VidZone update: It’s time to become a legendary VidZone user

Consider yourself a rock god? A hip-hop heavyweight? A pop idol? A metal master? A dance legend? An alt guru? An R&B superstar? Prove it then!

With VidZone‘s brand new user rating system, you can rise to the top of the charts and become the ultimate user. How? Well, we can’t just tell you exactly what to do to win – that would be no fun whatsoever – but MAYBE you should try and decipher these cryptic clues:

  1. We see you here, we see you here often, this is most likely to bring you good fortune.
  2. To seek is good but to be sought is better, get a following of people because you love Dave Guetta.
  3. Don’t hide away from your peers and you will be rewarded, the more social you are the more points recorded.
  4. After a while without work you may slip down the rankings, don’t get complacent with the points you are glancing.


Then after you have done all of that (or before) check out our new genre-based user charts, which make it even easier for you to connect with other users with similar taste in music.

Also, stay posted on competitions and awards for our top users by checking out our Facebook page.

Now, over to the ever effervescent Candice for a rundown of what’s new, enjoy!

Artists of the Week – Avicii (all except France and Belgium),  C2C (France and Belgium)
Swedish DJ whizz Avicii follows up his previous global smashes ‘Levels’ and ‘Silhouettes’ with ‘I Could Be The One’ which features Dutch producer Nicky Romero. In return for giving us another brilliant club tune, we have made him Artist Of The Week. Make sure you watch his featured playlist which also features his collaborations with Leona Lewis in ‘Collide’ and Eric Turner in ‘Dancing In My Head’.

Hip-hop/turntable pros C2C are France’s latest exports to go global. Their singles ‘Happy’ and ‘Down The Road’ have been dominating their local chart for months. We therefore decided it was time to honor them with their own featured playlist. Fans can watch both videos as well as previous hits ‘Arcade’ and ‘The Beat’.



Featured Zone

  • The BRIT Awards Nominees 2013 (UK IE)
  • Grammys 2013
  • Must See Video – Bring Me The Horizon
  • Love Songs / Anti-Love Songs TV
  • Hot New Videos TV
  • One To Watch – Laura Mvula


Latest Videos

Check out our great selection this week…

  • Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble (Pop)
  • Emeli Sandé – Next to Me (Live At the Royal Albert Hall) (Live)
  • 50 Cent – Major Distribution (Hip-Hop) EXPLICIT
  • Miles Kane – Give Up (Alternative)
  • 3 Doors Down – One Light (Rock)
  • Bullet For My Valentine – Riot (Metal)
  • Laura Mvula – Green Garden (Chill)


As always, please keep in touch with the following fun ways to communicate. We read everything and love your comments so don’t be shy!

3 Author replies

Where can i find this app please ?

This is a good. actually brilliant and Free service, But i am not going to bother using it again until you include trophies !, actually i am only messin.. keep up the good work everyone.


Hi Solarwind12

Thanks! Trophies heh, maybe…

Vidzone is the best! It better be on the PS4



:) Thanks!

still hoping for a vitaversion.

Sounds interesting.

Joeytheawesome99 08 February, 2013 @ 01:22

i am in prestige 18 in mw3 and i dont have any cheats too prestige every day

When’s the next VidZone event in Home? Will we ever see a permanent Home space?

@ Ben Creasey, I went on Vidzone for first time in ages the other day and the amount of adverts has skyrocketed. I understand that’s where you get revenue from and don’t have a problem with it as such but is there any way it can be managed better? Between 2 songs it played the same nesquik ad 3 times, and that bloody rabbit gets on my nerves at the best times ;) Otherwise is an excellent service with a surprisingly varied choice of music


Hi tycho2

Thanks for your comments, We are testing different advertising patterns that should make it less annoying. you shouldn’t see the same ad in the same ad break so that’s an issue we are looking into. We have a bug in which after a while ads start repeating, if this is annoying you can restart VidZone and it should sort it out. We are fixing this bug very shortly.

@Ben Creasey:

Any chance of getting this on Vita as well (I’m not first one to ask and this is not first time I’m asking that here either)?

And – NO – we don’t want to use remote play for that …

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