it will be coming tomorrow when the store is updated for the final time before xmas

Hi Chris, what exactly do you mean by stacking our subscription. I have a ps+ subscription running until june 2013 i think. Does this mean that if I buy another year subscription now at the promotional price i will be covered until 2014? Hypothetically if i buy 10 subscriptions I’m good till 2023 assuming the world doenst end tomorrow? :) Is this how the subscription system works?


Hi Ornigon,

Yes this is how it works, if you buy another subscription now it will automatically kick in when your current one ends and this would continue to happen depending on how many subscriptions you buy, hope that clears it up


Looking for some help here, i had Ps Plus a year ago and loved it, didn’t renew because i didn’t have the money but now i do and the 25% off is an amazing deal so i’m looking to getting it again the question i have is because it’s changed into this “Instant Game Collection” thing if i download a game that’s free that month and then it gets taken away from the game collection can i still play it if i have it downloaded i.e. Batman when it runs out in Jan and also if i delete it after it has left the instant game collection am i able to download it free again or would i have to pay? if anyone could tell me that would be good! :)


when this new instant game collection was anounced we were told we would be getting avatars each month but all we get is theames any chance of having some new ones sometime soon


Hi, once again:

Please can we have the following:

Assassin’s Creed 3 Avatars
Assassin’s Creed 3 Theme

I WANT to spend 20p on an avatar for once in my life, and you’ve stopped me from being able to do this! Please can you add these AC 3 items to the UK store.

Also any news for the following apps??

Ps Vita Wake Up Club
PS3 Youtube App


As far as I’m aware once you have downloaded a game it is yours for as long as you have a subscription. If you delete a game you can re-download for free anytime from your downloads list as long as you still have a subscription. I make the habit of downloading anything I might want to play while it’s available and then delete it again if I need space, even if I haven’t played it yet. Not sure what happens if your subscription is stopped and then begun again at a later date.

Thanks Chris, i might get the subscription now then :)

Ok it’s getting really obvious that the blog mods don’t want to talk about what game aus/Germany is getting instead of MK Vita. Come on guys, stop ignoring us please?? There has been no confirmation about what game we wil get!