The music of Wonderbook: Book of Spells

At last! Wonderbook: Book of Spells went on sale around the world last month. It’s great to see lots of people have been studying hard to master spells and put their skills to the test.

To celebrate the release, and complete the series, our fourth and final ‘Making of’ video is here. Focusing on a large and significant part of the creative process – setting the game to music – our team at London Studio set about explaining the project they started working on over a year ago.

Alastair, Joe and Jim wrote the score from scratch, and then set about weaving the music and sound into the gameplay in one of the studio’s most complex audio projects to date. The live orchestral recording at Air Studios was the highlight of the development process for many, and we are pleased to be able to bring you a piece of the action here.

So, sit back and enjoy the making of the soundtrack to the Book of Spells…

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i stopt to believe in magick when sony lost te realiti whith the gamers

declan__watson 20 December, 2012 @ 16:34

Hi Nathalia
Nice Book of spells music, it feels so relaxing and so tuneful. As a massive harry potter fan, I think book of spells will encourage non gamers to move to the playstation platform as you can only experience such a fantastic game on one platform that platform is Playstation. :)

It would also encourage gamers on other platforms such as nintendo or xbox ones as playstation is the best console.

Whether your a casual to the core playstation has the best games out there and games like this made me game on playstation as I know for a fact playstation is the best. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe :)

Nathalia Chubin 02 January, 2013 @ 14:19

Hey declan__watson,

Thanks for this! We really enjoyed putting the music together, and I’m really glad that you feel it adds to the PS3 experience as we do.


declan__watson 20 December, 2012 @ 16:43

Forgot to mention sony is also the greatest company in the world. Sony are a way better company than any company out there. I know that sony has had a lot of financial trouble over the years but at least they make way better products than any companies around today.

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Number 2/3 learn what you’re talking about the MICROSOFT Xbox 360 never gets hacked and Sony wouldnt be where it is today without Nintendo so i dont think that Sony is the greatest company ever just the luckiest

declan__watson 20 December, 2012 @ 17:38

Please don’t be really mean, and don’t say that as an excuse that’s all you xbox fanboys say. So what if playstation got hacked, the hackers are loser they still got beat and sony has made psn security many times bigger and nintendo isn’t even the best in gaming please just get your facts right. The sony playstation had way better exclusive games, better online services, better gaming experiences and way more.

Sony are the best company in the world, not as bad compared to Microsoft and nintendo and nintendo didn’t make sony the greatest sony was more better than nintendo in like 30 years after it formed, sony are not just a gamin company they are a film and music one too, nintendo and Microsoft cannot do such thing because there not as good enough.

declan__watson 20 December, 2012 @ 17:43

Nintendo don’t do anything all they do is make console Microsoft is the same except all the make is windows and that stuff sony is way extremely better, they rise though audio entertainment, tv, music, filming/animation, gaming, entertainment, smartphones, tablets car audio, inventor of the Blu-Ray disk, pcs/laptops and way way more. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

@ While i appreciate your enthusiasm for Sony being negative towards other companies isn’t the way to do it.

Nintendo have been around since 1889, they started out making special playing cards called Hanafunda,they are one of the only companies to make a profit from the sale of a console at launch.So i think they know what they are doing.

As for Microsoft they are one of the biggest names in computer technology.

@ Springylist Xbox user accounts are constantly being hacked. I’ d rather have the network hacked than my own personal account.


he is right buddy nintendo do have a bit to do with sony being in the console market.

the ps1 is the direct descendent of a scrapped nintendo/sony console partnership that was shelved.
the ps3 pad followed the snes layout, read this

and to be fair id take mario and zelda on a sony console any day if nintendo ever went the way of sega.

1 = to uk sony = great
to some blind peopel sony = great
are other companies great = no but more lisening + some service level to all of their consummers = jes .

2 = i have majore problem on mi vita = tom blits + bugs
corupt data !!! lots of erors , i redownload game blitz = stil errors

code eror ( c1-2738-0 ) i have newest software 2.02 .

declan__watson 20 December, 2012 @ 18:23

I am no criticising other companies I’m very unhappy with the criticism sony gets online on the Internet people saying there rubbish as a sony gamer I know for a fact they are amazing.
Thanks mate I appreciate your kind words but I just think sony is the best, I have a wii but I don’t play it any more now I know ps3 is the best. Also hayzink don’t mind richy what he said to you was just immature, selfish and very disrespectful and I hope he gets banned for what he said to you. All the best in the future mate. And Merry Christmas everyone. All the best for 2013 :) LongLivePlay

Styyx3 on sony forum have ( solution )

i did skip to put everiting on mi pc , but works now = ps vita intern bug = 17-09-2012 , so stil no patch solution ???


Great to have real instruments in a game. So many games use cheaper artificial orchestras, and the music suffers as a result.

Nathalia Chubin 02 January, 2013 @ 14:21

Thanks Shifty_Geezer – we felt it was really important to record with an orchestra, as the whole product was based around authenticity.

Hopefully it enriches the game experience for all those who play it.

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