When Vikings Attack! DLC incoming: When Vikings Relax!

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Hey everybody! It’s been a while since When Vikings Attack was released and we’ve been a bit quiet since then but rest assured it was because the team have been hard at work on lots of exciting stuff! So exciting in fact that this may break the exclamation point button on my keyboard!!

On the 13th February we are releasing our DLC pack When Vikings Relax!. The war is over, and it’s time for some R&R so join the Vikings in Valhalla for more chaotic fun.

When they were making the main game the team had loads of great ideas for vs. mode maps that just didn’t fit with the theme: huge spinning razor blades, collapsing floors… mini golf. So we’ve stuffed this DLC pack with all that and more!

As well as the vs. maps we’ve also added a whole new game mode for all those people who wanted a little bit more single player fun. Enter the coliseum and challenge never ending waves of history’s greatest warriors in Solo Survival mode! Defeat them all to add them to your character collection then keep going to see how far you can get in the global rankings.

In the pack you will find:

  • 10 new vs. mode levels – Each one themed around recreational mayhem with a unique environmental hazard to watch out for.
  • Solo Survival mode – A new single player game mode where you face off against waves history’s greatest warriors, survive as long as you can and get to the top of the leaderboards.
  • New unlockable characters – Unlock 10 warriors in solo survival.
  • Six new trophies – New specific challenges based around the DLC content to unlock.

As well as all of the above, we are celebrating the release of the game in Japan with a few additions. Not only will you be able to unlock the exclusive Japanese character The Tired Oyaji in the Relax pack you will also be able to purchase some new costumes based around everyone’s favourite Japanese cats, Toro and Kuro!


Oh and it’s all Cross-Buy too so buy on one platform and get the other for free!

The When Vikings Relax DLC pack will be available on the PSN Store next week for €3.99 along with the Toro and Kuro costumes. On that day we are also launching a When Vikings Relax Special Edition pack, which contains all the DLC and the original game for €12.99 as well as a dynamic theme and some avatars for just €0.49. Enjoy


There is now a Trial available on the PSN Store so if you still haven’t tried the game then we strongly recommend that you download it post-haste and try the multiplayer mayhem for yourself. The trial lets you sample one Adventure level and one vs. game mode, all with up to four players on and offline.


Think there couldn’t be any more? Well, we have also released a new patch for the game. Since release we’ve had loads of great feedback and the team have been paying attention to the two most requested features that people wanted to see, and they’ve duly added them in for FREE as a thank you.

For Vita players we have added in Ad-Hoc support for local play and for both PS3 and Vita we have added in full cross-platform invites to make joining games across PS3 and Vita even easier.

I think that’s it for now – just a final big thank you to everyone who’s bought the game already and said lovely things about it online! We hope more people take the time to try the Trial and you all continue to enjoy the game.


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Ok, here’s some more “lovely things” about this game.

It’s great fun, can even be challenging at times, and is extremely funny when playing online. The added cross-platform features should make finding companion obstacle-throwers even easier now. Hopefully they will now also learn the difference between co-op and PvP…

Well done guys!

Neil McPhillips 11 February, 2013 @ 14:50

Thanks! Really glad you like it :)

I love this game so much.
It is quite honestly one of my most played pick up and play games on my vita. I love its simplicity and humour.

Its great fun jumping online and throwing things at vikings with some random person :D

Thanks for making it and more importantly THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING IT ONTO THE VITA.

Oh man, I’m super excited to get that DLC on Wednesday!

Since trading my old Nintendo 3DS XL in for a shiny new Vita in October/November last year, it’s always been a bit of a mission managing my downloadable games on that pesky 4gb memory card. Within a month, I shelled out for an 8gb card, and finally grabbed the daddy last week – the oft-coveted 32gb memory card! Costing eighty of my British pounds, that stung pretty hard, but I’m relieved to finally have some gb’s to play with.

My point you ask? Well, throughout that whole three months of downloading games, making room, deleting games, downloading games…..etc, (sorry about that), the only game to never leave the cosy confines of my beloved Vita is, yep you guessed it, When Vikings Attack!

[See next post] Dame PS Blog and their 1,250 word limit!!!

[Cont’d from previous post]:

Man, I love that game. Whenever I’ve lobbied friends and family to trade-up from their PSP’s, DS’s and 3DS’s, (along with Uncharted and Gravity Rush), When Vikings Attack! is always the game I show them. I just love it’s cartoon visuals and comedy-style madcap combat. At 36, my younger brother (don’t, I’ll be forty this year) has been a proper Nintendoist his whole life, and this game helped make even him yearn for a Vita. His crabby wife (god I hope he doesn’t read this!) finally allowed him some pocket money to do so a couple weeks back.

Anyways, I’ve babbled on for far longer than any reasonable blogger really wants to listen, but hear this friends, the minute – nay, the second – the store updates on Wednesday, I’m grabbing this properly epic looking DLC.

Let’s take it to the the crazy golf course!

Oops! At the bottom of #3, that was supposed to say DAMN PS Blog and 1,250 word limit!!!


Neil McPhillips 11 February, 2013 @ 14:59

That blast of text has honestly made my day :) So pleased that you’ve enjoyed it that much! It’s all we ever wanted, to make something that people just enjoy!


Carnivius_Prime 11 February, 2013 @ 15:00

@Aces73High you paid £80 for a 32GB card? Should have shopped around a bit. For example Amazon do them for £59.99 with free delivery.

DLC Sold!

Love When Vikings Attack, though I really hope more people pick it up so I can find players online.

Can’t wait until Wednesday now.

No worries Neil, you’re perfectly welcome buddy!

We all have ‘that’ game that for one reason or another, we connect with over all the dozens of also-rans that we play over the months and years. For most sane folk, it’s something rather profound. Perhaps Journey or Dear Esther, or even Final Fantasy VII. But for me, it’s a cartoon slapstick free-for-all. What does that say about me? WAIT! Stop reading my head…it burns! Oh it burns! Nooooooo……!!!!


@Carnivius_Prime (#6) – What? Under sixty pounds you say? Now he tells me!

Nah, I had to get it from GAME. I was trading some games in at the same time, and they had the best trade-in prices. Hey, at least I know where to go for my next 32 gigger! I’ve only got two-and-bit-gigs left on this one!

Cheers friends!

Hi! I really like the game, but haven’t bought the game yet. Mainly because I just got a Vita and am still working through the Plus games. So this way I can buy the full bundle instead.

But will there be more DLC or is this the final bundle that’s coming?

And I’ve searched the Store, but can’t find the trial. Is it already out or will it be available this wednesday? Would love to give the demo a try…

Neil McPhillips 11 February, 2013 @ 16:08

Yeah there are so many good games to work through on Plus right!?

I’m biased but I would recommend picking up that bundle this week ;-)

For now this is the last DLC but as always any future content is based on the community support and interest, if people really want more… you never know!

The Trial will be launching on Wednesday with the DLC. Hope you give it a try.

Fantastic news, The new content sound great.
And a very nice price for what sounds like a whole lot of content.

Do you know how big the DLC will be as Vita memory is at a premium, I might need to shift things around to make space.

Neil McPhillips 11 February, 2013 @ 16:09

If you have the latest patch then you have all the space you need already. If you haven’t downloaded the patch yet then you will need another 80mb.

We tried our hardest to keep the file size down for all you Vita users!

Sold! :)

I am in on Wednesday buying the full set looks hilarious

Already got the game and its ace, the dlc will be downloaded this Wednesday.

Great game – I wonder if Fred and the gang are up to do battle again I wonder?

Neil McPhillips 12 February, 2013 @ 09:03

Yeah maybe we should get another round going for the DLC? I’ll look into that one.


Always! We’ll look to get this set up…

@silmorat1 (#15) and Neil – Ooooo, count me in guys!

loving the new weapons and new characters!

mellan_Konsten 14 February, 2013 @ 02:05

I just bought the full version, but my vita refuses to install it. Error c2-1238-7

Any tip?

I had the same mellan_Konsten. There was a note saying “You have the wrong version, download it again”. I tried and it downloaded but wouldn’t install.

So I removed the game and tried to download again, but it wouldn’t even download then. So I’ve not seen the new DLC I bought yet.

My wife was on the TV downstairs, so I couldn’t use the PS3. Previously on the PSP, I’d have used remote play to turn on the PS3 and then accessed the store to download the version and simply plugged in and done the copy.

Sadly, the remote switch on and store options aren’t available on the Vita – so I spent the night on the Xbox instead.

It’s a shame, because I love the game and I love supporting developers who are willing to push the boat out and try new (and brilliant) ideas. Sadly, Sony are very poor partners.

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