Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – demo release date and brand new trailers

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

Hey there PS Blog. With Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time’s 29th March release date rapidly approaching; we’ve got a few things to update you on.

First and foremost, we’re happy to announce that from 20th February you’ll be able to play the full demo on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Ahead of that, you can check out the brand new companion game Bentley’s Hackpack right now on PSN! Based on Bentley’s hacking mini-games from Thieves in Time, it includes 60 totally new, controller-twisting missions to take on, tons of nifty Sly Cooper loot to collect, and cameos from the whole gang, all wrapped up in Bentley’s signature arcade.

It’s available now for either the PS3 or PS Vita, priced at just £1.59/€1.99. Purchasing either version of the game will allow you to download the game on the other platform at no additional cost. Take a look at the trailer here:

We’re really happy that you’ll soon be able to finally experience the joy of Salim al Kupar’s carpet ride and Tennessee Kid’s Crack Shot as they follow the gang’s adventure, twisting and turning through space and time. It’s been hard keeping things under wraps for so long but I can’t wait for players to uncover the latest plot twists first hand!

For an additional taste of what to expect when Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time arrives in stores next month, check out our brand new launch trailer below, or visit the official site which has just gone live.

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Can’t think of anything else happening that day…

Why did it get delayed to such an extent when it’s already out in the US ?


i will not buy this game because you disappoint us
why there is BIG gape between release date for US and euro

3# The Sly games have ALWAYS had a big gape between the releases of US and Europe.

Why even joke about the release date is rapidly approaching….meanwhile U.S gamers

Looking forward to trying the Vita demo.


What could possibly justify the UK release taking so much longer?
I can literally go online and order a hard copy and it will work in my vita.

SONY. PLEASE… this is like telling a child to do something thats so EASY but yet they find it so hard… PLEASE SORT YOUR SELVES OUT. CAN YOU NOT SEE WHY YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS EVERY DAY?

I refuse to buy this game out of principal now. I am sure many others will too.
I would have picked this up without hesitation if it was out yesterday – as i had believed it would be – inline with the US release.

Now.. i can’t be bothered to support you.
I’ll wait until its on sale or free.

The game is out in the US and Asia already, just waiting for EU which is basically 1 and 1/2 months delayed for no good reason.

By then I’ll be playing something else.


I hope there is a patch fixes the loading time or reduced at least ..


yes finaly!cant wait to see Sly Cooper thieves in time on PSVita,i already played the demo on PS3 and it was stunnung!now im playing Bentley’s hackpack so epic!and first time i saw Sly moving in Vita quality and it is just amazing and now i can control him on PSVita in the demo!soo many thanks for this 47 days left!cant wait!!!

Instant buy……providing there are no more delays nuff said !

MordecaiHunter 08 February, 2013 @ 13:27

i’ll be picking up the vita version (second hand) tho !

Will we get any compensation for the large delay?

The US got the sly demo with the delay of the Ratchet collection.

Will we get a demo for something?

Guys, please support the developers. If no one buys this game because it got delayed, we won’t see Sly 5! Will buy on PS3 which will also grant me the Vita version.


I will be buying it but it will be now released the same week as Bioshock Infinite.

Its going to be a hard choice but Bioshock is winning.

supersmith2500 08 February, 2013 @ 14:08

Not fussed about the game coming out 29th March because that’s before the Easter holidays and will have more time playing it especially on the go with the Vita. Besides, that’s after God of War Acension’s release you know.

The demo IS coming out on 20th Jan. Read the blog.

supersmith2500 08 February, 2013 @ 14:15

And this could be a reason why the European release a month later. The langauges.


I’m pretty sure that the delay is because of the languages in the Vita version, since it seems that the PS3 game was finished in September last year. But I rather get them both at once than get them in a roughly 6 month gap, really.

So yeah. Glad to hear we’re getting the Demo in 2 weeks, I can’t wait to try out the Vita version :)


If you read MY post correctly I was asking for an exclusive demo for out long wait for the game as they US did with their long wait for Ratchet.

supersmith2500 08 February, 2013 @ 14:25

I mean’t 20th Feb, sorry for the mistake.

Already played the demo and it’s looking greasy-sweet, definitely be getting when it comes out here :)
As for it coming out after US, so what? Global launches are a relatively new thing, it used to the norm that there would be lag between a game being launched in the developers country and it being released in other territories. Getting angry about it and expecting compensation just because it came out somewhere else first is just another example of the childish “I WANT NOW!” attitude that seems to be spreading these days

Already played the demo and it’s looking greasy-sweet, definitely be getting when it comes out here :)
As for it coming out after US, so what? Global launches are a relatively new thing, it used to the norm that there would be lag between a game being launched in the developers country and it being released in other territories. Getting narky about it and expecting compensation just because it came out somewhere else first is just another example of the childish “I WANT NOW!” attitude that seems to be spreading these days

PS, any moderators seeing this can delete my original version, I already spotted and changed the rude-ish word ;)


Yes, a european release date for the demo! This is gonna be awesome, I’m downloading Bentley’s Hackpack right now!

Hey Sony! Can You market this game properly unlike in the US where nobody seems to know about its release. This game deserves all the success

Both were EXCELLENT :P (The Demo(got off US PSN Store) + Bentley’s Hackpack demo) ;)

ryannumber3gamer 08 February, 2013 @ 15:30

Thanks for giving us a update in the demo but i can’t help feel a little disappointed that we had to wait almost a whole month for the demo since the US got it on the 22th since they got the full game on the 5th. I will still be getting it as i am a big Sly fan (He’s my 3rd favorite Playstation series with just Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter beating him) Personally Sly 2 Band of Thieves is my favorite Sly game because of the story,Characters,bosses,missions, and Episodes (But i don’t have a clue what they were thinking with Ep 3 since i hate Sly 2 Ep 3 the most) But i think Sly Thieves in Time may become my new favorite Sly game. Now because i have to wait so long i could not help myself but to go and look at the cutscenes on Youtube and all i can say is Sanzaru games, You are good at Twists in the story. Anyway can’t wait to try out the demo :)


Got to love the people who think they’re owed something all the time.

“Oh, the game is out a month after the US, please give us compensation!”

And don’t get me started on the people who “refuse to buy it” because it’s not out at the same time. It’s pathetic.

ryannumber3gamer 08 February, 2013 @ 15:45


Being fair here people are saying this because the one time we got a game 2 months before the US (The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy) They got a exclusive Sly Cooper Thieves in Time demo and a exclusive avatar. Now when we have to wait 2 months later than the US for Sly Thieves in Time, They are kinda expecting something like the US got.

ryannumber3gamer 08 February, 2013 @ 15:47

I meant to say ”The US got a exclusive Sly Cooper Thieves in Time demo and a Exclusive Avatar for waiting 2 months later for the R&C Trilogy, so when people over here have to wait 2 months for Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, people are kinda expecting something like the US got for waiting 2 months.”


I really can’t believe people are actually threatening not to buy the game, just because we have to wait several more weeks! What on earth happened to patience? It’s not like the game is RUINED just because the US get it before us!!

ryannumber3gamer 08 February, 2013 @ 15:54

I will agree that it’s a little bit stupid threatening not to get the game. Why would you be complaining about the game not coming out then when it does come out you say ”Nope the US got it first so now i’m not getting it”


Can’t wait for this. Currently enjoying Ni no kuni very much and it makes me realise how hungry I am for some more original or different games.

From what some of the story sounds like, it sounds like you butchered quite a few of the characters and just couldn’t make a game as good as the older sly’s, Why ruin penelope like that guys? Giving this a big miss.

ryannumber3gamer 08 February, 2013 @ 18:54

Yeah i got to agree with Jamesyp00 about Penelope as i don’t think it makes much sense for her to go against Sly. She says its because Sly was holding Bentley back but since Sly gave up stealing and went to work with Carmelita why would Penelope have a need to even try to erase Sly from time. Also Bentley would not know Penelope if Sly was erased from time.

Can i play the demo in my language? (Finnish)

Evil_Shadow_500 08 February, 2013 @ 20:32

There Should Be A DLC For The Game About Sly Cooper Going Back To Fight ClockWerk Before His Father Gets Killed

Evil_Shadow_500 08 February, 2013 @ 20:34

There Should Be A DLC About Sly Cooper Going Back In Time And Stop ClockWerk Before His Father Gets Killed

This sucks. Ive been waiting 5 years for this, then they delay it for 3 other months, and now another for Europe. Sounds legitimate.
To everyone saying we Europeans got the Sly Cooper Collection, the US atleast got something in reward! What do we get? The Sly Collection is otherwise just the same games we have played, so nothing to lose!
Sly 4 is a new PS3 game that we fans have been waiting for 5 years to release, and now this happens!
I otherwise will buy the game and i hope we get something for waiting like the US did.

And also… that Rachet & Clank Trilogy. We got a month before, but with a false cover and some bugs, while the US version was clean with an actual cover of the old Ratchet, not that new small kid!

Okay i didnt mean that literally.

Sweet! a Demo Release- and its only 12 days away :D

why is everyone so bothered about the release being different from the U.S? we have a demo (in 12 days)and bentleys hackpack to keep us going until release. just be patient everyone- do something else with your lives and before you know it, you’ll be playing as Sly in the ‘ol’ west :P


Might not buy it due to the delay, other games are coming out during that Window Of Release so im probably going to pick them up. Thanks for the delay.

You know, all you complainers could just go onto the US store and download it from there.

From some of these overreactions, you’d think this is the first game which has ever been released in the US before Europe.

Seriously Eddc15?

Everyone knows that if you try that it says you are not eligible to download this content. So, the problem is that we have to wait 2 months, and we’ve already waited 7+ years for it.
Thats why most here are bothered. Seeing everyone playing it, tempted for the game makes me need to watch Sly 4 gameplay, and even before the game i have time to spoil it all. There you go.
If no one would have released a video about the game, it would have been another case.


it only does that with video content


I’ve tried. Now it doesnt load the page.

Comprem pela já está a sair


It is unfair! They dont deserve it more than us!!!!!


So is the game going to have just one language or will language selection be available? I’d love to play the game in english but I also want to try it in swedish.

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