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Greetings all. Hopefully you’re all enjoying your weekend? If not, perhaps a little light PlayStation-related reading might turn things around?

This week saw news of fresh PS Vita releases Retro City Rampage, Orgarhythm, Earth Defense Force and Dead or Alive 5+; word on DLC for Gran Turismo 5, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, PlayStation All Stars and Far Cry 3; and a quick look at what to expect from God of War: Ascension’s single player campaign. Please enjoy.

See you back here next week – we’ve got some nice announcements lined up, a great sale for RPG enthusiasts and a chat with the brilliant mind behind Demon’s Souls.

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  • Weekend Essentials – DmC Devil May Cry, Jet Set Radio and the January sale join our tip-top picks for a wonderful weekend with PlayStation.
  • Groove to an improved VidZone – Create, follow, share and compete… VidZone on PS3 gets social.
  • New wheels for Gran Turismo 5 – Hit the track with the 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype – free to download to GT5 from PlayStation Store.
  • Game On – Blast away your January blues with an explosion of PlayStation goodness to fire up the start of 2013.
  • Gaming Gifts: Action Games – Looking for adventure? PlayStation 3 – is where it’s at!

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13 Author replies
A_Nonny_Moose 20 January, 2013 @ 11:16

Any news on that Vita sale? There are some games I really want but they’re just too damn expensive.


You shouldn’t have too long to wait – hold tight.


I’m having a good weekend. Got a bit bored with my games and need something fresh. Got to play a bit of Defiance beta. Had problems running it on my PC cos its a very old gaming PC. lol. Works on laptop but is awful laggy. They don’t seem to be very helpful with a lot of problems on the forums. Great game btw and you should try it out if you can get the chance. Hope to see the PS3 beta soon.

Btw Fred, how comes them US writers don’t reply to us on the EU blog? The God of war single player demo writer (Aaron Kaufman) managed to send 10 replies in the US but none in EU. Surely he can do both same time by opening the EU blog in a separate tab. I’ve noticed this quite a lot of times that EU gets left out and only US gets replies.


We try to get all contributors to reply. It can sometimes be difficult due to time zones, but in this case it shouldn’t have been an issue. I’ll drop Aaron a line and see if he can stop by to answer any questions when the US wakes up.

supersmith2500 20 January, 2013 @ 11:59

Next week? Should be normal service tommorow right?

When are we getting Netflix?


I don’t have an update for you on this today I’m afraid.

when will the Sly Cooper: Thieves In time Demo arrive fred ????


No date yet, but it is incoming!

I’m liking the new heading banners for the regular features, nice work there.


Thanks! I figured the weekend posts needed a bit of sprucing up. Glad you like them.

rpg , lol
i need
next rpg =
dlc skyrim /dragon´s dogma
ni no kuni
soul sacrefice
ragnorack odysee

also terraria ( trailer erased in psn, stil comming ??? )
sacred 3
hoop ps3/vita gets diablo 3 – mh 4 ore other ( also in europe )

= not al to gether please .

ProjectM music visualisation would be awesome on PS3 (possibly Vita also), that is all.
Peter Sperl himself told me (via email) that ProjectM would run beautifully on PS3.

Phantom_Blaze 20 January, 2013 @ 15:51

I love the new headers for the Blog posts! Much easier to see what is going on :D.

Please can you add the Assassin’s Creed 3 Avatars to the UK PS Store, as America has had them since June last year.

Also, why is it taking so long for Wake Up Club, America has it, it’s an app made by you, so what’s the hold up?



Again, thanks re. the banners!

I’ll try and find out what’s happening with the AC3 avatars.

Wake Up Club will be with you on 6th February – not long to wait now.


demon’s souls 2 please! also champions of norrath HD or classic


You’ve got Dark Souls 2 coming! Isn’t that basically Demon’s Souls 3?

Any more ps1 classics like the toca games coming to the store


Jawad’s your man for this one. I couldn’t say for sure, but I’d imagine there’s a good chance of some more PS1 Classics in the future.


I would also hope PS1 Classics, Rollcage series especially (> Wipeout). Would be very pleased if 4-player split screen + bots were implemented like in the PC counterpart (which sadly doesn’t work with current gen PCs), though probably not possible as Sony Liverpool is no more.

Can we get a discount on the Black Ops 2 Season Pass for plus holders?

almighty-slayer 20 January, 2013 @ 17:15

Put me down as another who loves the new headers on regular features. Nice work, Fred.

Haven’t seen a “Behind the classic” for a while – are these coming back? Always found them incredibly interesting to read. Hope we see them back again soon.

Looking forward to the week ahead.


Yes, hopefully. They are quite hard to source as it means tracking down developers who may have long sinced moved on, or are now the chief executives of studios and very busy. However, I do have a few requests pending – watch this space.


What do you mean?

PS3 has Netflix nearly a year now.

Another idea… you say you’re gonna be having an RPG sale and Vita sale…. so does that mean Dungeon Hunter Alliance will be on sale? Been wanting to pick this up for some time, a sale would be the tipping point.


Alas, not on that title. We’ll have a post going up on this sale later today.

counter strike in pstore europe? nah sony wake up!


Hey Fred, can you please look at this?

I was wondering, Ni No Kuni has been delayed to the 1st of February because of shipment issues, but will people that pre-order the game on PS Store still be able to download it on the 25th of january?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!!


I’ll look into it, but it’s likely that it will be available to download on Namco’s official release date – which is currently down as 1st Feb.


Pity that the downtime of the PSN meant that as a PS+ subscriber I wasn’t able to order Music Unlimited 1 year package, now it’s been replaced by a trial and then monthly package. Sad really, very new to PS, and seen a lot in 3 weeks.

Although I am quite happy with PSN, I wish to complain about Borderlands GOTY!!!!!

I had firstly received the game freely via PS Plus back in July. I bought Wednesday morning, January 16th, the GOTY edition for the reduced price of €10,79, and I can’t play the DLC. They are nowhere to be found. After the download and installation is complete, the file size of the game is still about 3,5 GB (instead of 7,7 GB with the addition of the 4 DLCs), and it still says I can play it for another 350 or so days (I deduce it is still recognised by the console as a Plus title). I even tried to re-download everything and as I write this message, the situation is still unchanged.

I want to protest about it, because I am supposed to have bought not only the DLCs, but the main game too, and it shouldn’t read anything about any remaining days in the game. I wish a solution, either a reimburse or a fix of the issue.

well after 2 days of maintenance on the store – you should be made aware that while PulzAR was put back in the store…others disappeared (one arm of Sony giveth, the other taketh away).

there are empty spaces, once again throughout the psn games section – also you offer the Gundemonium Collection yet only 1 of the games is available. Anyone purchasing the collection would become very upset to know they won’t be getting all the games in the collection.

can you please sort the store issues please?

Also Virtues Last Reward is still in the plus discount section without a plus discount and the price has been raised by £4

supersmith2500 20 January, 2013 @ 20:49

It’s always been a buggy mess with missing icons and it happens regularly. Also, some PSN games even has duplicates as well, one with add to cart button and one without. Store has missing spaces in PSN games section you say, Maybe the icons didn’t load for you. Also scrolled from A-Z, no issues there for me.


@PIREDERAS your have to ring customer services too get that fixed there take it off your download list and refund you.your lose out on borderlands goty if its not on sale anymore.I had this problem to buying GTA complete guy even said after I clearly said I brought it,he asked if it was a plus title :-D they can’t really help here or the forums your have to ring :) its annoying that this happens.but only thing you can do to sort it.


Hello!. Can I suggest that PlayStation Blog EU has its own ‘mobile’ page like USA. I know we can download ps blog on android. But if we can visit the psblogEU on our mobiles without the computer page and instead the mobile page. It would be easier to comment. Just a feedback! Good day guys :)


Feedback noted!

chewybear1234 20 January, 2013 @ 22:08

when i sign in to playstation home and i get message of the day… it lets me go no further….. can anyone please help


when is Aliens colonial marines coming out on the store and will it have pre order extras?


Hey Fred,
Don’t want to bug you but I cant understand the absence of orgarhythm and sumioni from Indian store. We don’t have a censor board, so Eu ratings (pegi) are followed here. So I cant possibly think of a reason for this. So I hope you can give a response explaining this. Will this happen in the future too?


Alas, I believe this is a decision made by the publisher XSEED. I think they addressed the reasoning in the original Blog posts.

supersmith2500 21 January, 2013 @ 10:59

Hey Fred, any word on February’s Plus content or will that be revealed next week? Hope to see some good Vita/PS3 games next month on IGC. Not all games were good. I played on Guardians of Middle Earth few weeks back and could not connect to any game and it took me like 5 minutes just to enter and failed. Thoroughly enjoyed Bioshock 2 though amd the Spear Gun on there is my favourite weapon so far.

Btw, any chance for different genre other than FPS all the time? I think I played enough FPS and I think I could play something rather than FPS and I just play on the main campaign mode then delete so I can save room for the next game.


We’re just finalising the February line-up now. As soon as it’s confirmed, we’ll let you all know. In the interest of managing expectations, that could be early next week.

From what I’ve seen of the list so far, there should be a good mix of genres :)

supersmith2500 21 January, 2013 @ 11:37

Hope we don’t get see crappy ones like Chronovolt though. That game was just dull.

hi fred
1 = i buy lots of minis ore other games not by 2 reason
a- no demo
b- no video ( on vita 0)

2 = shop stil have 2 anouying tings =
-search option 14 alfabetic letters whe not use after letter z .

-also when picking letter t u got lots of other letter
( why not al games t in maps then open game u get in sub map like dlc ……) then film map , submap al films starting whith letter t )

-then preorder section = german language instead of dutch

soon info on next games
ragnorack odysee ( demo soon ?) date + price
terraria ( hope also on vita ) date + price
soul sacrefice ( demo soon ?) date + price
dlc dragon´s dogma date + price

also terraria trailer = no more in psn = reason ?

Show full comment

hi fred
1 = i buy lots of minis ore other games not by 2 reason
a- no demo
b- no video ( on vita 0)

2 = shop stil have 2 anouying tings =
-search option 14 alfabetic letters whe not use after letter z .

-also when picking letter t u got lots of other letter
( why not al games t in maps then open game u get in sub map like dlc ……) then film map , submap al films starting whith letter t )

-then preorder section = german language instead of dutch

soon info on next games
ragnorack odysee ( demo soon ?) date + price
terraria ( hope also on vita ) date + price
soul sacrefice ( demo soon ?) date + price
dlc dragon´s dogma date + price

also terraria trailer = no more in psn = reason ?


do you know if dragon quest viii journey of the cursed king is coming to the ps2 classic section on the eu psn store? thanks


good rpg
very sad al new games of dragon quest = nintendo excl. now

Strangeheaven 21 January, 2013 @ 12:29

Hi,Different colour ps3 for the uk and europe please. Japan gets every colour, and were stuck with boring black.

Come on sony release different colour ps3 in u.k and europe. Just think how many more you would sell,considering europe is the biggest market for ps3. I would love a silver ps3 super slim.

almighty-slayer 21 January, 2013 @ 12:46

Great stuff, Fred. Thanks for that! Look forward to seeing some more Behind the Classic posts at some point (they really are fantastic).


@ supersmith

I can concur that the “empty spaces” problem is back with force!!

It depends which areas of the store you go to but last night quite a few areas were plagued by a number of blank spaces/missing content!!

The store seems to be quite a bit worse since the last lengthy maintenance we have just had :-(

supersmith2500 21 January, 2013 @ 13:18




Please don’t take this the wrong way as I understand that English is not your first language but some of your posts/comments are becoming harder and harder to understand and I can only imagine Fred and the team are left scratching there head wondering what you are actually saying or asking!!

Please do not take offense by this suggestion but have you considered typing your comments in German, into Google-Translate?
Then just copy and paste what you are given.

I am not insulting you, I am just trying to think of a way for you to better communicate what you have to say to the the blog team and the other readers of this blog. ;-)

It cannot be any worse than trying to understand your comments as they are at present?!

TinTin :-)

supersmith2500 21 January, 2013 @ 13:30

Btw, can you send me a pic of it so I can find the missing icons?



lol, why? Do you think I am making it up for the fun of it?!?

To be honest bud this was late last night and I can’t even remember which sections had the problems but they where 100% there and it wasn’t load times either as I had the page(s) open for a while to see if that was indeed the problem. ;-)

If the problem(s) have now been fixed inbetween last night and now then that’s cool and kudos to SCEE for sorting them out so promptly!

If I go to the store today I’ll be sure to have a quick scan and try to remember where they were but here’s hoping that all problems have now been addressed but last night there were quite a few blank spaces in quite a number of different areas! :-)

Dear Fred
Is the pricing issue for black ops 2 season pass being addressed – or is the price correct
Many thanks

good idea but = not german but dutch language ( i hope u nowh are abel to read better ;) )

-i have nowh on psn store tekst forhandbestill tilbud
=rong language need to be = nu vooruit bestellen

-I’ve also noticed that in addition to digits 0 to 9 and A to Z, there are 14 other leters not from in our alphabet and them all behind the letter z found in search option

-if it is not possible to put the games on alphabet and then sub folders for dlc advatars etc. …
Now grab the letter t and receives just 100 cases that have nothing to do with t


Lol, sorry I got my flags mixed up ;-)
The German flag has the same colours but horizontal stripes not vertical!


It’s the Belgium flag next to your name :-)

I think i understand your problem with the store a little better now.

no problem , everibady makes mistakes ore i mi case
read speak good uk ore usa language but writing is a disaster .

i tink i do mi best if u nowh i never learn English or French language in school.
i am now 33 and then hit is just no longer easy to learn some tings .

u need to learn when u are young ( not saing i am old to )
evry age comes whith advantages + some tings u like lesser .



The letters with accents that come after the z are there because the names of some games, songs or films will have them in them. Putting in one letter gets so many random results because the search function looks for anything with that one letter in it. Add two or three more letters and you should get much better results.


Thank you for the reply :) dark souls 2 is sounding bad plus demon’s souls you can summon friends instantly if demon’s souls had more weapons and armour it would be better in every way.

Hope to hear a demon’s souls 2 or demon’s souls vita soon^^



Very true about it being a lot harder to learn a new language later in life.

I know a bit of Italian as I lived out there for a short while and found it VERY hard to learn.

You are correct. It’s easier when you are young when the brain is like a sponge and wants to absorb all things around you.

Considering you had no schooling in the English language then you don’t do a bad job :-)

Practice makes perfect though ;-)

ScorpioN-MarK 27 January, 2013 @ 02:28

i would most like to see a download list update, please. I have over 700 downloads and have been with ps+ for 3 years now and i cant find a damn thing on my list, its rediculos trying to look through when reinstalling stuff….. can we not get a catagory section or a search by letter like on the store, but on the downloadlist. it amazes me how much the online ps3 sections have grown like the store and yet the download list is still stuck in the past… just a thought anyways

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