Video Store update 14th January 2013

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend. I would like to share four new Video Store releases this week:

The Watch - Video Store Update

The Watch – Four everyday suburban guys come together to form a neighborhood watch group, but only as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they have no choice but to save their neighborhood – and the world – from total extermination.

Available to rent/buy in Australia from 16th January 2013, priced AU$5.99/AU$24.99. Available now in the UK to buy and rent from £3.49/£11.99

Lawless - Hotel Transylvania (3D) - Video Store Update

Lawless – Set in the 1920s prohibition era America, Lawless is the true story of the Bondurant brothers. Brazen and fearless, these young rural bootleggers became legendary criminals.

Available to rent in the UK from £4.49 and will be available in Australia from February 13th.

Shadow Dancer - Video Store Update

Shadow Dancer – Set in 1990’s Belfast, Shadow Dancer is a heart-wrenching thriller about a woman forced to betray all she believes in for the sake of her son.

Only available in the UK, from £4.49

Hotel Transylvania (3D) - Video Store Update

Hotel Transylvania (3D) – The last thing Simon Van Helsing, the youngest in a line of monster hunters, wants to do is fall in love with Dracula’s daughter, Mavis. Upon discovering that they are natural enemies, the doomed couple attempt to bring peace between the warring monsters and humans.

Available only in Australia from 17th January, priced from AU$9.99

All titles are available from PlayStation Store in glorious 1080p HD!


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no love to Benelux :(


Where the hell is DREDD?

When are we going to get a pricing framework that will make the psn store both competitive and functional to use as a rental service and full purchasing? Both areas are too high, both rental and buying in the region of Australia and well, across SCEE.

Sony should consider Amazon’s Prime service in the US to extend the PSN video store as well. Unlimited viewing for a yearly fee. A great service as well to help bring even more content. As it stands the Sony video store is not very competitive with physical retail or anything.

Are we ever going to see the video store in any shape or form in Ireland, or are you guys just not bothering?

It’d be nice to get a straight “Yes” or “No”. I’ve been getting an ever-decreasing level of consumer confidence from Sony Europe and your overall quality of customer care and feedback (I understand there can be legal issues, but there’s far too much of a reliance on “soon” as an answer for queries.).

This at a time when I’ll be deciding which manufacturer to go to first when Sony and Microsoft unveil their next generation of consoles, and I’d rather pay for online if it gets me timely releases, more available content and better customer feedback.


I’ve given up on this tbh :d I’ll stick to Blu rays.. Would be nice to rent once in a while though.

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