Alien Breed launches PS3 and PS Vita assault this week

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A big hello to all PlayStation Blog readers! Here at Team17 we are proud to announce that our classic survival-horror game, Alien Breed, is coming to PS3 and PS Vita.

Alien Breed is due for release on Wednesday 6th February via PlayStation Store for £6.49/€7.99, with an awesome 20% launch discount available for PlayStation Plus members! Last year we celebrated the 21st anniversary of Alien Breed and brought the title to PlayStation Mobile. With the PS3 and PS Vita version we wanted to introduce more cool features, such as the ability for players to team up on either system via cross-platform play.

There is also ad-hoc and online co-op multiplayer for PS Vita and local and online co-op multiplayer for PS3. We’ve also got Cross-Platform Continuation Play in the mix too, allowing players to carry on their PS3 save game progress on their PS Vita and vice versa.


Alien Breed is fondly remembered by its fans, especially in the UK where the Special Edition stayed in the “All Formats” charts for over a year. We were really proud of the 2009 console and PC versions of the game, but a remake of the original game turned out to be a much better fit for the platforms it was appearing on.

The gameplay has held up remarkably well, and with a few new features and tweaks to the control scheme we’ve made the game feel a little friendlier without removing any of the challenge.

The first new feature is the most obvious: the game has had a full HD graphical overhaul, with the original graphics being an optional toggle. Two things that made a direct remake a frustrating experience were that the player could find themselves getting lost easily and could also run out of ammunition and door keys. To remedy this we added a toggle-able map screen and a persistent shop, to allow player to replenish supplies whenever necessary.


This sounds like it’d make the game too easy, but we spent time balancing the levels to retain the challenge and improve the difficulty curve.

Back when the original Alien Breed was released joypads and joysticks only featured one set of directional buttons, this remake allows for dual stick control, so the player can walk in one direction and fire in another. This change makes the most difference to the gameplay, opening up more possibilities for the player to deal with waves of aliens and helping bring the remake up to date.

Succeeding at Alien Breed requires the player to not only kill waves of aliens, but also to manage their resources. Try to spend a little bit of time learning the maps, and be sure to collect everything that you can. When you’re low on keys don’t commit to opening that door until you’ve fully explored the area – there might be another route into the room. Also experiment with the different types of weapons, try to find the one that best suits your style of play, and gives you the strongest attacking option.

Sometimes I’m asked whether players can expect any more retro revivals from Team17. I was personally a huge fan of Team17 games growing up, and I’d love the opportunity to work on some of those old titles. All I can say at the moment is there may be another princely character due to leap onto PS3 and PS Vita at some point in the future.


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AZAG-THOTH 5 February, 2013 @ 3:05 pm   1

A must buy for me, long time fan of the Alien Breed series on the Commodore Amiga. Thank you Team 17 for this amazing game : D


Please release a Worms game for PSvita! Would love to have atleast 1 worm game on psvita 🙂

Giulius_Invictus 5 February, 2013 @ 3:21 pm   3

Project X original version re-release would be wonderful.
All times best Team 17 game, imho.

PMurphy1978 5 February, 2013 @ 3:26 pm   4


I agree, we need a Vita version of worms. 😉

This is out review of Alien Breed for those of you interested.


So, is this a Cross-Buy title? Because Cross-continue doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

    Bethany Aston 5 February, 2013 @ 3:37 pm    

    Hi razordude, yes Alien Breed will be a Cross-Buy title. Those who purchasr the PlayStation 3 version will receive the Vita version for free, and vice versa! 🙂


Princely? You mean Superfrog?


Or maybe Kingpin?


Project X would be welcome. Oh yes. An awesome side-scrolling shooter.

    Bethany Aston 5 February, 2013 @ 4:38 pm    

    🙂 we’re enjoying your guesses! You’ll have to keep watching this space….



A decent top down shooter, for under a tenner AND Cross Buy!

(^_^) – Happy Gamer!


This is how you launch a game. Reasonable price, PS plus love, available on both vita and ps3. Absolutely perfect and will be bought by me tomorrow assuming SCEE don’t mess this up. Which is quite likely.

bennyrafal 5 February, 2013 @ 4:19 pm   11

Project X & SuperFrog please 😀


Add my vote for superfrog and project x! Just bought alien breed on psm, but this is still tempting.
Is putty squad team 17? What happened to that?



Does the PS3 version of Alien Breed support 1080p and integer upscaling for the retro pixel art?

RemyX-1988 5 February, 2013 @ 4:34 pm   14

This looks like an awesome game. Might actually have to try it. I really enjoy the three newer games available on PSN.

That reminds me… have the three PSN-games been released on a Blu-ray Disc in Europe? I think so, but I haven’t been able to hunt a disc down. I’d buy them a second time if I can get them on disc…


It’d be nice if there was an option to toggle on a retro-style floating (none of the green backing) HUD too.

supersmith2500 5 February, 2013 @ 4:47 pm   16

Wait a sec, didn’t you guys released the PSM version last time? Also have to say, keep up the great work T17. Also, Worms on Vita would be an awesome idea for the future and every single PlayStation platformer has them. = )

    Bethany Aston 5 February, 2013 @ 4:58 pm    

    Hi supersmith2500, we have indeed already released a version on PlayStation Mobile. This version is different because:
    • It takes advantage of the ability to use Cross-Platform Play so PlayStation 3 owners can team up for some good alien slaying co-op with their Vita friends
    • There’s Cross-Platform Continuation Play in there. You can upload your saves to the cloud and you can then carry on your progress on your Vita, so you can carry on your carnage on the bus/at work etc
    • There’s ad-hoc/local and online co-op multiplayer
    • It has an additional level pack. The PlayStation Mobile version introduced 2 new level packs (Convergence and Valiance) which comprise of 4 levels each, whereas the PlayStation 3/Vita version has both of those packs and an entirely new, exclusive pack (Synergy) which adds on another 4 levels.
    • It has trophies and leaderboards

    So, there are a few more features in there that we really wanted to play with for the console/handheld version as opposed to the mobile one. Also as the blog entry mentions it’s also a Cross-Buy title and there’s a 20% off discount on launch for PlayStation Plus members. Bargain! 🙂


I am actually pretty hype about this release! I enjoyed the original Alien Breed games waaay back on the Amiga 500. I love that you used the original as a base and touched it up from there with new features. Will be checking this one out for sure!

AaronSOLDIER 5 February, 2013 @ 5:15 pm   18

SUPER FROG!!!!!!! Who else can it be? lol


Are you bringing out Alien Breed Tower Assualt on PS3 as that was the best version of Alien Breed by far.

Any chance of Miami Chase on PS3 or is that IP owned by Code Masters

I still have all my Team 17 and Team 7 Amiga games. (still have all my Amigas as well.

How many of the Team 17 original team actually working on the PS3 version of the game?


Super Frog would be awesome <3
But please at least consider Body Blows too! Fighting games are all the rage but we're starting to run out of upcoming releases.


Personally, I’d love to see Project-X ported to PS3 & Vita. While I wait, I’ll be playing this though. 🙂


I’m hoping and mostly sure it is Superfrog, he is a prince that leaps. I still use the tune as a ringtone. i think ive played it on 5 different devices but never finished it.


So it should be £5.19 for PS+ members, nice price.


Can we get a superfrog avatar while we wait?


So as a Vita owner with the PSM version…. Are the HD graphics an increase on the HD PSM graphics if that makes sense?


Awesome news. For whatever reason I never really liked the PSN/XBL relaunch (Impact etc). I always hoped we’d get a Team 17 compilation of Alien Breed/Tower Assault, Project X, Quak, Body Blows, ATR, Overdrive, Assassin, F17 Challenge and say no more about the princely, leaping character 😉

@12 – Putty Squad was being released by System 3. It was originally due for a Xmas 2010 release, but was pushed back as they were implementing a 2-player mode. Some QA issues delayed it further and no sign of it since (although bizarrely the avatars made it onto the store!). Their website now says March 2013 so there’s still hope…


Looks great, nice work.

Super Frog and Project X on the Vita would be pretty amazing. 🙂

And Assassin forgot about that one Cheers for reminding me Topovi

cowbanana 5 February, 2013 @ 6:54 pm   28

This brings back memories from the Amiga 500 days. I will definitely purchase this for pure nostalgia. 20% PS+ discount seals an already done deal.

Now bring us Project X, please 🙂

Aces73High 5 February, 2013 @ 7:21 pm   29

I’m a long-time fan of T17, and I’ve always liked to support my favourite indie studios. I bought Alien Breed on iOS and Playstation Mobile last year, so I think I’ll bag the hat-trick and snap this version up tomorrow too. Trophies, Crossbuy and PS+ discount are just three reasons why this latest iteration will supersede the PSM game for me.

Best of luck with your Vita endeavours in the future Bethany, and can I just +1 the cries for a Worms game on Vita!? You know that would rock right?


damn. cross buy.. then i need to buy it at that price!

Carnivius_Prime 5 February, 2013 @ 9:19 pm   31

YAY! Instant buy. Loves me Amiga Alien Breed and now with the benefits of PlayStation 3/Vita. 😀

Good times. I hope that is Superfrog hinted at next. I was just playing through the original on my A1200 yesterday.

Carnivius_Prime 5 February, 2013 @ 9:25 pm   32

Also I really need to get a Vita at some point. From Crossplay and PlayStation Plus freebies I seem to be gathering up a large library of games for a machine I do not own.

And I would love to see other Amiga titles return, not just Team 17 ones. So many great games of the 16 bit home computer era I would happily purchase again for PS3/Vita with saves/trophies/online multiplayer.


Always wanted to play this one. Now I can on my beloved Vita 🙂

WilliamBirkin 6 February, 2013 @ 5:15 am   34

Amiga4ever! peace.

Mr-Matt13 6 February, 2013 @ 7:36 am   35

Done. I loved Alien Breed’92 on the Amiga and this will be awesome on my Vita.

Hurry up and update the Store!

Team17 were also my favourite dev on the Amiga. A remake of Project X and it’s sequel (which only released on the PS1) would be great on PSN for PS3 and Vita.

In fact any of the Team17 Amiga back catelogue remade in HD would be great.

rob_dee81 6 February, 2013 @ 10:20 am   36

i have such a soft spot for team 17 games back in the day on my Amiga whilst i was in highschool so this news of alien breed is greatly recieved, thanks guys….. btw would love to see superfrog again 😀

Carnivius_Prime 6 February, 2013 @ 11:17 am   37

By the way I like the new Team 17 logo. That’s a nice update of the classic one. Much better than the cartoony balloon version like one you guys had for a while.

Can’t wait for store update so I can buy this game and hear that good ol’ Brimble theme (speaking of which, games had much more memorable music back in those days thanks to guys like him)

Xo_Juno_oX 6 February, 2013 @ 12:50 pm   38

is that it?, more games again, you do realise they are people “OVER” the age of 18 don’t you!, people that use PS home as a social network and not just as a gaming platform, when are you going to cater for the needs of these people?. surely your development team can come up with something better than just games.if not, maybe they should ask the “over 18’s ” for some fashion ideas.

Carnivius_Prime 6 February, 2013 @ 1:07 pm   39

Um, Xo_Juno_oX did you post on the wrong topic?

In other news. Alien Breed is on the store now. 😀

Carnivius_Prime 6 February, 2013 @ 1:28 pm   40

Hm, first impressions. Still plays well and lots of content for the price.
Bit disappointed with the ‘original mode’. The old pixelled sprites don’t seem to look right at all when compared to the version running on my Amiga (and the mixture of low res and high res is unappealing and distracting). Seems to be a graphical glitch with the walking animation of the character too. Also I don’t recall the default gun’s bullets being visible before. Was hoping that the original mode would look identical to the Amiga version in every way (and with options for monitor-like scanlines).

Still, it plays fine and I’m gonna enjoy beating the levels and playing co-op and getting trophies.

Carnivius_Prime 6 February, 2013 @ 2:14 pm   41

By the way when I said mixture of low res and high res I didn’t just mean the difference between the high res of the status bar and the low res of sprites and tiles. It’s things like the pixelled sprites sometimes not lining up correctly with the tiles or when the character is moving diagonally he’s composed of ‘diamond shaped’ pixels because he’s a low res sprite being rotated on a high resolution. It’s really off putting for retro purists like myself.

Love that the old Alien Breed theme is there in both original and remixed formats though.

MONTENERO 6 February, 2013 @ 2:39 pm   42

I don’t get it why this is not a PlayStation minis game.
There shouldn’t be any technical limitation to put it into “minis”, and it would have been playable on three platforms: PSP/Vita/PS3.

Carnivius_Prime 6 February, 2013 @ 2:57 pm   43

Minis don’t support multiplayer. This has offline and online 2 player modes.

ninenullseven 7 February, 2013 @ 5:08 pm   44

The most important question to me (as gamer on the go):

Does Alien Breed support playing music along with playing game?

Because most of the games (I talk about LBP Vita, that blocks player while playing level, even if in-game music is turned off), Jetpack Joyride (blocks completely) etc.
That’s actually the point of buying for me (I found out that I enjoy Stardust Delta and Modnation Racers whole universe more than LBP and Rayman Origins). I don’t get how this part is overlooked in a handheld games.

And offtopic: is anyone know if there is any plans on adding support to playing music along with psp games?


Arcade Pool would be nice addition to PSN as long as it stays top down view.

fatbob1080 9 February, 2013 @ 8:54 am   46

Rip off. I bought the ps mobile version for Vita. This should be a free update to that version not charge people even more money than they paid originally. The ps mobile one even has a coming soon icon where the extra levels would be. I won’t buy any team 17 games again in fear that you’ll pull the same stunt. Ps mobile Lemmings was rubbish as well. Why you got rid of the button control method I don’t know