Community update: New community digital magazine out now


Hello all and welcome the latest update on what’s happening over in the Official PlayStation Community! This week I’ll be talking about one thing, our community’s digital magazine!


The start of last week saw the launch of the fourth edition of our community magazine. This slice of digital awesomeness is written, designed and compiled entirely by the members of the community!


As always, it’s jam-packed full of content including an exclusive Q&A with three different developers, including Codemasters. The community fired off numerous questions and queries in regards to the F1 Race Stars game which were then passed onto the Codemasters team to answer. The best answer even won a signed copy of the game.


The Community Magazine also features plenty of reviews and previews as well as lovely articles to cast your eyes on. Of course, that is just a small taster of what’s in this edition, so why not have a read and see what you think!

If you would like to contribute to the next edition of the magazine, we are always on the lookout for new writers. You can register your interest by applying in this thread and make sure to visit the PlayStation Forum to get involved in any potential further Q&As with game developers which will then be featured in the next edition of the Community Magazine.

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nice mag , only we hardcore gamers looking everyday on the net to see new tings ;) = info /rumors: previeuws/ revieuws
9/10 i already nowh what games I want at the beginning of the year.
stil some games can surprice me.
so when u ore others make mags = old news to use .

Will there be a post about the February content for PlayStation Plus soon?

@#2 1pm I’ve heard

Nice tie-in of the F1 Race Star interview with the PS Plus update of February… Overall the magazine is excellent, as always!


Why thank you Chris, appreciate the feedback :)

It’s a nice magazine but I’m not sure I’ll find myself reading through it every edition, if it was an actual physical magazine that I would get one edition per month for a low subscription price, Maybe even a discount for PS Plus members? :D I would probably be interested but since it is a digital magazine I’ll probably just look at the gaming sites for info that I already use since it is all on the internet.

The magazine is extremely well laid out and a credit to the people working on it. It isn’t meant to be competition for other gaming sites that merely post news and reviews by overly inflated egos – it’s an amiable, down to earth read produced by members of the community that do it for the love of all things Playstation. Unconditionally.

I hope it continues. 8-)

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