Happy Christmas from PlayStation Blog!

Good morning all! Just a quick note from everyone here on the PlayStation Blog team to wish a very happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it. And for those who don’t, our best festive wishes to you too, of course.

I do hope everyone has an enjoyable day, gives and receives lots of great gifts, stows away plenty of turkey/nut roast, and manages to stay awake during the Downton Abbey Christmas special. If you can spare a minute between shovelling the next chocolate reindeer down your neck, do let us know if you found any new games under the tree, or even a PS Vita perhaps?

While I’d love to give you all a personalised Christmas parcel (well, most of you anyway :-)), as way of thanks for coming on here and making the Blog such a fun, lively place, obviously that’s just not practical. So, instead, I’m going to give you the next best thing – the gift of data! Everyone loves data, right?

  • The EU PlayStation Blog welcomed nearly 1.4 million new readers in 2012. If any of you are reading today, thanks for stopping by!
  • We published 1,154 posts, to which you left 58,861 comments.
  • SCEE staff and Blog contributors responded to 6,057 of those comments.
  • Our most regular commenter was… *drum roll*… Catkiller1, who posted over 1,000 times. We take our hats off to you!
  • We uploaded 987 trailers to YouTube and 3,866 images to Flickr.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all the developers who’ve lent their precious time to come on here and talk about their projects. I hope you’ll agree that we’ve had some really fun guests over the past 12 months – ranging from true industry legends such as Keiji Inafune, Ken Levine, Warren Spector and Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida, to plucky young indies showing off their labours of love.

It’s hard to pick favourites but I feel it only right and proper to mention the irrepressible Gordon Midwood – Head of Fresh Produce for humble indie studio Different Tuna – who reduced me to tears in the comments thread beneath his launch post  for cute PSN action title Derrick the Deathfin. A true hero!

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Please enjoy the rest of the day, try not to eat too much, and if you find time to try out a new game or two, I hope they meet expectations. See you back here on New Year’s Eve!


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almighty-slayer 25 December, 2012 @ 09:04

Some surprising stats. I thought Davie would be the top commenter… HAHAHA.

Merry Christmas Fred. Merry Christmas, everyone <3

*Have* *to* *comment* *more* *often*
Merry Christmas to everyone at SCEE and to all commenters!

And a well-deserved extra kudos to Gordon Midwood for his most memorable post. It’s been quite a year… Up to an even more memorable 2013!

Merry Christmas to everyone at SCEE. Thanks for a great year of gaming.

happy xmas 2 all


Merry Christmas to everyone! :D

So let me see if I’ve got this right… Catkiller1 all on his own posted about 2% of all the comments from 2012? Impressive ;-)

I rather Vita Discounts, anyway any word when Retro City and Dokuro are coming to the store or no word yet ? been dying to get those games.

Also Merry Christmas and a Happy Good Year.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thank you for putting up with our nagging and complaints all year round.

And for my first ever playstation blog post (long time reader) I would like to say Merry Christmas to all and thanks for some awesome online gameplay over the past year. Even if I did get shot/overtaken far to many times. Here is to an excellent new year.

HO HO Mr Data I like his cat best “SPOT”


Boy, I do love me some statistics. (I’m serious, statistics are nifty!)

ryannumber3gamer 25 December, 2012 @ 10:40

Merry Christmas Fred and Merry Christmas to the Playstation team :D. Also Merry Christmas to everyone!

supersmith2500 25 December, 2012 @ 10:48

Merry Christmas to you too Fred. I happen to got two new games. Black Ops II and Far Cry 3 which I will play later. Also Raziel thanks for reminding that other game I forgotten for the PSVita. These four games which are Ragnarok Oddyseey, Retro City Rampage, Persona 4 Golden and Dokuro could be very well be out before the end of Winter and that’s great news.

Not to mention, JAW’s other Oddworld game Munch’s Oddysee also gets ported to the Vita at that same time. 2013 could be a very great year for the Vita so let’s hope there are sales for it as 2012 is just the beginning for the Vita.

Merry Christmas to one & all. I hope you got all the things you wanted. I wanted God of War: Chains of Olympus to be on offer, maybe soon?

@12 I too am looking forward to Munch on the Vita. Just got it for the PS3 but might not play it until the Vita one?

Hope 2013 is an excellent year for Sony & it’s customers.

Yikes! I guess if someone manages to make 2% of all the comments on a blog as this one, he must be considered a spammer. Congrats Catkiller1. ;)

Would like to see some statistics based on nationalities Fred. What are the top nations here (besides the UK naturally).
How do the SCEE blogs in the other languages fare in comparison etc.

Gordon Midwood was by far the best developer to grace the blog. And it seems he is always that funny, at least his tweets are mostly great. Sadly his engagement didn’t result in good sale numbers for his game.

@Fred HNY, as for number, it only shows how urgent is rebuilding comments mechanisms.
It makes me happy that Wonderbook got its attention, hope sales will go well.

btw SCEA will have some sale now, can we get some too? or we had it already with 12 christmas deals

Merry Christmas To All!


Mother of god. More than a 1000 posts? Well, enjoy the holidays!

merry Christmas folks :)

not surprised catkiller1 has most posts its pretty clear he is the most active blog user with a few others not to far behind him.

looking forward to the new year to see what the future brings with regards to the vita and all the big announcements at the halfway point of 2013 at E3.

anyway enjoy the festivities guys and if anyone wants a game of wwe 13 gimmie a shout ;)

and thanks sony for the christmas email with the free singstar track and theme.

got myself broken strings by James Morrison.

Merry Christmas to you, Fred, and all the SCEE staff! Have a good one.

I’m so happy you guys released the vita this year, with 40 games in my vita I can finally have my own portable arcade and play what I like.
The vita has been the portable I have been waiting for since I was 10. 2013 will be even more fun and fantastic games, wishing you all happy Holidays!

Hi :D Merry Christmas for everybody!

Can you please check the portuguese PS3 PS STORE…the games from ps plus, last week, are not there.

Prem-aka-Prince 25 December, 2012 @ 14:50

I liked the developer comments on the Derrick the Deathfin posts too! Not only did he take the time/make the effort to reply to so many posts, but he also gave them humour rather than replying like a robot.

Merry Christmas to all!

So glad you didnt go the typical business way of replacing christmas with ‘happy holidays’ :)

is there any chance of a boxing day store sale? im having twelve days of christmas withdrawels. :(

Ummmmm, Highly embarrassed…….Hides under a rock!

I didn’t realise I post that often, so I think I may have to calm it down a little, although most of my posts this year were in defense of some pretty awful comments by a few particular members.

I think i’ll ignore messages like that as part of my New Years Resolution & stick to informative posts. I would also like to think that i’ve helped with some of my messages through gaming facts, deals on games etc.

Take Care Everyone & speak again in the New Year…….not as often though lol ;)

declan__watson 26 December, 2012 @ 00:07

Hey there Fred
A merry holiday season to you fred hope you enjoyed your day i certinly did.

Another year has past and another fun and festive year for the people of SCE and thr team here in playstation blog.

I got a playstation vita fred and an xoeria s, both which im very happy with. I have had a most memorable year on the blog myfirst time on ps blog but my 12th year as a playstation gamer and with the best gaming experiance on only one platform that platform is playstation.

A word to the best family of gamers around the globe a message LongLivePlayStation :) We are the strongest in everything, playstation is the best gaming platform. :)


catkiller beat me

I rilly get a sense of community seeing familiar and new names posting commentary in this blog…Our extended SCEE family as well as visits from our brethern in SCEA, SCEJ and our asian brethern as well. good yule everyone and a happy 2013 gaming. peace…


id say you have such a high post count due to the fact that you tend to post alot of the deals that retailers are running on ps3 games on the blog.

i think this is a good reason to have a high post count and long may it continue.


Actually you have a tendency to post where its helpful for others such as the case with me where for 3 weeks in a row I posted about the missing Gundemonium games from the updated store without a response. But you finally got them to respond to it and the games reappeared on the store…so Thank You

Gordon Midwood was fantastic. I bought Derrick the Deathfin on release. I was already interested in the process of how they made the game (having a Bachelors in Fine Arts means I always support the truly innovative and creative). However his responses on the blog clinched the deal.

Williamflipper 26 December, 2012 @ 14:58

Thanks PSN

WELSHDRAGON_74 26 December, 2012 @ 16:15

HAPPY CRIMBO FRED…… fred ps plus codes from game blockbuster uk aint working when codes are entered into ps store keeps saying cards are not valid there must be a problem with store can u slip into detective mode and investigate please thanks

Had a good 2012 and looking forward to the releases of 2013 and more PS+ treats. suggests a january release.

Thank you for the kind words guys! ;)

I check the Blog on a daily basis during the week whilst i’m at work, as I have gaps where i’m bored! It’s not that bad, as it works out roughly 3 posts a day, so I can live with that lol.

I’m at work tomorrow & Friday unfortunately :(

Take Care!


ill see your work today and tomorrow and raise you work also on Saturday :(

#holidaysover :(

It would be cool if Sony could stop favouring WE countries in 2013, and for example do something with the “brilliant” metadata idea from 2012…

Other than that Merry late Christmas :)

@ Hayzink

Unlucky fella :(

I caved-in & bought Angry Birds Trilogy for £10 after using credit, so not too bad & a couple of Blu Rays!

I’m also very tempted to purchase Retro City Rampage off the Us store for $10.49 & Galaga Legions DX for $6.99 but surely we’ll receive RCR for free as part of our PLUS, as a nice extra that we didn’t know about………or maybe not :(

I still have just over £10 so I may purchase the Gundemonium Collection if nothing is of interest, within the January Sales PS Store.


went to work today and suddenly the ps blog is blocked by my works web filter :( well annoyed just hope all my trips to the blog at work dont come back to bite me on the bum :)

i was thinking about angry birds but i have the mini, have it on my tablet my phone and the pc so i think the ps3 one is just too much.

i have went bluray mental on amazon in the last 3 days , bought walking dead 1 and 2, superman collection, spiderman trilogy ,amazing spiderman 3d , despicable me 3d, back to the future trilogy and prometheus :)
only game i got was wwe 13 and im glad i got that.

i have a £25 game gift card to spend but have no idea what to spend it on , im considering a new vita mem card but i think its a waste as i have 16gb and i really could just play stuff and then clear it when im done and buy something else instead. suggestions??

Would rather see a real happy Christmas gesture in the form of the removal of the singstar spam.

@ Hayzink

I’m holding off until I purchase a Region Free Blu Ray Player before I add Walking Dead to my collection. The UK release is cut & there are alot of Region A only titles that I want!

£25 eh?? Ummmm….not sure really??!!

I would say the following:

Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, £25 network card & purchase Okami HD, Skyrim Premium Edition is £25, Borderlands 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Hd Collection, Zone of Enders HD Collection, XCOM: Enemy Unknown or save it towards Ni No Kuni ;)


i knew about the cuts before i bought it so im not to fussed about that, i am fussed that there is a 3 disc edition of season 1 in the usa that i never knew about as i would have liked that.
im thinking about getting the usa version of the avengers 3d bluray as it has so much more content, i have emailed i friend i have in the states to see if they will buy it and post it as a gift to save me some money than if i bought from amazon.

i have a few titles i could trade in at game to top up my funds if needed, i did once fancy the idea of skyrim but i wont get it due to the issues it has faced on the ps3 (slowdown issues, not getting dlc)
i have sonic racers on vita.
is was considering getting disgaea 3 for vita but i have the fear lol i now worry about games becoming free on vita due to plus.

ill nip into town tomorrow and have a look and see what tickles my fancy if theres nothing jumping out at me i think i will just end up with psn credit

@ Hayzink

I have the US Target release 3d Avengers & it’s a must-buy!

It’s uncut, has the better title & includes the soundtrack & 90 Minute Bonus disc. Hard to get hold of now & they sell for £30+

I too want the 3 Disc Walking Dead, as it includes the Pilot episode in Black & White how it was supposed to be viewed.

I have too many Blu Ray movies at the moment & i’m holding off until the End of January, before I buy anymore lol!

I’ll message you some great sites later to import Blu Ray movies that are Region Free etc.


traded in cars 2 today(that i bought for 98p in morrisons no joke) for £9 price match to cex i had £9 on a reward card so put it all together and bought playstation all stars br and £15 psn credit.
also bought wwe 12 to go with 13 i got at Christmas bought it for £6 second hand and the online axxess code has not been used.result :)

i have £30 sitting in my psn wallet now and am really tempted to buy street fighter 4 arcade edition for £15 but ill hold off for now in the hope that chris answers one of my many questions about if its on the eu plus horizon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone! It’s been a pleasure to read all the posts and see people’s comments. This is a lovely community and I hope to see it become even bigger and better in 2013!

so retro city rampage launches on xbox and wiiware on the 2nd of jan.

upon reading there twitter page they state we will get the game 1 to 2 weeks after the xbla title has launched hopefully 1 is what they have said.

i see this as a pretty big kick in the teeth to eu psn users waiting on the dev to launch there title and i now will NOT be buying this game, tried the demo from the usa and its alright but unless its free on plus i will not be getting the game.

heres the tweet

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