PlayStation Home Arcade Player brings retro gaming to PS Vita this week

Lead Image - PS Home Arcade

Have you ever wanted to play PlayStation Home arcade games on the go? Well, now you can with the Home Arcade Player! Access and play a select range of PlayStation Home arcade games on your PlayStation Vita. Simply download PS Home Arcade and instantly enjoy WipEout 2D, Ice Breaker, and a one-level playable demo of Scribble Shooter absolutely free of charge!

Once it’s installed, adding any further games to the Home Arcade Player will enable them to be downloaded for free in PS Home for your PlayStation Home apartment.

Likewise, any PS Home arcade games, available for the PS Home Arcade, purchased, or previously purchased, in PS Home will instantly be made available to play on PS Vita via the PS Home Arcade.

The Home Arcade Player will be available to download on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday 6th February once the Store update has taken place.

Included with the player are:

Wipeout 2D: Four tracks, 12 teams. Direct from the PlayStation Home WipEout Museum space comes WipEout 2D, the top-down twist on Sony Computer Entertainment’s all-time classic anti-gravity racer.

Ice Breaker: Trapped behind an ice wall, pinned down by the snowballs of an irate eskimo… Take control of Penguin, smashing bricks with his perpetually bouncing ball. Lead him to freedom in this enduring favourite from the PlayStation Home Bowling Alley space.

Scribble Shooter (one level playable demo): Welcome to the U.S.S. Hiro – paper-bound starship, eraser supreme, defender of the page! Over ten mind-bending missions, pilot Hiro beyond the fringes of insanity to erase the Scribbles and free the Paperverse from UggyNyxx; the roughest drawn doodle from this or any other another dimension.


Additional games available to download and play on the Home Arcade Player include the follows, all of which are priced at £0.79/€0.99.

  • Mad Blocker: The mischievous morphing Fluzzles are stuck in Block form. Line them up, according to color, creating links of four or more to free them in this quirky, hand-drawn puzzler from Open Emotion Studios.
  • Centipede: From the Golden Age arcade cabinet to PlayStation Home and the PS Home Arcade. Atari’s all-time 2D classic is here to play in all its original retro-gaming glory.
  • Asteroids: Blast the rocks and saucers, avoid enemy fire and asteroid collisions. Stay alive, keep on scoring. Simple, addictive and one of the most influential games of all time… Atari’s Asteroids, available now as an arcade cabinet in PlayStation®Home and on PS Vita via the PS Home Arcade.
  • Time Pilot: Travel back to the year 1982 and the birth of Konami’s Golden Age gaming classic. Fly through time and space, battling enemy aviators throughout the ages, rescuing your fellow pilots and returning them to their own time. A 360 degree gameplay pioneer, Time Pilot remains an essential addition to any gaming collection.
  • Frogger: One Frog, his river home so tantalisingly close. His way barred by a busy four-lane highway, fraught and heaving with traffic. This deadliest of commutes remains one of the most elegant and memorable set-ups in gaming history. Konami’s Frogger: suitable for kids and the kid inside. Still as good as you remember.
  • Astrosmash: Giant Asteroids fall from the sky. It’s an attack! The Alien bombardment of Earth has begun. In command of a giant laser cannon, it’s up to you to blast the extraterrestrial menace from the skies. The fate of the world is in your hands in this all-time classic, brought to you by Realtime Associates.
  • Shark Shark: Take your place in the food chain, chowing down upon the small fry to bulk up and take on the bigger fish. Negotiate the perils of the ocean and watch out for the sharks. In the dank depths of the deep blue sea, there’s always something out there bigger and hungrier than you!
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any chance to see full PlayStation Home on vita ?

What happend to Mad Blocker HD that was supposed to have been released for PSvita?


Sadly I don’t know the answer to this as I work for PS Home, apologies but prehaps try and catch Jawad on his weekly blog.

almighty-slayer 05 February, 2013 @ 17:13

This is pretty cool :) Great idea. Will definitely give it a go.


Well to at least try it, it is free. So might as well :)

congrats andy on your new job, “new Home dude” :)

so if we already bought games in home it be free on the player right?


Thanks Skookie30, good to see you are involved in PS Home too.

Yes that is correct, however it will only work for the games mentioned in the blog post, so to confirm if you buy any of the games within the PlayStation Home Arcade player you will recieve the arcade unit for PS Home and visa-versa.

The games it will work for are as follows:

Scribble Shooter
Mad Blocker
Time Pilot
Shark Shark

However do remember that these versions are the PS Home versions, not the HD versions available from the PlayStation Store.

oh dam i need to look in home & see what games i got, i got the something called boy game.

but will that list of games grow?


I like this idea a lot, more arcade cabinets in Home certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing and that they can be used on another system like the Vita is a good incentive. I do love a good old school game so will have to get me a few of these!

JordanJesse1997 05 February, 2013 @ 18:11

Great news! Only one question: What countries will it be available for?


It will be available in all locales


That’s just awesome news. Thanks!
I love the new content you keep bringing to the Vita. It’s innovative and i’m really enjoying this console. I’m also hoping for PS4/Vita news on the 20th (it really asks for it).

Keep up this amazing job you’re doing.

This is not a bad idea, but with PS Vita not having access to Home, this only benefits people with PS3s who spend money on Home.

The cool thing about Home’s minigames is that you can play them “inside” another game, otherwise the’re just dumbed down versions of other games. Wouldn’t these games be more appropiate for PS Mobile?

Just bring Youtube App for Portugal and ill be really happy.

While I never visit Home, I actually like the idea of having these minigames on my Vita. Especially at that price, if the quality is even remotely like that of the original games, I’ll be definitely tempted to buy me some good ol’ coinop games :-)

As for the PS Mobile question: Please remember that this way, these games will be available to all, instead of just in a few countries…

come on.. trophys? come one!!! the only reason i dont visit home, to play them games, is the lack of trophys.

dangerousbrian0 05 February, 2013 @ 20:06

how and where do i download it from


You will be able to download them off the PS Vita Store.

Well ive had this app scince last yr around december time. the app would be good for people who like the home games to use it on the go.




Well I am back! :P (I never left to be honest just moved departments)

Only for “special” Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ! :(
When will be all EU countries equal for big Sony?


Home Arcade is available in all territories. This is the English-language blog, so those tags only include English-speaking territories – they don’t denote where the product in question is available.

You announced it 2 months after release?



Home could really do with a gameshow like Xbox had 1 vs 100, would be ace to have some home gifts doesnt have to be psn credit as prizes. If you could push for this Andy , would be great.


Good idea!

supersmith2500 06 February, 2013 @ 17:04

Hate to go off-topic but can you please do the following things:
* SFxT, We Love Katamari and Shinobido 2 for PSVita has no discount what so ever.
* Store shows PS Home Arcade for PS3 and not PSVita.
* In IGC menu, JSR and Pinball Arcade still has PS3 and not Vita has should be.
* Germany does not have Sleeping Dogs.

Please forward these issues to the Store team, thanks.

supersmith2500 06 February, 2013 @ 17:05

Ok fine, don’t listen to me then!

supersmith2500 06 February, 2013 @ 17:15

Sorry for being little rude but this approval nonsense is getting annoying and I was only pointing out the flaws on the Store. Well know what I’ll use the forums or tweet the problems from now on instead of the blog.


Hi Supersmith2500

Just seen all your messages and thanks for the info, I will let the store team know!

supersmith2500 06 February, 2013 @ 17:33

Thanks Andy,

Not a bad little app, but why are early 80’s games 79p? Bit expensive for what they are!

No screenshots or videos of them on the store either, so we can’t see what we are getting. Until that happens, I won’t be buying any more arcade games!

(and I so wanted Asteroids, Centipede and Frogger!)


Hi MrXile

Don’t forget though that as well as getting them for the PS Vita app to play on the go you also get the arcade cabinate to use in PS Home, so you can make your apartment into a mini-arcade and try and compete against Flynn’s :P


I agree with chairyboyarmy in what he says about a gameshow fantastic idea, that would be soo much fun :) and home games on the vita is awesome :)


“home arcade games” sorry.

I’d like to see an option to delete the demo of scrabble shooter

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