Welcome to Defiance, an online open-world shooter with a difference


Welcome, Ark Hunter, to the world of Defiance. Before we begin, our technicians at Von Bach Industries will need to outfit you with some basic gear and most importantly implant your EGO. After that, we’ll drop you into the area formerly known as the San Francisco Bay Area and set you loose to hunt for Arktech. Good luck.


I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. First, let’s step back and answer what I’m guessing is your most pressing question: What’s Defiance?

Defiance is multiplayer open world shooter that Trion Worlds is developing, and will be launching this April on PlayStation 3.

To break it down even further, Defiance has a huge evolving online world where thousands of gamers play side-by-side, massive co-op battles, intense individual and group missions, and a story and world that doesn’t stop at the console: Defiance is both a shooter and global TV series that were simultaneously conceived of and designed from the ground up.

So now, back to you, the Ark Hunter, and what you are doing in the alien terraformed wasteland formerly known as the Bay Area. Hired by Von Bach Industries, you are a soldier of fortune tasked with tracking down valuable alien tech. Aided by your Environmental Guardian Online aka EGO, injected directly into you courtesy of your enterprising employer, you have access to enhanced abilities (Improved stamina! Better healing! Heads-up display!).


Whether you are human or an alien Irathient, over the course of your adventures you will increase your power rating, unlocking more abilities. You’ll also find and earn some sweet gear and weaponry to further trick out your personal arsenal of Ark Hunter-y.

And about that arsenal: Defiance has a hugely customisable character creation system that doesn’t simply slot players into classes but allows them to power up EGO abilities and specialise in different weapon types. No matter how wacky your play style might be, you can spec a Defiance character to suit your needs.

Chances are most of you still have one last pressing question: what makes Defiance different from other shooters?

In short, Defiance is a on a magnitude greater than any other online game you’ve seen on consoles in the past. We have a massive story line, not counting the plethora of side missions, that can be played out alone or with your friends. And since we’re an MMO, the sky’s the limit on the number of friends you bring to the party.

We have co-op instances that let smaller groups take down bosses in a variety of settings and situations. We have Shadow War – competitive multiplayer that happens within the expanse of the game’s open world, as well as more traditional competitive maps. And if more competitive face-offs aren’t your thing but you’re still looking for a massive co-op experience, Defiance features Arkfalls that take a veritable army of people to conquer (for the good of the world and for the valuable loot they supply.)


We have trophies, side missions, time trials, skill challenges and loot galore. And as an MMO with an ever-evolving world, you’ll always be getting new content to play.

So, that, in a nutshell, is Defiance. Check out our just-released massive co-op trailer to see some of our four-play co-op instances and get a glimpse of some of the Arkfalls you’ll face in game. You can also head on over to www.youtube.com/defiance to see our other game play trailers and teasers for the upcoming Syfy show (also launching this April!).

And just in case I didn’t answer all of your questions, hit us up at www.twitter.com/defiancegame or join us on our forums at http://forums.defiance.com.

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This reminds me of borderlands except for the fact that its an mmo.. awsome day 1 buy!

Looks extremely interesting – the type of game I would love. (Been waiting for a top draw fps – rpg hybrid for ages)

Couple of questions:

Is it cross platform play? (i.e ps3 players are in the same environment as pc players?)

Initial price?

Is it Pay -per-month?

Looking forward to this…

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:29

Good questions. We’re going to be announcing more info on pricing soon, so stay tuned to the above mentioned channels (although I’m guessing you won’t miss it when we do announce.) We won’t have cross platform play but given the sheer number of folks that can be in the world at once I don’t think you’ll be lacking for people to face off against (or play along side.)


Isn’t there a beta of this game? I applied for the PS3 version of the beta but received a PC version. Many others on the forums has replied to me saying the same thing only in their case was that they wanted an xbox version.

Will it still be possible to get it for the PS3?

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:27

Right now we’ve only announced the PC beta that starts this Friday. We’ll be announcing more in the weeks to come but right now we’re focused on the 18th.


Might give this a try for the co op and the scale. Isn’t this free to play? If there’s extra costs involved like with MMORPG’s, I’ll let it slide.

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:44

We’ll be announcing more about that soon. If you have a PC and want to take a peek, sign up for this weekend’s beta!

I am following defiance progress for a while now, if it has half the support as Rift , then its going to be great!

Keep up the good work Trion.

Nicko_McBrain 15 January, 2013 @ 12:42

Is the game subscription based? Because that’s what keeps me from most MMORPGs that look good.

Just signed up for the beta on your website.

Looks great, would there be a trial so we can taste the cake before we eat it?

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:28

Sign up for beta, Paul! That way you can play early AND try it out. ;-)

Will we be able to access the TV show through the game? Both are heavily linked, and it won’t be out anywhere except the USA.

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:30

There will be more info on the TV show coming out in the coming weeks – but I’ll leave that to them. We are aiming so that no matter how much or little show/game you want, you still get a full story and awesome experience.


mmo games these days have a different business model, the successful ones are all free to play that rely on micro transactions to make a profit, with the exception of just a few well established mmo games that have monopolised the market

the ones that are released in retail and charge a monthly fee tend to fail within a year in my experience, just look at dc universe online

with that taken into consideration, id be extremely surprised if this game a, is paid for. b, doesnt use microtransactions and c, is any good

if it is released retail, i predict it will fail and become free to play within 6 months

This reminds me of Borderlands as well, especially with the term Ark Hunter ;)

Looks interesting and a Borderlands-esque game on a larger scale is hopefully a good thing.

PS- did anyone else spot what are presumably codes on the “enlist for beta” banner. It shows VO5DHS 6CIBJT

Elizabeth Tobey 15 January, 2013 @ 17:31

That code *is* interesting, isn’t it?

Stay tuned.


mate the first upcoming beta which runs 18-20 jan is pc only


Looks very cool. I hope there’ll be a demo/trial nearer the time. :)

k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 15 January, 2013 @ 13:54

This looks amazing :D

1 question only though: 1 time purchase or monthly fee?


Hi Elizabeth

I’m probably too late with this comment now but just thought I’d ask you something here.

Is the game and the TV show both based on the same story? Would I need to play and watch it to fully understand it or can just the one cover it all? Some of us don’t have the channel to watch the show but looks very interesting as-well as the game. It would be nice if the game included a TV to watch it (would need to allow proper subtitles too unlike youtube). :D

Here’s the trailer for it:

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