PlayStation Home update: Setsubun ogre extermination!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 30th January for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Setsubun 2013 – evil spirits have been unleashed and converted into ogres. The Great Edo of Nippon is full of ogres! Join the battle with a Metal Rod to defeat these beasts! This event runs from 30th January to 27th February 2013.

Heroically decorated, this Japanese Boy’s Day Doll is a strong ally, fighting alongside its owner in Operation: Defend Edo. It’s like having a friend fighting beside you!

Exterminate the Mononoke using a Yo-yo. Hit with continuous brilliant attacks from outside the enemy’s range!

The sailor uniform is proof of a dependable leader. This new Female Gang Leader outfit includes a red scarf, worn out loafers, a long skirt and short hairstyle.

The Sexy Mini Yukata has arrived featuring a short length and revealed shoulders. Let’s sprinkle some sleek Japanese style adult charm in the city of Edo!

Enjoy touring around on the Minibike! Feel the wind, hear the engine, and see everyday places from a new view. Also pick up the Riding Suit set, perfect for the motorcycle rider!

A nightmare which lures men, the Succubus Wings are also now available. The bewitching movement of the Succubus will attract attention from all around!

Casino – King Tut’s Tomb Slots
Take a spin on this new slots variation and unlock King Tut’s riches. Your earnings in this game will add to those in all of the other machine games. Give King Tut’s Tomb a spin, line up the hieroglyphics and you’ll be living like a pharaoh in no time!


Also from Digital Leisure, take to the skies in your dirigible with this outfit. Forget archaic fossil fuels because steam power is the way of the future! Strap on your goggles and go!

Painted Bare by JAM Games
Why wear clothes when you can be your own work of art and wear paint? These hand-painted masterpieces let you show off in style and be a little different from the crowd!

Choose from Madame Flutterby, Lady Purrfect, Gladiatorial Hero, Alien Reptilaman or Mistress Multi-Coloured. Complete the look with matching shoes and accessories! We hope you enjoy the free gift for your apartments too!

Home Tycoon


Save big in Home Tycoon this week! Get 50% off the popular Animals Gone Wild expansion pack, and save 40% on the GloboSyn Loft Tower. Hurry, the sale ends soon!


Also coming to Home Tycoon this week: the new Olympic Stadium! Bring the thrill of the games to your city, and boost Happiness by 850. No Gold Coins required!



Steal the spotlight and go wild with the craziest new female hairstyles in Home: IdolStyles from Hellfire Games! Choose between the Blazing Twin, Colossal Curls, Elegant Twin-Drills, and Wild Ponytail IdolStyles to become the life of the party!



New from Hellfire Games, blaze through your favourite spaces with the Industrial Steampunk, Wicked Razor, Shadow Dragon, Camellia Fairy, and Golden Archangel SpeedWings, plus the first-ever Novus Prime-themed locomotion item: the Obsidian Runic SpeedWings!

u love green


Codeglue continues the successful collaboration with u love green, and brings you a new “eco-chic” collection this week. Grab individual items or go for one of the discounted bundles! In 2013, Codeglue and u love green are planning to release more clothing and expand on this successful collaboration. They might have something new for you very soon!


Lockwood have revisited some of their classic staples and given them a fresh look for 2013. Glow shoes are now available in Hi-Top and Sneaker-Heels styles and they come in a variety of colours plus value packs to help you look sharp without breaking the bank.
The Gift Machine is updated with new outfits and Locomotion magic carpets for The Jewel of the Skies.

Espionage 9 Arcade Cabinet

Espionage 9_cabinet

The addictive one or two player game about spies and espionage is now available to play from the comfort of your personal apartment space. You can play the Espionage 9 Arcade Cabinet as many times as you want without the need to buy Espionage 9 tickets. You can earn the rewards if you missed them in Aurora.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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lol , good to see some peopel are stil spending lots of mony .
in mi eyes home faild = always waiting bowling lane
virtuel goods to expensif .
to slow to load .

residentSteve 29 January, 2013 @ 18:14

I know what you mean monoliet I hope Sony remove it on ps4 I normally check back once a year but can never find anything good I never understood what people like about home.

thunderking1981 29 January, 2013 @ 18:36

wow what a very good update i like home a lot keep up the good work

ResidentSteve: Why would they remove it if people enjoy it? Just be cause you don’t like it? Nobody’s forcing it upon you. Don’t be the gardener’s dog.

Monoliet: Please, use spell checker – Chrome and Firefox have those built in ;)

CoolRichy008UK 29 January, 2013 @ 20:06

monoliet & residentSteve is right ps home is boring sony only made it so they can take your money to make more virtual stuff that you dont actually own ps home WONT BE ON PLAYSTATION4 they need to make better games insted of wasting money on making home trash waste of money if i was incharge of sony i would make a rule so that if people want a refund from ps home when its boring id let them get a refund

oh and monoliet ignore anyone who tells you how to spell you can spell it how you want just ignore idiots

( and i dont care if sony removes this

Haven’t really spent much time in Home myself, I only have time for all my PS3 games. :)

But I think if Sony is serious about including it on PS4, they need to integrate it better in the XMB. Like for instance, if other gamers can see your Home avatar when they visit your profile, or that you will be able to use the avatar in other games.

Yes that sounds a bit like Mii/360 avatar, but at least the Home avatars don’t look so annoying that they make me want to punch a hole in my TV. :D


No mention of 1.75? Also, when will we be having another VidZone event in Home or a permanent VidZone space?

CoolRichy0008UK 29 January, 2013 @ 23:19

Playstation home is class!

I tend to judge things, people on my experiences with them. If there is more that I like about them or it than dislike then I’m happy with them/it. For me Home has a lot more going for it than against it, but that is just my personal opinion. Those whom are not happy and say so are entitled to their opinion and are entitled to state in commentary. That’s what it is for n’est ce pas? All I can suggest to them is give Home/us another chance. You never know, you might surprise yourself and end up liking Home. Just think also, if you were there you could helpmake Home a better place too :)

Home has loads of content now, mostly to buy coming in and the interface is vastly improved, ie loading. However, what needs to be looked at now is the actual social side of things in my view, make it easier for us to actually connect with with people. Give us more tools for the club system, maybe a dedicated website interface within home that can also be used externally perhaps and specific regional spaces for instance.

M_A_S_T_E_R--KEN 30 January, 2013 @ 08:21

Tired of garbage from the orient. How about some American soil baby !!!

How stupid that people think Home won’t be on PS4. Users have spent hundreds in there, you think Sony are gonna say “hard luck guys”? Of course it’ll be on there.

Why is it still in beta?


Well said, Pro

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