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In what has become somewhat of a tradition in the Official PlayStation Community, we have just finished our yearly Community Awards. It’s the community’s opportunity to have their say about their most cherished games and DLC from 2012 in a vast array of categories.

The community put forward their nominations which we collated across all the different language PlayStation Forum boards and put to a final vote! And now we have the final results!

PlayStation Community Awards 2012 final results:

  • PS3 Game of the Year Winner: Assassin’s Creed III
  • PS Vita Game of the Year Winner: Uncharted Golden Abyss
  • Most anticipated game of 2013 Winner: The Last of Us
  • Best PlayStation Move game: Winner: Sorcery
  • Best Multiplayer Winner: Battlefield 3
  • Best Videogame Character of the Year Winner: Connor – Assassin’s Creed III
  • PlayStation Network Service Winner: PlayStation Plus
  • Downloadable Game Winner: Journey
  • Downloadable Content of the Year Winner: LittleBigPlanet2 Cross Controller Pack
  • Best PlayStation videogame Art and Design Winner: Journey
  • Best PS Home content released in 2012 Winner: Casino – Digital Leisure
  • Retro Game of the Year Winner: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
  • Best Trophy Winner: Gran Turismo 5 Platinum

Do you agree with our community? Let us know what you think!

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I bought the Cross-Controller pack the day it came out and still can’t get it running, tried everything possible. As long as the PS3 and Vita are connected to two different routers it DOES NOT WORK. This is really annoying, so this definitely wouldn’t be the DLC of the year for me. Money wasted for that stuff, even contacted support which couldn’t help and told me to wait until they tried to reconstruct my problem. That was in December.

Otherwise it’s a good list, would’ve given best Vita game to P4G, although it’s not out yet in europe.

“PlayStation Network Service Winner: PlayStation Plus”

This is so obvious, it’s the best network service out there for any console.


I have to say, I agree :D

Maybe in about… a years time, when I have finally gotten through my huge backlog of 2012 games – I will have an opinion! :)


I have to admit, my pile of shame is pretty epic too…

No Singstar? Weird. According SCEE everybody wanted it and everybody loves it. Truly weird.

@#1 – of course it won’t work if the Vita and PS3 are on different routers. I think it states that as well.

The Vita and PS3 need to be on the same network for this to work.

I wonder if the Gran Turismo platinum trophy is the longest it takes to get. I can guess more than 1000 hours of play to get that one. I dont have it by the way.

Hello there, any info on WHEN today can we expect the new Skyrim update ?
Please Answer !!!!!

@6 The worst / longer to obtain is IMO the Elemental Monsters Online – the amount of people having platinum there can be counted in 2 digit numbers and time (plus money needed for the online tickects) needed are ENORMEOUS.

Carnivius_Prime 11 February, 2013 @ 14:57

A HD port of not actually very old Metal Gear games win the ‘Retro game’ award… I just can’t comprehend that… But then most of this list is terrible anyways.

@ commenter #1 Nicko_McBrain why on earth would you have both devices connected to different routers?

The devices need to be on the same network.

Cross Controller Pack is not Remote Play which it sounds like you’re trying to do.

bad list


What would have been your choices?

yipeeeeee :D


@#10 Demonized. Why wouldn’t I? I have my PS3 connected wired (better connection speed, obviously) to a router in my room, while my PS Vita is connected to the wireless router in my brothers room. I don’t want to connect my PS3 with Wifi because the speed suffers, and I can’t connect my Vita to the other router, because it doesn’t have Wifi. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work the same way Remote Play works, and there’s no reason for not indicating that both need to be connected to the same router.

The list is quite similar to what I voted. Nice to see how all the communities think about the games in 2012.

So what time with the ps store update in Australia

How did Assassins win GOTY? Where was The Walking Dead?

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