Happy holidays from Evolution Studios


The Motorstorm team here at Evolution Studios has had a fantastic year and would like to thank you all for your support and to wish you success and happiness in everything that you do in 2013!

While the magic of the holiday season hangs pleasantly in the air for a little while longer, we’d like to take a short while to reflect on the games – and the most outstanding gaming moments – that we’ve experienced and shared with each other over the course of the past year.

Please join in and share your gaming stories with us and each other!

I’ll start by sharing three of my gaming highlights from 2012…

  • The entire experience of Journey was mesmerising and the finale was beautiful and profound: [Journey SPOILER! Highlight to view] becoming one of the shooting stars I had journeyed to discover.
  • I doubled my collection of Platinum Trophies this year. Six of my 1,433 Trophies are Platinum after adding: “It’s All Relative” from Gravity Rush and the “Lunatics Unite” Double Platinum from MotorStorm RC. ;-)
  • The shocking discovery inside the Imperial Palace Hotel in Max Payne 3 and the climactic rampage to stop the perpetrators that followed was incredibly powerful and uncomfortable in equal measure; I’ve only ever experienced anything like it at the cinema but it’s an interesting example of how visceral games can be.

Dave Hewitt, Senior Programmer, shares a powerful moment from Journey:
Around halfway through my Journey, travelling through the ruins on the way up the mountain, my companion was blown off the side. I immediately experienced a sense of gut-wrenching loss, and without stopping to consider my actions, I leapt off the side after them.

I had absolutely no idea what would happen, whether this would result in my death, or whether I’d even be able to meet them again – all I knew was that this other individual was integral to my journey and I couldn’t bear to be separated from them. Fortunately we both landed on a ledge just out of view, and we made our way up the mountain together again, but I’ve never had a game inspire me to such unthinking self-sacrifice before.

Zoe Collier, QA Manager, describes her first time venturing into the dungeons of Guild Wars 2, alongside a small army of guys from Evolution:
Joe: So what we need to do here is….
Everyone else: “Is he..? Is that a TROLL!?”

Then everyone died, it was brilliant.

Nathan was Naked by the last boss (best not to ask) but we all made it through for epic Loots.

Dom Clarke, Audio Technician, reflects on two stand-out moments…
Realising that I could steal enemy bullets out of the air when I’d frozen time in Dishonored, to then use them in my own weapons to fire straight back at them! Killing enemies with their own bullets! It was rarely practical to do so, but the realisation that I could was a moment I’ll never forget.

Putting together a painstakingly perfect lap on MotorStorm RC was equally unforgettable. I shot straight to the top of the worldwide leaderboards – where I stayed for approximately two hours…

Matt Southern, Studio Game Director, was in no doubt about his favourite PS3 game…

Even if it had launched to a lukewarm reception, I would have picked up The Walking Dead anyway, given that I’ve read every issue of the comics and absolutely love the TV show. So to discover that Telltale Games has taken all its experience in point-and-click adventures, combined it with writing of the highest calibre and absolutely nailed episodic interactive drama was easily my highlight of the year.

Right from the start when Lee is being driven to prison it’s clear that we’re dealing with a game that is ‘mature’ in all the right ways. Complex characterisations, fantastic dialogue, heart-breaking decisions, and terrifying ‘Walkers’ combine to, in my opinion, move the medium of games forward a step. If you think the last thing you need is another zombie game, just give this one a try.

Please reflect on your favourite gaming moments of 2012 and share them with us…!

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Merry Christmas Evo!!!! im hoping to see Motorstorm World Tour as ps4 launch title!!! and please develop a brutal, blood pumping Motorstorm game on the vita or bring Motorstorm Apocalypse online multiplayer to the little system, i need my Motorstorm online multiplayer on the GO ASAP!!!

Project2insanity 26 December, 2012 @ 16:02

Favourite moments, eh? Journey is easily the most memorable new IP to hit this year, particularly the sand-surfing scene where the camera shifts side-on with the backdrop of the sun against the mountain. Truly breathtaking.

Catherine had plenty twists and turns. Always satisfying to reach the end after a boss chase. Those are freaky…

Asura’s Wrath, one giant interactive animé. It was a great moment when Asura got angry and powered up to unleash devastating attacks. Wait, what d’you mean he did that every ten minutes!?

Best title for me, however, is Õkami HD. Yes, I’ve completed it on PS2 a good few times but somehow it still manages to stay fresh, funny, shocking, emotional, light and dark. A single moment, if I must, when the music entitled We’ll Always Be Together! kicks in. If you look this piece up but haven’t heard it in-game, don’t spoil the moment by viewing comments. This is a must experience moment.

zalwelgoedgaan 26 December, 2012 @ 17:17

Studio Liverpool is now part of you guys, right?

Fuse the Motorstorm and Wipeout universes together; boost powered super bikes, monster trucks, armored buggies that can fire rockets and drop mines on racing tracks from the near future. Make it 60fps and bam, there’s your PS4 blockbuster.

Oh, and happy holidays and stuff. Get to work on it, though. No need to credit me. Just do it.

Happy holidays guys and thank you for two of my best gaming moments this year, I got the platinum in both Motorstorm RC and Apocalypse this year! I even got all the DLC trophies as well. Keep up the good work!

Merry christmas Evolution,

Must say, only recently discovered Motorstorm RC and Apocolypse, and since been jaming it daily, and loving it! (nearly on both plats :D )

PhenoEvolution, i messaged you and friend requested you about fix reg RC save issue, i dont wanna play the game anymore, in fear of loosing any awesome set times that were hard earned. please see if you can help ASAP.

Merry Christmas Evolution Studios.
Hope you guys are making another Motorstorm for PS4.
Would be awesome if you could get it looking like the E3 2005 video.
That’d blow everyone away.

Thanks Evo for Apocalypse, but I would sincerely request you to fix the god-awful servers which don’t stay connected until I finish a single downloaded event or weekly challenge, and disconnects every other multiplayer race making it impossible to get a streak higher than 1.5. That would be the biggest gift from your side to Motorstorm fans.


All the best for 2013 and happy holiday season – Loved apocalypse but when is your next MotorStorm due guys??? I dig that franchise #EvolutionStudios


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