Derrick the Deathfin on sale today, claim your papercraft DualShock now!


You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when you read the words “you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get”? Yes, that’s the one. The one you’re feeling right now in the pit of your stomach. Well it’s time to put that feeling to good use because Derrick the Deathfin is now 25% off, with an additional 30% off for PS Plus subscribers, for one week only!

Since his release in October last year, Derrick has been slowly building in reputation, garnering some great reviews and adoring fans along the way. Sales have continued to improve as the game becomes more known too which is great.

We know a Vita version would be super cool as well, we are still looking into that. What’s more we have some ideas for a sequel that would see Derrick indulging in some intergalactic mischief…

Anyways, all of this positivity and mindless speculation has put us in such a good mood that we now intend to ruthlessly capitalise on the upswing in goodwill with a sale!

Furthermore since we love PlayStation gamers so much you – and only you – can also have access to an exclusive downloadable DIY papercraft template of a controller made by our resident papercraft genius Ronzo. It looks suspiciously similar to a DualShock without going so far as to infringe any legal copyrights!


“Is that all?” I hear you ask. Well no, Susan, that is not all.

As a super-sweet bonus deal I promise to try to reply to*every* comment on this blog post for 24 hours after it goes up. So please do get involved if you have any questions at all about Derrick the Deathfin, or indeed life in general. I’ll aim to hit a joke:fact ratio of at least 3:1 so hit me up!

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This game is superb and worth every penny, especially if it’s on-sale. If you haven’t bought it yet, you should.

Good to see you again, Gordon!

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:10

Thanks very much for the kind words!

I didn’t realise you could see me – do you have an all-seeing eye?

SSJVEGETA2007 16 January, 2013 @ 14:08

Will their be a Vita version?

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:12

Hopefully at some point. Or maybe a sequel on vita and ps3? No concrete plans yet, but plenty on paper!

infernalmonkey1 16 January, 2013 @ 14:09

“Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ”

Might want to remove AU and NZ from that, considering the game was never released there. ='(

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:18

Magic, it has already disappeared. Either that or you are hallucinating again.

SSJVEGETA2007 16 January, 2013 @ 14:10

Sorry actually just read the article glad that a possible sequel may be coming to the vita but getting the original too would be amazing

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:19

Noted my friend.


Congratulations on the game Gordon! It’s fantastic an was glad it met the expectations that I had for it after watching the videos and checking out the site. The big question though…

Please can you tell me if Derrick’s family or friends will end up in a Tesco Burger?

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:14

No chance! Tesco are entirely too slow to catch Derrick or any of his relatives!


this game is a PSN gem support it guys its great.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:15

Thanks so much! Appreciate the love & support!!

By all means, do NOT release the game for the Vita. I managed to resist Derrik on the PS3 so far, but I’m pretty sure that I would instantly surrender to a Vita version. So please, just keep it the way it is! :)

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:31

Give in Golwar. The urges are clearly too great for you to resist.


please do a Vita version would be great.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:33

Okidoke added to list, which incidentally now spans 3 American football fields.

Really liked the look of the game but if a sequel ever comes I hope you will impriove the controlls.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:34

Really liked the start of your comment but if you make another one I hope you will improve the end.

Big Fan! Buy this game!

Vita Version would be great, but I see one problems: Dont know if the action would be too small for the screen. Could be that its totally not a problem, but I just had this feeling with Knytt Underground on the Vita.
Thinking about printing a Ps3 Screen in the right size to lay it on the vita, but you probably already done something like that ;D

If it fits well: Instant buy for me!

Journey+Soundshapes+Derrick. 3 best games of 2012!

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:36

Thank-you!! Vita screen is pretty tasty imo, but I see your point. Maybe we should make a paper one to test on?


Woot! Gordon Midwood.

I bought Derrick release day last year. I hope Derrick is still managing to go to the shops without any paparazzi.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:54


Shops are the exclusive domain of humanoids. Derrick takes all he needs from the sea. Apart from polar bears, yaks and the like but they are not readily available in shops either.

Oh, almost forgot. I think you tweeted once that your next game might have something to do with music Gordon?

If true I want to state that I doubt that any Brit could be so blessed to have humor, papercrafting & programming skills AND be musical too. At the end you might even be pro EU? Ah, illusionary.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:56

At the end of the day we are all interplanetary brothers Golwar.

How about a New Zealand version of the game, let alone a vita one? It looks awesome, but I’ve never heard of it before today. What gives and when???

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:58

Ha! Good question. Get more of your eu & us brothers & sisters to buy the game & we will bring to you too!!



Gracias, Señors :P this is a verry good game

Please keep looking into a Vita version huh :) be good to them please Sony :)

unrelated but
I am verry glad to see the Dr put up you level of medication and allowed you out señor Gordon :P

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 15:59

Currently only on day release, but it’s progress.

Hope your game will sell after reading the news about your debt. Haven’t bought it, as I don’t have a PS3 right now, but would support a Vita version of the game for sure.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 16:00



You’re right, this game would utterly rock on PS Vita! I’d buy it for sure.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 17:03

Thanks! +1 to the football fields of votes!

DoYouLikeMyID 16 January, 2013 @ 14:49

Sounds great, I just might have to buy it!

Btw, I did manage to make the origami figure on the cover of Heavy Rain, (VERY impressive, right? *Sarcasm intended*) but I doubt I would ever be able to make any of the stuff you guys make ;)

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:20

Thanks! Have a go with the templates it’s pretty easy.

Great game, will buy sequel if and when that happens. Glad to hear sales are increasing, hopefully this sale will help out. Everybody should just shut up and buy this game.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:17

Haha excellent advice Alan!

Oh, no worries Gordon. I’m the master of resisting urges. I haven’t eaten anything today so far, for example. No, I don’t require the food to run on my Vita first.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:15

Good luck with that! I smell trouble ahead…


ok, PaperGuy, another challenge – Move Controler :D

i own this, got it day one… its sometimes, too crazy fast. I wonder, too much coffee?

and it is kind of perfect for kids… execpt, sometimes you need to explain sense of humor

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 17:13

Sonic speed is the way to go! Plus without the coffee the game would never have got finished!


Full disclosure everyone! There was an error in the original post. It’s 25% off for everyone – with an additional 30% off for Plus members. Our humblest apologies for any confusion…

So gordon made a type in his own post?

Or sony didnt agree with the 50% and forced him to change it?

if it was his own fault .. im kinda flabbergasted how. But i spose we’ll never know

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 18:31

It was my mistake, I meant 50% off the total price not off the reduced price. So now the mystery is solved!

Btw if I were you I would choose to be flabbergasted when I don’t make a horrific mistake rather than the other way around – it’s the low energy option of the two :)


Nice! I have to start crafting myself! Have to get me a Dualshock like that, to fool my kid when I want to play :-)

Gordon, you should release GOTY version of Derrick. I know it is MY PSN Indie GOTY, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

One question, is there a ‘from paperwork to videogame’ video, explaining how you converted all those paperwork scenes into the final game? I’m still amazed how you two pulled it off, and you deserve every bit of success you get.

Keep on with the good (nay, amazing!) work!

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:13

Aw thanks Chris, appreciate all the support you have given!

There is indeed a making of video, check it out:


Hi Gordon. Great game, well done. I know as a coder the hard work that you must have put in.

My question: Does Derrick ever get any spare time for hobbies? And if so, what does he get up to? Thanks.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 19:15

Hi Magic Milk, in his spare time Derrick loves nothing more than relaxing on his Chaise Longue reading philosophy literature.

I’m so happy to hear about a possible Vita version, I can’t wait for news and would definitely buy on release day! Hopefully the success on Vita of Strangers Wrath will be enough for you to get going with the project to port this. Do you see a lot of other developers bringing their psn games over in the future?

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 20:52

Thanks aros2011! I have no idea what other developers are doing to be honest, I only know that they are usually several steps ahead of me :)


YES!! I’ve been trying to remember the name of this game for ages!
Ever since I saw the vid you posted up last year.

I’m in Australia so that’s disappointing.
Please bring your game our way guys. That would be why I forgot about it. Because it was never released =(

Eitherway, all the best. It looks really great

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 20:53

Thank-you! Derrick would love to visit Australia, lets see how he does in the sale, might be enough to buy him a ticket…

Thanks for the discount & count me in for a Vita version. It would be what Nights was for the Saturn, only better.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 23:27

Thank-you!!! You know what, I’ve never ever played Nights. I really need to put that right.

MrYungMozeezBaby 16 January, 2013 @ 22:05

Im about to go and buy the game. I was meaning to buy it on release but for some reason i didnt, im sorry :(

Do you like deadly premonition? Would you agree the whistle theme is just great?

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 23:28

I have no idea about deadly premonition. Is it be an 80s movie starring Sharon Stone?

Project2insanity 16 January, 2013 @ 23:10

Just an attempt to thwart the promised attempt to reply to every successfully attempted comment for 24 hours.

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 23:28

I really hate

Project2insanity 16 January, 2013 @ 23:11

Dang in advance.


Wait, no… double dang…

Gordon Midwood 16 January, 2013 @ 23:29

to burst your bubble.

MrYungMozeezBaby 17 January, 2013 @ 00:18

Deadly premonition is a great game but why am i discussing it here? I dunno. I recommend though

MrYungMozeezBaby 17 January, 2013 @ 00:22

Im about to start this game. I have no doubt it will be great

You seem like a really nice guy, i am happy to support your game. I shall look into anymore games by you guys in the future aswell

MrYungMozeezBaby 17 January, 2013 @ 00:25

Actually wait i have got some relevant questions

How many people did it take to develop the game?
How long from start to finish did it take to develop?

When developers say things like ”It took us this long to develop” do they actually mean they were working on it 40 hours a week for that long?

Im quite interested in the amount of work that goes into making games tbh

CharcoalDragon 17 January, 2013 @ 00:47

I’m from Australia, love the look of the game. Unfortunately there are too many games on my ‘to play’ list (and even if I wanted to buy it I wouldn’t be able to to).
Although I have a nasty habit where if the game looks good enough, and is cheap enough, I’ll buy it and never play it.
P.s. Sharks scare me.

Project2insanity 17 January, 2013 @ 01:25

You win this time, Midwood. Cunning tactic to burst my bubble, full well knowing I must acquire a replacement bubble within this game. I tip my metaphorical hat to you.

By the way the error in price means I prob won’t be buying. I suspect this is SCEE’s fault as its a very frequent thing. Based on Fred’s comment I’m still not sure how much discount I’m supposed to get on plus but he’s managed to put me off slightly. Why is nothing ever right on here?

i bought this last night, it had not been on my list of games to buy but at a price point of under £3 id have been stupid not to buy it so im now the owner of derrick and looking forward to giving it a go later tonight.

on a side note as the company is called different tuna i realised last night that you cant even buy a 3 pack of tuna any more for less than the cost of this game so either tuna is super expensive now of this game is super cheap, you decide :)

@adumr82 the difference in the way the discounts were phrased is minimal, maybe what 50p in the difference, can’t do the math as i don’t have original price as i have bought it, that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

Went and did the math while i was downloading Everybody’s Golf complete edition, actual difference is 14p rounded up.


Please bring this to Australia <3

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