12 Deals Of Christmas

12 deals of Christmas

Deal 12: Far Cry 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £24.99/€34.99. Offer expires 11.59pm on 24th December.

Deal 11: Hitman Absolution – Was £49.99/€59.99, now £19.99/€29.99. Additional 15% discount for PS Plus members (£16.99/€25.49). Offer expires 11.59pm on 22nd December.

Deal 10: The Unfinished Swan & Journey bundle – Was £19.98/€25.98, now £9.99/€12.99 (50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£8.99/€11.69). Offer expires 11.59pm on 20th December.

Deal 9: Little Big Planet Karting – Was £39.99/€49.99, now £19.99/€24.99 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£17.99/€22.49). Offer expires 11.59pm on 18th December.

Deal 8: Need For Speed Most Wanted – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £23.99/€29.99 (up to 60% off). Offer expires 11.59pm on 16th December.

Deal 7: NBA 2K13 – Was £49.99/€59.99, now £19.99/€29.99 (up to 60% off). Offer expires 11.59pm on 14th December.

Deal 6: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£26.99/€35.99). Offer expires 11.59pm on 12th December.

Deal 5: Sleeping Dogs – Was £49.99/€59.99, now £15.99/€19.99 (67% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£14.39/€17.99). Offer expires 11.59pm on 10th December.

Deal 4: One Piece: Pirate Warriors – Was £39.99/€49.99, now £19.99/€24.99 (50% off). Offer expires 11.59pm on 8th December.

Deal 3: Tokyo Jungle – Was £9.99/€12.99, now £5.19/€6.49 (up to 50% off). Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members (£4.67/€5.84). Offer expires 11.59pm on 6th December.

Deal 2: Battlefield 3 – Was £59.99/€69.99, now £29.99/€39.99. Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members. Offer expires 11.59pm on 4th December.

Deal 1: 90-day PS Plus subscription – Was £11.99/€14.99, now £7.99/€9.99 (save up to 33%). Offer expires 7.00am on 9th December.

Hi everyone! With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! Now you have 12 extra special reasons to celebrate as the 12 Deals of Christmas makes its return to PlayStation Store.

Starting on 1st December 2012, PlayStation Store will feature 12 incredible deals for you to unwrap. You will only be able to redeem each deal from PlayStation Store for a period of 48 hours and then they vanish, quicker than a Christmas pudding!

Just like the presents under your tree, we are going to keep these deals under wraps until it’s time for them to be opened. So make sure you keep checking PlayStation Store to find out what the latest amazing deal is. We’ll also update this Blog post every time a deal is added.

Don’t miss out on some great one-time offers – take a sledge ride over to PlayStation Store and treat yourself to a few extra presents this festive season. Enjoy!

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No PS+ discount???

Oh c’mon no PS+ discount REALLY ?!?..

No Ps+ Discount but okay. I’m fine with 35€.

silent_strike95 23 December, 2012 @ 00:29

This is a brilliant deal. Definitely gonna pick this up now. Thanks for great deals on both this and Hitman, that’s pretty much it for my christmas for this year.
Hope to see the same high standard next year, you guys are really raising the standards of your service, despite what others may be saying.

No PS+ discount:( I have 14 €, and with a 20 € voucher i wont get enought money for far cry 3 !

@Digrik, the same here! and even worse!.. I’m stucked at 34.52€ with no possibilities of anything!!! so lame…


Thank you for this and hitman love you sony and oh. Thanks for the savage editoon its been a great 12 deal it dont inncredibly matter iif 10% off was included i got what i wanted and expected. No complaints cheers:)

Odd how it says 50% off yet the game was £59.99 pre-sale.

Just FYI guys, the download is actually ‘The Savage Edition’
(2 Preorder DLCs Included) and is 6.4GB

Good work, Store folks. This & Sleeping Dogs will keep me busy over the holidays :)

I’m disappointed Far Cry 3 24,99£. In the Game store(game.co.uk) it costs £ 22.49.

Its a grat deal , Far cry 3 at 34,99 €!! But im unlucky my account its stuck at 34 €…


One question : I got Hitman yesterday (great deal thks Sony & Square) and it’s written “Hitman: Absolution {EFS}” what does EFS mean ???


On the PS+ home screen in the store it clearly states that PS+ subscribers receive at least (your words) a 10% discount on store promotions. At the very least this is a misleading statement so if someone could clarify it would be much appreciated.

So 50% off for EU, but almost 60% off for UK, that’s bit of a strange difference. It’s a decent deal, specially for UK users, but 15% extra off for PSN+ users and a similar UK price for all of EU would have made it something special. Now it’s just cheaper to get on disc, but thanks for the deal though.

Happy holidays.

If these sales have been a success, then why cant we have regular one day sales or week sales, if PSN wants to compete with LIVE and STEAM, and companies want to beat trade ins, then this is the way to do it.

nothing for me, btw Chris its 1:45 ;> i have to say, middle of the night and blog updates…

great deal thanks am downloading it now

Higher than retail price so no purchase from me (some people prefer the convenience of digital I know but as a PS+ member HD space fills up really quickly, Even on a 500GB hd). Am kind of glad, I don’t need to be spending more money right now and if it matched the Hitman Deal (Which I already own on disc) I wouldn’t have been able to resist. this and the festive deals have been good overall though, Picked up Sleeping Dogs, Journey/Unfinished Swan & Tokyo Jungle from the 12 days and picked up Deus Ex: HR, Tony Hawks HD, King of Fighters XIII and some Sleeping Digs DLC from the festive deals so a big thank you to the guys who arranged those.

Merry Christmas!

Nice one, special edition too :D Thank you.

JeaNdeLaf01453- 23 December, 2012 @ 00:58

In other countries the prices are very different from playing the game a 50% discount say 50% of the current price, but also we want to discount what we mean an extra psn + members + members Psn additional discounts will not come at that time remains a big mistake in this regard. Thank you both for discounts, but believe me, the campaign’s end game when you play a little more good years, I’m offering discounts to fix prices could have done as soon as possible


No special or savage edition for the EU and it’s 6,3GB here … :/

@15 – The Deals change over at midnight, so a middle-of-the-night blog update makes sense. The fact that people are here commenting should show that it’s appreciated.

Admittedly, I was already downloading it via the Search function long before this post arrived, but still.


RECAP : – Far Cry 3 Special Edition with 2 pre-order contents, 6,4GB and around 60% off for the UK

– Far Cry 3, 6,3GB and 50% off for the poor others

Snuppedupen, have you actually downloaded it yet? There’s no mention of dlc in the store page, or the download list. It’s just ‘there’ when you’ve downloaded the game.


Ok Bovrillor thanks i feel better now ;)

6.4GB here in Ireland, same price as the rest in euro.

Quite a shame that there isn’t a ps + discount, I avoided the other deals just to hold out for this one.
Can someone confirm whether or not the included dlc is that found in the lost expeditions version?
Merry Christmas to all at sony and my fellow gamers

first person shooters are worth no more than 5$ to me. no thanks.

sad to see the 12 deals of christmas come to an end :( at least i got my sleeping dogs platinum out of it :)

looking forward to next years ones!

JeaNdeLaf01453- 23 December, 2012 @ 01:42

Amerika Far cry 3 24.99 € Turkey 34.99 € ? 79 TL This distinction is based on how the discount countries are you doing? Meanwhile, there is not much difference equal to the discount available in all countries, all users should be provided and submitted to Sony immediately

Snuppedupen – no problem, do let us know what you get in the end :)

Domzter – yes, the DLC is ‘Lost Expeditions’ and ‘Warrior Something-Or-Other’ which basically translates to 2 missions, access to the multiplayer ‘tattoo editor’ and a fancy knife.

Terarded – dismissing this as ‘just a first-person shooter’ would be a real shame. Did you also pass on Borderlands 2? Fallout 3? All worlds apart from the status quo of FPS rubbish-ness.

Awesome deal!! Thanks a lot for this. :)

Amazing deal!!! I’m downloading it now.

Just fyi, in Portugal it is 6.4GB, the savage edition (you only see this when you start downloading it)

Journey and unfinished swan were two of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m not sure which one I preferes, they’re both so original and inspiring in their own ways…true masterpieces.


@Bovrillor, Paquete89 just cleared the situation. don’t be reluctant to add my idpsn for further co-op side missions ;)

@Paquete89, thanks for the information mate :)

HappySpaceInvdr 23 December, 2012 @ 04:33

That Far Cry 3 was goingto get a discount was blindingly obvious from its launch day on the store – the same day, Vaas’s silhouette in the 12 Deals of Christmas was unmistakable.

I wonder how many people paid full price for the download without realising?

Man….already hate the fact that Farcry is no 70 bucks in any store….then you get discount, and no extra plus discount. Makes it hard to not just let it go and order it on amazon.

So what’s planned for when this deal expires? Any free gifts for the world from Sony?

US PSN is in the middle of a massive sale that puts this to shame. Each week there’s a bunch of new games on sale and there’s still another 2 more weeks to go.

Far Cry 3’s standard price on the US PSN is roughly the same as SCEE’s sale price so when the US PSN discounts Far Cry 3 it’ll be a quarter of our price.

Bottom line, stop rewarding SCEE’s greed and maybe they’ll show some respect for Europe/Australasia. They only keep ripping us off because you people keep throwing your money at them.

most wanted,hitman and farcry 3 at the price of almost one game on psn store.Im quite satisfied with my deals of christmas..

I wish I knew there were Differences in the Save Data between the Disc Version and this Downloadable Version! >:[ I was 13 Hours through the Story on the Version I rented from the Store and now I have to start all the way back at the beginning! I wouldn’t have bought this Downloadable Version if I had been warned about this. How extremely Frustrating. :/ Some money wasted there.

Merry Christmas.

And the price discrepancies between UK (58.33%) and EU (50%) just keep on coming from “SCEUK”. How is this treatment fair?


Thanks for the deals, I picked up the Journey / Unfinished Swan bundle, finished Journey in one sitting and wow what a fantastic game, can’t wait to play it again. Merry Christmas.

Damn, I was hoping for Assassin’s Creed 3!


How is that a brilliant deal? You can order it online for that price! And downloadable copies should be cheaper! It’s a sucky deal.


@ Terarded

Like you I hate most FPS games BUT I got this a couple of weeks back and it’s a superb game!!

Not at all like all your average boring grey military shooters out there.

Do yourself a favour and give it a go. As the old Sony saying goes:

“Try it, you might like it” ;-)

Bjarno86 / frassedylan

+100 :)


How is it a great deal??

It is £22.49 for the Special Edition in Game, and also that price on Amazon.

However, do get it one way or another as it’s the best single player FPS I have ever played, by far.


Yet again the discount is bigger in UK than it’s in the rest of the Europe. You at SCEUK really think it’s a wise policy to keep discriminating rest of the PAL region?

Some of your deals are great, Sony, and PS Plus is an exeptional value service.

HOWEVER, RRPs of £59.99 are ridiculous. Please bring your digital prices for games that are not on offer inline with the prices we see in shops and online.


I will grab this later, thanks chaps.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

Amazon can shove it up their tax-dodging, wasteful bottoms.

This deal is one day too short , bet a lot of players will be getting PSN cards on christmass day and they would have got this game, but the deal ended the night before

So. Much. Complaining.

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