Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge coming soon to PlayStation 3


Today, we are happy to announce that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, the latest chapter in the famous action series, is coming to PlayStation 3, packed with new features, brutally tough challenges, additional playable characters and bonus content!

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge features additional playable characters, a new gameplay mode, a redesigned battle system with enhanced enemy AI, a robust Ninja Skills upgrade system, expanded online features including bonus content, and a host of other features.


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was designed from the ground up to satisfy core action fans with a redesigned battle system, improved enemy AI, the removal of interactive QTE scenes, and the return of dismemberment. Even with severed arms or legs, enemies will fight on and players will find they have to change attacks on the fly to win brutally tough battles – the challenge level leaves little room for error.

The Ninja Skills systems lets players use Karma earned in combat to freely purchase weapon and Ninpo upgrades, feats, and costumes. Adding to the variety of gameplay, Kasumi, Ayane, and Momiji all join Hayabusa as playable characters. Ayane will get her own story mode while all three female characters can be played in the new Chapter Challenge mode and Ninja Trials co-op play with multiple costume options.


Chapter Challenge mode is available with 10 new chapters including all-new Ayane stages. In this mode, players will compete for the highest score possible in each chapter of the story. Six brutal weapons are available throughout the game, including the new Jinran-Maru & Blade of the Archfiend dual swords, Lunar Staff, and Kusari-gama. Additionally, Inferno, Wind Blades, and Piercing Void have been added as deadly new Ninpo.

In the new Tests of Valor challenge, players who find Crystal Skulls hidden in each level will be transported to face off in skill-testing battles with familiar bosses from the NINJA GAIDEN series.


The online features in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge have been greatly expanded, with all the previously paid DLC from Ninja Gaiden 3 available as a bonus. The Ninja Skills upgrade system works online to let players use Karma to purchase 64 customizable features for the Unknown Ninja used in multiplayer Clan Battles.

Supporting up to eight players, five brand new Clan Battle stages have been added. Players can use all of Hayabusa’s weapons and Ninpo in Clan Battles, giving them access to their favorite methods of attack. The number of missions in Ninja Trials has been tripled to a total of 100, and all four playable characters – Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi – can be used in this co-op mode.


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is scheduled to launch both at retail and via digital download on 5th April 2013. Stay tuned as we have more information coming soon!

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Will this only be available as a standalone game, or will existing Ninja Gaiden 3 owners be able to buy a DLC pack to be able to play?


It’s going to be a standalone game. The reason is because the team has made so many changes in the game and it has become impossible to make it as a DLC to patch it.

But don’t worry as we’re working out with the price, it’s not going to be a full retail price.


@Notlaw1976: The game itself had to be tweaked (menus, QTEs, etc), so it’s impossible to be patched I guess.

Anyways, I was really looking forward this. I’m happy to be able to play the better version on my PS3 (and anyoe who owns any of the other consoles will agree too).

So yeah. Two questions I hope you can answer Chin Soon Sun:

1- Price will be the standard full retail price right? (69.99€/39.99 pounds).

2- Those costumes, which I’m pretty sure that the earlier release (are we able to talk about the competition Fred? :P) didn’t have, will be available as DLC soon for them, meaning already in the disc for us (PS3), or will it come as DLC after the game’s release?

Thanks in advance :)


1. You might have to check with the retailers but we can confirm it’s definitely not a full retail price, so I would say it will be cheaper than the price you listed.

2. Regarding this, I will confirm.

VerizonPayphone 07 February, 2013 @ 14:21

As a fan of the series, this is great news. I have held off playing ninja gaiden 3 as I played the demo and it felt like it was a totally different game and the magic of the series was gone (the difficulty, violence and combat system) and from what I read there it seems like its being brought back. QTE sequences have only been properly executed in one game (Asuras Wrath) and should never be implemented in a game of any other type. Team ninja, I promise to make a stab at this, but if it lets me down, I think I may lose all hope in what once was a formidable title, but regardless, the effort put in is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


You’re welcome. We passed the messages and problem with Ninja Gaiden 3 to the team which is why they had made many changes to bring back what core fans really want.

But Razor’s Edge will be the standalone game because it’s different than Ninja Gaiden 3 so it’s impossible to patch or make the content to DLC with that many changes.


Big fan of the series so im really happy that NG3:Razors Edge is coming to the ps3, ive been playing since Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox and ive purchased every version of the game and i doubt that this will be any different.
Could you please inform us if there is going to be any more weapons?
Ninja Gaiden Black Gained the lunar staff and Sigma Gained the dual katana, Sigma 2 gained the Enma Fang.
Ninja Gaiden 3 had 1 default weapon and 2 dlc weapons, so are you gona include more weapons than the 6 included in the WiiU version of Razors Edge?



I have to confirm this with the team. They’re few more months to come, hopefully we can do something more. Thank you!

Will you release the new features for the Wii U version too?


I haven’t heard anything regarding this from the team.

So can you contact the team please? I don’t want to buy again the same game…

Love it!
Better to be on all big platforms huh! Looks fantastic!


Japanese text and voices like in Ninja Gaiden Sigma?


Yes and yes.

Will there be Rachel in this version of the game?? Imo the cast of playable characters feels somehow incomplete without her. Make her playable at least for PS3 version, as she became a series regular on Sony systems.


I don’t think Rachel will be in NG3RE but we will have Kasumi. However, your feedback will be passed to the team.


Wow, being seeing Team Ninja on the blog a lot lately. Having been incredibly disappointed with the NG3, this is good news. And not full retail price? Even better. This does probably mean I won’t be buying NGS2+ though, I’m not made of money (and I already own NGS2).

Speaking of which, can you confirm yet whether NGS2+ is 60fps or 30fps? Razor’s Edge is 60fps right?


Regarding the fps, as I’m not completely sure myself, I will confirm it with Team Ninja. Thanks.

Not bad, I’ll add it on my list on games to keep an eye on, since I didn’t bother with NG3 the first time.

Immortal-Wolf-- 07 February, 2013 @ 15:53

Hi Chin Sun iv enjoyed Ninja Gaidan and Ninja Gaidan 2 Sigma but Ninja Gaiden 3 was the far most worst in gaming history to even play took less than 1 hour to complete full game there was no challenge at all just X / L1+R1 like every time. Maybe Team Ninja Should Take over the Ninja Gaidan Series at least they make better play style like DOA series. Ninja Gaidan 4 Maybe Co op online Story would be good theres an idea.

Is the co-op online only?


Yes, as far as I know. I don’t think there’s a split screen option though.


Good. the NG3 game was a Big disappointment for many of us and reading the post i can picture what i’d of liked NG3 to have been. Am not a serious/good player of NG games, way too hard to fully complete, but that hasn’t taken away nothing from the excellence of the series, well 1and2, and now hopefully this. it’s good that team Ninja actually Listened, to their customers and fans, If only other businesses would follow that example.


We listened to the feedback which is why the team has aware of this issue and thank you for your support.

Your price will be mine :) Totally hyped for this, thank you again for your hard work!


Ok first Things first:

Thank you Team Ninja and Tecmo to bringing Razor’s Edge to Ps3/Xbox360 too. As a Corefan I’m really really appreciate that you Guys don’t let us Fans down.

One Question Razor’s Edge will have all Content from the WiiU Version right?

And BTW: Chin you mean ”Stay tuned as we have more information coming soon!” that mean you have even more features and content in package for us right?

Come on we know it^^

No but really thanks man ^-^


Yes, it will.

If the price is right I will definitely buy it.

Am I one of those few people that actually enjoyed the original Ninja Gaiden 3? I sure hope not…

Nonetheless, I am very happy to see that an expanded and much improved version of the game is coming to PlayStation 3 as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. I’m definitely going to pick this up! Playing with Ayane in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was fun, and I hope she’s even more fun to play with in this game. Of course, as Kasumi makes her first playable appearance in a Ninja Gaiden-game, that’s also a reason to pick it up!

Thank you for this, Tecmo Koei! And thank you Chin, for always being awesome. But I wonder… will you be the one designing the cover art for this title? You make some of the best covers!

Guess I’ll play Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 until this launches on April 5, 2013. Tecmo Koei just keeps on giving! Hopefully, Dynasty Warriors 8 will be the next title to be confirmed for European release! But I guess you can’t talk about that yet… can you?


We will do the best we can. We heard you!

Hey Chin, how are you?

Can you tell us please, if there’ll be a Demo?


I don’t think there’s a demo at this stage. Sorry.

I my self own a Wii U and I have to this to you ps3 players.
BUY THIS GAME it is great!


Hey Chin, is the only extra content over the Wii U one just a single costume for each character?

I’m buying it either way (Sold my Wii U copy today!), I’m just curious. :P


I believe this is going to be on PS3 if I’m not wrong.

Wow, this and Rayman Legends going multiplatform in one day. I knew the Wii U was in trouble, but damn it must be worse than I thought.

Not very much developers take note of the community complaints to go back and fix their mistakes. Kudos for Team Ninja!


Thank you guys for the feedback. It’s very important to us and thanks for letting us know how you feel too.

so it will be called Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge? not Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3? It will look nice in my trophy list :)


It is called Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge yes. :)

MP_is_for_Chumps 07 February, 2013 @ 23:35

^^ yes agreed. I was expecting this to be called Sigma 3, but i’m still very happy :)

Thank you Chin & Team Ninja :)




This has been voiced to the team multiple times. I will keep telling them (as I know they’re really busy at the moment) but I’ll keep telling them. Thank you.


This game sounds great. I did complete Ninja Gaiden 1 on an “competing console”, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was bought for the PS3… but I sadly had to give up on that game because I couldn’t beat a boss on a bridge…? But the question is; Is there any choices regarding difficulty settings so that people like me can enjoy the story/game without having to get frustrated in the harder parts of the game? I know that the fans of the series likes it tough, but anyways ;-)

Weird input lag, cheap AI that requires patience to figure out cheap strategies and then play boringly the whole game, BS grab-happy enemies that come from off-screen while the camera does its own thing, DLC being held back content from the main release, overcharging people for the glitchiest DLC missions, loops and laggy stealth kill abuse in the multi… the first NG3 already put me off tbh.

I liked it for what it was despite its many flaws, I put a huge amount of time into beating the story mode many times on MN and UNM (story mode is the best part by far imo), beating the trials, playing the multi etc, but TK really pushed it releasing it unpolished and with content like weapons held back for DLC, their DLC practices were Capcom levels of disgusting, especially considering the DLC trials quality was so low.

I’m not sure whether I’ll get the new version but for those that do get it I hope the issues are all fixed and the game’s improvements are significant.


FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, release date? NG3 is DOPE ! but R.E. looks doper!!!sigma plus 2 almoste here, GREAT JOB TEAM NINJA!!!!!!! NINJA GAIDEN SAGA best there is!!!!!!!!!!!


Release date is 5th April 2013. :)


Hey Chin,
I love the new Badass Half Unmask Ryu Oufit. But it Looks like his Outfit is undressed from his Body. Do you have the same Outfit that shows the full Outfit who he dressed full?
(Sorry for my bad english but I hope you know what I mean.)

Maybe more Costumes to Come?

BTW: Will be a new Cover for the Ps3 Version of the game than the WiiU Packshot?

will the QTEs be fully removed, or will it b there for only story mode? also, about the steel on bone, would the action go beyond a cut, like slicing some1 in half?

this is gonna be so fun to play!

Question, will the multiplayer clans battle mode, with the custom character options from NG3, be in this? if so, will the weapons and ninpos of Ayane, Kasumi and Momiji be available for the custom characters?

Can us WiiU owners still expect patches in the future? There’s apparently an update planned for end this month for the costumes and new trials if this is to be believed but no word on whether this’ll fix more stuff:

Would love it if they fixed more of the issues that plague this otherwise awesome game!

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