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Greetings PlayStation Blog. Yippee Entertainment is thrilled to announce the arrival of Chimpact on the PlayStation Mobile store tomorrow, 13th February.

Priced at £3.15/€3.99, Chimpact is a one-touch arcade puzzle game that is fun to play and hard to master. It features the very cheeky Chuck the chimp, who catapults his way through the jungle searching for bananas and hidden gems.

Getting your own team together and creating brand new products from scratch must surely be the dream of everyone who works in game development. The rise of casual game-play has given us a chance to go back to our roots in the industry and concentrate on creating something really fun to play.

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With a new team, we needed a new product. Keen to create something fresh, Chimpact was born out of our love of old console games from our youth in the 8- and 16-bit days.

We had a desire to make a fun, physics-based game with an engaging main character. Various ideas were put into the pot, but none of them generated very much excitement, until the magic moment when Kev our lead artist said, “I know, let’s make pinball with monkeys”.

We all sat there smiling and each one of us could picture it in our heads. Simple one-touch control, rich graphics, absorbing gameplay and FUN!!


Now we needed our leading man – or, should I say, chimp. Chuck was originally meant to be a little on the grumpy side, battered and bruised from his jungle acrobatics. However, as time progressed, Chuck became ever more cheerful and loveable.

We put a lot of care and attention into designing the jungle environment that Chuck and his family would inhabit. We used 3D rendered objects, strong depth of field and stupidly high resolution to help the scenery pop off the screen. For inspiration we looked towards animated movies. Colour schemes were intentionally naturalistic, prompting many people to describe the scenery as ‘beautiful’.

Every single level has a unique combination of features and environmental effects to give it a distinctive atmosphere and special attention was given to the lighting. Our goal was to give the chimps real personalities and have them react to the world around them. All the creatures – especially the chimps – went through multiple revisions, as we wanted every single one to feel special.


We saw simplicity as fundamental to the design. Mobile gamers are often playing in short bursts to fill an idle moment. Complicated controls with lots of buttons and cryptic goals were out, in favour of one-touch gameplay. The game had to be highly accessible to appeal to a broad range of players and yet remain challenging. Progress is rarely blocked but there is always something fresh to do.

Chimpact has been a real labour of love for us and we hope that you have as much fun playing as we did making it.

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Why is this in the Irish channel? PSM is not available in Ireland.

Fact: PSM will never expand to the rest of the countries.

This looks pretty cool Lorraine. Any chance of a trailer or a brief vid showing some gameplay? Wait, they’re the same thing!

Yeah… uhmn… good luck with that. Most of of Europe doesn’t have access to PSM because… well… SCEE doesn’t care about us.

I can only guess at how ridiculously small your potential user base is.

Good job SCEE. lol.

Bargain, well if you like paying £3.15 for games that a free on other formats. Got this game months ago on my BB Playbook free.

Its actually a nice game for wee kids, but £3+ is too much.

Graphics look cool;)

in 1 jear we get like you tube , but then ps4 al here = fact europe nr1 markt to sony , but then = time sony treat use like biggest markt

stil after 7 days 3 unwanted language pack ( games ) cod bo2
no demo ragnorack odysee on vita ( open vita u self in belgium store , flemish language to see )
after so long , sing star stil no free ap but unwanted forced spam .( wil not buy ps4 if u not remove fast )

hope to see fast store update = want skyrim dlc ( fingers crost no language of other problems on dlc )

I’m not afraid to say that I think iPad/mobile gaming is wack. Gaming without physical controls I generally find ball-suckish.

BUT, I bought this for the iPad ages ago by chance, and found it so addictive that I even bothered to write a small review on the iTunes store for it – which I never do…..and gave it 5 stars. :)

If this is anything like the iPad version then it’s simply one of the best games ever made due to it’s chronic addictiveness (and it looks fantastic too). The only negative about it, is completing it. I didn’t want it to end. :(

supersmith2500 12 February, 2013 @ 16:31

Reminds me of Donkey Kong Country meets Sonic Jump somehow.

Did the artist pay any fees to the movies studio who produced the “lost in space remake” These cartoon monkey reminded me of that and it changed colours at will…

please do a VITA version with trophies and you will have my moneys right away!.

PSM will never hit norway i guess so i won’t be able to play this game if no vita version!.

I agree with my fellow Nordic neighbor.
No trophies , NO LOVE!
Or get PSM to the nordic countries.

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