Happy Christmas from the When Vikings Attack! team

There is a phenomena described by serious mountaineers who, having finally struggled to the crest of a vertiginous peak, experience not the sense of elation and celebration that was perhaps visualised back at base camp, but instead a blank numbness; a complete inability to think anything at all. Bodies and minds are wracked with exhaustion and ravaged by hypoxia, to the point where mental faculties are reduced to those of a small child.

One might well wonder why anyone would choose to put themselves through this at all.

This is the closest I can come to describing the feeling of finishing the development of Clever Beans’ first game, When Vikings Attack!

With bugs to fix across two hardware platforms (one of them brand new), a new technology (cross-play), eight SKUs (European, US, Asian and Japanese versions of each platform), six QA departments, 19 languages featuring five different alphabets, plus extra post-release functionality and features (watch this space!), finishing the project has sometimes felt like a Sisyphean task for our tiny team.

Now that the dust has settled, though, we’re able to reflect on what we’ve achieved with a feeling of pride. We once again have time to get together to play our game and remind ourselves what great fun it really is, whether played alone or with a bunch of friends, new or old. We’ve had some great reviews, and more importantly, a fantastic response from gamers all over the world who have enjoyed the game.

We’ve also had a hell of a lot of fun along the way. Over the past year and a half we have built a great prototype, founded our company, secured a publishing deal, set up an office and built a small close-knit team who like to play together as well as work together. It’s been a roller coaster ride, and we’ve enjoyed (most of) it immensely.

We’re now looking forward to the adventure we’re going to have creating our next game, in 2013. This really is the most fun part of the whole process – back to the magic of experimentation, prototyping, and creation. We have another huge mountain to climb, and we hope you’ll all come with us so you can see the view on the other side.

From everyone at Clever Beans, we hope you enjoy the festive season and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous (and fun) New Year!

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Loved your game and I’m looking forward to play your next game.
Happy Holidays :)


Thanks so much… Happy New Year to you and to all readers, from everyone at Clever Beans!

It’s a fantastic game which you should be proud of. The art style and game-play feels just right. I look forward to your next game.
You lot are Clever Beans!

Happy New Year!


Thanks for your support and compliments!
We look forward to bringing news of our next project later next year, so keep an eye on the Clever Beans website, our twitter feed, and maybe this blog!

Missed this first time round and was hoping it might be in a festive or new year sale??
Glad to see you support the Vita and Cross Buy too.


There’s no sale, but there will be a free update soon with a couple of new features, which will make the game even better for Vita owners. So we are continuing to support the Vita (and of course, the game remains cross-buy too!)

The game is good, but why the trophies are (impossible) to get?

Usually, no one pays attention to a game with (impossible-to-get) trophies.

We don’t mind hard and challenging trophies, but we really hate trophies that are impossible to get.

Good luck.


Glad you enjoyed the game!
The trophies may be challenging but they’re certainly not impossible. We really wanted players to have something to come back to even after finishing the game; people who have got them all have told us that they really enjoyed figuring them out! Admittedly it may take a while to get them all…
Thanks for your comments!

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 29 December, 2012 @ 00:21

After paying a lot attention to this great looking game at it’s launch, I never got round to buying it. However, from what I’ve seen I have to compliment the style of the game; it looks very creative, unique and guess what… FUN! Anyhow, I will buy this soon because what is better than getting a game on my PS3 and Vita for one price? Not much.

Good luck and I hope your future as a game-design team is prosperous, rewarding and exciting.

I played a demo for this a few days ago and had a massive grin on my face the whole time :D Think I’ll definitely be picking up the full game in the not too distant future

this game was sick so i love it but my brother dosen’t because he thinks its for babies

neverlander13 01 January, 2013 @ 08:14

guys, i just dont know how to thank you for that beautiful game.. the art, the humor, the game modes and gameplay… all of it feels so fresh, it could not be the most innovating game but it is one of the funiest i have EVER played. i spend hours on it with my brothers…
Happy new year and im here waiting for the next update and your next proyect… cheers

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