‘Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update, 16th January 2013


First up this week, face your inner demon in Capcom’s newest entry into the Devil May Cry series. Streamlined controls, accessible gameplay and crazy combos make this a familiar yet different experience.


Elsewhere on the Store, 8-bit nostalgic throwback Retro City Rampage warps open-world carjacking BACK TO THE… ’80s.

Play story missions and arcade challenges! ‘Borrow’ vehicles and outrun the law while mowing down pedestrians! Jump on civilians for coins, or use them for target practice with weapons and POWER-UPS!

Retro City Rampage isn’t the only PS Vita game this week, nuh-uh! It’s been a long time coming but Sumioni: Demon Arts is at last available and we’ve also got Orgarhythm and Earth Defence Force 2017 releasing as well.

Don’t forget, our January Sale is still going on, with some new offers going up. Check out Chris’ post for all the info!

Whether you’ll be racking up style points in DmC, saving the world in Earth Defence Force 2017, or maybe playing other games, have a great week!

New PlayStation Network content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

  • Jet Set Radio (Vita) – 100% off
  • Derrick The Deathfin – 30% off
  • Rocksmith – Classics Pack – 20% off
  • Rocksmith – Metal Gear + Megadeth – 20% off
  • Rocksmith – Alternative Rock Pack – 20% off


Between 21st and 24th January we are giving UK Plus members exclusive access to buy Resident Evil: Retribution here first. It will be available on Sony Entertainment Network before anywhere else.

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber we are giving you the opportunity to take advantage of this exclusive offer. We’ve seen a phenomenal response over the years to the Resident Evil franchise from the PS Plus community, and wanted to give you something back to say thank you.

To view the trailer or buy the film, please log in via your PlayStation or on sonyentertainmentnetwork.com and head to the PlayStation Plus category, or search Resident Evil: Retribution.

PS3 games

DmC Devil May Cry
Price: £49.99/€59.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All


The King Of Fighters XIII: Gold Edition
Price: £23.99/€29.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All


Retro City Rampage
Price: £8.99/€11.25
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Germany, New Zealand


PSVita games

Earth Defense Force 2017
Price: £34.99/€39.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All



Price: £11.99/€14.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE


Retro City Rampage
Price: £8.99/€11.25
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand



Sumioni: Demon Arts
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE


Pick of the Crop – Farm Frenzy Bundle
Price: £2.79/€3.49
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand



Well Rounded Player
Price: £2.79/€3.49
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand




Borderlands 2
Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt
Prices: £6.49,€7.99
Availability: All

Far Cry 3
Deluxe Bundle DLC (£7.99/€9.99)
High Tides (Free)
Availability: Not available in Turkey



Gran Turismo 5
2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype ’13
Prices: Free
Availability: All

Rock Band 3

Availability: Not available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE


Prices: £2.39/€2.39
Availability: Not available in Turkey


Access TV

Availability: GB only

Mad Dog Mccree

Availability: Not available in Turkey

Planets Under Attack

Availability: All

Dust 514

  • The Endless Arsenal Of Dust 514

Availability: Not available in Germany

26 Author replies


Hello Jawad,

How are ya? Hope all good :)

I keep asking this question every week, I have never felt so let down with Playstation since 1995, so I’ll ask again and try my luck this time.

Is there any update regarding Uncharted 2 (digital) DLC map packs incompatibility? We’ve been asking for a response non stop in the community forums here. We keep e mailing customer care and when we’re lucky enough to get a reply we get stuff like “we request you to please wait”. I have waited four long months for this, me and everyone else who bought Uncharted 2 digitally are very frustrated, why is this title even still on sale if it’s broken and cannot recognize DLC? The very same DLC that it’s bundled with?

I still have little patience inside, and I believe in you Jawad.

Thank you.


I haven’t heard anything else on this but I’ll see what I can find out, if anything.

Hi Jawad

Please Answer

Any chance we will get Closure, Minecraft and Trials Evolution?

P.S. is The Cave coming next week? As it has been announce for the 23rd Jan?

Many Thanks


Nothing to say on the first three.

The Cave is next week, yep!

Any sign of Skyrim dlc coming our way soon m8y?


Nothing at the moment…


Any chance of seeing the Netflix app for Vita in the UK?

looks like it’s only jetset radio and RCR for me this week, how much will RE:R be and will the 3D version be available on this ps+ offer as well?


EDF is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overpriced. I’m a huge fan of the series but with that price I won’t even consider it. Sumioni, RCR and Orgarhythm are way better priced in there respective areas. Even 34.99 would have been a bit high at retail, and Namco can’t blame retail on this. it’s all them.


Wake up club delayed?

@ Jawad (1/2):

Hi Jawad! How are you? As for me, I have something else to say about the Spyro trilogy: I literally devoured it, reaching 100% completion in each games within a single week. Suffice to say, you can tell I’ve been waiting for it for a while!

So, you said in your post about the Spyro trilogy (either that or the 12th of December one) that you wanted us to ask for more titles. Well… there are four games I’d really love to have on my handheld. Namely:

1) Crash Bash, which is often requested here. Personally, the game lacking the “Naughty Dog factor” is very noticeable, but still, it was a very respectable swan song for Crash on the PS1 nonetheless.

(continues in next post)

When are pre-orders going up for Dead Space 3 & Aliens:Colonial Marines ?



Hey, when are we getting Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies? I have the season pass and nuketown zombies was supposed to come this month. Where is it?

@ Jawad (2/2):

2) Chocobo Racing, Squaresoft’s (now Square-Enix’s) “Final Fantasy Racing” game. The game may pale in comparison with Crash Team Racing, but I really used to enjoy it back in the day.

3) Hogs Of War, which may be tricky to get on our Store given it’s an Infogrames title and therefore the publisher holding its IP is Atari, but still, it’d be awesome to see here.

4) Destrega, arguably my most obscure request, as it’s a fantasy-themed fighter by Koei, and a lesser-known predecessor to their Dynasty Warriors franchise.

These are my requests, but don’t worry if there are still problems about them. As I previously said, the Spyro games will make up for any wait, no matter how long it is. ;-) See ya!

I thought Derrick The Deathfin should be 50% off not 30% off for PlayStation Plus members?


We’re aware there’s a discrepancy here. I’m looking into it now.

Jet Set Radio for the Vita goes free today on PS+?


Yep! Get it!


When will the english version of munch’s oddysee be released on the belgian/flemish store, its way past the release date now…

almighty-slayer 16 January, 2013 @ 15:07

Another week with nothing for me.

diogompereira 16 January, 2013 @ 15:07

Where’s my free megaman 10? Or atleast a discount :(

Isn’t Derrick the Deathfin 50% off for PS Plus members?

SpitelordDekka 16 January, 2013 @ 15:08

Retro City Rampage is Cross-Buy, right?


Indeed it is :)

Sumioni: Demon Arts and Orgarhythm is not available for us (many countries).

Yeah, lots of Vita content really as it’s said in your Twitter account: 2 games.

Just wondering if the Derrick The Deathfin price reduction is correct?

States 50% off for plus members on the January sale update post.

Hey Jawad,

Do you have an update on the release of Munch’s Oddysee over here in Belgium? We had to wait for the French translation (which is a bit sad for us northern Belgians from the Dutch language store, who play their games in English anyway)…

Anyway, a free Jet Set for me, picking up Borderlands 2 DLC with my season pass (still have to finish that bugger btw, haven’t even fired Capt Scarlett up yet :( ) and have a blast from the past with retro City!

Angry Bird trio shows up in the psvita section, you should take it off.

AussieOutsider 16 January, 2013 @ 15:09

[DELETED]… waited so long for Retro City Rampage to finally come out in the PAL markets and find out it’s not available in Australia – What a Load of [DELETED]

So what’s the reasoning behind that?

Phantom_Blaze 16 January, 2013 @ 15:09


Hey Jawad!

Please can you add the Assassin’s Creed 3 Avatars to the PS Store, as America has had them since June last year.

Also, why is it taking so long for Wake Up Club, America had it this week, it’s an app made by you, so what’s the hold up?



When’s Wake Up Club being released in Europe?

Is it me or are these updates getting worse are you even trying to get the stuff we ask for Jawad no avatars,well nothing for me this week then.

Can you explain to us why Earth Defense Force is £35 despite it being a port of a budget priced Xbox 360 game and despite it being £25 on the US PSN and despite you saying it would be £32 yesterday? I certainly will no longer be buying it

borderlands 2 dlc
normal we get dlc map nuke town this week if we have season pas = when?


Brilliant update, any idea when dokoro and ragnarok is coming?

Why isn’t Retro City Rampage available in Australia. Are we likely to see it soon?


hello Jawad,any chance that we get the Sly Cooper thieves in time demo for ps+ next week like the US is getting?i really cant wait anymore! Sly FTW! 70 days left! and maybe over a week the demo!

I’m counting on you Jawad, please update me as soon as you find out what’s wrong with Uncharted 2 (digital)

OMG seriously? No Sumioni:Demon Arts OR Orgarythm…. I was really looking forward to these 2 especially since they had good prices.

The week I thought was going to be an awesome psvita week now is just a boring with an overpriced game and an retro game. On top of that we donät even have PSM that could have made the week look a little better.


Hi Jawad, I have some questions I hope you can answer for me today:

1 – This is about LBP2 DLC Tron Evolution Minipack. I purchased it on December and noticed that it didn’t give me the Vita version DLC. I checked the Store and it seems it isn’t there, neither, so we have a missing DLC case here. Any chance you can take a look about it?

2 – I’ve seen that the US Store released yesterday an Injustice: Gods Among Us theme, and was hoping to see it on today’s update (alas, no luck :( ) do you know if it’s been submitted for EU? Otherwise I’ll try to contact WB to see if they can help.

3 – Another case of missing DLC. I’ve noticed that the Prototype 2 RADNET Pass isn’t available for purchase, but I’m pretty sure it should be up for 9.99€ (I guess this one is because of Activision, since I haven’t seen it on any Store Update post).

(to be continued)


I’ve raised the issue of LBP DLC.

We may or may not get the theme for Injustice, I can’t confirm anything at the moment though.

RADNET is in-game content.


Nothing useful for VITA.

When do you guys offer the top games PSP for VITA? Instead of releasing some crappy ones (sorry, this month is really bad for vita users).

BTW, when do we Portugueses get Youtube for VITA? I really cant believe we have no access yet. COME ON!



Yup,thats my week planned.

Also on an unrelated note,any chance of convincing Konami to release the MG Ac!d games on PSN? Itd be nice to have them on my vita

@kivi they are both there


#23 Wake Up Club release in EU the first week of February.



4 – And the last one (which is more of a suggerence), do you think it’s possible to have the LBP DLC organised a bit like the US Store? They have all the costumes available for all versions available, and the festive/seasonal ones are not active unless the right date comes or you already own the other version DLC. I believe that would be really good for people with both, LBP2 and Vita :)

On the other hand, that DmC sure looks good!

That’s all from me, thanks in advance :)

Haha, lots of new Vita content, but only for half of Europe.
I guess the Vita version of RCR is also not available in Germany (says so for the PS3 version but not the Vita version)?


The RCR difference is being sorted out as I type this, so both should be available in Germany soon!

Probably a better question for the XSEED guys, but do you why Sumioni is unavailable in so many countries, and whether we should it expect to get it later?

RCR and JSR for me and my Vita!

Any news on Dokoru coming out in the EU?
Also what’s happening with Resident Evil 2 PSone for the Vita??

SSJVEGETA2007 16 January, 2013 @ 15:17

Just went on to the PS store on my Vita have I really just got Retro City Rampage for free?



I hate to be “that guy” but Jet Set Radio is borked on the Vita!!

Try and start a game or tutorial and it gets stuck in an infinite loop and just will not let you get off the menu screen (apart for about half a second)!!!

I am not the only one suffering from this problem either!

Please reply


Any info on when Wake Up Club arrives? Its a freaking free app! Why isn’t it released over here?! I want an explanation, no English translation BS.

BTW, what a joke Suminoi (or whatever) isn’t available in Sweden, wow what a job. I do not regret at all bashing the Dev. He deserves it.

Jawad, can you help me?

I bought Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Complete Edition for Vita and it says it is trial version and tells me to buy full version. I thought that I did buy full version when I bought Complete Edition?
I have tried to reload it again directly from Vita and via PS3, but that doesn’t help. Also Vita Store doesn’t know I have bought the game. PS3 Store does know, and I can see U:FfF in download list in Vita Store and PS3 Store.

I have tried to contact customer support via email (five times so far), but I have not recived any reply from them (customer support).

Frankly I don’t know what to do.


Sadly there isn’t anything I can do on my end. I would recommend giving customer service a phone call to explain the problem and they’ll be able to see what the issue may be. Sorry :(

Carnivius_Prime 16 January, 2013 @ 15:20

I bought Retro City Rampage. Feels nice to finally play it on my PS3 rather than my friend’s cruddy PC. And I loves me some proper retro pixel art and music.


4 good looking VITA games in one week!


Hi, Dino crisis 2 is a hard game to buy :(. What are the chances of it ending up on the store? Just for me ;)

ste_the_legend 16 January, 2013 @ 15:21

Hey Jawad,

Any idea when Europe will get the NBA 2K13 All-Star Game DLC that the US got last week?

Keep up the good work :)


You’re in luck. Today it seems!


Any news on when Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will release in EU?


Soon, I believe…

Will Resident Evil Retribution be available everywhere, or just the countries that have the video store? (We’re still waiting on that by the way in the NL…)


Plenty of Vita love this week. I’ve been playing RCR since the store updated, almost a couple of hors ago. Awesome game and worth waiting for.

Bu i have to complain about EDF price tag. 39.99€ for a handheld game is too much (don’t get em started on DS/3DS prices or i’ll be here all afternoon). And EU is getting shafted when it comes to prices. The physical bonus edition (included DLC codes) of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (great game BTW) sold for 29.99USD (that’s 22.57€), while the regular edition in the EU PSN was priced at 39.99€. That’s almost twice the price. I know Sony can’t force prices on developers, but c’mon…

I’m all for developers getting paid for their work, but EDF is a port of a budget game that came out almost 5 years ago. I simply can’t justify the price tag on that. Stranger’s Wrath HD did it right. Graphics updated and reasonable price.


4 Vita games in one week. That’s great. Oh wait I’m Australian. So 75% of the content is unavailable to me. What the?

seriously is that it wheres wrestlefest wheres any good games, king of fighters 13 is an addition is it, its a fiver in my local shop. ive had £50 pound voucher loaded since xmas looks like its going unused again god knows why i bought a vita

I’d be excited about River City Rampage FINALLY hitting PSN months after everywhere else.

But at this point it’s already been out AND discounted like crazy on steam, so who in their right mind would buy it now? :D


But my point still stands! :D

winkelwagentje 16 January, 2013 @ 15:23

Is Sumioni not available in the Netherlands or is that an error? :(

Orgarhythm and Sumioni are both Xseed, and the Netherlands is the only difference in the availability list. Also Belgium and Luxembourg aren’t in there… we usually go hand in hand with them.

46# Lucky you guys.. atleast SCEE care about 1 country.

How long until Sony will fix that stupid submission process for games?

Sumioni not available in Poland is SLAP in the face, for crying out loud it’s been more than a year and every single update part of the Europe is treated like… eh…

I think it’s time to hit EAHC ~_~


PS Plus for PS3 has pretty much gone down the drain, that’s 2 months in a row where the content has been absolutely abysmal. I will most certainly not be renewing if this trend continues.

pointed this out in the sale post but PulzAR which is listed in the sale isn’t in the store (neither via ps3 or vita)

Virtue’s Last Reward is in the plus discount section but there is not discount.

I was really looking forward to EDF 2017 (EDF 3) and was begrudgingly going to pay the £31.99 but to then have Namco decide that the price should be £34.99 is a bit much. This time we can blame the publisher as they have no intention of publishing physical media of the game and yet charge so much for it. It’s cheaper to import the physical media from Japan and that is with customs.

At least Sumioni was released at a reasonable price which I will purchase as XSeed should be supported.

I’m not saying EDF should be £7.99 but a price of £25 would have been acceptable. If the vita is to succeed then overpricing software not to mention the price of propriety memory cards is excessive at best. Digital media should never be more expensive than importing physical media.

Not beeing funny but waited for vita love for 4 weeks over and over u say we working on it I no feb is the vitas bday but US had loads on sales already and u can bet they will in feb to so y do we have to keep waiting that vita sale there is a sham mixed with the EDF ripoff today to and price changes im blown away by the lack of anything for the EU u must realy think of us as true mugs.on the outher hand tho the borderland sale is good and worth a look at roll on next year carnt wate to be rid of u sony and I no alot of people here feel the same
SONY FIX UR RIP OFF PRICES OR GET F£$%ED NEXT YEAR woooo we will get some vita love feb lol after feb will we need to hold on till its next bday for anything again. EDF class game bum price sony may not set the prices but they let them put them up so sony it is u and only u any word on Counter-Strike Global Offensive please

No Sumioni: Demon Arts? No Orgarhythm? You gotta be kidding :|

jawad, is there something wrong with australia? surely retro city rampage would be allowed to be sold here? and what about those who bought the US version? is the cross buy thing a pal thing only?

tired of this store. i own well over 300 psn games alone and a lot lately ive been buying from the US because when PAL finally gets it, half the time AUSTRALIA misses out.

Grimm-Preacher 16 January, 2013 @ 15:32

WTH!!! No Orgarhythm or Sumioni: Demon Arts for South Africa? What is the reason behind this? C’mon Sony!

Any news on if/when we will ever see Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro released here?

Hi Jawad, Is there going to be any news when “Wake Up Club” Is going to be released in the UK/Europe? As I believe the US got it yesterday in there store update


You’ll have to wait on a separate announcement on that.

Any chance to get Sumioni: Demon Arts in germany?

Joy, another game that has a major push on the PSN Blog that doesn’t get released for Australia or New Zealand. Retro City Rampage, I’m talking to you. :(

4 Releases for the PS Vita, and only ONE is available for Australia and New Zealand.

2 mini releases, none of which is available in Australia or New Zealand

I don’t know why I bother looking forward to games coming out for my Vita any more, as almost all seem to skip Australia and New Zealand

Can Sony PLEASE do something to help Developers actually release games for us Australia and New Zealand paying customers?


Hi. Is the recently released PS1 classic Um Jammer Lammy going to be fixed? It works fine on PS3, but your character doesn’t make any sound when the game is played on a PSP or PS Vita. That’s a pretty big problem for a music rhythm game, and the American store’s version doesn’t have this problem. I really hope this problem will be adressed, because it’s one of my favourite games of all time, and having a properly working portable version (which is what I bought it for) would be a dream come true.

again wery disappointed to see two vita games not avail in Norway (and lots of other contries) cant understand why as we would be perfectly happy to get the uk version on our store, but somebody definetly does not want our money it looks) It actually makes me so sad preventing me from buying other games avail.. also on the vita store I would like you to specify better in the images for the title or atleast the name if its a mini or psp title, almost bought the 2 alware bundles today as I thought it was a Real vita game, luckely I read the description a bit more carefully before I checked the blog here.. I do not like this new direction where more and more games get excluded from many contries, not to mention psmobile or even videostore wich was promised years back, you say always you work hard, but I am sorry to say its not hard enough. work harder

PiccoroDaimaoh 16 January, 2013 @ 15:35

That Jet Set Radio (Vita) link is wrong. It links to the PS3 version. The correct link is this one: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/pt-pt/jet-set-radio/cid=EP0177-PCSB00136_00-JETSETRADIODEMO0


What an appauling store update.. And still no youtube app? What a joke you are.. Typical eu crap!


great update. one thing that would be great can we get more PS+PSNgamecards? the standard have loads to choose PS+ ones are only a few?

AussieOutsider 16 January, 2013 @ 15:38

Loving the fact that any question regarding Australia/New Zealand and Retro City Rampage or the Lack of Vita Content is being ignored…


So far i am very happy with PsPlus for ps3. some nice discounts and great games on IGC. I gave bioshock 2 a chance and i really enjoyed it! Looking forward to february games.
AT this point i do not think i ll drop my subscription anytime soojn. on the contraray i renewd it on christmass for another 6 months. All 2013 is mine!

Phantom_Blaze 16 January, 2013 @ 15:40

I will keep asking about the Assassin’s Creed 3 Avatars on each blog post until someone replies.


We haven’t got anything to release, sorry.

ryannumber3gamer 16 January, 2013 @ 15:40

When will we be getting the PS All-Stars costumes? The US got them in December!


A EU date hasn’t been finalised yet but it shouldn’t be far off.

Luizelgespuizel 16 January, 2013 @ 15:40

Why is the Xbox version of RCR 10 euro’s and the ps version 11 euro’s. Didnt the PS3 users already have salt in their wounds for the long wait ?


@ PiccoroDaimaoh

I downloaded Jet Set Radio directly from the Vita store and it will not let you play a game or even start the tutorial!!

A reply from Chris Howe (as PS+ is his area) would be greatly appreciated!

Hell, a response from any SCEE employee on this matter would be nice….


Yeah!!! New Games for my Vita! Oh, wait they are Not available in my region :((( The only exceprion is an overpriced remake. Ohh happy day!!!

kingofscotland 16 January, 2013 @ 15:44

Thanks for the hyperlinks – great to check out new content and then just click on hyperlink and purchase

Will be even better when auto download added so I don’t need to go to my purchased items on PS3 to download

Hi Jawad, interesting idea of offering early access to a movie for PS+ subscribers. Any indication of the price for this? Thanks.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:45

This is a Joke yes?
retro city rampage was meant to be released on the Vita here in Australia and now you guys say it is not, when it clearly states on the dev website it will be released here…
Please respond, i am sick of waiting for games to come the Vita, that game looked good, now we get the shaft!!

SCEE is balls, and way to go with deleting my comment, can’t even answer what’s the hold up with “Wake Up Club”. Maybe sort your garbage out and we will stop bashing you?

since im a ps plus member, meaning that im PAYING you to keep up your end of the bargain, it astounds me how you DONT want money. are you allergice to Australian currency or something? 1 out of 4 vita games, retro city rampage finally makes it and yet DOESNT come out in australia.

im getting REALLY f’ing tired of this crap. since im paying for a service that clearly doesnt mean squat. maybe we should start bringing up these issues to the fair trading departments to find out exactly when countries like australia, new zealand and other countries are being constantly ignored like we’re some third rate git.

Retro City Rampage has no classification in Australia or New Zealand thus cannot be released.




You think that kind of talk is OK?!?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:48

Also not to mention, according to Tweets by PlayStation Europe, they confirmed it was meant to be release for Australia for Vita (not PS3). Why do you like to screw us aussies around?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:49

@89 – Mobile games are EXEMPT from classification, hence they were releasing it solely on the Vita. Go check the Devs website and our laws about mobile games before posting!


Any reason why Australia STILL doesn’t get Retro City Rampage.. or much else? And by much else I mean, World of Mana (PSX) Suikoden (PSX) Legend of Dragoon (PSX) Castle Crashers DLC or Mortal Kombat 9?
Sorry to sound annoyed. I just got all worked up for RCR. I know it’s not your fault dude

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:52


Look for AUS / NZ release! Thank you very much!


Sumioni: Demon Arts is not available for the Netherlands? Why not? First it doesn’t get a release date for Europe, and then when it does, it’s not available for my country? How is this possible? I’ve been waiting for this game…

Glad to see Retro City Rampage is finally there, thogh. And as a cross-buy title, it’s a great price! Also happy with Jet Set Radio on Vita being free to Plus members. Wasn’t keen on buying it twice…

The_Last_Ninja 16 January, 2013 @ 15:52

How come that RCR on PSN Europe is the more expensive version from all around the world (STEAM, XBOXLIVE, PSN US) ?
Is this a crossbuy side effect ?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:53

Look for AUS / NZ release –

Thank you very much!

A_Nonny_Moose 16 January, 2013 @ 15:53

Wow, quite a small update.

I’ll probably pick up Sumioni, but EDF (which I was really looking forward to) is stupidly overpriced.

@ Jawad:

Hoping it’s not too late to type this, have you seen my two comments in the last page? Thanks in advance.


I have but sadly there’s nothing to report on.

@92 – That is the loophole the creator was using to release it on the Vita in Aus, But SCEE is following the guidelines of digital releases.

Microsoft has ZERO issues getting games released in all regions. for some reason, YOU people do. maybe you should ring up Microsoft and ask them what the trick is. its [DELETED] 2013 and THIS [DELETED] still goes on.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:56

@99 – Then why did PlayStation Europe confirm that it was being released here in Australia and New Zealand, it is also listed on the Devs website. You telling me it is false advertising?

Why did SCEE not announce prior to this update that AUS / NZ would not be getting it, instead of on the day!!

No communication = bad business

hitman_stephen 16 January, 2013 @ 15:57

Would have got Earth Defence Force but ive just got too many games on the vita lately, filled by 32gb card 2 days after getting it :/ Its definately on my to-buy list but i need to finish what ive got first >_<


Sumioni: Demon Arts not for poland [DELETED]!!!

im so [DELETED] tired of this crap. australia now has NO reason to refuse a games release due to the R18. but i guess RCR is SO bad they cant release it here.

you know what [DELETED] me off? every week you guys ADVERTISE these games like they are coming out to OUR region only to basically pull the carpet out from under us once the update goes live and say ‘har har too bad’.

again, Microsoft does it, PC/Steam does it, the hell is wrong with SCEE.

I am saddened to see half of Europe get shafted on content yet again. It seems to always be only for the things I want to play, too. My vita has essentially gone unused since I bought it this summer, and is in desperate need of content.

I was looking forward to Retro City Rampage, but due to the rampant delays, and the developer then essentially mocking everyone who was unhappy with the lack of communication both on this blog and on his twitter, I simply cannot give that guy my money. Too bad, because I was looking forward to playing that thing on my vita. I was contemplating buying it and rating it one star, but in the end I think the fairest thing to do is to boycott it outright.

Finally, I am of course saddened that XSEED as joined the list of companies that refuse to sell me content for what appears to be no reason whatsoever.


Hi Jawad.
Is there any news on Legend of Dragoon to Europe?


Sweet Jet set free on vita…thank you!

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 15:59

@99 – Like i said, they can be exempt from the Classification if they sold it as a mobile game (Like iOS). The Dev did not want to fork out the money the submit it to our country, then at least tell us straight up we are not getting it, instead of this yo-yo effect!

Any news of the Medal Of Honor: Heroes games being added to the Vita store? The MOH:H games were great on the PSP and my Vita is screaming out for more FPS games. Thanks.

@100- When did SCEE confirm it for release for the Vita in Australia?

I have only seen the Dev mention it.

k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 16 January, 2013 @ 16:02

Where’s the Far Cry 3 ‘High Tides’ free co-op DLC?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:03

Jawad – i think you should start giving PS+ users free movie rentals (one a month) or something. Can you submit this to some one. It would prob make up for the lack of updates we receive in EU, especially AUS. You already charge us outlandish prices for content here in Australia, at least sugar coat our subs with something well worth it!

StefNighthawk 16 January, 2013 @ 16:03

So, Resident Evil Retribution…
Available to all?
Compensation/alternative for those that do not have access to the Video Store?

A new year with an old question: WHERE IS RESIDENT EVIL 2? The game got pulled from the store by mistake. The guy who made the complaint already said he got the game working by using the touchscreen for changing discs. Put the game back in the store that i paid for. And don’t tell me it is being looked into. There is nothing to look into. The game WORKS!!!!!

EVERY WEEK when it lists AU and NZ in the title of a game that they claim is coming out is false advertising. its misleading and can be brought up as such. since most of us are PS Plus users, we as paying customers are not getting the service as intended.

again, if microsoft and steam can do this as well as sony in america WHY WHY WHY is the pal market SO anal?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:04

@107 – A tweet from PlayStation Europe, i asked if it being released here in Australia, he said YES! Then he said it would be the same price regardless we do not get the cross buy.

Like i said, they should not have listed it either on the website if it is not coming here, also SCEE should have said something sooner.


The original getaway ps2 game please


CEO Kai Hirai recently said PS Vita sales were behind expectations, the system is dying and there is huge drought of games for the first half of 2013. And yet you make things even worst for your Australian and New Zealand consumers, by only giving us one of those four Vita games and none of those minis. I forgot Australia and New Zealand are two of the most developed and livable countries in the world. Yet we’re given the shaft time and time again. To my knowledge Sumioni and Orgarythm are only in English, yet you exclude three (including South Africa) of the few countries in PAL where English is actually an official/native language.

Paul Keating was right “Australia really is at the a**e end of the world”.


Hey Jawad,
Why isn’t Suminoni and Orgarhythm available in India? Was waiting for Orgarhythm.

StefNighthawk 16 January, 2013 @ 16:07

oi, don’t let SCEE faceslap us some more will you.
Be glad you’ve got access to more services than most of the SCEE territories.

miky_magawolaz 16 January, 2013 @ 16:10

€40 for EDF is absurd.
I understand it’s not a Sony product, but you guys shouldn’t be surprised if no one buy’s a €40 game in a world driven by €0.79 mobile games.
Namco, get it together. Sony, put some limitations to the price of PSN games or something.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:10

@115 – could not have said it better myself. We have one of the best economics in today’s society. Our dollar is stronger then most countries and Australia’s games sales are through the roof. Yet SCEE decide we are not a good enough market to distribute to cause of our OFLC? Yet when they release a game here, they mark up the price, where i can get a physical copy for much cheaper then PSN. We do not get many PSN sales either, meaning titles like Far Cry 3 still sit there at $89.95 yet in store it is $59.95 (JB).
They must think we are stupid!!


Regarding RCR’s availability for AU/NZ, I’m looking into this now.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:14

@117 – what is the point of having access to services when they supply nothing in those services but rubbish Mini games and crappy titles. If you are talking about PS Mobile, it really not that great, there is like 10 games, not worth it!

They have been face slapping us for the past several years! me and many others grow tired of SCEE boycotting AUS and NZ.

They use to list AUS prices, nope, not anymore! It’s like we are nothing!


First, the good – Jet Set Radio for free on PS+ is a great offering.

Now, the bad (well, there’s lots of bad, from our antipodean comrades getting next to nothing and the EDF pricing, but let’s focus on…)

Between 21st and 24th January we are giving you exclusive access to buy Resident Evil: Retribution here first. It will be available on Sony Entertainment Network before anywhere else.

So, if I’m a PS+ member I get to rent this movie during these dates? What if the Video Store is not available in my country despite SCEE promising to roll it out to more regions back in 2009?

Wait, did SCEE just arrange another perk for a sub-set of “important” countries? Would you not be better offer investing this time in expanding core services rather than giving more to a select few?

SCEE’s priorities truly baffle me. I’d love to get a response on this. Do you understand why so many fans outside of the main countries are losing patience with PlayStation? Is this being communicated upwards? Do y...

Show full comment

First, the good – Jet Set Radio for free on PS+ is a great offering.

Now, the bad (well, there’s lots of bad, from our antipodean comrades getting next to nothing and the EDF pricing, but let’s focus on…)

Between 21st and 24th January we are giving you exclusive access to buy Resident Evil: Retribution here first. It will be available on Sony Entertainment Network before anywhere else.

So, if I’m a PS+ member I get to rent this movie during these dates? What if the Video Store is not available in my country despite SCEE promising to roll it out to more regions back in 2009?

Wait, did SCEE just arrange another perk for a sub-set of “important” countries? Would you not be better offer investing this time in expanding core services rather than giving more to a select few?

SCEE’s priorities truly baffle me. I’d love to get a response on this. Do you understand why so many fans outside of the main countries are losing patience with PlayStation? Is this being communicated upwards? Do you care? If so, can we get a blog post on the state of the Video Store roll out and/or Mobile? Are we not entitled to something more than the perpetual “We’re working on it” comments?


why is the exclusive FAR CRY3 dlc not available for download in the store ??? this was the only thing i was looking forward , will this come later today ? please answer

my youtube channel is BaldAtGames. please look it up, im doing a petition video to get anyone from the pal regions who have had enough to put their support behind the video and get sony to finally wake up and make good on what other countries/platforms have been doing for years.


Is the fact there is WWE wrestlefest DLC on the store a hint the game is out next week ?


Once again a problem has been fixed by a community member and NOT an ounce of help from any SCEE employee.

Thanks to TallPaul on the Vita forum!! ;-)

With games not being released for Australian or New Zealand, I normally give the small developers a ‘pass’ on getting games rated for Australia. But the developer needs to be upfront about not releasing the game here.

RCR had a story here a couple of days ago, but didn’t mention that the game wasn’t coming out for Australia or New Zealand in the blog entry. :(



It doesn’t seem to be on the “normal” store.

Start up FC3 and select Playstation store from the main menu, then you can download it.

ryannumber3gamer 16 January, 2013 @ 16:23

I hope we get the PS All-Stars costumes next week, I really want Jak’s Old World costume and Sly’s Archer costume :D



Well any news of Australia seeing a release of Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition, Arcana Heart 3, Battle Fantasia, Crescent Pale Mist, Dream Chronicles, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD, Legasista or Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon on PSN any time soon?

Or Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire III and IV, Parasite Eve I, Megaman I and III, Xenogears, Wild Arms II, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, Grandia, Dino Crisis I, R-Type Delta, R-Types and Castlevania Chronicles for PSOne Classics? (Not Vita only like Breath of Fire III)
All of these games I have been waiting years for a re-release and a lot of other people too. No Chrono Trigger STILL. What has the world come to?


Some of those are brand license issues that prevent them seeing a release in AU. Some are just down to ratings.

When will wipeout fusion and youtube come please reply


hey guys , found a solution for the far cry3 dlc which is nowhere to be found (or is it just the new psn store where everything is hard to find for me :D?) but you can click on the above link in this blog and purchase it online , then go back to your download list on ps3 and download , enjoy ! :D


Sumioni is available as physical media – in Japan only so it’s not only in English but also Japanese.


@moriarty1975 thanks for the advice , found it out myself and didnt see your reply before posting mine

Aussieanima67 16 January, 2013 @ 16:27

bwahahaha should have known aussie vita owners were gonna get the shaft. Only 1 vita game made it through, but its a ridiculously priced port. Nothing ever changes with you SCEE lot. Was planning on pawning my vita, and now there is no reason not to get rid of the oversized paper weight. Absolutely terrible job you folks are doing, so good on ya for bringing Sony down from the inside.

Hi Jawad/Fred

Any update on the eu/uk black ops 2 season pass pricing issue?

(sorry if this is a double post- my other one appears to have disappeared)

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:28

@130 – exactly, it would have been a perfect time to say “Hey you Aussie bums, you are not getting the game, deal with it”. Not on the so called day of release they say hey, no ticket for you!

I have had PS+ since it came out, i will say they have given us some great free stuff, but the lack of support is starting to drive me nuts. I buy off PSN all the time to support titles to come here. I am thinking to no longer buy online, they don’t support us, why should i support you!

A quick question to jawad and the rest of the community, does anybody know if the date linked to the digital purchase of ni no kuni (25th january) is still correct or will it now not be available from 1st february like the retail version? I only ask because the stores pre order still states it will be available from the 25th, thanks for any help


This has been raised – it should be 1st Feb.



Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve been aware of the physical release in Japan and I do know beginners Japanese and have a dictionary handy. So importing is not an issue for me. But ponying up $40-$50 for it, to me is ridiculous for a bit size game. If it was on the Aussie store, like it should have been, it would have been a third or half that price.


@Jawad: Does the “RCR is soon available in Germany” mean in one or two Weeks or never (like CS:GO)?

RCR = Yeah, Pricing = Booh, No Plus Discount = Double Booh

Resident Evil Exclusive:
Good to see that there is something going on in the Movie Section for Plus Users. But 4 Day before all others…. no word on this. Even the Movie is the worst of the Series.

Please do a “3D” Tap in the Movie Section, so that i can find those Type of Movies easy. 3D Movies is a Big Advantage about all other Movie Stores.


Soon as in, should be up now if you have a Vita. Not too long (as in today) for PS3.

So thats a no to the explanation for the rediculous Earth Defense Force price?
People complained when you announced it would be £32 so raising the price to £35 probably isnt going to help it sell


STUPID. Where is Sumioni??? [CENSORED]
This game is so delayed over here in Sweden it’s insane!
My question is what you are doing about it. And ALSO, BRING OVER PSM we have lots of cash we would like to spend on PS Mobile. Damn it.

Orgarhytm and Sumioni not available in Poland. Great, just great. Two games that I actually cared about and wanted to buy day 1… Any plans on expanding a little with those titles? o_O

@tintin it was a joke,

Hi, can someone please answer?

Why is Retro City Rampage not available in Australia? It makes no sense to me at all.


As mentioned above, it’s currently being looked into. Once I have more info I’ll report back.


Don’t know if this is an error or not, but on the Vita Store for RCR I was wondering if there was a Trial, as the purchase options come up as Full Game – £8.99
Full Game – Free.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:35

@148 – Why is RCR not available in AUS, answer: we got shafted… again!


WTH?! The blog entry from a few days ago didn’t say anything about Sumioni being limited to only a few countries. That’s some grade-A clueless/misleading marketing! Europe isn’t limited to the UK.

Why is it so hard to put games on the store? The game is in English, we understand English in Scandinavia. EVERY SINGLE RETAIL GAME IN SCANDINAVIA IS IN ENGLISH!

HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO PUBLISH GAMES HERE? AAAARRRGGGHHHH…. the futility, the bureaucracy, the incompetence!

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:38

@ Jawad to respons to post 133

We now have R18 ratings, meaning no games will be refused into our country now. Started the 1st Jan 2013. So rating excuse will now have to be changed.

Also, did you find out about RCR in AUS / NZ ?


Not just yet.

It’s still a different ratings board, so if a publisher decides against it then…yes, it still becomes a reason/excuse.

SpitelordDekka 16 January, 2013 @ 16:39

Jet Set Radio is broken on the Vita. Just continually pauses once you’re in a game. It’s unplayable.

Thanks for clearing that up for me jawad


Hey Jared,

Quick question about Sumioni: Demon Arts and Orgarhythm. Why are they not available in Poland? I as looking forward to play them – especialy the second title. Any chance they will show up later this month or year?



You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:44

I guess, i mean QLD has not implemented the R18 yet, but SYD has it and so do the other states / territories. Just saying with upcoming games, i do not see the Rating excuse to no longer be valid… Not saying from you guys, i mean from Publishers. They use to say, oh no we can’t release it there, i won’t get accepted… Not anymore!


Black Ops 2 season pass discount please?

@ NEM_ETB 109 Iv been asking for the 2 MOH psp games for along time as i bought them long ago thinking they worked and they never no one here will answer you sorry from what i can find out EA just dont want us to have them here and sony dont care sorry but we can hope hay as they were g8 FPS and look to work well on the vita with a v.good offline m,player i think it would sell well on the vita

ZenSelai 127, Im there now if we all help with this petition we may get heard for once

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:46

@ Jawad, also, will PS+ users see a BETA off The Last Of Us, you did it with Uncharted 3, i mean i hope we get some BETA of this game… It is my most anticipated game of 2013! Australia is getting it yes?! Jokes, i know we are, we can pre-order like 4 months ago!


Does Jet Set Radio also work for the PS3?
also will “Parappa the Rapper” and “Heart of Darkness” ever come to PSOne classics?
Thabks for another update!

@DocWeed: vid is rendering now, will be up in the next couple of hours. watch that space.

i saw a reply about how its about the publishers decision, yes, i guess STEAM and XBOX LIVE didnt get them either oh wait.


I thought it would have been cheaper to import from Japan to Australia – the cheapest I saw Sumioni was on ebay for nearly £19 plus postage plus customs and the “extra” £8 Royal Mail likes to tack on to anything over £15 where customs occurs.

With globalisation, you would think there would be a global classification process. It’s so last millennium the way game publishers operate on region by region basis. It would be easy enough to release English only games which circumvents translation costs as most people in PAL territories would accept that as they already know English (meaning they would rather have the game than quibble over lack of Polish, Dutch or the myriad of Scandinavian languages that aren’t generally catered to).

Actually it all sounds like profiteering to me by both game companies and respective governments by insisting on specific classifications for each country


Orgarythm and Sumoni not available in Poland, two games that are interesting and they are not available, strange…any chances they will be available ?

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:51

@ 161 – Funny you should mention that. Publishers think that the biggest selling console here in AUS is 360. Well it isn’t. It is PS3! They must think we are a mini America. The only reason America buy that crap is due to a branded American company name.

Makes me wonder, if SEGA still was in this console war, i wonder what today’s consoles would be like. That would make 4 consoles battling it out to be the best. (PS, XBOX, WiiU, SEGA). We will never know!

From some google-fu, it seems that the developer didn’t bother to get RCR rated for Australia / New Zealand. No game rating, no release on the PS3. (If the Vita version is released for Australia / New Zealand, it’s via a loophole)

That said, if it’s true that the developer couldn’t be bothered to pay the money and spend the time to get the game rated for Australia and New Zealand, I’m not going to bother spending the money to buy the game, or the time to play the game on any platform.


Bought EDF 2017, Sumioni and Orgarythm £55 boy am i skint now !!!! thanks Jawad

@ ZenSelai nice one one crazy youtube that but a thousand voices together are louder than a thousand voices on there own you can only hope


And lo! AU/NZ will be getting Retro City Rampage soooon (Vita only, no cross-buy).

Update should role out pretty quickly.

You_Better_Hide 16 January, 2013 @ 16:56

@ 165 – Amen brother, why support some one that won’t support you. Given i think it was only one dude that made the game, still, he could not be bothered to even try to submit is what frustrates me, he talked about the process took to long. Yeah it did, the process of releasing it to EU was like 3 – 4 months, he would have had the rating by then. It does not cost that much to submit for a rating. He would have made it back in Sales. Lazy dev i guess!

crimsondusk81 16 January, 2013 @ 16:57

I wanted to know if for Vita will ever be implemented support for PDF files and applications for dropbox or google drive.
In addition I wanted to ask if are working AAA games, besides Soul Sacrifice, because until now have been made ​​available games similar to tablet games,
hardcore gamers want great games suitable for the ps-vita hardware, no small games from mobile phone.



Hey Jawad,
Don’t want to bug you constantly but I cant understand the absence of orgarhythm and sumioni from Indian store. We don’t have a censor board, so Eu ratings (pegi) are followed here. So I cant possibly think of a reason for this. So I hope you can give a response explaining this. Will this happen in the future too?