PlayStation Home update: v.1.75 is here, with love

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 13th February for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

First up, this week sees the arrival of the 1.75 Home client update. Check out details of the patch notes here. We’ve also made some changes to the layout of the Home Navigator, so it’s easier to find the best content and you can directly access stores.

Valentine Event


Love is in the air, and a romantic stir has taken over Pier Park. Everything from the full moon to love-themed mini-games help set the mood, including a kissing booth to open only on Valentine’s Day, 14th February.

The Casino


You’ll be breaking hearts with the new Lucky Fountain reward. The Hearts Bra will be available just in time for Valentines. Head to The Casino, toss a chip or two into the fountain, and get this reward for this special day!

Digital Leisure have doubled the limit in Craps, so now you can bet 400 chips at once! The stakes are now higher for those who want to feel the rush of rolling the dice.

Extra-terrestrial declarations of aggression detected. High Alert Status granted. Move to Severe Alert Status pending. Wraiths have been unleashed in PlayStation Home!

The latest addition to the Gift Machine is something a bit special. The Dream Hideaway incorporates all the high quality fixtures and fittings you’ve come to expect from a Dream apartment, but in a rather different setting.

She’s got the va-va-voom curves and is just as happy draped across a piano singing her heart out as she is basking in the light of paparazzi camera flashes. Steal her style with the Screen Siren dress and hairstyle. Be ready to be the centre of attention.

Skinny jeans have gone even skinnier and come in a variety of colours plus value packs!

Peakvox Ninja
Backflipping its way into Home this week is the first update to peakvox ninja! Including an all new traditional Japanese ninja lair and outfits which bring enhanced ninja powers for Peakvox Ninja!

Heavy Water
Dragons have invaded Avalon! There are multiple breeds for you to choose from and each can be yours in the form of a companion or an active item that you can ride around your apartment!



nDreams are bringing you two styles of jetpack in their Bladestream Corp Range. The A3000’s have a futuristic design with extendable arms where the J3000’s are a little more old school and use propellers before kicking in with the flame powered boost.

Also nDreams is bringing its take on MiniMotors this week. Hop on, ride around Home and even pull off the special Donut emote to run rings around others.

u love green


Codeglue continues the successful collaboration with u love green, and brings you a new limited edition Valentine collection, available in pink and black. You can grab any of the individual items or go for one of the discounted bundles!



This week sees the latest Wrangler content released with ten new items in the Wrangler store. A new range of shirts, jeans, and jackets will be available, including the “Damaged Dino Shirt” for men and the ladies “Annie – White Long Sleeved T”.



Looking to dress to impress? Konami has just the wardrobe you need. Check out the ever fashionable line of dresses being released under the Fashionista line.


Pixel art never goes out of style! Check out Konami’s latest outfits with their custom unique animations that are reminiscent of 8-bit charm.

Home Tycoon


To celebrate Valentine’s Day get 50% off all pink cars in Home Tycoon from 11th-18th February! Don’t forget to gift some Gold Coins to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, no matter where they are in the world!

Spin the hoop around and vigorously shake your hips. When you use the hoop, it will keep spinning around your waist.

The Wizard outfit for men has arrived! In addition, the Flying Broom locomotion item can be used to fly up in the air. Choose from 3 poses by pressing the R1 button.

This large Poncho comfortably covers the upper body, giving a warm and cute impression. The bottoms are denim with leg warmers, and the cute Knit Beanie covers the ears like ear muffs.

Perfect for the City of Flowers Penthouse, stylish new furniture has arrived. Live the rich life with some stylish furniture.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Excited for the Plus stuff tomorrow!

SiborgSimoSctlnd 12 February, 2013 @ 19:13

YAY! Just what none of us wanted! Keep up the good work, guys :-)

my good sony, just let it die already. Who in the right mind is still using PSN Home? Just for the sake of having a few giggles. Could you post some statistics please? Com’on… show us how grand this community really is, that validates all of these updates that no one wants.


I use it almost daily and see quite a number of people around. Covering the 4 regions I expect Home to have at least 200,000 frequent users. But these users might be like me and only go online for maybe an hour per day.
Its also worth mentioning number of people treat Home like a SL application and practically live there. Sad but true.


Funny isn’t it? I don’t go to the trouble of commenting upon
games I don’t play.
But then I might enjoy the efforts of all the contributors to PS
Home? Rather than have a mouth full of sour grapes.
Keep up the good work Sony I especially like the gift
apartment from Lockwood this week. Thank you.

The most important question has skyrim DLC been added to PlayStation store yet


Can’t wait till Sony dumps home on ps4.

Does it get tiring, spewing forth negativity all the time?


I think Playstation Home is a gret idear but could use some work. Hope to see on the Playstation 4.


were r the skyrim dlc r they out today r not


hi i do like playstation home but i would like to see a new game all i see is things to buy


i do like playstation home but all i see is things to buy is there going to be a new game

Carnivius_Prime 13 February, 2013 @ 09:58

Some nice new features in the patch. I don’t use Home a lot but I do like it and use it on occasion to keep in touch with other PS3 owning friends and family. Certainly moreso now that Microsoft are trying to kill off MSN and force Skype on everyone (a program I’ve hated using for many, many years and constantly uninstall again once it’s served whatever purpose I may have been forced to use it for at the time)


I’ll never understand those people who wonder why Home is still around or even question if people use it. If you hold no interest in the platform, don’t bother looking at articles about it. It obviously has a userbase because it’s on this blog every week and it’s not going away anytime soon. I don’t like certain types of games etc. but I don’t go in to comment asking why people still play Call of Duty, to each their own. Don’t like it? Don’t berate those who do.

supersmith2500 13 February, 2013 @ 14:45

This getting worthless. IT’S STILL DOWN. D X

Macephtophelez 13 February, 2013 @ 16:47

Shouldn’t an “update” keep people, y’know, updated? Like the main question that people will be wondering about is when is it ending today? Because to me “briefly” doesn’t tend to translate as “at least twice the amount of time that Home is down for maintenance normally.”

@16 you got a point there. hopefully soon

supersmith2500 13 February, 2013 @ 17:41

This is taking the P. It’s almost 6pm and it’s still down. A nice notice would of helped.

Deep-pink-willow 16 February, 2013 @ 08:41

This update has messed up my wardrobe, invetory,and furniture…..putting all my favorites and new stuff in storage and putting storage stuff in my main bit……..can someone tell me when this will be fixed as evertime i log on it messes it all up again

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