Bayonetta now available on PSN!

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It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Bayonetta to PSN (the second Platinum Games title we have released recently digitally) today, and we’re very excited for those gamers who have yet to try this iconic action game from the mind of the incredibly talented director Hideki Kamiya.

For those of you who have not played Bayonetta before allow me to entice you with our launch trailer from the vaults of 2012:

Bayonetta is the story of the last remaining member of an ancient clan, the Umbra Witches, who have kept the balance between light, dark and chaos for hundreds of years. However, Bayonetta has awakened from a 500 year sleep to find herself in a world she no longer recognises, with no clues to her past or how she got where she is.

Her awakening sparks a chain of events that reach cataclysmic proportions, and with a 500 year old war setting the background of the game, and the lines of good and evil blurring fast, Bayonetta needs to discover the secrets of her past, and work towards securing her future.

At the core of the game is a very deep combat system, and Bayonetta comes well equipped for battle; wielding four pistols (collectively known as Scarborough Fair) and utilising her infamous fighting style the ‘bullet arts’, she is a very dangerous combatant.

Combining sheer strength, endurance and versatility, as well as being able to use a vast array of weaponry throughout the game, you control Bayonetta and face off against countless hoards of the angelic ranks sent against her.

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Bayonetta also has access to her unique abilities of ‘Witch Time’ and her ‘Wicked Weave’, which add new elements of gameplay into the equation to make the all-out action of the game even more outlandish.

Whether you’re completely new to the game, or you’d like to relive the adventure once more, you can experience the game this Wednesday from PSN (£11.99/€14.99/AU$23.95).

Finally, as something of a tease, we are also very pleased to announce that the third Platinum Games title we’ll be bringing to PSN will be Anarchy Reigns, and that’s currently slated for release on 13th February – more details to come!

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Posted on 30 January by Mike Kebby – PlayStation Store Manager, SCEE

As for the game I’m quite interested and that this price might pick it up


Cripes! The ghost of Christmas past. Apologies, I’m changing that now.


Felt like I was back in 2010 for a minute there ;)


Before going on Bayonetta, allow me to say… I thought Jawad had left us/SCEE for a minute, I then clicked on the author archive. Someone update that profile! :P

On the serious note, it’s great news that Bayonetta is available now (and by now I mean by the time I write this) on the Store. I’ve had quite a bad luck in finding new copies of the game here, so it’s a great alternative.

I want to ask, if possible, is there any enhancement present to the digital version of the game? I know the game at launch suffered some problems and it ot patched, but I mean if there’s any further work on the digital version than the patch.

Mike, is there any chance of getting Resonance of Fate/Valkyria Chronicles or even the Yakuza games on PSN. Id really love to see those in the PSN libary.

Great news :)
I’ll pick Anarchy Reigns on 13th.

Is Sega also bringing out Aliens Colonial Marines on PSN ?


Glad you’re looking forward to Anarchy Reigns!

I’m not able to confirm anything at the moment for you, but keep your eyes peeled.

nice game , sad part 2 not on ps3 = :(




Not to be a party pooper but is this version, in any way, an improvement over the original disc release?

Platinum themselves have gone on record and said that PS3 Bayonetta was their worst project as the port from the Xbox to PS3 was handled by SEGA and featured no end of framerate issues.

I’d buy it in a heartbeat on PSN if someone can confirm these issues have been rectified.


This version has all the patches that were released for the game, but no further development work has been done on this version.

Can’t wait for 2.Glad someone had the decency to invest in a sequel.

@Mike, please give us Yakuza games on PSN !!

And same question as above about A:CM…

Day 1 digital(on 12th) ?

StefNighthawk 30 January, 2013 @ 13:28

Could be a timed-exclusive (fingers crossed).

Hi Mike,

Not sure whether you or someone from sega are alloed to asnwer this, but here it goes:

I played Bayonetta on Xbox like mad, since then, ive thrown my xbox away and even stoped PC gaming, becoming a PS3 fanboy for the last 2 years, something i very least expected.

Anyway, most games i played over again on PS3 but 1 of the exceptions was Bayonetta, and only for one reason:

Stall in gameplay when you pick up item

This turned me away from playing the game again, as Xbox did not have this issue at all.

So, does the digital copy suffer the same issue?


This game releases up to date with the patches that were released previously, but no further development work has been done.

i hope :
sexi witch ,lol


Awesome one, although I’m not picking it up as I already have it :)

But very good price, I wish you released some other games like this at this price! I’m talking about the likes of Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore, etc. That would be really good.


My first Platinum Trophy was for this game! Memories… I even tried to get my ex to dress up like Bayonetta (she was having none of it)

The crash issues were sorted with a post launch update I seem to remember.

Everyone should get this game it is pure sexy mad funs!


I bet that was not the easiest of conversations to have, especially depending on what costume you wanted worn ;)

Afternoon all, I know this is off topic and I can predict the answer but I’m going to ask anyway….any YAKUZA on PSN news?!? Especially the amazing looking YAKUZA 5, will this be coming to Europe? Surely PSN is especially suited to these more niche titles….


No further Yakuza plans that I’m aware of, but if anything comes up, PS Blog readers will be the first to know.

Please release the Yakuza 3,4 and Dead Souls on PSN!

Can anyone please confirm it this version is improved from the original release?


Any idea when Anarchy Reigns will be coming to the store? :) :) :)


I mentioned it at the bottom of the post – 13th Feb is the current plan :P


Never mind… I didn’t read the article :L
I just saw Platinum Games and went ANARCHY REIGNS PLEASE K THX BAI


Ha, and I just read this second comment ;)

and what about bayonetta 2???? O_o


You’d have to ask your nearest Nintendo representative, or Platinum Games themselves – nothing to do with us I’m afraid :(

Tip: You can link the game to the Web based Store page now, rather than just letting it look up PSN on the blog. Might even help get a few impulse sales! :)


Are we getting the new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Demo like US today?

supersmith2500 30 January, 2013 @ 14:16

Not today, but not long though. :(


Will never forget how bad it was ported to ps3.

Fond memories of this from first time around. Really tempted to pick it up again but can’t help feeling that it’s going to end up in the PS+ Instant Games Collection before long…


There are no plans for Bayonetta to be in PS Plus at this moment in time – I promise you (as I work with SCEE on these) – therefore feel free to buy it today without fear of wasting your money!

Any news on Yakuza 5?

lol @ mike kebby SCEE playstation store manger :D

Do you want the job back mike? Anyhow what the reason the bayonnata-2 is a wii-U exclusive, is it a time exclusive though any ideas.

The 1st game is good I played it for a bit liked what I see. :)



I don’t know any details on the sequel as it’s not being handled by SEGA, so I have nothing to add unfortunately.

Played the PS3-disc version, didn’t strike me that it was too buggy or bad port(never seen it running on other systems). Just remember it was pretty hard on normal, impossible on hard, think i played through on easy.

The disc ver. had an update that let u install 7 or so GBs of the game onto the HDD. with this I take it’ll only take up the space that the store states?
Also how’s the frame rate on the digital version for anyone who got it? If its as good as post patch or better I’ll get it and trade my disc copy @_@.

No disrespect…but you can buy the disk version NEW for £4.99 (£3 second hand). So much for the fairy tale of digital content being cheaper.

Greed is the worst human trait.

BloodMountain88 30 January, 2013 @ 15:11

How does the digital version of Bayonetta handle the improvements added by the patches? I ask as the disk version of the game had an optional install post-patch that helped to drastically improve the loading issues. Does the digital version automatically benefit from these issues due to being installed on the HDD anyway?

If this is the case, I’ll definitely be buying the digital version at some point.

BloodMountain88 30 January, 2013 @ 15:12

Whoops – was meant to write “Does the digital version automatically benefit from these improvements due to being installed on the HDD anyway?”


Yes, correct ;)


Was going to answer you earlier but Mike summed it up.
Will add what Inaba said about it.

“Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes,” says Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games. He tells Polygon that Nintendo, the sequel’s publisher, was a key partner in getting the game made”

I’m not sure if Mike can clear up who owns the IP,could be ninja’s involved.Guessing Platinum,with Sega owning pub rights for 1.
I get a feeling Nintendo will have deal in place like they did with Capcom and RES Remake and 0.So it’s unlikely it’ll ever be on another platform.

I’m just glad it’s getting made,I do think Nintendo will put everything they have behind it.Also Bayo in Smash Bros is a must now :)

And Mike,I’m guessing you were involved with getting Vanquish on PS+,so a big thanks.It’s one I always wanted but slipped away from me.


I don’t know the situation personally, but what I do know I wouldn’t be able to say anyway ;)

It is good to see a sequel coming though, Bayonetta has a lot of love here at SEGA HQ.

Vanquish was indeed my deal – glad you got the chance to enjoy it! :D

@Mike Kebby, if that was you behind Vanquish, then big props man, big props.



I don’t know if you are still looking at these comments but I have to ask…

How did you get a Renji avatar? I need it… :P


It’s not an official avatar – just one I grabbed from the net and used on here, sorry.

If we had the rights to all the Bleach characters you can be assured I’d have made sure we released them all – especially one for the mighty Renji Abarai!


Aww damn!

Oh well, at least I know that someone else appreciates Renji as much as I do :P



I also have a 9 inch vinyl figure of him on my desk. The Renji love runs deep here!

I’m so jealous right now :O

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