Doodle God launches on PS Vita today


Hello to all the happy owners of PS Vita. I’m Konstantin Feofanov, game designer at SPL, the studio behind the popular Doodle God series, which is available on your system from today, priced at £4.79/€5.99.

This project was very interesting for us, since we not only got the opportunity to carefully transfer the gameplay of this funny game, but also to use the best features of PS Vita without making the game overly complicated, but more addictive and friendly to our players.

The essence of the game is simple yet complex. You are a god, standing at the threshold of new discoveries. You have an empty, bare world before you, begging to be filled, and there are indeed lots of things to fill it with. Starting with ordinary things like marshes and mountains, our new god will uncover the secrets of the human soul, study the tricky concepts of magic and discover the fascinating world of science.


All of it can be completed by combining various elements, like air or fire. There is a twist to it, though: the player starts out on the long road of creation with only four elements, but will end up with over 200!

The gameplay is basically a puzzle. By combining ‘elements’ from different ‘groups’, the player creates (or does not) something new.


Successful discovery of new elements is rewarded with the small prize of funny, recognisable quotes and sayings. If you’re stuck and can’t find the right combination – don’t be shy, use the hint, it’s always there for you, ready to point towards the right answer. However, it won’t give it to you out-right – it may still take some thought!

Altogether, there are four different worlds to fill. The first one is the beginning of life, with winds only starting to blow, volcano eruptions all around and basic microorganisms just appearing. The second one is the world of humans, who always seek knowledge and understanding of all things new, inventing steam boilers and weapons. You’ll have to discover the other two yourself.

While making this game, we aspired to satisfy all kinds of players, using not only the console’s touch screen, but familiar buttons as well.

We hope that Doodle God will find its way into many hearts, fully satisfying the thirst for creating something new!

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Hello Konstantin, how does this differ so much from the touch (not gonna specify since i don’t think it’s needed) versions to cost almost 7 times more?

Does this even have Doodle Devil?

I don’t get it, you just combine stuff and get some quotes? :/
Had it been say half the price I would have considered it just for the fun of experimenting.
But the lack of interesting gameplay (besides combining stuff) makes it hard for me to justify a purchase at that price :/

What makes this version worth purchasing over the iOS/Android version when it costs so much more?


So, game by russian developer not aviable in Russia? Sony you are so mean!!!


Going by the trailer I’ll be sticking to playing SPL’s other game…


Anything else new on Vita today? When is Dokuro coming to EU??

I came here thinking “oh that’s cool”, but then I saw the price. What on earth is in this version justifies an almost 7x price increase over the iOS version?

do I need another smartphone game for Vita?

I’d grab this for €1 and probably buy it for €2. At €6? Not a chance.

For people who don’t mind spending massively more than you’d spend on other formats, this is actually a very good game, a nice quiet way to spend an hour or two. So for anyone that can stomach the price, I’ve no problem recommending it.


You can even play this for free on Kongregate:
So, this is a simple combine-and-win game, or am I missing something here?

What happens when you run into the 133 different combinations, is that the end, or is there something more to it? Sorry, but I really am struggling to find a reason to actually want to play this, other than maybe to teach my 3-year old son the essense of the elements. Is that your goal (educational)? If so, does it support languages other than English?

Please try to lure me in, as I really want to see this game’s appeal.

Shifty_Geezer 23 January, 2013 @ 12:19

£4.79?! You’re outta your tree.

Shifty_Geezer 23 January, 2013 @ 12:20

@ chrisboers. I have this on Android and it’s not very educational at all. Some of the combinations are really illogical. It’s a sumb time-passer. Good for phones and engaging for simple minds, but not a £5 game. You can get way more game for that money.


As per the other comments, how exactly are you expecting to sell this at this price? Considering pretty much everyone who owns a Vita will also own either an iOS/Android phone or tablet I think you’ve wasted your time.

CoolRichy008UK 23 January, 2013 @ 12:30

why call it doodle god when you cant draw in it the clues in the name doodle = draw

i soo hate it when they call it a game and then its not what the game is ment to be that really (DELETED) me off if you make a game called DOODLE for the love of god make it about drawing loads of people will be angry

good thing i int got a ps vita waste of money

dont like this comment sony delite it i dont care

This game looks embarrassingly bad. Why would anyone pay for such a game? I can’t believe it’s even been released on a console. Save it for the iOS/android markets.

This price mark up for IOS / Android games is getting silly
Same reason that I refuse to buy Plants vs Zombies.

I love doodle god on my phone but lets face it. 69p vs £4.79.

And Doodle devil was free on Android.

Another overpriced, shallow phone-game for the Vita. Yay?!

I have no interest in this game, but let me check something…
Aha, on my iPhone this game is €0.94 and on my Vita the game is… €5.99!

That’s just laughable. I can’t even begin to understand how people can fail this much.

Sony needs a swift kick to the head if this is part of their plan for the Vita. This simply shouldn’t be allowed. How about getting publishers like Capcom to support the Vita instead of wasting time on something like this.


when are we getting the Sly Cooper thieves in time demo?the US got it already and i want to play it!

Network features? Vita-specific stuff? Any justification for the markup from the smartphone version?

Too expensive for what it is.

Really?Is THAT the price…

EmperorLawlight 23 January, 2013 @ 13:07

So, $9.95 AUD for an iOS game? Who the hell is driving this PSM business? How can someone be so out of touch?


I tought the smartphone version was a crappy “game” to purchase for less than 1€/some versions even free. Why would I pay 5.99€ for it now? What’s next, 7€ fart apps? I hope this isn’t a Playstation Mobile game, or else Android users are going to laugh at it when they can get it on Google Play for much less.

“Alchemy” games like this are a bit of fun when free on a phone but I don’t personally see much added value to make me want to pay almost £5 for it on the Vita.

If this regular over-pricing of small (essentially phone) games is of Sony’s dictation then it is a tactic they seriously need to reconsider.

I won’t touch this since the developer made the paid for game on iOS freemium. I wanted an inapp purchases less full game- then they took that away from me

superpatchy66 23 January, 2013 @ 13:19

The exact same game is 61p in the Amazon app store.

Marketing these type of games for the Vita are a complete insult to the Vita. The Vita is capable of Uncharted, not this sort of rubbish.

I hope no one buys these type of games until they are marketed for sony mobile and at the same price as elsewhere.

Make quality games for the Vita and not games like this.

26# Well ssmall devs should also have a chance to make games for the psvita. But in this case this is WAY overpriced.

Please be warned that this game is worth nowhere near the asking price – I felt ripped off paying 59p for it on iOS. Think very, very carefully before making a decision to purchase this. Even if it is your type of thing, there is almost no ‘game’ there at all, just randomly combining endlessly until you luck into new combinations.

The game keeps no record of combinations you have already tried, so you will find you end up trying the same ones over and over again because you can’t remember what you have not tried.

This is only a game in the loosest sense of the word and it’s a major insult they would release it at almost £5 – hopefully this comment will help avoid at least one person feeling ripped off.

I know people complain that this type of ‘experience’ are not available on Vita but when you have real games with deep engaging gameplay, you don’t need this type of ‘game.’

Hoping for some more positive announcements soon!

I have Doodle God for Windows 8 & Android and it is great, but at the price it is being offered at here I won’t be getting it for Vita. Most app stores sell is for around $0.99


Thank you so much, I am so glad this has come out for Vita. Fed up of playing it on my ipod (the screen is to small).

Thank you (again), this will be my purchase of the day.

I’m going to make a prediction:

It’s not going to be available in Australian or New Zealand.


Just been readin some of the comments on here, WOW, what is wrong with you, this is a decent game, yes you can get it for other devices out there at about 69p. So what, have you seen the prices for those devices.

I have bought and now am playing Doodle God and I don’t feel the least bit ripped off. I love that I can now play this on my Vita, rather than squinting to see it on my ipod touch.

If you’re out there and are willing to pay a little extra for a game were you can not only just the touchscreen, but the Playstation buttons too.

Then swallow your pride and/or whatever is holding you back for paying the devs a little extra for a good game, and buy it, stop complaining.

It’s better than some of the stuff available for the PS3.


#28 Wait, really? You couldn’t find the combinations you’ve already tried?

I mean they’re right there in the game, on the Vita it’s the 3rd button down the left side.


Indeed, what is wrong with YOU.

“Those devices” can do much more than playing games, besides you can even get one of those devices for half of what the Vita costs (Android) or even the iPod touch.

You’re also a very bad liar, the game isn’t even up on the Store and you’re already playing it on your Vita? WOW indeed.

Seriously, this game’s price and your comment made my day, thank you for the laugh.

it’s in the store, at least here.

But buying THAT after playing free flash version is insane indeed.


Game looks funny enough but should have been a PSM game and not a vita game. Not going to pick it up due to price-comparison to other ios/android devices.


Oh not even avaible in my country it seems, :S
No need to debate wether it’s worth buying then.


Hmm maybe the price is a typo and they haven’t noticed yet LOL and if it’s not a typo then good luck trying to sell it.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure there will be people buying it because there’s always those growing money on trees willing to buy every BS.

I seriously hate the person who does the pricing for vita games, People Do not expect to pay £30-£40 for Vita games in this day and age when you get other 3d games on phones for as little as 69p.

I think Sony need to take a look at Gameloft on IOS/Android as they provide Great 3D games for as little as £4.99. If they can do it Sony so can you

If I recall, pricing is not set by Sony, but the games publishers. Even sale prices and freebies on PS+ are all deals that have to be struck with publishers from my understanding.

Aussieanima67 24 January, 2013 @ 04:20

Looks like a terrible game. Thanks for not releasing it in Australia :)

Support the PS Vita. Sony love your products for once.

Gameloft games are garbage – the last thing the vita needs is games of that quality.

I’m happy to pay £30 for a home console standard experience such as Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Sonic Racing Transformed etc – there is of course a place for games of this cost because you get what you pay for.

Games that ARE the throwaway experiences with poor gameplay such as this should not be sold for £5 though – it just makes Sony and the device look stupid. Everyone mocks Nintendo for charging this much for rubbish and I don’t want to see Sony make a habit of it either.

Good games are very much worth the money, people on here need to remember that instead of complaining that everything should cost the same as iOS without realising the standard of games is at the opposite ends of the scale.

Example: Angry Birds on iOS sells millions. Angry Birds on home consoles is one of the worst games of the generation.

“Hello to all the happy owners of PS Vita. I’m Konstantin Feofanov, game designer at SPL, the studio behind the popular Doodle God series, which is available on your system from today, priced at £4.79/€5.99.”

Eh, not a happy PSVita owner at all.

Lots of content like PS Mobile, but also your game isn’t available in a large part of Europe. Like in my country The Netherlands.

Things started of good, but are now starting to get bad/worse. After USA got great Xmas deals for PSVita and EU got nothing, and after 2 months still hasn’t got any, now even games aren’t released in the whole of Europe.

Starting to become less and less happy with the PSVita by the DAY.

superpatchy66 24 January, 2013 @ 12:20

I pretty much agree with #43.

I have a new kindle fire hd (and a Vita of course), and bought loads of Gameloft games in their January sale for about 60p each (Batman, Spiderman, Nova 3 and a couple more).
The games are brilliant, but contain loads and loads of bugs which require constant power off/on’s.
Good games rubbish quality.

Great Vita games are worth upto £40. I’d much rather pay top dollar for Resistance, Gravity Rush and Uncharted rather than have a Vita store full of low quality low price games.

Doodle G*d should be marketed as a playstation mobile game. Charge what you like in that store, but do not market these sorts of games as for the Vita.
The Vita is a powerful gaming machine and not a device for playing low quality apps.

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