Urban Trial Freestyle coming soon to PS3 and PS Vita

There are several motorcycle arcade style games out there already, and although many are really fun (everybody remembers Elastomania!) some lack depth. So with Urban Trial Freestyle, we decided to add high quality graphics and a modern social experience to the gameplay to bring this genre to a whole new level.

We wanted Urban Trial Freestyle to provide players with the highest level of competition as possible, so we are including about 100 different leaderboards. Players can compare their best score and best time depending on two different game modes. For example, in stunt mode, players can compete to be named “Best Stuntman” on every track. There are 20 tracks, and five kinds of stunts to perform on each track – and each one of them has its own leaderboard – all making Urban Trial Freestyle more unique and more competitive!.

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Arcade games are great for quick competitions so we also gave Time Attack mode a boost by storing the ghost of the best player on PlayStation Network so everyone can challenge him/her (it’s possible to choose worldwide best player or among your friends).

With the PSN version of the game, we wanted to take advantage of the high-end graphics and the power the Cell processor provides. So we developed a live background and enhanced the gameplay with secondary events like police chases, barricades, and all the demolition you can imagine when you put a crazy guy on a motorbike and let him jump over the motorway. Urban Trial Freestyle really breaks the gravity rules with the trial biking.

We heard from Julian Dupont, the godfather of urban trial racing, that he is capable of doing most of the tricks, but I think there are quite a few in Urban Trial Freestyle that he wouldn’t dare, right? ;)

At first we wanted to keep the game visual design tight, as we thought that this would help us keep high quality. But then, developing proper tools helped us to speed up the process and we designed five totally different environments. Having that helped us to create a more varied riding experience, and to create lots of different conditions for stunts so each one of them is worth conquering. Social competitiveness is one of our main goals!

Urban Trial Freestyle is crazy challenging and crazy fun. You can race against the ghost, beat the record in Stunt Mode or focus on beating one particular stunt out of almost one hundred. It’s all your choice. And you can repeat it again and again if you like it or race along – depends on the style of the player you are.

We’ll be updating you soon with more details, so make sure you continue checking it out!

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4 Author replies

cool. looks good. is there a date or price?

Wojtek Bilinski 13 February, 2013 @ 22:24

hi, the date is set to 20th of February

wicked i’ve been waiting for this one! is there a date and will it have cross play?

Nightmareofkaito 07 February, 2013 @ 14:58

This is a trials hd clone and it looks pretty sweet. might buy this just because it’s a trials hd clone.

I heard this will not be cross-buy. Is that true?

If it isn’t, I’d at least expect a large discount if we buy both PS3 and Vita versions, otherwise better off waiting for a sale on each.

Looks cool and will pick this up as soon as it’s released!

Just two questions;

1- Is their a track editor?

2- Are we going to get a folders system on the Vita? Please? :D

Wojtek Bilinski 13 February, 2013 @ 22:27

no, there is no track editor at the moment

Seems like the vita is finally getting some momentum! nice to see another release coming soon keep up the good work and if the price is right ill buy this day 1 for my vita and perhaps later for the ps3.


Now i gotta wait for the release so you can take my money and make me happy :)

Big fan of Elastomania back in the day, and was blown away by trials HD few years ago, but this seems to be taking the cake!


I wonder how well it works WITHOUT analog triggers…

You know your not even TRYING when you can’t create a new title for your clone. This game was already released two years ago, it’s called Trials Evolutions.

will def be buying this 1st day

Looks good ,these sort of games are good on the tablets but this looks alot better.

I’m buying this for my Vita :)

This looks really nice, can’t wait! Getting it on the Vita as it looks like the kind of game I’d play more on a handheld. People keep moaning about the lack of games on the Vita but they seem to be forgetting about PSN titles…

Looks a lot like the Trials HD i used to have on 360.

i hope its got a track editor as good as trials hd

Wojtek Bilinski 13 February, 2013 @ 22:29

hi, actually it’s going to be released on 20th of February

“It comes out Feb 12 according to the Playstation store.”

That means OCTOBER for us europeans !!!!

Counter Strike !!!

Runs away :)

Wojtek Bilinski 13 February, 2013 @ 22:30

hi, the official release date for Europe is 20th of February :)

Why is this not available in Denmark? Did we kill your company cat or something like that?

You have chosen not to publish this game in Denmark and Turkey? Why have we been left out as the only countries?

No reply, as expected.

Now I am actually quite happy that you chose not to release the game in Denmark. I see it was to protect us from a crappy 4/10 game. Thank you! You saved me a couple of bucks there.


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