Happy holidays from the Community team

In a slight change to my usual community update, this week I’m going to bring you something quite special!

In what is becoming something of a tradition here at SCEE Towers, I present to you this year’s message from the Community teams based here in London! After all, who can resist the temptation to dress up and act like a loon?

I hope you enjoy the video. I may or may not be the one dressed up as Spike from Ape Escape…

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us on the Community Teams!

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I wasn’t expecting the troll face at all lol

Merry Christmas to everybody

Nu ska snart ses på Kalle Anka.

God Jul och gott Nytt År.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Russian team the best of the best! :o)

how do i get nuketown 2025 DLC map code for ps3




Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year To All


Merry Christmas to you :D


Girl with the blue hat is cute. What’s her PSN ID?

Good one :D HNY to u all ;D


Merry Christmas to all the blog staff. See you all in the New Year!

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a nice 2013! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us :) (PS4 maybe? :P)

Sp4rkyM4rk1337 24 December, 2012 @ 13:45

Happy Holidays! :D

Merry Christmas all

Votos de bom natal às meninas Portuguesas, Marle e Luna ;)

Wishes for a good christmas for the Portuguese ladies, Marle and Luna ;)

Robinworldwide 24 December, 2012 @ 14:26

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to yall!! :)

Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo a toda a comunidade portuguesa foi porreiro porem aqui alguns membros de cada comunidade a Marle e a Luna.


and to the rest of all Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Awaiting “The Last of US” to reach my home next year.



Lots of fun,

Merry christmas and new year to all the psn teams and all the nice gamers

xronia polla se olous me ugeia kai xara

Merry Christmas and happy new Year


3:29 There’s 2 dudes called serum_lake?

merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Greece with more video games to Greek language :) Greek community PadPoet FTW !! :)

That was great guys. However, my need for that Ape Escape costume has grown tenfold.

Merry Christmas guys. And a happy New Year!

happy holidays and new year everyone xx

Williamflipper 26 December, 2012 @ 15:04

I can imagine how hard is to work on the Community Staff…. have a nice rest/break

RobertMorridin 26 December, 2012 @ 18:20

Merry X-mas to all of ye and a happy new year in advance :)

Merry christmas and new year to all!
And hopefully we get a better psn service than these last 3 months
Give us RCR, CS:GO, Videostore and last but not least a Remove/hide function for Singstar!

PS: i take it we will not see this weeks store update, until the 2nd of Januari?

Биг зии 22 Макс Пейн банда БЕШАНЫЕ РУССКИЕ БРАТЬЯ ….. Кто хочет к Нам в Банду ждемссссс

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