Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable launches PS Vita assault tomorrow


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and received plenty of games to try out!

It’s now time to start checking out new games for 2013! But don’t look too far, as tomorrow Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable launches in Europe and Australasia on PlayStation Vita as a digital download on PlayStation Network, priced €39.99/£34.99.

With this completely remastered version from the original classic shooter, the famous Japanese developer Sandlot catches our attention. Indeed, thanks to the high diversity offered by PS Vita, you will be able to save the world with your friends in online multiplayer for up to four players and in co-op and versus mode. Get ready to battle against the very best from outer space in Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and take out the neverending onslaught of insects infesting our planet!

Enjoy 60 missions, including seven new ones, each playable in five difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and… Inferno! Will you be able to master something harder than the “hardest”? Yes, “Inferno” seems insanely difficult at first, but the more difficult levels you play, the stronger weapons you’ll get!

For the first time ever, the game also features multiplayer for up to four players! Play with your friends from all around the world in co-op or versus mode for EDF supremacy. You’ll also be able to play as fan favorite flyer Pale Wing and soar above buildings with her jet pack and cause awesome destruction from above. These exclusive features make Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable a whole new EDF experience!

edf2017port_01082013_electro edf2017port_01082013_fromthesky

We have also prepared a range of downloadable content that will be released in February to help you on your way:

Electro Paralyzer
A top-secret super weapon developed by the EDF whose flare shells halt the target’s actions. The technology behind it is shrouded in mystery. Some say it was developed by a military genius or its secrets gleaned from a downed Ravager scout. Extend its effects by hitting the target repeatedly.

Heat Blaster
A short-range laser gun whose mighty firepower compensates for its limited range. It requires heavy equipment to recharge, making it impossible to reload on the battlefield. Pull the trigger to release all of its energy, or it can keep firing until you switch weapons.

Limit Booster
A data transmitter that sends a special program to vehicles in the vicinity (helicopters, bikes, Vegaltas), shutting down their safety overrides and unlocking their maximum capabilities. Multiple uses won’t increase the upgrade ratio, but will make the effects last longer.

Reverse Drone
An unmanned drone with a nanomachine capsule payload. Flies straight ahead to the nearest ally, and once it connects, it disperses the nanomachines to heal the target. Adjust the direction of fire to select your target.

edf2017port_01082013_biggertheyare edf2017port_01082013_easytarget

Before trying on the new sequel Earth Defense Force 2025, due later this year, please join forces with the EDF team and get ready to destroy thousands of giant bugs and turn an entire city into dust! For those who are new to EDF, this Vita version will be a good start to your EDF career!

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Will there be a physical release in Europe?

Julien Ramette 16 January, 2013 @ 13:31

@ iriihutoR48
EDF 2017 Portable will be available only digitally in Europe.
Please check Playstation Store to download it.

Will Earth Defense Force 2025 be released for psvita aswell?

Julien Ramette 16 January, 2013 @ 13:33

EDF 2025 has been announced on PS3. No PS Vita is planned so far.

Sadly this cost too much for me. 30€ would be alot better :)


Great another vita titel this week but ill pass on this one pricing is rather steep for a port. Picking it up as soon as it goes for 30 bucks or less.

I absolutely loved this when it was released on xbox360. The hubb and I logged over 500 hours playing it. Inferno (aka framerate be damned)isn’t that difficult. Just hope the weapon drop variation is better than it was on the 360 version (500 hours and still haven’t picked up all weapons)

Was hoping for a physical release of this for vita – Japanese import maybe

EDF 2025 is a ps3 game (which chances are I will be importing from Japan as the US version probably won’t have a release until earliest summer or autumn this year and I don’t want to wait until 2014 to play the genuine sequel to EDF 2017

That price is very steep, I can’t see it selling well. I’m a big fan of the series so with no retail release I’ll probably still buy it but can’t imagine many non-fans will take a chance at £32.

Very steep price on this game indeed.

Well maybe they can include it with some late xmas/festival sales for PSVita as EU didn’t get any while PSN/PS+ USA had great xmas deals for PSVita…

Was considering getting this but for £32 there’s no way I would even buy a retail copy of this let alone a digital one.

Hopefully it’s reduced soon, or if it’s not then I’ll just buy other games.

I agree with the above comments, that price is crazy for a digital only port of a budget console game from five years ago. Was it even that expensive when it was first released back then in retail form?

A price drop( maybe even €30) as well as a demo would make me pick it up right away though unfortunately I might just have to wait until it’s on sale/ PS Plus right now.


no at release on xbox it was around £15-20 (correct it was a budget release – however the game did enjoy cult status in its low numbers release that used copies of the game sold for roughly the same later on)


@Above: Come on, this is a full game, now being launched on Vita. Price is right for release-date.
That said, EDF 2017 had already dated graphics when it was released on xbox360, so I hope this “completely remastered version” also means the graphics have been upgraded, even for a Vita game, which doesn’t support full HD graphics.

Anyway, I will stick it out myself until later this year, as it will no doubt be a PS Plus game when EDF 2025 arrives. Until then, it looks like more than a decent shooter. (Hey, IGN gave it a 7.5/10, so it’s definitely not bad!)

A_Nonny_Moose 15 January, 2013 @ 16:08

Again with the high prices. £30 should be absolute maximum cost for Vita games, and this should be £25 at most. I do really want this, but I’ve made my stand on digital content and I won’t pay more than £30 for a Vita game.

well was looking forward to this till today way to much for an xbox port strangers wrath for around £7 was far better how can they charge somuch for an old game

Nothing related to this, but can I just ask; Why on Zavvi does it give a release date of the 14th June and a price for Bioshock Vita? Is it really coming out?

I was going to buy the physical copy of this game day one, but your greed has unfortunately put an end to that. Selling digital copies for this much (in USA, preorders for the physical release was way less than the final price of the digital release) is just…not okay. I hope no one will buy this game over PSN for the asking price of 40€.

Is it so hard to accept? Digital copy = You can’t collect it. You can never sell it. You can never trade it. You can’t put it in you shelf. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY REAL VALUE. Therefore it MUST cost A LOT less than a physical release. As long as companies does not accept this they may only blame themselves when games sell poorly and gamers shun them.


all I did was respond to the person above asking what the price was on release.

I own 2017 already and have for years the graphics weren’t an issue whatsoever and actually added to the charm but there is no denying that it was originally a budget release.

The only issue I have is I would much prefer is a physical release


Nice! Although the price is a bit disheartening. Might still get it.

Does the EU version come with the listed DLC free if we buy it soon after release, as in the US, or do we have to pay for all that DLC?


Reality_palez 15 January, 2013 @ 16:54

Why is it so expensive ? It’s 20 dollars in America

This needs to be either £20 download or have a physical release, that price is waaaayyy to expensive will buy when cheaper

I’ll be buying this immediately, because I know that it’s worth the price from playing it on Xbox 360, but it’s too high for most people (of course you can tell that from the previous comments here).

This is the issue that’s going to kill your sales. It’s a fantastic game, but people aren’t going to take a chance on it at that price. At €40 you’re basically selling it to people who’ve played it on 360, don’t mind owning another copy, don’t mind paying €40 for that copy, and have a Vita, and people like that, well, we’re in a very small minority.

@Reality_palez (post 18) – it’s not US$20 in America, it’s US$40. €40 is a bit steep but it’s in line with the usual annoying 1:1 US$:€ price conversions.

bidbaldwolf86 15 January, 2013 @ 17:21


The price in the US was $40 when it was released but I agree that it’s still too expensive.

This was a budget release originally so why is it so expensive now and why is there no physical copy in the Us or EU? Games like this should have a physical counterpart. I don’t buy the ‘bigger’ games digitally and neither do a lot of people so this is kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

I’ve been waiting for this for a while but the more I think about that price the more I’m really tempted to just wait until the inevitable price drop (or to be free on PS+) when it fails to sell.

Works out to about AU$60 I’d say? Pretty average compared to the rest of the bigger Vita games but I’ll still probably wait til it’s on sale especially considering Retro City Rampage finally comes out this week.

And now the post has been edited to put the price up to £34.99, it gets even worse! XD

now its £34.99 instead of £31.99 well I’ll pass as its cheaper to import the Japanese physical copy and as I already know the story giant bugs munch munch giant mecha robots crush crush…

guess I will be satisfied playing it on xbox until my JP copy arrives

Most brand new Vita games can be bought for £30. £35 for a digital download of an old game? £42 for BlackOps2 season pass, but everywhere else it’s £32.

Why is it that European customers pay more?

There must be a reason, and i would like to know.


I dont think its that expensive, it depends on how you value it. Other games you play 10 hours and they cost the same. This you can play much longer probably. Finally the first real reason for me to buy a vita, maybe :)


HOW HUCH!!! Not a chance. This is a download game with non of the costs of physical distribution. Bamco are having a laugh


Sorry but with no physical release it’s a rip-off.
Since DLC is bloody region locked, so US copy won’t get em, I’ll wait and see – maybe buy it discounted, or ignore completely. I’m running out of space on Vita card and from what I heard you can’t use several cards on the same account, you’ll have to format them every time you put them back, even though account is the same.
I just don’t trust you, SCEE. You steal money, then offer downloads that don’t function. And remove content from the store all the time. I just don’t trust you enough to buy digital anything at this price.


I’m pretty pumped for this. Looks like it’ll be great fun.

I don’t care if it’s physical or digital. I pay my money, I get a great game, so I’m happy.

A_Nonny_Moose 16 January, 2013 @ 00:35

Woah woah woah, it’s actually £35?! Forget it. You’re supposed to lower the price, not jack it up.


price is crazy , on 360 and ps3 this game cost 10 euros… you’ll need more than that to make the vita alive.


PS vita deserve more than hideous iphone ports , or old release , or PS3 cross game.. IT NEED EXCLUSIVE AND GREAT CONTENT . its a wonderful console, but sony is killing it .

This price is insulting.

You don’t even need keep it this high to please retailers, since no physical version.

Hope barely anybody buys this. Certainly does not deserve to sell.

simple question .. TODAY at what time…

as always europe getting sky high prices and releases after all other regions ..

US get it for $40 thats £24 not £31.99 ooo no sorry you changed it £34.99 thats £10 diff. Sony grow a set and sort it out bet u anymoney its that hight as its comeing to PS plus sale or free in feb on the Vitas b,day

Aussieanima67 16 January, 2013 @ 09:10

$70 australian!?! [DELETED] are you on? Thats probably the most expensive game on the vita store.

Hope this game tanks big time!

its out! search for 2017 and see you on battlefield!

If you think we’re (Australians) gonna pay $70 for EDF then you must be smoking something illegal at SCEE. I’ll quite happily wait for a major price drop or import a copy from Asia.

Sony, much more of this and you are going to drive away your customers, check my account, see how many games I buy usually and imagine the revenue lost when you drive customers like myself to your direct competition. I’ll happily go to Steam and even give their new Nvidia handheld a go. You won’t get a cent and there are many more loyal customers like myself coming to the end of their tethers. At least they don’t s**t on their customers time after time.

OK scratch that, its $55

I’m glad we’re getting more Vita games, but £34.99? It was cheaper on 360 when it released, and that was ages ago.

Namco, if you’re reading this (not that you will be…) stop trying to take advantage of Vita owners to increase your profits.

infernalmonkey1 16 January, 2013 @ 11:11

Disgusting price, Namco Bandai. I’d pay that for a retail version, but you apparently cancelled that at the very last second in favour of this digital-only release.

£35 is rediculous, this blog post clearly said £32 yesterday and even thats too much, it’s the equivalent of £25 in america. Things like this are exactly why the Vita is doomed to fail



Download only (no physical alternative)…?

Sorry but “I’m out…”

Shame :-(

I’m kind of interested in playing this, but definitely not at €39.99 for a digital release of a port, of a budget game, that offers no collectability. I might have taken a chance on it at €25-30. €39.99 seems to guarantee very low sales.

If it goes on sale later I’ll have another look, until then… no thanks. €39.99 = :/ good luck with that! Crazy price for a port of an old budget game.

I paid €10 (PS+) for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD which is very good value for money considering the quality of the Vita port. That’s how you sell games!

Screw the price, this is one of very few games im prepared to pay over the odds for, there’s just nothing else like EDF

Fee free to add me for co op bug blasting

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