Inside the weird, wonderful world of Media Molecule

If you were to visit the Media Molecule studio, you’d see that it’s very us. The pink carpets lead you through to a work space that’s filled with bright colours and interesting or curious things to look at. In a bid to keep our surroundings inspiring and as conducive to creativity as possible, we’re spoiled rotten with creature comforts and toys to play. To a visitor, all of this can make for quite a tour.

As a visitor though, you’d only get to see a brief glimpse of the studio – enough to take in the big picture, but not enough to truly get a feel for the place, and they say; the devil is in the detail. If you were able to spend more time here, you’d start to notice all the little things that are perhaps less immediately enticing as a ping pong table, but are far more interesting, and quite often, downright odd.

It’s the slightly weirder or out of place things that I think truly reflect the creative eccentricities of this merry band of game developers. See that mountain of paper? Have a bit of rummage and you’ll discover that it’s actually Rex’s desk, and its made from a treasure trove of doodles. Siobhan’s desk plays host to an exquisite collection of snow globes, and Alex’s cluttered mess could very well contain the secrets of the universe, if only it could be deciphered.

In an attempt to offer the world a more detailed glimpse inside the studio, I’ve put together a selection of some of my favourite oddities from around the place; purposeful art, random graffiti, endearing decoration, and things of unknown origin. Some can be found in plain sight, others might require looking a little closer, but all of them will give you a glimpse inside the head of the average Molecule, rather than simply the studio they work in.

Make of them what you will!

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Hello ps blog ! is the store been updated today?

Hello ps blog is the store been updated today ?

Yes is the ps store gonna be updated today
Hope we get retro city like in us


The next update is January 2nd.

Royal Dog :D

Speaking on topic, I must say that your emphasis on style really must help to create an informal, creative attitude, and I like that quality. This goes to show how the non-corporate half of the games industry can cut loose to a great extent, and come off with a wacky, imaginative style as a result.
Brilliant style, and I like some of the ‘creations’ here (one of them looks a little like the Prince from the Katamari Damacy Series). Great stuff.

James Spafford 08 January, 2013 @ 12:35

That is indeed a Katamari Costume hat thing! Alex made it for a party once a long time ago and it’s been hanging about the studio over since!


Was going to apply for an internship there since I’m in the UK and it’s an awesome studio, but then found your site says you don’t accept interns, pfft. So I’m going to apply for Insomniac Games instead :P

I do wish the UK was more companies like Media Molecule though.


hehe, love that interior. Lovely place to work at, I imagine :)

happy christmas lbp :)

great christmas

I love this. So fitting of Media Molecule. It’s what I envision my room to be like if I had a little more creativity.

And I can’t really see what’s written on the last picture, could we have a closer view or can someone type it out for us?

James Spafford 08 January, 2013 @ 12:31

Here you go!

(all the photos are on that flickr stream now :)


I still want that lamp shade skull please, how much do i owe you for the shipping? You can leave me a direct message on my twitter feed

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