Create, follow, share, compete… VidZone just got social!

1_New Social Features

Your journey to music video Nirvana can be very rewarding but potentially just a little bit lonely. We here at VidZone think that this journey would be better shared with friends and fellow music lovers. What if you could break out and explore other people’s MyZone to discover someone else’s perfect playlist, follow a fellow Rock Lover or RnB Fan or even follow your favourite artists. Well guess what? Now you can, and a whole lot more.

This improved and updated version of VidZone allows you to escape from the boundaries of your own imagination. With our all new ‘social features’ you can explore the whole combined musical knowledge of VidZone’s users and collate everything you like into your new and improved customisable MyZone.

Sound good? Well check out below for the full list of changes:

2_Send Video

Brand new social features

  • MyZone inbox – Send and receive videos, playlists and TV Channels from friends, users and artists.
  • Explore other users’ Zones – Do you have a MyZone that the world needs to see? You can now make it publicly viewable to show off your masterful music video collection or check out what other users have in their Zones.
  • Follow other users and artists – Receive the latest updates direct to your MyZone from artists, bands and users by following them.
  • Subscribe to playlists and TV channels -Want to keep up to date with your favourite user’s playlist? Subscribe to it and it will appear in your MyZone and tell you if it changes!
  • Collaborative playlists – Let your PSN friends add and organise one of your playlists to create the ultimate video list.
  • User activity rating – The more you create, follow and share, the higher your rating – Watch your activity bar rise and top the charts as a Rock God, Hip-Hop Heavyweight or Pop Idol.

3_MyZone Inbox

New MyZone features

  • New user profile – Link your PSN account and avatar to create your very own public MyZone profile.
  • Customisable MyZone – Change the colour of your MyZone to suit you.

4_Chart Zone

New ChartZone

Want to know which artists have the most views? Which user has the top user rating? Who has the most followers? In our new ChartZone you can see all these and more so you can explore the very best of VidZone in one place. The charts include:

  • Top video charts
  • Most followed user charts
  • Most followed artists
  • Most active user top artists charts
  • VIP user charts

5_Artist Zome - David Guetta

Other Features

  • New artist Zone – Full page Artist Zones for you to explore your favourite artist in more detail than ever.
  • Faster application start-up – Speedier start-up – Get into VidZone even faster.

…Plus loads of other little fixes and improvements that we don’t have space to write about. So what we suggest that you do is fire up your PlayStation and get social, VidZone style.

8 Author replies

This looks great. Is it any easier to make playlists? We use it for parties, but always use the channels as we aren’t really sure how to make and save playlists


Hi Osc89

The best way to make and save a playlist is to add all the videos you want to your play queue (press triangle on a video and pick “add to play queue)” then go to your play queue and navigate to where it says how many videos are in the queue and press triangle and click “save to playlist”

Hope that helps

Carnivius_Prime 16 January, 2013 @ 11:18

Cool new features yeah but I had a big problem with Vidzone over New Years. All we wanted to do was play some Queen videos and dance about the room but the ads after every couple of videos were horrible. There were only about three or four different commercials over the whole hour we were using Vidzone and they were shown many, many times. The most irritating of which was an anti-rape ad which would often kill the upbeat dancey mood and often played multiple times within the same ad break (at one point playing three times in succession like some bizarre case of Groundhog Day). In the end we got sick of it all and quit Vidzone. Shame really cos the actual app and vast range of music videos is great.


Hi Carnivius_Prime

We have made a lot of changes since the new year to the way ads run trying to make them as unobtrusive as possible. We do have to serve ads so we can keep the application free for everyone but we do our very best to keep them from being annoying.

Feedback is always appreciated, please give VidZone another go, we know you will like the new features

CoolRichy008UK 16 January, 2013 @ 11:21

i never looked at vidzone but i will now ^^


Hey CoolRichy008UK

Great news! We love new users… why not try and be the first person to become a VidZone Superstar!?!

“Create, follow, share, compete…” Sounds like ‘Little Big Planet’ :D


Bring it to Russia, please!!!

love the new vidzone but like others i would use it more if there were no adds
ps id pay to have no adds although i think us plus users should already have no adds

sorry i put adds its ads lol


Hi Dean1076

I know ads can be annoying, we will try every opportunity to keep our users happy and keep VidZone free.

Oh dear… social features…. I hate getting “social features” stuffed down my throat.


Hi BeanDK

The new features are totally optional, if you wish not to use them you use the service as it is now. The social features do include things like following the artists you love so you know when they have new videos live. We hope it doesn’t feel like we are forcing anything on you as this is not our attention.

This is a fab update to the service, it is a shame you can’t offer an AD free version for PS Plus subscribers.

Carnivius_Prime 16 January, 2013 @ 11:55

I seem to be having trouble removing videos my friend added to myyy playlist from before. I spent a minute going through deleting them and then when I go back it says there was an error and it was reverting back or something.


Hi Carnivius

Thanks for this, we are having a few inevitable teething issues server issues with this, should be fixed shortly.

Carnivius_Prime 16 January, 2013 @ 12:08

Ok, no problem. I’ll give it another go later :)

A vita version would be nice ;)


Will vid zone ever come to the Vita?

Is it just me?

I just installed the 2.04 update 5 minutes ago, but I can only get past the boot screen. The blue VidZone logo is there for 10 seconds then the screen goes blank and it freezes. Is anyone having this issue?

I kinda stopped with vidzone cause the sound of the ads was so loud compared to the musicvideos.

Had to keep lowering volume for ads and put back up for vids.

was kinda annoying

Oh btw ..

are there any plans for a premium service?

ad-free ?

Yes – Vita version would be great (and please do not tell us to use the Remote play for that as that kinda defeets the whole point of using Vita in a first place).

holy XXXX!!!
this sounds great. music unlimeted can learn a thing or two


Hey Rytteren

Thanks!!!! we try our best :) Go get social!

Great update VidZone Team! Any chance of HD videos yet?

PS. Miguel – Adorn still isn’t on VZ + Lil Wayne – A Milli needs re-encoding. It stutters after about 30 seconds.


Hey Sully

We are waiting to see how long it takes you to become a VidZone Superstar!

As for the videos, we are looking into these, hopefully sorted soon!

VidZoneOfficial 16 January, 2013 @ 14:42

Hi mh637099

Can you try again please? we had a few teething problems this morning but it should be working fine now.

email if you have any more problems.

When Poland? Bad :/


Any new VidZone events coming up in Home? Or even better, a permanent VidZone space in Home?! PLS

@VidZoneOfficial Thanks for your reply. I will try again tomorrow.

We need this for Vita, Looks Sweet.


This looks interesting. Must check it out tonight when i’m next on


Awesome work Vidzone.
Any news about securing the Warner Music Label?
Also now that you have social features it’d be awesome if you can add a request songs function and a list of most requested songs. :-)

Project2insanity 16 January, 2013 @ 23:24

I’m not a fan on all things having ‘social’ features, however, it’s always made sense to bring some to VidZone and will undoubtedly present a more fulfilling experience.

Cookies all round for the VidZone team!

Amazing update, great job guys :D

Oh and how about a subscription for an advert free version :P Or maybe advert free for PS+ subscribers :D

i understand why you have to have advertisement , but can you set it up like every 20 minutes ??? i skip 2 songs that i don’t won’t to see and same 3 comercials for 3 minutes , i skip another 2 songs and comercials … ridiculous , i love you guys for what you doing and i watch VIDZONE from the begining but now its just ADVERTZONE :-(

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