VidZone update: Let the Chart Zone set you free

Users unite in the presence of the collective knowledge of VidZone‘s Universe… What does that even mean? Sorry, no more pretentious statements from now on! As you will know, we released our social patch last week which lets you explore and follow other users and artists on the service (amongst many more new features). This week we’re featuring our new Chart Zone – an ever changing list of content and users so you can explore the very best of what VidZone has to offer.

We will be featuring the other parts of this new version over the coming weeks so keep it “locked” for full details.

Artists of the Week – Taylor Swift, Sexion D’Assaut (France), Olly Murs (Germany)


Miss Swift is one of the hottest young pop artists around right now and her new album Red has topped multiple charts across the globe. We have therefore declared the US sweetheart our Artist Of The Week. Make sure you check out her new video – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ – as well as all her previous hits incl. ‘Back To December’ and ‘Love Story’.

French hip-hop stars Sexion D’Assaut continue to dominate both the local and VidZone charts. Watch their new video ‘J’Reste Debout’ as well as all their smash hits incl. ‘Balader’ and ‘Wati House’ in their featured playlist.

After scoring a #1 in the German charts last year, British pop star Olly Murs has returned with his smash hit single ‘Troublemaker’ ft. US rapper Flo Rida. Check out the video as well as the chart-topping ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ and many more in his Artist Of The Week playlist.


Chart Zone Image

Chart Zone

Charts, our way to show you what you like. Who is your favourite artist? What video has the most views? Which users have the most followers? No more do you have to rely on us to tell you what to like, use the chart zones to start your journey into the best users and artists so you can find all the hidden gems VidZone has to offer. Below is a list of our current charts but that’s just the start. Over the coming weeks we will have more and more so you can explore VidZone to its full potential.

  • Most Followed Artists
  • Most Followed Users
  • Most Subscribed to Playlists
  • Most Subscribed Channels
  • Most Watched Pop
  • Most Watched Rock
  • Most Watched Dance
  • Most Watched Hip Hop
  • Most Watched R&B

Not sure how to use the new features? Well check out our new tutorial video here:

Latest Videos

Check out our great selection this week…

  • One Direction – Kiss You (Pop)
  • Hurts – Exile 2013 (Alternative)
  • Stereophonics – Indian Summer (Rock)
  • Alice In Chains – Hollow (Metal)
  • Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle (Hip-Hop) EXPLICIT
  • Gabrielle Aplin-Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Chill)
  • Zedd – Clarity (Dance)

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2 Author replies

Any chance of the VidZone guys reissuing the PlayStation Home code (JB62-4PB4-E8AC now expired) for the VidZone™ Glitterball Chair ?

Or give it away as reward via a Home Square advert ?

Cheers !

I kinda stopped with vidzone cause the sound of the ads was so loud compared to the musicvideos.

Had to keep lowering volume for ads and put back up for vids.

was kinda annoying .. is that fixed ? or better now?

ps . Any plans for a premium version ? As in pay and dont get ads ?

Candice Haridimou 24 January, 2013 @ 17:15

Hi Basket21

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced problems with the sound in the past. You may want to try using the Dynamic Normaliser option under Settings from the Main Menu. This should help.

Thanks for the suggestion of an ad-free version. A lot of things would need to be in place before we could implement it but we are certainly looking at the possibility.


Ben could you look into the adverts between tracks please. I use vidzone for my children (a suitably selected playlist of course) but the compulsory adverts are really inappropriate for young children. The worst is the PS+ advert with the little sisters and Big Daddies, this is really not suitable for anyone but adults. Given that this app is not age restricted I would be grateful if you could look into this for me as they love the music but I can’t risk it if inappropriate images are going to keep appearing.


Candice Haridimou 24 January, 2013 @ 16:49

Hi rick_x

Candice from Vidzone here.
We appreciate your comment however VidZone is a 16+ service. This is stated in the terms and conditions (appears when first accessing the service) as we do sometimes show content that is not suitable for younger viewers.

We are however looking into implementing a watershed to ensure that adverts such as this are not shown before 9pm in future to enable
you to share our service with your children. We apologise for any offense caused and thank you for making us aware.

Project2insanity 24 January, 2013 @ 15:47

Booooooo! We want pretentious statements!

Liking the new features. Even changing the colour of the side-bar, as small an addition as it is, is very welcome.


Grt ready for my hipster-esque comment: Mainstream pop is crap :P

Oi ! Olly Murs !! Adam Levine wants his voice back!!

We still need some kind off “pay-for-no-ads” deal, for this service :) Maybe free for Plus members?
Love vidzone, but up to 3 ads after a song, is just to much.

I enjoy listening to VidZone and am even watching it right now. That said i wouldn’t want to pay for a service that should be free. If you introduce a paid service please consult Sony about putting it through plus.

I also have a major problem with the sounds of ads being much too loud. Having the sound spike every few minute is more than an annoyance, it means i cant have music on at night time or when the kids are sleeping. I’ve had the dynamic normaliser on since day one. It doesnt make any difference at all. Ads are annoying but they would be less annoying if the same two ads didnt constantly repeat.
A bit of quality control would be nice, dynamic normalisation should be applied before the ads are put up on the service.
Id be happy if you had more variety with the ads tho. Surely that is an option that would appeal to vidzone aswell – more ads?

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