Dead or Alive 5+: Touch Fight gameplay detailed for PS Vita

Dead or Alive 5

Greetings PlayStation Blog. Today we are going to share the new Touch Fight and training details that will be available for the first time in Dead or Alive 5+ for PlayStation Vita, due in stores from 22nd March 2013.

As fans await the game’s launch, Team Ninja is helping dedicated players get ready for the new, more personal style of touch combat that maximizes the PS Vita’s gorgeous OLED display by putting the opponent front and center. In the competitive world of DOA fighting, those who are best prepared will be the first ones to top the leaderboards!

With previously announced features such as triple the amount of frame data and impressive cross-device functionality with shared purchases and cross-platform online matches, Dead or Alive 5+ is shaping up to set a new benchmark for handheld combat.

The intuitive “Touch Fight” mode, newly created for Dead or Alive 5+, lets players attack opponents with simple taps or swipes of the touchscreen, offering a second fighting mode alongside traditional button-based control. In this mode, combat is shown from a first-person perspective to put players in the middle of the action for the most intuitive DOA fighting experience to date.

Players can hold the PS Vita horizontally for a full widescreen view of the interactive battle stage, or vertically to enjoy a close-up view of the opposing character.

Dead or Alive 5+ for PS Vita

A range of attacks are available via touch and swipe, and landing a five-hit combo will trigger a Critical Burst, leaving an opponent open for even more punishment. Characters will react based on where they are touched or attacked, combining the realistic feel of a first-person view with full player control. Swiping in different directions unleashes different moves.

For instance, swipe upward to launch your opponent flying into the air, opening up the opportunity to perform an air combo. Pinching the touchscreen will result in a hold if your opponent is striking or a throw if your opponent is guarding, standing, or executing a hold. When a throw or Power Blow is executed, the screen perspective changes to a cinematic view so players can enjoy watching their character dish out the punishment.

To help players master the intense martial arts techniques available in Dead or Alive 5+, the game includes several new training modes. In “Free Training” mode, players can choose exactly which moves and combos they want to practice. Serious fighters can to take their skills to the next level by isolating their weak points and drilling them to perfection.

In “Command Training”, players practice the moves of each character until they become second nature, advancing to the next move only after they master the previous one – but if they get stuck they can watch move demos to help master it.

“Tutorial” mode gives players a solid grounding from basic moves to advanced combos and fighting strategy, with both lesson and mission segments to learn and then test the moves in action.

Finally, “Combo Challenge” allows players to select a character they truly want to master and then practice that character’s key moves and combos until they can be summoned instinctively without hesitation.

Dead or Alive 5+ for PS Vita

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No one comments on this because PlayStation Europe Twitter Account gave a wrong link for this page.


Haha it has been fixed :)

Kasumi….I really want to buy a DOA5 just for her…And NG3RE…

I need a version of 1920*1080


I don’t see why not.

I have uploaded it for you.


Prenotato già da amazonuk… sul listino di quello .it non era nemmeno segnato. Da quando l’ho visto ho deciso di volerlo sempre con me

Thank you for bringing Dead or Alive 5+ to the PS VITA!!! Ever since I heard about it, I held from purchasing the PS3 version, and then I will decide which one to buy.

May I ask if the PS VITA version is downgraded visually, like the latest Mortal Kombat (the characters look somewhat blocky)? I ask because DOA5 is not only a very good fighting game, but a spectacle too! It would be shameful if the characters looked horribly on the VITA’s screen.


Chin Soon Sun will the trophy lists be shared or different?

Because 1000 matches online is crazy…right?….. ._.

Can’t wait for this. Mortal Kombat was a serious let down for me considering how crap it looks on the Vita, this will do nicely!

I will get this on release since I didn’t get the PS3 version.

love your modeling on insertcoin XD
any ideas on the download file size and the rrp .
and do we get any preorder bonuses?

I would love version that comes packaged with the PS3 and VITA versions for those of use who missed out the first time round

alice_push_lara2 15 February, 2013 @ 10:37

any plan for pre-order bonus or collector’s edition for the EU region?

the japanese/asian collector’s edition looks so sweet

Right! What about the collector’s edition for EU? I’d like a nice one with a Kasumi figurine :D
or at least the one that Japan gets.
You choose ;)

thanks Chin, always a delight to read your posts. looking forward to NGS2+, DOA5+ and somewhere down the line NGIII:RE+
Tecmo Koei + Team Ninja = match made in heaven

damn, forgot to include the PS3 version of NGIII:RE, as I will be getting that one d1 too. Vita version is probably at least a year away =(

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