DmC Devil May Cry launches today in stores and on PSN

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The time to face your demons has arrived! DmC Devil May Cry for PlayStation 3 is in shops now, and downloadable from PSN as a day-and-date digital release.

We’re really delighted with the final project and I think Ninja Theory did an amazing job of combining existing elements of previous DmCs, while injecting their own flavor into the franchise. Players can definitely expect to see both radically new elements and returning staple elements from past Devil May Cry games.

New to the gameplay are the Demon and Angel powers, which allow (and demand) Dante to switch fluidly between separate sets of abilities and weapons. The Demon side delivers heavy-hitting but slower attacks, while the Angel side unleashes swift area attacks that are relatively low damage.

Dante can now also use grappling chains to propel himself, enemies, and other objects between two points, allowing for a new emphasis on positioning, crowd control, aerial combat, and some flashy traversal.

As far as the gameplay experience, you’ll see a return to the series’ trademark mixture of gunplay and swordplay and an emphasis on improvisation.

While the old games may have had a gothic metal aesthetic and the new game may place thumping electronic music in the spotlight, let’s not forget that Devil May Cry has always been the improv jazz of video games, celebrating on-the-fly creativity, improvisation, and adaptation. This is still very much the case, and while the design changes Dante has undergone may be obvious, you’ll still see more-than-subtle shades of the wise-cracking, confident demon slayer we’ve come to know up until now, along with many of his previous signature combat moves.

For this version of DmC, we really wanted to put Dante in a grittier, more realistic world. Very early on in the project we asked Ninja Theory to think about what Devil May Cry would be like if it was a contemporary movie, and that is a mindset that has stayed with us throughout development. You may notice more than a few nods to various cult films as you’re playing the game, as well as a more Western cinematic approach to the narrative.

While the game carries on Devil May Cry’s penchant for the bombastic, Ninja Theory’s legacy of highly nuanced storytelling continues here. The team harnessed cutting edge performance capture technology, allowing a single actor to simultaneously perform the voice, motion capture, and facial capture for a given character, which in turn has allowed them to convey deeper, more subtle states of emotion with less overt explanation – perhaps more than most games, DmC Devil May Cry sticks to the great storytelling mantra, “show, don’t tell.”

It’s been an incredible time working on this game, and we genuinely can’t wait to hear about people’s experiences with it, not to mention the inevitable flood of excellent combo videos. Keep it stylish, guys!

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CoolRichy008UK 15 January, 2013 @ 16:06

played it before it came out i was a game tester on it NO JOKE

Jammie-Dodger-77 15 January, 2013 @ 16:06

im loving it :)

Played the game before it was made since I am the creator.

I won’t deny, I had my doubts about the new DmC, but after reading IGN’s review, I was convinced that this is the Devil May Cry experience I’ve been waiting for since DMC4

About PS Plus’s IGC. You know, you should consider getting Spec Ops: The Line, since it is so underrated, and yet surprisingly good.

Hmmm…£50 from the PSN store today,OR £38.86 and get it delivered tomorrow from SHOPTO….

Or if your willing to wait a few days coolshop have it for £29.95


Story is really boring, writing is embarrassing and the cutscene direction leave a lot to be desired. DMC has never been about story but at least the cutscenes were entertaining to view. As for gameplay the ceiling is so low that the game pales in comparison to DMC4, aerial gameplay is braindead easy and the game rewards you for not being stylish. A terrible terrible follow-up to DMC4.

As Donte would say, F… no. I’m done with this franchise if this is its future.

The game is just amazing >.>
I like it so far! and I am on the 3rd chapter.
I have a question about the DLC extra Vergil’s Downfall Do you know when it will become available to the people who pre-ordered the game?

aaronwalkeruk 15 January, 2013 @ 19:27

played it before it came out, there was a demo. true story


So guys ?!
Any fun this game, a must buy or what ?!

Please give me some comments if this game is a buy instant..

Got it today, and played quite a bit of it. I’m a massive fan of the Devil May Cry Series, and I’m really enjoying this game. Word of warning though, it starts very slowly, and doesn’t come alive until mission 8-ish. The first couple of hours feel like a massive tutorial, and to be fair, they kinda are. It goes through every aspect of the combat and angel/demon powers with you, which takes a while. After that, the story picks up, and the difficultly gets very tough. Would recommend!

Oh, and new Dante’s jib at old Dante at the start was AWESOME!

Oh, forgot to ask, do you guys know when the DLC will be released? I’m assuming the pre-order skins and costumes will be available pretty soon, but will the Vergil DLC be released before the end of February?

I’ve completed the game last night :) And I really enjoyed this game. I’m on my second run now :)

Dmc is awesome!

Dmc is awesome!

Really loving the game so far and im a massive fan of the past games.
It doesn’t really touch DMC3 in terms of greatness but its damn better than all the needless backtracking and dull areas of DMC4/2.
Perfectly fine and fun addition to the franchise.

scottblack10LFC 16 January, 2013 @ 11:52

me and my friend pre-ordered this game on psn and we are having difficult problems with it. we downloaded the game and is stored on hdd but when i press on the DMC game it pops up a message (proceed to playstation store to renew licence). when it loads the playstation store it shows DMC un-bought also it says on the left hand (49.99 pounds add to basket). then i try to view downloads next thing the DMC downloads are missing?????? :(. has anyone experienced this problem because i feel scammed :(


Played it nearly ten years ago on a friends PS2. Sadly true story. Bit like Apple’s Facetime and video calling on the 3 network. Looks different superficially, but essentially the same. Bayonetta was the same as well.Devil May Cry with a perter bottom and longer hair and chesticles. You’re not fooling me. Mash buttons and waggle anaologue stick in the vague hope of getting past enemies.Please can we have some original games, rather than dressing up 10 year old games in new combats and trenchcoats and charging £60 for the privelege?


@ scottblack10LFC

It should activate early Friday, as that’s the intended release date.

scottblack10LFC 16 January, 2013 @ 12:10

2 days ago i was going to try to play DMC and a message popped up saying you cannot play the game before start date which didnt bother so waited and today it is just having more problems??????????? and i just want to play it.

scottblack10LFC 16 January, 2013 @ 12:12

@ catkiller1 thanks for a positive feed back on this problem :).



You can’t play it before release date!


Game is pretty good as far as I have seen it, but how could Capcom allow that Ninja Theory ruins the PS3 version of their game AGAIN.
Enslaved ran bad enough on PS3 compared to 360 but to let them mess up yet another and far more important PS3 game is disgusting.
I can’t respect NT anymore, they continue to deliver technical mess on PS3, they clearly don’t care enough to make the PS3 version of their games run smooth.
Even IGN specifically mentioned this.

Hmmm $110nzd on the NZ PSN store or $75nzd on the US.. same game, same release date, vastly different prices, which one do I buy?.. /sarcasm

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