Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken takes flight on PS Vita today

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

The wait is over! We’re very proud to announce that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is ‘wiggling’ its way onto your PS Vita starting with today’s PlayStation Store update.

Building upon our three-time IGF Finalist browser game Rocketbirds: Revolution! and the stereoscopic 3D Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for the PlayStation 3, it has been fun creating this PS Vita version and utilising a lot of the PS Vita’s awesome features.

When it came time to put together the launch trailer, it made me realise that apart from the sweet screen-tilting (and other great features), the game’s oft-overlooked asset is actually that the PS Vita is so darned portable, allowing people to play the game anywhere – so we really wanted the launch trailer to somehow show it this time (Rocketbirds-style) – and use one of the sweet instrumental remixes from New World Revolution, which is also in the game, to accompany it.

For those of you who are reading about this title for the first time, in this game, you’ll take control of Hardboiled Chicken, the original Cock of War (a chicken so tough, he survived being boiled as a fetus), to lead the rebellion against the draconian penguin oppressors to overthrow their hold on Albatropolis!

It’s an old-school cinematic action adventure set in the Rocketbirds universe – a world filled with some despicable and often violent birds.

We’ve built out a two player co-operative campaign with a story all of its own and six characters to choose from, which we’ve named the dirty half dozen. Play as pint-sized Budgie commandos on an entirely different mission to save the general’s bird-napped daughter.


Yes, it’s on the PS Vita, which means you can play Rocketbirds anywhere you go, whether you’re guarding a Penguin fortress, or waiting for your train. I realise now that it is the game’s main feature, and I hope you’ll appreciate that!

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS Vita is available exclusively on PSN for €7.99/£6.49. If you purchased the PS3 version of the game, you’ll be able to purchase the PS Vita version at a reduced price of €6.49/£5.19 and unlock both Budgie Commando characters (Sniper Budgie and Agent-H Budgie Commando) for the co-op campaign as well! not only that, but PS Plus members can download the game with an additional 20% discount on top of this!

We’ve jam packed this title with awesomeness and polished the heck out of it – so grab your handheld, strap on your jetpack – let’s start a revolution!

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Video is “Private”

Indeed it is…

Good price!


We hoped so too :-)

CoolRichy008UK 13 February, 2013 @ 14:29

@1@2 haha it wont let you see the video in your countrys LMFAO i can see ther video in the uk so na na na n aaanaaa

Oh, so it’s only for privileged countries again. Even YouTube videos posted on PS Blog. GG Sony.

Funny enough, when I go to YouTube directly it works as intended. Again, Sony’s selective treatment on the blog…

@4 no, it was just set to private, you know, the option youtube allows you to upload a video without allowing the general public to see.. If it was country restricted it would state *cough* “This video is unavailable in your country”

On that note, the video is no longer private


Hah… glad to see the privacy issues are settled :-)

On that note, the video is no longer set to private.


Hope you guys like the vid though!

I grabbed Rocketbirds within minutes of the store updating this morning, and so far I’m absoluuuuuutely loving it. I’m only about forty minutes in right now, but so far, so very good.

Wow what a price… So as a PS3 Rocket Bird owner it’s £5.19 with another 20% off for being a Plus memeber, making it £4.15! Take my money!
Can’t wait to get stuck into some portable Hardboiled action, congrats on making a great game even better and for rewarding your fans!


Hah… Then you also get Both budgie commandos as well (Dirty Half Dozen plus two)


I like it! The whole ”panning with your camera” thing seems really cool, and I especially like the art style… I wonder how good it’ll look on my Vita: buying it when I’m home later today!

But just a quick question, considering my memory card is getting a bit stuffed: how large is the file-size?

Thanks in advance!


It’ll be 500 something MB but this includes the savedata as well :-)

I apologise on behalf of my fellow countryman, CoolRichy008UK, for his continiued insensitive remarks towards the rest of Europe throughout this blog. He’s not very “cool” you see and in truth he can be a bit of a JACKA**. The life of a lonely internet vigilante, I guess…

Will this game be available in Poland?


We deeply regret not having Polish in game translations for us to be able to have it in your store. We support over 10 different languages (7 for Europe), but I had to facepalm when I realized we could not include Poland in our list of stores.


Wait… Scratch that other comment. We can be in Poland! Let me look into this first thing tomorrow morning!


@Sian Yue Tan: Thank for the quick reply! I’m a bit stingy with huge downloads, but 500mb for a game this goodlooking sounds like a deal! Still buying your game this evening, looking forward to it! :D


Ik hoop dat je het leuk zal vinden :-)



Um can someone tell me if I like “shank 1&2” will I like this cause it looks kinda similar to me for some strange reason.

All I can say is if you like side scrolling platform shooters with the odd jetpack mission in then this needs to be purchased. Hell, even if you just like poultry, give it a try.


Hope you Guys do a sequel for this great game.


We’re workin’ on it :-)

About Today’s Playstation Store Update
Is the Yu-Gi-Oh game going to get released here as well?
And any information about when Persona 4 Arena will get released on EU?

@18…..! Poultry and side scrollers, I’m sold.

I remember seeing the trailer for this on PS3 and thinking it looked great, but for some reason I never picked it up…

Until now, I just bought it for Vita! :)


That’s great to hear – really glad we took the time to get this on the PS Vita. It just works well on it – and is portable.


Wow £6.50 is a really brilliant price :-) Well done for making it so affordable.
I cannot view the trailer from my Vita, but gunna take a punt on this anyway.


Loved this on the PS3 so will be revisiting on the Vita. Does this support cross play as I don’t know anyone with a Vita to complete co-op with which is required for the platinum?


Loved this on the PS3 so will be revisiting on the Vita. Does this support cross play as I don’t know anyone with a Vita to complete co-op with which is required for the platinum?


No crossplay with PS3 unfortunately, but we have ad-hoc as well as online coop. There is a Bronze Trophy attached to completing the Coop campaign with a friend though.


i can’t find Sniper Budgie add-on, downloading the game right now :)


Great – try the link to the store under Extras – that should save you some time


@Sian Yue Tan: Ik zal het je hier in dit blog laten weten! :D


Hah… Alleen als je het leuk vond hopelijk… Heheh…


Huh, why not available only in Poland out of the entire region? I bought the Steam version and I was looking forward to play it on the go.

AFAIK, you only need to translate the store description – and even that is shaky, since the store is in English on Vita and I’ve seen many games with English descriptions.

There’s no requirement for translating the games themselves.



Yes, thanks and please see above – I stand corrected. We’ll get the Polish store translations up as soon as we can.

Please make it available in Poland :(


We have our best chicken working on it…

Awesome! Can’t wait to play it :P

Awesome game, just bought it and you’ve gotta to love the developer for all the replies on here as so many never comment on their own blogs!

Excellent price for current PS3 owners and love the 20% PS+ rebate. Good job! Bought it :)

Thanks for supporting the vita, and at a really affordable price too, so I cold not refuse to buy it, and it turned out to be a great game aswell :)

great price, i will have to get the ps3 version too now… i bought the vita one earlier today.
great game!.


@Sian Yue Tan: Jup, de game is leuk! Vijf levels gespeeld tot nu toe, en ik moet zeggen: de production-value zit gewoon op een full price game… en dat voor acht euro! Doet me denken aan de kwaliteit van Rayman op de Vita, sfeervol en gedetailleerd. Vooral het kantelen van de camera is een leuke toevoeging: zo lijkt je Vita een beetje op een kijkdoos. ;)

And one more thing: that teaser of part 2 looks interesting as well. Considering a Vita port? :D

Keep up the good work!


wow, awesome to hear :-) and thanks for coming back to let us know!

I just bought the Vita version. I like this game :) Good stuff.


Looks pretty cool :p

Does this support cross save?


Unfortunately no, though we did try. There were just too many contentual changes and tweaks from the PS3 version.


Downloaded it and love it! Can’t wait to platinum it all over again!

Would love to see a sequel!

Purchased this evening and about 2 hrs in, its actually stopped me playing P4G so to say its excellent is an understatement, great fun, and can see a platinum on this one, feels perfectly suited to the Vita, really hope it sells well.

Good thing you’re working on the Polish store, cause it made me sad that you are omitting us.
When it comes to translating games, we usually are angry when you force us to play a translated game. I always play games in English. In Poland when you go to the cinema, you get the movie in the original language just with subtitles. We just don’t like translations that much in any media, so it’s ridiculous not to release a game here because it’s not translated…


You can’t imagine how horrified we were to leave Poland unchecked! Just glad we can still remedy this!

I promise to buy it, if you manage to put it in store in Poland today :)

Me to… I hardly waiting for RB!


Great news – we have gotten some great Polish Store translations… I hope we can still make the next store update on the 20th – otherwise it will be thereafter. Thanks for your patience!

@Sian Yue Tan
Thanks! :) We are waiting for 20th! :)

This game is short on normal but it has hard boiled and co op to. I want to play it co op! The music is over the topp in this game!


Have your brilliant stuff on PC (and hell it’s superior to any console counterparts, you managed to give a lot of love to the PC version), so I probably won’t pick up the same game full priced. And it’s more expensive than PC one in my region anyway. Though I must admit your trailers are so awesome I keep on watching them like a music videos.

So.. is it going to be available in Poland today?
Would be great, I need a good game for a long trip, that I’m going on Friday :)

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