Continue your Skyrim experience this week with Dragonborn


The wait is over! For the next three weeks, we’ll be releasing a new Skyrim add-on each week on the PlayStation Store. This week, with Dragonborn, you’ll journey beyond Skyrim to Solstheim, an island off the coast of Morrowind. Use all your abilities and skills honed in Skyrim to save the island from a mysterious power that threatens to destroy Solstheim’s inhabitants.

Beyond Dragonborn’s main quest, the content is packed with hours of new areas to explore complete with new characters, new towns, new dungeons and plenty of new side quests to complete. And for elite players that have attained Level 81 status, you’ll have a chance to square off with the game’s fiercest adversary, The Ebony Warrior.

For more details on Dragonborn, available for 50% off (£6.49) during launch week only, read our list of features below:

  • Explore beyond Skyrim – Leave the province of Skyrim and travel to the coastal island of Solstheim. Encounter the Dark Elven settlers of Raven Rock and the native Skaal, as you unravel the mystery of a Dragonborn’s return.
  • Become the ultimate Dragonborn – Harness the power of the Voice as you face off against the first Dragonborn. Wield new shouts and spells including Dragon Aspect – allowing you to summon the inner power of a dragon to deliver colossal blows and strengthen other shouts.
  • New powers – Discover dark powers as you journey into a new Daedric realm. Collect books of forbidden knowledge and choose new paths for your skills and abilities.
  • New dungeons, creatures, weapons and more – Suit up in Bonemold and Chitin armors and wield Stalhrim weapons as you navigate through a myriad of dungeons. Battle formidable foes like Ash Spawn, Rieklings, and more.

Next week we’ll be back with information on next Wednesday’s release, Hearthfire.

Dragonborn releases across the PAL region tomorrow, with the exception of France, Germany, Spain and Italy. A release date for those territories will be confirmed as soon as possible.

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Wonder how much of the game these DLC will break? this is bethesda afterall.

Oh at bloody long last !!!

Bethesda finally sorted themselves out!

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 17:30

We’re excited to have the content available to you guys tomorrow!

What’s the size of the Dragonborn DLC?

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 17:45

The download size is around 900 mb

wellbeingosteo 12 February, 2013 @ 17:37

Price makes this even more attractive.

Happy to wait for content as long as its relatively glitch free.

Any trophies?

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 17:44

Yes, we have 10 trophies for Dragonborn

“We’re excited to have the content available to you guys tomorrow!” oh, that explains why i cant find it in the store today, looking forward

Hey Matt, I’m looking forward to Dragonborn and Dawnguard, but I’m from Spain. Any clue of when we can expect the release here? Thank you.

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 19:16

We’re working to get those dates nailed down… we’re almost there. Keep an eye on Bethesda Blog for the final release date.

Wait-Jester-Sec 12 February, 2013 @ 17:54

In reply to number 1

this is taken off bethesda’s blog page

First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75 thats for both dragonborn and dawnguard

Here is the link if you want a look

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 19:17

Thanks for posting that :)


Should I delay playing Dragonborn until I’ve played the other two? Aren’t these hitting ps3 in the wrong order?

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 19:18

Just like Skyrim’s main game, it doesn’t the matter what order you approach content.

We wanted to release Dragonborn first, because we think it’s the best of the bunch.

almighty-slayer 12 February, 2013 @ 18:01

It’s 50% off on XBLA too, so it’s not as if they’re even giving PS3 owners a discount for being late, lol.

Sold my copy of Skyrim, so no.


#12 That’s a good point. So not an apology price afterall, more likely a sale that was planned all the while.


why advertise the DLC to launch on the 12th, then tell us the 13th ? why this discrepancy in dates ? is the software full of bugs they have not fixed yet ?

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 19:19

The discrepancy of dates relates to our blog post with announced release dates for both North America and Europe.

Because the weekly update to PlayStation Store is Tuesday in North America, the content is releasing there today.


So not half price then, nice one Beth. I wouldn’t buy this anyway now to busy with DS3. So many quality games coming out at the moment. Keep your bug fest and every other game you make or are involved with. You have also lost my custom for TES online since the way you have treated the ps3 community., you are totally unreliable as a Games company. Goodbye


#13 Would be a good point if it was actually currently on sale. I believe its next week and for one week only. Also 800 points is still €10 whatever way you look at it.
#14 You, like so many people wondering were Ni No Kini was this time 2 weeks ago, were looking at a US date.

Regarding the previous posts:

The US version is the 12th, EU 13th. EU PSN releases are ALWAYS a day after the advertised date.

Playing Dawnguard before Dragonborn is not needed, and you won’t spoil the story. Furthermore, Dawnguard is a hideous buggy mess and will most likely break your game. As soon as you install it, Vampires start killing everyone in the cities – including essential characters. AVOID IT. Furthermore, it’s incredibly dull.

Dragonborn is actually a decent adventure, but also utterly riddled with bugs. It *probably* won’t trash your game like Dawnguard does, though.

Note: I tested all DLCS on PC and Xbox. The PS3 versions are likely to be even worse than I described.

SKYRIM is dead

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 12 February, 2013 @ 18:52

Skyrim’s not dead, if your an elder scrolls fan, think of oblivion was out for 5 years before Skyrim and people still play it. what you mean is your not interested, so i refer you to the door… close it behind you. I for one will purchase all 3 dlc’s and im not upset about the wait as i’m a huge sony fan and my hatred for xbox is only overshadowed by my hatred for the ignorance of some people in the ps community. That being said thankyou for bringing us TES fans what we have been longing for, what time on 13th will we see dragonborn drop? afternoon maybe. For all those that have no interest in purchasing the dlc i suggest you go post your childish comments on youtube, were they belong.

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 12 February, 2013 @ 19:19

@14. the 12th is North american release 13th is EU release. why does eveyone think there’s some big conspiracy going on. Betheseda has lost alot of money on this hold up as it is and to give it us at 50% off is netting theman even bigger loss.

A fair price indeed .

@19 The store update is usually between 3pm and 5pm (assuming you’re in the UK as your flag suggests) – you can occasionally get the content half an hour earlier by using the store’s ‘Search’ function and going directly to the relevant game’s page (they only update the frontpage once the content has been uploaded)

For what it’s worth, I did enjoy Skyrim and Dragonborn (but not Dawnguard). It just irks me that I had to buy it for several formats in order to achieve a 100% playthrough (both console versions self-destructed on me). This is sadly something you get used to as an ES fan.

Is Skyrim already playable on PS3? Is the water-freeze bug problem solved? And other game-crushing bugs as well? Cause all these issues convinced me not to buy this game, since I don’t own a X360 or a strong PC. If it’s playable now I might actually consider getting it and all the DLCs, but I’d like some confirmation here.

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 20:07

The water issue is something you can resolve by going in the game utility folder. From our official forums, here’s our post on the matter:

If you’re having a freeze issue when going into water, head to the PlayStation XMB menu. From there go to Game>Game Data Utility. Delete the game data and title updates for Skyrim.

Note: Game Data is not the same as your game saves. As long as you’re not deleting anything from the game saves folder, you’ll still have your saves.

Once you restart Skyrim, you’ll need to wait for the 1.8 title update.

Number 25, all the infamous bugs on ps3 are long gone, I’ve played, many, ours without a single crash. Up to 50% completion. I waited until I knew the problems were fixed before I started. Well worth the wait, Skyrim is awesome.

Meant 23, sorry!


I just want to say a huge thank you for bringing the Skyrim dlc to the ps3. I have enjoyed the dlc on my xbox 360 and now I can enjoy it again on my favourite console the ps3 and get more trophies for Skyrim. Thank you very much. It is definitely worth the wait. :)

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 21:14

We’re excited that you’ll be able to play Dragonborn tomorrow.

Thanks for playing

Why not in Germany?

i sold my limited edition halo reach xbox bought skyrim for 30 quid and a 30 pound psn card for the dlc so i hope its not buggy

n now i find out theres a sale on xbox next week at 50% when i had skyrim on xbox

Liquidjellyfish6 12 February, 2013 @ 21:30

So do you need to have the game in the console to download it or do you just need to look for it in the PlayStation store?

Matt Grandstaff 12 February, 2013 @ 23:29

You can download directly from the PlayStation Store once it’s available.

Guess MS payed you guys alot of money to also have an discount on the same week. Also 100% sure these DLCs will be REALLY buggy and glitchy on the ps3.


Interesting that you put a 50% discount on Xbox when your apparent “apology” for the delay is a 50% discount for us. I have a question would LOVE To here your excuse why didn’t you learn anything from oblivion and fallout 3 on ps3 coz it might be a “new” engine but skyrim suffers from the same exact problems!!


I hope that no one buys the DLC.
So many people have been complaining about Skyrim and the treatment towards the PS3, and they don’t care, because it isn’t affecting them.
They only way they will notice and care, is if you speak with your wallet.
Do not buy the DLC.

hey. the 13th in sweden in 13 min. what time in the day will dragonborn come out on psn?

ExtremeGamer1995 12 February, 2013 @ 23:14

When I said boycott I wasn’t joking, still haven’t played dishourned

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 12 February, 2013 @ 23:27

@ 35 your not missing much dishonoured isn’t all that good and FYI it was only published by bethesda softworks a subsidiary of bethesda, they didn’t actually work on the game itself that was down to ARKANE STUDIOS so your boycott is for not and has left you looking uninformed and a total ass.

captain57boots 12 February, 2013 @ 23:38

very excited
Downloading tonight after work. Pity I have to work the rest of the week.

Farnzzy: The store is updated either 17.00 or 18.00 in Norway at least. :)

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 12 February, 2013 @ 23:50

@ 33 suck it up… bethesda is a multi million pound/$ company i’m sure they really couldn’t care if you buy it or not. As this Dlc is now profit on what they’ve already accumulated, im sure they won’t loose sleep over your £6.49p. If you don’t want it, why are you here? Anyway you already purchased skyrim so way to go, you stuck it to the man there didn’t you..

Everyone’s arguing about bethesda…so can someone just say if their PSN has dragonborn on it yet? I don’t care what country or what time it is there, just need some sign that it actually is coming out today

oh sorry just read it’s coming on the 13th..thought i’d mention it before I get called an idiot or something by you lot. Anyone know when tomorrow?

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 00:02

it won’t b on psn till 3pm- 5pm uk time on 13th so from now…. about 15- 18 hours.

@41. 6 or 5 PM norwegian time, and we’re one hour ahead of you.

Can’t wait till 2moro! It’s going to be intense! Does anyone know the dates for hearthfire and dawnguard? Also just out of curiosity has anybody heard anything about a goty edition?

what time will the dlc be available ?

Between 3pm and 5pm I think.

So i guess it’s true that you at Sony catagoraise Australia as European Teritory. Can you please tell what time i would expect Dragonborn to be avalable to download via PSN like the exact time in Australian Eastern Standard?

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 00:27

Hearthfire 20th dawnguard 27th. but tbh sony got their big announcement on the 20th…. u know the ps freekin 4!!!! looks like m queing up for another midnight release.


Can i find out what time dragonborn will be available on psn for uk users please…. The wait has been long enough so the last few hours are agony ty…… @!@

Matt Grandstaff 13 February, 2013 @ 17:02

English version is now available :)


what time will it be in australia?

Matt Grandstaff 13 February, 2013 @ 17:01

should be live now


Haven’t got the game installed atm but definitely getting back into it at some point.

is it gonna be release in malaysia

water bug problem already solved whith update before 1.8

i pay not ful price , so first week buy ( ful price = thievery after so long no dlc )

also next gen learn to work on all consolles from day 1 .

i never have seen so many bugs / freezes in one companie games
falout / falout vegas / skyrim
when i then see games like borderlands + others like uncharted……

then i have feeling u are the problem ( also i nowh ps3 have mem problems+ i hope ps4 have more ore better , but if others are abel to make great games with almoast no bugs wy u not ?)

i live in brisbane australia and i am wondering at what time will the dragonborn dlc be available for download ps. can not wait for the other 2 to be available for download

I for one i am really excited. However the Xbox had several performance issues with dawngaurd especially. Are we going to have that same problem ?

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 07:30

As with a fair few others from Australia, i am wondering what time the content is destined to be available. I have searched all day with no hint of what time, and am wondering if i would be able to better use my time than to continue logging into the store, over and over again. When will it be out E.S.T?


I’m with all the other Australians on here. I’ve been looking all day, it’s nearly 7pm in Sydney and still nothing. While I love Skyrim, the dlc had been a long time coming and there’s quite a few of use anxious to get it.

Can someone from Bethesda tell me why the olive branch you’ve “supposedly” given the PS3 users by discounting the DLCs by 50% is completely useless since Microsoft is also discounting all the DLC, making the DLC much cheaper to get on that system?

Seems like a kick in the balls on PS3 users that have been shafted enough already by Bethesda’s inability to make a stable game.


after 7pm here in Australia, still no DLC. anyone else sick of waiting?? just about ready to be done with PSN altogether and make the switch to XBOX.


It’s barely past 8am for PS workers. I’d say another hour to get the update out for the store. We were warned it would be out Wednesday. It’s barely Wednesday for them.


i dont mind the wait as long as i know what time i have to wait until. more than anything, its the lack of information that bothers me the most…


Oh, I get that. I know myself that I’ve been checking every chance I get since I woke up at 7 this morning. And it being 7:30 pm now, I hope the dlc will be released before I go to bed. Like I said in my first comment, I would have rathered a time than constantly checking.

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 08:35

i heard that it was meant to be released UK time 5pm. meaning if it were the case, possibly around 3-4am EST


You have got to be kidding.

Conrad-Explorer 13 February, 2013 @ 08:44

I signed in today to download it and its nowhere to be seen. Is there a problem?

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 08:44

cant remember exactly where i read it, but yeah.. but i have no idea. i’m at the extent where im just screwing with game physics to entertain myself(heck yes, overpower alch glitch). thats the trouble with having the same updates for different countries. we get something when they get something, but ours could be in the dead of night because we’re on the same update system -.-


Something like that. But at least Skyrim lets you defy all kinds of logic. Something they do win at. Wasting time like a pro.


Hey matt do you know what time of day dragonborn will be on uk playstation store?


The Store updates every week at around 3.00pm GMT.


So then when roughly will it be released for Australia?

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 09:29

so by that, converted to australian time, this means about 2am.. might have a nap soon >.>


so why werent we told that the release date for Australia will be the 14th of Feb, not the 13th. Cleared my whole night to play this dlc when i couldve still been at the pub…


You’d think, that considering its took an extra, what…..4 months longer than it should have to give uss this DLC, they could of at least given us a time


more like 8 months. Xbox had this in June 2012, i believe.


To say the least, I could have spent my night resting for work or having fun instead of waiting for a dlc that was delayed for another day.

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 10:02

and me? im just bored. nothing better to do than to wait for it. so all the more lacking patience cause of it :D but oh well. good things come to those who wait. in this case, more quests, places to explore and that sort of shizzle. and as a reminder, what of the next set of content they’d release? since they are now able to release all 3 of the current ones, it will at least give the benefit of quicker release for the future


worst thing is that i’m off to sydney first thing tomorrow for a week, so there goes my half price dlc… unless i get up at 4am to download it…

supercookie1234 13 February, 2013 @ 10:10

Why is Dragonborn not on the store yet?


Thanks fredd and how much hearthfire cost in the uk

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 10:13

When is PS3 going to update the network and make the new DLC available?I am sitting here waiting for the this game to be made available especially in light of the fact that today is release date.



I guess patient is a virtue




5 more hours to wait… that’s assuming the timestamps on these posts match up to GMT. by my calculations, it should be 11.15AM GMT (currently 9.15PM Australian time), but this post will say approximately 10.15AM. Cant account for the hour difference as we should only be 10 hours ahead of GMT in the Eastern states of Australia (daylight savings time)

SHADOWNINJA115 13 February, 2013 @ 10:20

how long do i have to wait until its available on the play station store????….. its past 9pm ….

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 10:23

I am telling you buying a ps3 is the worst purchase i have ever made . The whole point in making available a release date is to make it available from that day but no we are sitting waiting agghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 10:26

I should have stayed with x box , not happy at all. Waited long enough for this game and PS3 cant evenmake game available am time .


i hear ya scottishlass78. even worse here is Aust as it will be the 14th of Feb before the game gets released. Makes a farce of the 13/02 release date for us…

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 10:27

That is shocking because I thought Europe and Australia were meant to be same release date?


I know!! It really bothers me that if PSN is going to count Australia as part of Europe, then the advice given to us needs to apply to ALL of us, not just a few.

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 10:32

release time, not date. its the same general time for release, so when you get it, we get it. but the time difference sets us ahead over the midnight line

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 10:34

Nightmare!!!! I guess i shall have to play skyrim till it comes out :-(


when I put ‘Skyrim’ into the search into that new stupid search engine they’ve got going on, it doesn’t recognise it whatsovever, not even the base game comes up, its as if it never existed

SHADOWNINJA115 13 February, 2013 @ 10:36

MR-AMAZING-94 yeah i know what you mean


thats because the store wont update with the DLC for another 4 and a half hours – and the core Skyrim game has never been available through the PSN Store.
P.S. – I’ve always found it odd that the game was never sold on the PSN Store. Anyone know why? I assume same issues that have plagued the DLC’s?

Why cant i see the new dlc up on the psn yet?


that is odd, if I’m not mistaken, Skyrim is one of the ps3’s most popular games, yet its not sold on the store but crap games ARE. I’d have thought what with the long wait for this DLC, that it would be advertised at least

Shortly before Skyrim was released, I had been having many problems playing Fallout NV on PS3 with freezes and glitches. Fallout 3 was not much better. I was already disillusioned with Bethesda for only making 200 copies of Skyrim’s CE available for the New Zealand market, all of which were gone within TWO hours to shysters, hawkers and those whom happened to be around intime. Bethesda REFUSED to make any more available for us even tho the US had region 1 copies for monthsafter release.
(cont. next post)


when I go on the playstation store, I can’t help but see games like call of duty, now, I was a COD freak myself once, when they were good, but now, its just one disappointment after another, I’d prefer to play a game like skyrim with a bit of variation, instead of just,

Spawn, kill, die, respawn, kill, die, respawn, kill, die, forgive me COD players, but I’d sooner play skyrim any day

(cont from my last post)

Now before Skyrim released I went onto Bethesda’s forums starting a thread stating with my concerns with the upcoming Skyrim and how it would perform on PS3 given Bethesda’s history on that console. Within a few minutes of my posting my thread, alost as if what I was writing had been read as I wrote it, a Bethesda MOD PUBLICALLY named me a FLAMER and a TROLL. Of course this immediately made this creature a hypocrite because all of the Bethesda minions and wannabees came crowding out pitchforks awaving, American flags affixed and by rote named me a TROLL and a FLAMER as well. I was only asking in moderate terms what the performance was going to be like in the game given the problems the Fallouts had had. We all know now with hindsight what happened after Skyrim’s release. I layed a complaint about this incident to Bethesda, but never heard back from them, nor received an apology.
I really hope that future Bethesda games have success on the upcoming PS$ and I...

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(cont from my last post)

Now before Skyrim released I went onto Bethesda’s forums starting a thread stating with my concerns with the upcoming Skyrim and how it would perform on PS3 given Bethesda’s history on that console. Within a few minutes of my posting my thread, alost as if what I was writing had been read as I wrote it, a Bethesda MOD PUBLICALLY named me a FLAMER and a TROLL. Of course this immediately made this creature a hypocrite because all of the Bethesda minions and wannabees came crowding out pitchforks awaving, American flags affixed and by rote named me a TROLL and a FLAMER as well. I was only asking in moderate terms what the performance was going to be like in the game given the problems the Fallouts had had. We all know now with hindsight what happened after Skyrim’s release. I layed a complaint about this incident to Bethesda, but never heard back from them, nor received an apology.
I really hope that future Bethesda games have success on the upcoming PS$ and I do wish them well as Bethesda, for all their questionable game engine design, do write the best scripts and in my opinion have the best canon in their games out there.

@ MR AMAZING. I really miss our old store and want it back, but you’ll find, if Skyrim is there at all you need to SEARCH under PS£ Games. If you SEARCG when you are on the PS3 Add-ons page, it only looks up from therein. A bit of a pain, namely because it is so confusing and doesnt make this clear. It looks like a general whole database search field in my opinion.
I really wish we could have the option of going back to the old store if we want to. They foisted this crap on us. It should be optionable. Its our money we are spending isnt it…

It came out at 4pm for US yesterday so I do believe the same will be in case of UK or any other countries (shame I’ll be at work :/).
So again guys PATIENCE!!!


yeah it is, its fair to say that I can’t stand this new playstation store, the search engine, uses an almost predicted text, which drives me round the bend, but sadly I seriously doubt they’ll change it back because a couple of ps3 users don’t like it



I might sound like a conplete novice when I ask this question, but is this new DLC, like added on to the skyrim province, and therefore you can access skyrim from this other land and vice versa, or are they like to completely different places and you need to go on a different story to access these areas, I’m asking because, as pathetic as it sounds, I quite like the idea of being able to travel from one province to another and collect rare items from both :)


what site?

Lestat-de-cool 13 February, 2013 @ 12:10

thank god its up :3 10 minutes remaining on my download. and to mr amazing, it adds a new landmass in a different area of the game-data. separate, but accessable via the means of going between (boat)

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 12:54

Still waiting… There won’t be horsemeat in our dlc will there?

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 12:57

@101 i agree entirely, i dislike the new psn it was alot better the old way. i wish they would ask us what we want before changing stuff. Its slower and annoying than the previous psn. Sony if its not broken don’t fix it. especially with something worse.

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 13:02

@103 the dlc is in Morrowind from TES 3, which you can play on pc or original xbox, its the home of Dark elves or dumner if you will. Wow i’v gone post crazy.

i hope thats its up soon, quite tired of having to wait so long today after having to wait all those months.

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 13:09

Anyone from UK managed to see the new DLC up ?


you can already download it, all you need to do is go to!/en-gb/home/games
buy the dlc, and downloadon the ps3.

should be up in about 45mins, somewhere round that time

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 13:20

The store updates at 3pm GMT its always been that way for all dlc on psn. No i havn’t seen it we have about 1hour 40 left to wait. Now ho is going to buy a ps4 or will you be switching to Xbox 720, i mean if this exclusive dlc farce is going to continue i know what im doing. and yes i know that doesnt really apply to the skyrim fiasco.

30 min can’t wait :D

well if the ps4 is going to be ps3 game compatible, which to met seems likely, i will stick with playstation. I have also in the past been quite annoyed for Microsoft for have “timed exclusive” rights to some of my favorite games, so switching over to them also kinda feels like giving in hah. but thats just my take on it.

come on time, go faster.

Its on there now… Also how much will Hearthfire be any1 know pls?? Cheers Thanks


It’s up in Sweden (Y)

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 13:37

yea hearthfire will be about 2.49 first week.@ 115 meh i’ll just buy both.

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 13:56

Dragonborn dlc has only been out 2 months on xbox…. Dawnguards been out since june 2012, Were getting them in reverse order. so really we havn’t had to wait that long for Dragonborn. plus Dawnguards supposed to be a game breaker.

scottishlass78 13 February, 2013 @ 14:06

Finally arrived and almost finished downloaded he heee! I am so happy, thank you!


I am THIS close to cartwheeling up the street in the snow, I’m so thrilled, I thought it would never come XD


How do i download? cant find(searching) skyrim or dragonbor on psn? is it out in sweden yet?



SolidusOcelot93 13 February, 2013 @ 14:38

Because of the horrible searching that the PSN store has I recommend going into the games add-on section and sorting by release date. I tried searching skyrim, the elder scrolls and dragonborn but only found it in the add-on section.

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 14:44

Im in uk, right my mates have just started d/L it, but i can’t find it. Sony your really pushing this friendship to the utter limit. And for godsake give us back the o.ld ps store the new one sucks @#$$ @#$%

I just came storming back on here to say the freezes are back but then I saw Matt’s comment about deleting GAME DATA UTILITY saves (ie patch saves NOT deleting SAVED DATA UTILITY ie game saves)and I was going into Shadowmeer’s pond at the time looking for poor POOR Shadowmeer, whom died upon treading upon a rock-cum-boulder (sniff). I was there searching for my mate. I cannot find him anywhere(he went male since the last game when he was a she), nor where he died. Does anyone know if he was patched poor POOR Thing from when he could die from fis own frat, and if so how to get his black horse’s arze back sniff. I want my Shadowmeer before we go trottying off to the island sniiiiiiff


Simple answer is it’s not up yet. Store updates between 3 and 6pm UK time. Not long now!

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 14:56

@127 i refer you to 120. they are in the uk and have managed to D/L it????? so how does that work.

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 15:01

Ahh you know what WGAF im going for a smoke, balls to this.


Yeah it’s NOT out in swedes….yet….God i hate the wait



SMOKIN_WEED_1986 13 February, 2013 @ 15:24

Its out!!! on the uk psn as of now d/L it rite now WooHooo


Can anyone tell me where dragonborn is in skyrim cant find it……

I used to be without dragonborn on my ps3, until I took an arrow….. ;) enjoy everyone, it’s been quite a wait but for all true tes fans out there, YEEEHHAAAAAA!

Oh yeah, does anyone know how to get a skyrim avatar for psn id?


Will the 50% off be avaiable also for the launch week in Italy or only for the first launch week in EU?


Will it be in turkey?

what about asia.when is it gonna be release ?, does any anybody know when ?


Is Poland excluded from the release?! Cannot find the DLC Dragonborn in PSstore…

Rotasiz_Kaptan 15 February, 2013 @ 14:02

i hope its gonna release for Turkey too, huh?


not releasing in the Middle East?????

Apparently last thursday I’ve downloaded Dragonborn into my PS3 like so many times and using various methods and as I put the Skyrim disk in the console and go to “Downloadable Content” it dosen’t seem to recognise that I’ve downloaded it no matter how many attemptsa I have made it aways said “no content downloaded” but i did install it like the amount of times I downloaded it. So can you explain about whats behind this problem like that I need to download some sort of other update for me to be able to use that content like Dragonborn?

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 19 February, 2013 @ 16:23

ok i completed dragonborn dlc, pretty good, just one problem. as soon as i wear Miraaks armour and i get attacked the game keeps slowing or freezes completely? i did all the usual fixes put all my saves on a flash drive and deleted all but 1 off my ps3, and stopped wearing Miraaks armour and that seemed to work. so basically Miraaks armour enchantments make the game freeze. WTF but no biggie. Also when hearthfire is released tomorrow is that the dlc i need to make arrows? thanks.

raging-midget1 24 February, 2013 @ 16:53

i have got dragonborn and hearthfire and have found no bugs in the content, do you have a release date for dawnguard yet? please reply :)

raging-midget1 24 February, 2013 @ 16:57

i heard that 2 new skyrim DLC’s will be released for xbox soon, will they be released for ps3? do you know what they are called yet?

raging-midget1 24 February, 2013 @ 17:00

if dawnguard breaks my game im NEVER playing a bethesda game again! unless its awesome like skyrim and fallout 3

SMOKIN_WEED_1986 25 February, 2013 @ 20:25

@145 yea dawnguards out wednesday 27th feb. and really, since i beat dragonborn and got miraaks armour my game keeps slowing down mainly when i wear his armour or im running?? my game save is 16mb and i’ve clocked up 245 hours on that save, its like fallout all over again. any tips? other than putting saves on usb & deleting all but 1 off my ps3. i’ve also ditched miraaks armour for my normal deadric suit. I really don’t want to start a new game as i wana use my character for dawnguard aswell.??

Have installed the long awaited Dawnguard DLC, but to my regret I already have a problem occurring …. => during the quest “Lead Serena home” I arrive at her castle only to notice that I can’t enter. I have looked on the internet for any leads on how this may happen, all I seem to find are the many walkthrough videos. All that tells me is that upon arriving at the main gate Serena is supposed to start a conversation after which entrance to her home is allowed. Sadly that doesn’t take place and I see no options leading towards progressing the mission when I adress her myself… Please anyone who can help me out here? I’m at my wit’s end, I was really looking forward to yet another addition to this amazing game but I feel completely helpless at the moment.

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