Access episode 68: Aliens: Colonial Marines! Tearaway! Hitman HD!

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Access TV episode 68 hits YouTube today with sci-fi shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines as Game of the Week. It’s an awesome piece of wish fulfilment that throws you into iconic movie locales like the Sulaco and Hadley’s Hope, while providing an endless wave of xenomorphs for you to fill with pulse rifle ammo.

Carrying on the theme of shooting horrible things, we visited an abandoned shopping mall in Reading this week for a spot of zombie-slaying. ZedEvents’ live action survival horror experience – pitching airsoft-toting journalists against actors in very scary make-up – was set up to celebrate the Blu-ray release of Resident Evil: Retribution, which we also take a look at in Bonus Level.

In terms of news, we take a look at PS Vita exclusive adventure Tearaway from the offices of Media Molecule, plus we’ve got a look at the Hitman HD Trilogy and Dead Space 3 in our PlayStation Store roundup. Loads of amazing games then, and a fair few zombies. Enjoy the show!

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Am hearing terrible things about Aliens:Colonial Marines, unfortunately!

Glad I held off on Pre-Ordering now. Sounds like the sort of game that will go straight to the bargain bin.

I didn’t like it at first but once you get used to how the guns work it’s pretty good.

Project2insanity 12 February, 2013 @ 00:41

The sign out is funny because it’s true.

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