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Do you like old school first person shooters? Do you own a PlayStation Vita or a certified PlayStation Mobile device? If the answer to both questions is yes, then we at Green Hill have some great news for you!

We’re very proud to announce the release of Gun Commando, an “old-school, new-cool” first person shooter, developed in collaboration with Abstraction Games & Ripstone Publishing, and coming to your PlayStation Mobile device this week!

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Gun Commando is a distinctly classic first person shooter that combines 8-bit graphics with visceral game-play, in the likes of Wolvenstein and Duke Nukem. You play as Jack Bennett, a weapon-loving alien-hating gun-for-hire; that is called in to save the world from the invading aliens.

Alongside the story – sublimely visualised by comic book legend Romano Molenaar – and the great retro look, it features a unique weaponry upgrade system that rewards players’ skill and accuracy, allowing you to upgrade to the big guns faster if you’ve got what it takes. And you’ll be needing the big guns as the aliens are a force to be reckoned with!

If there’s one thing we think makes this game stand out, it’s the way you are able to control the on-screen action. We believe the touch screen controls rival that of the traditional mouse and keyboard setup, and for the first time allow you to really play a first person shooter on a touch device.

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The secret of our controls is the additional momentum we apply when aiming, allowing you to turn and respond blazingly fast, but at the same time allow you to be very precise. We’re not fans of on-screen buttons, as we feel you need the tactile feedback from the buttons in order to be in full control, so we allow you to use your thumbs anywhere on the screen.

With these controls you’ll be able to control Jack Bennett with unmatched precision. In fact, we found out that with a little practice you can kill enemies even faster with our controls, than with a mouse and keyboard!

Epic boss battles, ingenious level design (even if we do say so ourselves), the old school look and feel, Romano Molenaar’s superb comic cut-scenes, big guns and unique and intuitive controls for touch screens make this game really worth your time.

Gun Commando will be available to download from the PSM store on 23rd January, priced at £2.19/€2.79 and is available for all PlayStation Mobile certified devices including the PS Vita. Don’t forget to check out the Green Hill Games Facebook page for updates on all our games.

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Is PSM out yet in Sweden?

Is PSM available now in Sweden?

supersmith2500 22 January, 2013 @ 16:09

Hmm, I believe you spelt Wolfenstein wrong. Btw, looks like an awesome game.

All of a sudden, I don’t mind not having PSM in The Netherlands.. This looks worse than the original Wolfenstein 3D!
(Sorry developers, I know you probably worked very hard on this. But.. REALLY!)

almighty-slayer 22 January, 2013 @ 16:10

Looks pretty cool. Definitely worth a look. Nice work, guys.

Awesome biscuits. I’ve been hoping a game like that would show up sooner or later. I’m glad it does because I don’t have to make one :P
Now, if only SCEE acknowledged our region is more than just United Kingdom and Australia and actually allowed me to buy it and play it it would be wonderful.
Vita has been out for almost a year, PlayStation Mobile has been in the talks for much longer than that. That stopped being a good laugh and has become genuinely annoying.

this coming to australia?

not intrested + not option to buy on vita in mi contry

1# No :/

It’s taking far to long for them to expand the service. They better have PSN intergration when it launches over here.

OT. Nice to have a first person shooter for PSM and this is the first 3D game aswell for PSM right?


Looks great and retro too bad i cant buy it as psm is not available in my country yet(could we get updates on countries that will support psm?) guess ill just go play some doom 2 on bfg edition:


Hang on a sec.. You mention great touchscreen controls – which is fine for ‘certified Playstation devices’ – but what about Vita? With it’s proper twin-stick set up (which perfectly suits FPS gaming), surely it doesn’t need touchscreen controls!?

Either way, I think Gun Commando looks too good to miss. I’ll be downloading it tomorrow for sure.


Vita’s analog controls are supported too! The game is designed for touch screens, but it works just as well with the traditional controls. That’s why we decided to give players the option, you can even mix them up!

Does this support dual analog controls for aiming? If not, this game is a waste of time and money.


Yes it does support dual analog controls! Make sure you give the touch controls a spin too, it works really well since we build that control scheme from the ground up!


Sounds a little harsh Gary, but I think I agree.

Looks great! Too bad it’s not available here.

12# Yes it supports dual analogs.(confirmed on their FB page)


Thanks for confirming that Kivi. Definitely grabbing this tomorrow. At £2.19 it looks like a steal.


Confirmed again, we do support dual analogs! :)


PSM for Belgium when?

Cheers Kivi. I’d probably have taken a pass if it was touch-control only, but as it supports sticks, and is pretty cheap, and looks like a bit of stupid fun, I’ll probably take a punt on it.

Nice and all you post this constantly on the EU blog, but a large part of EU can’t access PS Mobile games.

Like overhere in the Netherlands.

Is Sony finally giving a road map that points out when this will release?

Hey SCEE! Why don’t you make a blog for the countries you like and support and then a separate blog for the trash-countries you hate, like Scandinavia. We don’t get half the content you post on this blog, so maybe we should get our own blog with only the picked bones you throw us once in a while. It should be really easy to maintain…

Can we at least have a filter for PS Blog entries that only humiliate us further (getting us hyped for something we don’t get anyway)?

Looks cool and great fun for a FPS PSM game…
Is it twin stick controled on the Vita… If so I’ll be buying it.

Also will you be patching in Trophies when they are released for PSM?


Twin sticks are supported, yes!

Regarding Trophies, there’s no ETA on when it’s going to be supported so you’ll have to ask us again when it is!


Why has PSX compatibility with PS Mobile been removed?
I literally bought a few games under the impression I could play them on my phone. I say ‘under the impression’ but it’s more like the selling point of PS Mobile and PSM compatible phones.
Please bring this back to PS Mobile ASAP because it’s really lacking without it.




does it use the analog sticks on xperia play?


Yes it does, also on Vita!

It’s a shame when developers post these new game blog stories then don’t hang around and reply to some question from would be customers!
Not much to ask really!


We’ve tried to reply to as many questions as possible now, but regarding the PSM availability questions; we can’t speak on behalf of Sony. If anything comes up, let us know! You can also reach out to us on our FB page.

Glad you’ve answered the control question re the Vita.
I’ll be downloading this later today. Hope it’s a success for you!

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