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Good morning one and all. Yes, another busy week here on PlayStation Blog. In case you missed any of the announcements, here’s your regular weekly catch-up digest.

Highlights this week included a look at the two special editions for The Last of Us and news of a forthcoming demo for Naughty Dog’s latest. We launched a massive Final Fantasy sale on PlayStation Store and added more deals to our January sale, including big savings on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Max Payne 3. We also heard from the creator of classic RPG Demon’s Souls, the team behind quirky platformer The Cave and the writer of impending blockbuster BioShock Infinite.

Please, enjoy your weekend – we’ll see you back here next week for news on your February PlayStation Plus content, status updates from the Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway teams, and word on a handful of other big titles for both PS3 and PS Vita.

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Could you please have a look at fixing the final fantasy 7 price? An acknowledgement of this issue from a moderator would be very much appreciated :)


I’ve raised this one with the team – it should be fixed shortly.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 27 January, 2013 @ 11:11

Have you got anything to spill regarding the upcoming Vita sale? Please add a range of Ps1, PSP and PV games.


No news yet. Hopefully very soon though.

Excellent week(as usual) ;) The only thing PSN/PS3 could do more of is more PS1 & PS2 classics really & Old school classic games to, would make PSN perfect & hopefully then when the ‘PS4’ comes out it could play everything the ‘PS3’ can which is on PSN now & in the Future. That would be PERFECT :P

excellent week,thanks for demon’s soul digital release and dead space 3 demo
i pre ordered gow ascension immediately on knowing that there’s gonna be last of us demo

and please tell us what is February’s plus content?


Wait a few hours!

hows everyone this weekend?

been playing Kingdoms Of Amalur and after playing a while now i have decided its excellent lots of fun and i recommend it to people on the fence about it as its super cheap and great value.

looking forward to next weeks plus heads up ;)

and FINALLY………tonight is royal rumble night where the rock has come back to wwe……..and hopefully cm punk will make him go to sleep and retain the wwe title :)

i still love wwe and am really looking forward to tonights rumble :)

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 12:15

Hey Fred, following questions from me so prepare:

1. Will R&C: QForce for the Vita likely come on Feb?
2. Ragnarok Oddseey and Dokturo, when?
3. Silver Vita, when? Since the US has it last year and we’re still stuck with one colour.
4. Price cut on Vita yet and the memory cards? 3DS had it months later after it’s release.

I think that’s about it. Hope the Vita gets more games this year.


1. We’ll have an update for you on that soon. It’s not far off now.
2. No word on Ragnarok yet, but we’ll have Dokuro news later today.
3 + 4. Nothing to share today I’m afraid.

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 12:16

Also, what happened to my avatar??


Hi Fred, I’ve got a question that’s been bugging me for quite time now.

Now that THQ has disappeared, do you know what’s going to happen to all their titles without a home? I mean, I understand those that were bought will come back under another company logo, but what about those like Darksiders?

BTW, all this Ni No Kuni talk I see everyhwere, blog included, wants me to try out that demo…


Well, most of them got picked up by other publishers. Alas, I believe Darksiders was one of the few properties that didn’t :( I guess that means no more Darksiders for now…

declan__watson 27 January, 2013 @ 13:19

Good Afternoon Fred, I hope your having a great weekend
Raining here in scotland, terible end to a lovely weekend. Earned another couple of trophies in Dead Island and in Black Ops 2 and continuing to gain the trophie stats, as I want the highest level posible, with some wiked games to show off.

I am downloading Ni No Kuni demo and also one of my favourite films Spirited Away by Studio Ghilbi
and now there partnering up with Level 5 Studios, a really close 1st Party Publisher for Sony to create a game for ps3. I was being chased by the Police on my Vita play Need For Speed Most Wanted, so yeah another weekend all but over, another few hours of gaming or so. Looking forward to next week ordering my 16 gb memory card for my Vita so will look forward to that.
Enjoy wwe tonight Hayzink :) Have a lovely night Fred, I will see you back tommorow.
LongLivePlay ;)

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 13:57

You know, something’s wrong with my avatar being displayed here, =(
I also switched mine back to Sonic just to get it to work properly, if you see him again, prob solved. if still a grey face. Then crap. -_-

ni no kuni blogs where intresting

lots of advetars having problem +
login = taking to long ????? + updating = more then 3-4 min .

lol i mean avatars
store problems
avatars problems
loging + update problems on playstation .com
next ?

Hello Fred,
Can you confirm whether the season pass price for black ops 2 on the store is correct. I ask for several reasons:
1. The price I other regions is around £32-£35
2.The price for other formats in the same region is £35
3. Pre paid season pass cards sold in retailers were sold at £35 (and then purchasers were told they had to fork out an extra £7 as the card only gave them credit
4. Activision previously advertised the price as £35

Why are we paying for in the Eu on ps3 when we are receiving it later and advertising and prepaid cards suggest a pricing error. I’ve tried to find an answer but activision say Sony made the change and Sony say its activision. Either way its the customer who gets screwed.
I know a lot of people aren’t going to bother buying the season pass now because of this issue- it now costs more than the game itself- and there is no reason why we should be charged more than advertised and more than other formats
Please reply


I can confirm that price is correct and not an error.

The Last Of Us special editions do seem nice, and the January Sales were great.

The weekend debate is very entertaining this week :D

I do have a question that may be more of a request, is the Malicious Rebirth coming to Europe? If not, talk with Alvion, I think it would be an awesome game to have on the Vita, it’s gorgeous and the level design benefits more the Vita than the original did on the PS3 (it’s still an excellent game on the PS3, don’t take me wrong).

And I wished Capcom would reconsider a Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations, but I find that hard to happen :(


I’ve not heard anything about Malicious Rebirth heading West. If news comes in, I’ll be sure to pass it on!

joao_fernandes 27 January, 2013 @ 16:58

Answer to Carl-G:
I just pretend that the content we bought already is still going to be available for us in PS4 to re-download. Consumers have that right. No one likes to buy the same game twice. I have a lot of PS3 classics that I am going to continue playing, so I am expecting that PS4 offers that service. A new equipment has to do the same as the previous plus the new functionalities, not like Sony did with PS3. If Sony insists in this disrespect to users as a strategy just to earn more money I think PS4 is going to fail BIG.

Any news on the Vita sale? When will it start for example?


Not long now. Hopefully we’ll update you early next week on that.


Finally! After 2 months of intense sessions on Persona. 4 Golden… a new shiny Platinum! Woohoo!!!


This is out of topic but….. I just platinumed Uncharted 2! Time for U3 now! :D

why make sunday blog when u noth responding on sunday ?

very slow on blog to when sing in enter mail + pas = takes long to verify .
i hope news next week on :
– ragnorack odysee + demo
– soul sacrefice + demo
– terraria + demo + al 3 some % to psn + mebers
– skirim dlc ( al in 1 week aub = 2/3 week of the month )
– some gta news
– some news one valhallaknichts 3

+ i hope to see update on ps3 to remove ore move the singstar icone
+ in ps3 store =ps3 german language out + corect number of letters and numbers in search option
fix u problems on pc blog + playstation site ( faster loging in )
+ advatar problem on blog .


Sorry, I try to put some time aside on a Sunday to drop in, but it’s not always possible. I’m here now though!

almighty-slayer 27 January, 2013 @ 19:36

Looking forward to KZM and TearAway news :)

Also: PS+ content day is always a good one. Personally hoping we might get Dead Island at some point, as the sequel is out soon. Maybe that’s being too hopeful. Ninja Gaiden Sigma + on Vita would be good too, seeing as the sequel to that is out soon…

Eee… I’m sure i’ll enjoy whatever’s in the update :D Have a good week, Fred.


Could you look at the ps store prices, there really high and me can not afford them.

Ps store
DmC Devil May Cry £49.99
Far Cry® 3 £59.99

DmC Devil May Cry £35.99
Far Cry® 3 £27.99
Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Limited Edition £26.99

can you see!

ryannumber3gamer 27 January, 2013 @ 20:01

I got some questions.

1.Where’s the Sly demo? The US got it on Tuesday. This is extremely disappointing in my opinion since the US has gotten 2 demos and gets the game on Feb 5th while we have gotten no demos and we have to wait to the end of March before we get it.
2.Any news on the PS All-Stars costumes since the US got them in December.
3.Will R&C Qforce for vita be out early Feb?


1. Look out for news on that later this week
2. I’ll look into this
3. As above – it’s not too far off. I’ll let you all know when the date is confirmed.

Having trouble with both downloading and installing Mortal Kombat (PS3) from PSN here in Norway.

Where do I direct my rage?

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 20:33

£59.99 for a full digital game? Ouch.

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 20:47

Hmm, most people has grey faced avatars and that’s a weird problem instead of their own while only few wren’t affected. Hope the blog team can fix this tommorow. =\


I’m looking into this with our tech team. Bear with me…

Project2insanity 27 January, 2013 @ 20:53

@hayzink; You’re mental, dude! The Rock is gonna teach that jabroni a lesson about respect! Can’t help but get a bad feeling about certain people being banned from ringside, though…

By the end of the rumble, we’ll be hearing ‘FEED ME MORE!!!’


i dont think for one min that punk is going to retain the title :( the rocks gonna win to set up rock cena 2 at mania where cena will beat rock to win the title :(
mind you a curve ball could be lesnar showing up and helping out punk, sheild are banned no one else and lesnar is a heyman guy after all this could lead to rock lesnar at mania.

i dont see ryback winning the rumble i think cena will be the one to win or again lesner as the wwe will want to use him at mania and he has had no build up to any matches to this point.

i just dont want punk to drop the title tonight!


Any chance of ever seeing Micro Machines V3 on PSN? That was the game that made me buy a Playstation back in the day!

supersmith2500 27 January, 2013 @ 21:42

Hope to see something interesting very soon.

Project2insanity 27 January, 2013 @ 21:47

@hayzink; I’m very split on who should win. I want The Rock to win because Punk’s reign has become stale. He’s lost what made him an original character. On the other hand, sooner The Rock becomes champ, the sooner he’ll leave again. Cena/Rock rematch does seem a very likely outcome but I’m hoping Lesnar does interfere and he faces The Rock at Wrestlemania. Nobody gets screwed over quite like the people’s champ.

I never even considered Lesnar being in the rumble itself, now there’s a thought. I imagine Ryback and The Shield will take each other out. Cena’s definitely the favourite.

Better yet, The Undertaker. Wrestlemania to win the title and retire, ending the streak at 21. Fitting end to a legend. Only issue is if he comes in at say 10th, the rest of the contenders will be in the ring before he finishes his intro…


KZ:M and Tearaway news yay! I’m also hoping to finally see that Soul Sacrifice demo. Anyway it looks like an epic week for the Vita!


The PSASBR DLC was announced like last week on here.

Characters arrive Feb 13th and are free for 2 weeks.

Where is the Playstation deals?

ryannumber3gamer 28 January, 2013 @ 01:14

@32. I’m not talking about the Kat and Emmett DLC. I’m talking about the Pre-Order costumes that the US got in December.


There’s a PS Home section on the PS Store, that caught my attention until I saw it was just for arcade deals, meh.

Which day do we get the PS+ heads up? Hopefully we get Wipeout this month. If we don’t, can you subtly say no by mentioning the Vita sale so I know what to expect? Lol.


Dear Sony would you do something about the PS Store and the in-game XMB could make it simpler and faster it’s really slow and my ps3 freezes sometimes (bad english sorry) :(


On the Vita PS Store* woops.

residentSteve 28 January, 2013 @ 06:21

@22 seems a silly question to ask why not just order them from amazon?

Posted on 28 January, 2013 at 9:08 am by Fred Dutton
Sorry, I try to put some time aside on a Sunday to drop in, but it’s not always possible. I’m here now though!

lol , u only pers. working on the blog ?
why not 2/3 pers in Euro blog to see if people have problems ( every min. count if we see not normal stuf , u never nowh when somting bad happens ;) )

deam no ragnorack :( i hope to see soon , wil ith be psn game ore retail ?)

so info / demo on terraria ore ragnorack
ore dlc skyrim comming soon ?

i see u team of tech . are working to solve problems on advatars + slow login .


Just a warning to anyone out there thinking of purchasing Mad Dog McCree…..DON’T!

It’s the worst release i’ve experienced on the Store. It looks as if they’ve tried to upscale the video footage but failed miserably by using a smooth filter that you would see within the Megadrive titles. The video footage is very dark & hard to make out in places & ruins the overall experience. You can’t change the picture within the game either, you have to adjust you brightness settings on your TV & even that is useless. Terrible, terrible release & hope fully a patch will be released to address this but I very much doubt it. Save yourself some money & purchase something else.

A very annoyed Mad Dog McCree Arcade fan!

Kind Regards


dhruvbhutani90 28 January, 2013 @ 09:38

Hi Fred! Is there any chance of seeing Final Fantasy VII and perhaps even Chrono Trigger on the Indian Playstation Store ?
Can’t wait to see whats included for PSN+ members in February!


@ Hayzink

The twin in that video is cute ;)

I can’t remember my twins being that small, until I look at photos. They’re one now & are still very small compared to most one year olds. Their weights were 4lbs 5oz & 5lbs 4 oz so you can imagine how small they were, as I imagine yours would be roughly the same weight??

Take care!


Killzone: Mercenary infos on the way WOOOHOOOO! I hope we get to see gameplay footage or at least some screenshots, because I’m eager to see some more of it. I watched the gamescom trailers gameplay bits like 100 times frame by frame. That game will be EPIC!

Another Blog recap, another week without answer to Singstar icon complaints. Great SCEE, very great!!!

Fred, you commented that you “arent always here on Sunday” as does Jawad for his less than helpful response times for the store updates (not sure if Chris has commented on it, but likely the same case)
Why not just hire someone at minimum wage, that can actually take the time to answer queeries (even if its repeats) and have that as a dedicated job? Cant imagine SCEE are that hard pressed, though given how bad the store is and how many people have jumped ship due to crappy customer service (dont not reply due to this, we both know its true >_>)
Secondly, was the uh “looking for new PSN friends” PS Forum post not going to be stickied or highlighted in the blog in some way? its already running out of steam due to not being on the front page, thought itd be a banner or side link or something by now o_O

I’m quite a new playstation 3 owner, since this summer. I really enjoy the console and have bought a little collection of games already. I would like to join PS+, since everyone says that it is really amazing, but I missed the sale during the holidays..
Could you give me a hint about when PS+ subscriptions will be on sale again…? Pretty please? I have a daughter that needs food too, you see :)


Heh, not long to wait! See the Plus post due up later today!

On the store it states that the final fantasy sale goes until the 6th of Feb, whilst the final fantasy blog post says one week, which is correct?

Flugsvampen_97 28 January, 2013 @ 10:28

Hi Fred! I have been waiting for weeks, any news on the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time demo? I cant wait any more, I have been waiting for Sly 4 in seven years! Please answer! :)


Hopefully we’ll be making an announcement in a few days. I believe a release date is locked, and it’s not too far off. Bear with us!

paulanfield1981 28 January, 2013 @ 11:12

Hi Fred
Do you have any info on wwe wrestlefest,as there is dlc out already but no news on the actual game?

CookieMonsterES 28 January, 2013 @ 11:15

Hi there, Fred!

I’d like to report that there’s a bunch of missing content for Street Fighter x Tekken, dozen of items that are showing as not available and can’t be downloaded. Could we have it fixed? Thanks.

Plus news today, cool :)

GiftoftheGods 28 January, 2013 @ 11:42

Can you tell me why downloading titles seem to want to rob me of so much more money than buying the retail copy. I have seen games priced at £60 but i can go online and get them for £25 or less sometimes. I know its all a convenience thing but why should convenience cost me £20-£35 more. please sort out your ridiculous store prices for retail games.


“Hey Fred,
Don’t want to bug you but I cant understand the absence of orgarhythm and sumioni from Indian store. We don’t have a censor board, so Eu ratings (pegi) are followed here. So I cant possibly think of a reason for this. So I hope you can give a response explaining this. Will this happen in the future too?

Regarding my previous post, I checked the one you referred to and India falls in english speaking regions, so no localisation needed. I am a bit worried since even Dokuro may miss Indian store, which would suck. On that, who is publishing Dokuro in Eu?
Also, Corpse Party was released here but not the sequel, should I bug Xseed regarding this and other published games missing from indian store?
Please reply, hoping I am not bugging you.
Cheers :)

Project2insanity 28 January, 2013 @ 15:05

@Dermado & monoliet; Guys, give him a break. Everyone is entitled to a day off. I’d be cracking skulls if people demanded I worked every day.

Also, bear in mind the blog isn’t a Q&A session. The beauty of having a community is most knowledge can be shared between each other and if an answer really is important, we should be prepared to do a little reading. There’s no way one person alone can respond to everything.

Insanity, Im aware you are a troll (remember you from the Singstar thread -.-) but you seem to be purposefully misreading what I put.
To make it even more blunt, if Fred, Jawad or anyone else is choosing to respond to less than 20% of the comments, either by choice (not wanting to answer questions) , by being busy, or ignoring issues for weeks then replying to the same issue 4 times on one page something is clearly wrong.
Given, that they could hire someone at minimum wage (or an apprenticeship? or internship?) and make their own job easier it makes no sense not to do so.
But given how bad the customer service is (email them, a robot will tell you to phone the customer service number, or phone them and be told you are wrong) anyway and how little information we get (or how blunt it is, the guy asking about the COD map card thing thats false advertising? yeah he should get a full refund and the item should be pulled from the shelves o_O) especially compared to America.

Bearing in mind, that if the feedback was better less people would have jumped ship or canceled PS+ due to Singstar Malware. More than enough to pay for the hypothetical blog replierer.
Not only this but they stonewall us too much, I mean Singstars still there, people still want CSGO , The store is still crap. Now I understand some stuff is legal, but the majority of people wont look back more than a page to find what they want.
anyway, no one is asking him to work 24/7, he can delegate, or hire say 3 people to work peek hours, also we arent making unfair demands, just suggestions and feedback. I mean they will be completely ignored and no doubt blacklist us from winning weekend debates, but Id rather have the customer service as good as America (or combine the store and blogs o_O…)

supersmith2500 28 January, 2013 @ 17:07

I wonder who won the Weekend Debate. Also, there is something with my avatar being displayed on the blog.

Project2insanity 28 January, 2013 @ 18:43

@Dermado; Wow, I decided to avoid being sarcastic towards yourself because I’ve found this week that it can be taken for far worse than intended yet you brand me a troll!?
I didn’t misread your statement one single bit. Why don’t you try reading mine again so you can realise I wasn’t addressing you alone ie I generalised a little?

I just think it’s an absolutely ridiculous idea. Do you really think Fred does the hiring? Do you really think answering constantly repeated questions on a blog justifies a wage? ‘The majority of people wont look back more than a page to find what they want’? So you expect to be waited on hand and foot!?

If you truly recall the Singstar thread, you should recall I was opposing people blowing it way out of proportion. Too many comments were disgusting in tone. But go ahead, brand me a troll. One day you may learn I justify my points and then you’ll understand you are wrong to call me that.

Project, to be blunt its not just the post here or the one on Singstar, many little annoynaces over and around the blog, iirc mainly jumping in and attacking people when they ask for reasonable treatment from the blog or phone team. Its annoying to log in via the PS3 and has not been aimed at me before but its not just those 2 instances o_O. (though in this one alone? ok tbf I was a tad quick with the T-bomb -.-)
Do you think Fred cant say he needs help? That he thinks it would be a good idea and let him do his actual job as opposed to “extra duties”. Indeed it does, work experience, somewhat similar to a call centre. Again can be an intern or apprentice and a reference -.-
And again, given that I read the majority of the pages on topics that interest me in my case? no, but I dislike seeing large numbers of legitimate questions and concerns ignored and then three replies about say an avatar being missing.

Project2insanity 28 January, 2013 @ 19:33

@Dermado; I certainly don’t ‘attack’ anybody. I take issue with people being unreasonable and demanding responses (don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not saying complaints are unreasonable). I very rarely criticise an opinion, only the manner in which it’s presented. Or do you believe nobody does go over the top?

As for your idea, had you not responded the way you had to my very reasonably-worded comment, I wouldn’t have called it ridiculous. If it gives food for thought, what makes you think if someone is brought onboard, that essentially ‘no comment’ won’t be the response for the concerns that aren’t answered as it is?


I just realised the price on Final Fantasy VII was not correct before, and I bought it… Is there any way I can get money back? Because that is just ridiculous. I paid $14.45 instead of $7.35 :\

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