Ragnarok Odyssey release date announced, demo out today

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Fast-paced, giant-crushing, poring-popping Ragnarok Odyssey is finally coming to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, so I’ve got just one question to ask you: What do you think of when you hear the word “Ragnarok”?

Looking back to my Halcyon Ragnarok Online days, I fondly recall getting together with friends to smash tons of crazy monsters and cower in terror at the mighty MVPs. I think of crossing my fingers while the blacksmith mercilessly refined my precious gear – will this be the time it breaks??? But mostly, I think of collecting coveted cards and donning decadent headgears. Ragnarok Odyssey brings you all of this and more as it takes this beloved IP into a new generation of action-RPG gaming.

While customising your hero, you will get to choose from a variety of classes, some with familiar skills and spells. Storm Gust still hits like a beast, Sanctuary provides much needed AoE healing, and the Archer’s Arrow Shower still rains death upon foes. On top of these fan favorites, you also get to experience completely new abilities like those of the incredibly powerful Hammersmith.


If you can time your drill spin and acclimate yourself to the incredibly slow movement and attack speeds, you will pummel even the toughest foes in no time! Of course, defeating foes means nothing if they don’t drop the ever important loot with which you upgrade your goodies.

The local blacksmith is no longer a horrible, scary person since he doesn’t break your gear, but he still won’t refine your goods for free. As you take on mission after mission, you will gather bits and pieces of monsters that become the +1’s to your swords, and the charming Poring hats on your head. Just about everything you want takes some kind of material found in the field, and of course, the signature Zeny currency.

It wouldn’t be Ragnarok if the monsters didn’t also have a chance to drop their cards. The drop rate may be a lot higher, but these precious rarities are still just as crucial as they ever were. Each card will augment your stats and abilities. Sometimes they act as a double edged sword by increasing one ability at the expense of another. It’s up to you to decide the right balance for your build.

This game also utilises different costumes that have a limited number of card slots. You can visit the tailor (with Zeny and materials) and increase the amount of card space you have available.
Once you are properly outfitted, it’s time to tackle some missions. You have the choice to go solo or join up to three friends (local or online), but whatever you do, don’t accidentally venture into the multiplayer tavern alone! Mission difficulty scales up pretty drastically, so don’t try to solo a group mission unless you are ready to put your skills to the test!

In describing this game, it’s impossible to avoid comparisons to certain other action/RPG games that have you hunting monsters, but in all honesty, such similarities are shallow at best! While you will get to enjoy the thrilling challenge of taking on enemies several times your size, your hero fights with a unique combo system that lets you unleash a variety of powerful skills. You can play baseball with Porings or knock an Orc sky-high, only to follow him into the air and continue your devastating onslaught.

For lack of any better words to describe it, the game just feels different from its co-op action RPG brethren. If only there was some way for you so sample the game…

That’s where the demo comes in!

Choose from three available classes: Sword Warrior, Assassin, or Cleric, and set out on sample missions to get a taste of mercenary life. The first two take place in the scenic Idavoll Plains, and they allow you to ease your way into the game. They also give you a taste of that first sweet, sweet giant boss battle. Keep in mind, as tough as this Orc King may seem, you will face foes exponentially larger and more deadly in the full version!

Lastly, we have a wolf hunt in Thor’s Volcano. The change of scenery is nice, but you will quickly notice that the seasoned adventurer’s journey becomes much more perilous as you venture further from those pretty green plains. Do you have what it takes to bring some order back to the Sundered Land?

The Ragnarok Odyssey demo is available later today, and the full version will be released on the PlayStation Store in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 20th February 2013 for €29.99.

For more information, check out the official website here.

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DiscworldDeath 06 February, 2013 @ 13:02

I think Thor, Fenris and Jormungandr when I hear the word “Ragnarok” :)

Good work!


No Odin, Loki, or Heimdallr? I guess they need better publicists!

Oh wow, had no idea there was a demo coming out for this! And it’s today! :D


We aim to please!

Hi there!

This is great news, will the demo be available in all supported countries in Europe? :)



It should be! It should also be in Australia and New Zealand.

Ragnarok = End of the World

Anyways gotta try that Demo to see what all that hype was about…


Ragnarok may be the end of the world, but it’s only the beginning of your journey through the Sundered Land ^_^


Im still waiting for my Dokuro refund though, lol


Since this demo is free, you can always give it a try while you’re waiting…

As ridiculously happy that this is finally coming out (and I really am!) i’m sad It’s out so close to the uk launch of persona. I need something to play now!!!

Regardless, it’s fantastic news! :)


Both are great games for sure!

You can always play the demo for now… or maybe Dokuro ;)

Will the demo be online?


The demo features the Single Player Tavern and the Ad-hoc Multiplayer Tavern.

wow this is really nice !! waiting 4 the full v coming .


It’s definitely worth the wait, but if you can’t hold out any longer, the demo should help you get your fix!

Amazing first day for me! :)


Glad to hear it. You’ll be bashing Porings and tackling Hill Giants soon!!!

Ragnarok Odyssey and Persona 4, two amazing games i’ve been waiting for PS VITA finally coming at the end of february in Europe. Yayy


February is a good month for European PS Vita owners!

Does this include Sweden?


We went through the process for ALL European regions, so unless something goes wrong, it should be available. Let us know if the store updates and you don’t see it available.

*fingers crossed*

Downloading the demo right now!!
Ohh man this month is full of epic games !!
MGS Rising Persona 4 and Ragnarok @_@


Oh man O_o that is a great big pile of epic.

It’s important to breathe deep, and stay hydrated while playing the heck out of your Vita!

Looking forward to trying the demo as I’ve been waiting for this game for ages!
I hope it turns out to be a solid game.
The price seems reasonable too, I hope that translates favourably when converted to GBP :)


Barring some global, catastrophic shift in exchange rates, it should be around £23.99.

Do er get this in Denmark?


You should, but let us know if you don’t see it when the store updates.

We like to make sure our games get into as many hands as possible – we wouldn’t want anyone in the EU to feel neglected!!!

I think of Halo tbh.


That answer is perfectly fair, but I think Norse mythology has that certain spartan beaten by very nearly a thousand years ;)

MordecaiHunter 06 February, 2013 @ 13:16

Will the game be in Shops on the 20th also ?


The release is digital only. We understand this is a turn off for some, but we still wanted to make the game available to as many people as possible.

We believe a digital only release is still preferable to none.

Do we…


I’m not sure… maybe we do?


Ragnarok to me will be always be the spaceship from FFVIII :D



That is an awesome and random reference!

At least it’s a good association… right?

To anyone wondering; the demo is up now, you just need to search it.



Thanks for the update.

Good game. Shame we got left waiting so long on it. I’ve had an import copy for long enough that I’ve not played the game for months after beating it.


The delays were incredibly frustrating to us as well, but we are glad it’s finally available.

Can’t fault you for importing it – it’s a great game, and the wait was daunting.

The only reminder I would offer is that imported copies will not be compatible with any of our DLC.


Ragnarok Odyssey will release as Retail title or only digital?


Digital only.

Damn borrowed my Vita to a friend for awhile.


You’d better hunt your friend down and get it back before the 20th!


#14+17 Ww should, since only publisher having issues releasing titles in Scandinavian and Polen is NISA (won’t get into detail why)


Sorry to hear your region has trouble getting some games, but you are correct that it should be available!

Too little too late, I imported the US version a few weeks ago, due to the UK version having no release date, It’d be nice to be in the know more than a couple of weeks before a game releases…


I totally understand; as I said in #20, it’s tough to wait for a game like this.

We wanted to offer a release date as soon as possible, but unfortunately this was as much notice as we could get ourselves.


We didn’t get Sumioni from XSEED. But we got Book of Shadows from the same publisher.
I don’t take anything for granted.


I can’t speak for other publishers, but we will do our best to ensure all our titles get into as many EU regions as possible.

Typical, I got tired of waiting for a euro release so bought a US import just yesterday. Completed chapter 1 last night and thoroughly enjoying it so far.


Glad to hear you are enjoying the game – regardless of which version you are playing.

The only warning I would give you is that the US version will not work with our EU DLC.

bought NA version and shipped it here, ridiculous how long its taking to be released here


No one is more frustrated by such delays than we are.

When your NA version arrives, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the game. Again though, I would like to warn it won’t be compatible with our DLC.


Great news, will definitely try out the demo !

Could you please tell us how much it will cost in £ ?


It should be around £23.99.

Good day Antonio, looks like you’re bringing us another batch of good news today. The price sounds good, though can you tell us how much it’s going to cost on the UK store?

Also good luck on replying to every post ;)


It should be going for about £23.99 (unless of course currency exchange rates go NUTS in the next 2 weeks).


I was kind of shocked to see how many there already were!

And here I thought I was getting a good head start on it…


Cool, I’ll give a try to the demo. The only bad thing is that its release is very close to Persona 4 Golden’s.


I wouldn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing – just a really GOOD month for PS Vita owners ^_^

Are the servers the same for every version? I bought the retail USA Version, will I be able to play with friends who own this version?


The games are only compatible with their own regions.

Ragnarok always reminds me of the club in Max Payne 1 :)


Wow I thought the FF VIII reference was random, but that one is even more amusing!

I suppose a night club is more pleasant than the violent end of the world…

GungHo? So isn’t XSeed publishing the game in Europe? I just wonder, because they failed to release their games in Germany recently, due their nescience about the USK.


I can’t speak for other publishers, but we will do our best to get our titles to as many regions as we can.

Our Japanese headquarters made this game and they were shopping around for a US publisher while our US branch was still getting off the ground. As a result, XSEED ended up securing the American publishing rights and we ended up taking the European ones a bit later since it is technically “our” game… or so the legends say

CoolRichy008UK 06 February, 2013 @ 13:53



oli_1_uk same name diffrent game ;)


AAAAH your excitement is contagious!!!!

Welcome back Antonio, Ragnarok on 20th ! Wow I can’t wait


Thanks, it’s good to feel welcomed!

Nice price point for a DD only title, Bndai-Namco could learn a thing or two from it. At least, it was announced as a DD only title last year. Would definitely get if if i hadn’t imported the Mercenary Edition last year.


I can’t deny that Mercenary Edition was super sexy!

The only warning/disclaimer I have is that you won’t be able to enjoy online multiplayer with the EU version or any of our DLC.

@ Elbender93:

Yes, you can.



I was told this wouldn’t be possible. I know the US and Japan versions couldn’t play together either.

By Europe, do you guys really mean whole Europe? should I get excited? Sorry for the strange question but recently I got excited many times and in the end the game was not released in Poland….


We checked off every region possible, so this game should be coming your way!


No one mentioned this but i find it great theyr not asking the premium price for this. Though some info would be nice the next time allmost imported the game glad i didnt.


Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad no one seems to think we want them fork over too much cash ^_^

I wish we could have provided more advanced notice myself, but this was as soon as was possible for this particular title.


*want them TO fork over…*

Bah, you’ll have to forgive my typo >_< I seem unable to edit my comments on this blog. Must… be… MORE careful.

Great news. Would have preferred a boxed release, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers :P. Would be nice to be given a rough indication of the full games filesize too, so I can make space.


The demo is about 260 MB while the full version will be 1.11GB.

angusinthearoara 06 February, 2013 @ 15:10

SLAP! The sound of my us copy of ragnarok odyssey hit my floor this afternoon. I’m buzzing can’t wait to play, will any dlc come with the eu digital version? Also thank you for the vita sale, but be warned this may just cause ww3 xD


Starting on release date and ending March 13, we will have new DLC every week – most of it FREE ^_^

If you’re interested in finding out what’s going to be available, you are welcome to check our Facebook each week.


I bought this game over a week ago as retail from the states because I just dont have the room on my 32 gig card for this game.
Sony need to release a 64 gig card right now!

Awesome game by the way, Best RPJ on Vita at the moment.


Yeah tell me about it… when my 32GB card filled up, I was completely dumbfounded!

My love of classic games has clearly gotten the better of me.

If you were curious, the full version of this game will take up about 1.11GB.


also in febr. ni no kuni – dlc skyrim – terraria – star wars zen pinbal 2 + ragnorack odysee ath 29.99 € = day 1 u have corect price polici , when are publichers gone learn every ps3/ps4…. = 59 € max
portabel +-30 /36€ new big games

also even if u card not ful on vita max 100 icone = u can not upgrade on vita to have more ?


Glad you seem to agree with our price point!

As for the max icons on the Vita, I’m not too sure about that. My memory cards always get full before I reach the 100 icons! You may want to try checking dedicated PS Vita forums for that.

ps. can u take demo carakter to ful game ?


No, but you will definitely gain some good experience and find the missions that much easier to complete on the full version.

Considering this fact, my advice would be to not worry about the character creation process and just get a feel for the gameplay itself.

So glad this came over. Isn’t P4G coming to the PSN on the 20th, too? That’s going to be a busy week


That’s right – so tell are your friends who think the Vita doesn’t have any good games that they are DEAD WRONG ^_^

looks good, just a shame it’s Vita only, i say that purely because i haven’t got a Vita yet. ^_^

hopefully i can pick it up when i do get one.


EU PSN sale…

Some GREAT JRPGs coming out on the 20th…

This is a great month for you to buy a Vita – just sayin’ ^_^

store update = done but no demo to find in belgium store .


Try searching for it.

We went through the process for all EU territories, Australia, and New Zealand!

Perhaps some regions may take longer to update?

To bad you can’t play with Americans :/. It’s not something you can help with a patch?


I don’t believe such a patch is in the works, but we will update everyone if this changes.

i can see on ps3 ragnorack demo
but not on vita , wil try from ps3


That’s very strange, but loading it from the PS3 should be a good workaround.


Demo is awesome, price is reasonable, day one for me !


Well I think you’re awesome too!

So enjoy that demo and be prepared for the 20th!

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