Access episode 64: Ni No Kuni! BioShock Infinite! Anarchy Reigns!


So how do you like to start the New Year? With sing song? Some fireworks? How about hanging off a chopper and spraying machine gun fire at all your friends below? Because that’s just what you get to do in frantic multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns, taking pride of place as Game of the Week in Access episode 64.

There’s also a dip in the RPG pool with Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch as the team fly to Tokyo for a hands on with the game as well as a chat with developer Level 5 and animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli – the Japanese film studio behind the game’s stunning visuals.

There’s also the small matter of BioShock Infinite to look forward to, as the team not only get a sizeable hands-on with 2013’s biggest shooter, but also chat to series creator Ken Levine. To round off, there’s all the latest news to look forward to in PlayStation Briefing, plus a look through the week’s hottest releases on the PlayStation Store.

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“So how do you like to start the New Year? With sing song? Some fireworks? How about hanging off a chopper and spraying machine gun fire at all your friends below?”

All of that. But was also waiting for a PSVita Festival sale as the whole month of December gave none. While SCEA gave some very good Xmas deals with LittleBigPlanet Vita for about 18 USD for PS+ members and Escape Plan 50% discount on its original price of 15 bucks.

The 9th of January passed and yet nothing. Fingers crossed besides the start, the rest will have some love for PSVita of this year.

Ni No Kuni looks very promising, Bioshock Infinite is a must buy.



vita almoast 1 jear ( sad jear , i counting good games on 4 fingers ) i tink them gone make good deals on 1 jear .

look ath samsung = u then now wy them sel huge = cheap but qualiti = almoast same as rest like ps2 some jears ago ;).

fast needed ragnorak odysee + soulsacrefice
+ gta – minecraft – farmvile 2 – sim cyti – gt-god of war- diablo3 ps3/ vita combo buy then i buy 80 €

instant mesage not some minutes after
ps vita 150€ wifi
mem cards 16/32/64gb?+- 25/60/120€ other lesser version = by by

    Fred Dutton 11 January, 2013 @ 1:28 pm    

    Let’s stay on topic please. This has all been discussed at length elsewhere.


@ Monoliet

Disagree with you about counting good games on 4 fingers, PSVita has a lot more. Short list of some good games: Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Super Stardust Delta, Gravity Rush, Rayman Origins, Unit 13, Mutant Blobs, Sound Shapes, Zero Escape, Wipeout 2048, Escape Plan, Motorstorm RC… You can find a larger list with average review scores overhere:

I didn’t even talk about upcoming Killzone, Tear Away, Soul Sacrifice and others. Maybe you mean the games that are your preference. That wasn’t even what I meant, I was talking about there were no PSN/PS+ Xmas deals/festival discounts for PSV, only for PS3. As if it was totally forgotten.

That aside and to stay on topic: the future stuff coming for PS3 and PSVita is very promising. The games mentioned here but also stuff like Pupetteer, The Last of Us and maybe some surprises at Destination Playstation event 25 – 28 February!

Hexahedronaut 11 January, 2013 @ 1:50 pm   4

Really on the fence with ni no kuni I loved the demo only problem was drippy … Look I’m welsh drippy is voiced by a welsh actor but it just sounded painfully sterotypical like he was trying to hard to sound welsh Maybe that’s just me tho meh. Also off topic USA is getting a web store soon with auto downloads will ours be updated with auto downloads aswell??


Oh joy… more ‘The Vita is dead’ posts in a thread that has NOTHING to do with the Vita.

Well done.


Excellent episode again. Love the Access shows;)


1 = tanks again , u never reply
2 = when i put some good coments u delete
3 = i u not giving answord u geting iritated if we tel truth ????

i sertenly wil buy ni no kuni

but also continu like u have done past jears ( ps4 ? i not tink so )

    Fred Dutton 11 January, 2013 @ 2:31 pm    

    Hey there Monoliet. Please make sure your comments always directly relate to the Blog post above. If they don’t, they will usually be removed. I’ll do my best to answer any relevant questions, of course.


lol Frodo. It’s just like the forums on here with all the unjustified claptrap. Happy New Year mate! 😉


@THE_FORCE tell me about it… The mods need to clean it up, they really do. It’s getting beyond a joke really.

Happy New Year to you too fella! Hope it’s a good one.

salvogdaze 11 January, 2013 @ 4:24 pm   10

@Hexahedronaut I hear you, but why not play with original (Japanese) audio with English subtitles instead of giving up on the game?

Will anarchy raigns be avaible from the store in the future?

Immortal-Wolf-- 15 January, 2013 @ 12:04 pm   12

No access DMC REBOOT this week shame on you!

Just like how iv completed DMC reboot already before release date and put in on youtube how it ends like i thouth it would end vergil sent to the demon world never to return to the human world.

go to IGN youtube then DMC ending video watch my videos.