Access episode 66: Ni No Kuni! Tomb Raider! Dust 514!

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Great news everyone – JRPGs are cool again! Mainly that’s thanks to a collaboration between veteran developer Level-5 and masters of anime Studio Ghibli – a collaboration that’s borne an early contender for Game of the Year in the masterful Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Find out why it’s the dragon’s danglies in Access TV episode 66, where it stars as Game of the Week.

And we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Access All Areas sees us getting to grips with the recently announced Tomb Raider multiplayer in London (it’s good!) and chatting to producer Joe Khoury about keeping the spirit of the series alive, even in the midst of full-scale online warfare.

There’s also the small matter of the Dust 514 beta in Bonus Level, which could be the start of something quite incredible for PS3. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that shares a universe with the staggering PC MMO Eve Online, so get on board.

As always there’s a healthy serving of the latest PS3 news (including a look at Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII) plus a rundown of the week’s best content on the PlayStation Store. Enjoy the episode!

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Is it true that Rob will turn back into a fluffy toy if anyone ever cries over him?



RPGs have always been cool with me :D Especially JRPGs. :)

I’m rooting for several localizations :))


That episode was FUNNY!!! :D

Dosentortellini 25 January, 2013 @ 14:52

off topic:
dear Mods,
do u know which week the skyrim dlc’s coming out? next week or at 3. of february? please answer quickly, its important, because im planning my holidays! thx :)

ps plus contend for february anyone?

@6,@7: Next….. week……

Lovely All Access this episode. The Ni No Kuni item almost convinced me. (Almost).

That Alien at the end looked suspiciously like a girl’s private toy though.. :-)

Our American friends across the pond are LOVING Ni No Kuni. Loads of fantastic reports on it.

Can’t wait till February the 1st!!

nice to see ni no kuni arive in europe ( hope them fix fast save bug in the mision whith the staf )

i hope them not louch skirim dlc next week ( real not like when to many ting i like are comming same time )

only chame = if i buy soon mi own place , gone be lots lesser games to buy + looking more to price of games + game lifespan .

games like terraria / cod / u can play long time +
lots of looking when games are budget friendly
also means buy more on psn store when cheap .( lots of time u not find games when them are littel old )

WELSHDRAGON_74 25 January, 2013 @ 18:47

plz make accsess half hr show each week that would be fandabedooze lol plus give us the most wanted to the most asked question on the interweb WHEN IS THE PS4 GETING RELEASED???…… so we can start saving are spondoles as the ps4 is going to cost us a monkey or is that just a rumour lol



Hype meter for Ni No Kuni has been going through the roof the last weeks. Good thing Okami has kept me busy.


Also, that new Tomb raider looks more like an Uncharted clone everytime I see it.. I mean look at it.. Even the way their characters move and aim looks ‘heavily inspired’ by Uncharted.. This is pretty much Uncharted with uglier environments and animations.. I’ll still get it but still.. Wonder if these guys can get sued for this?

jason-bridges 26 January, 2013 @ 17:11

ni no kuni is what ffxiii and spin-off’s should have been, i hope squareenix is paying attention.


does someone knows the answer to this?

I pre-ordered ni no kuni trough the Dutch playstation store
afterwards i could download 3 files

1) the main game (5.9 gb ?????) De
2) flutterby (343.8kb)
3) griffy (343.8kb)

The main game size states 5.9 gb (also shown in the description on top in store) while looking in the US store and reading there blog and some other sites, the size states 21gb.

Am i missing something here? Does someone know what the actual size of this game is. can the other parts be downloaded after release date? or do we get a slimmed down version of the game?

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