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PlayStation.Blog Recap

Hey there everybody. Don’t quote me on it, but I think we had more posts on PlayStation Blog this week than ever before. It was furiously busy, to be sure. Highlights included new behind-the-scenes glimpses at God of War: Ascension and Soul Sacrifice, a whopping new Sale on PlayStation Store and an interview with Ni No Kuni creator Akihiro Hino. See the full list below.

As for next week, well, it’s going to be a big one. Not only will we be revealing your PS Plus content for March but PlayStation Meeting 2013 kicks off in New York at 11.00pm GMT on Wednesday. We’ll be streaming it live, of course, and you really won’t want to miss it…

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  • Weekend Essentials – YouTube and Aliens: Colonial Marines join our tip top PlayStation picks this weekend – grab your wireless controller and take cover behind the sofa…
  • Game On – Make your week one to remember with some exciting new info on Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway and The Last of Us, only on PlayStation.
  • The YouTube app arrives on PS3 – YouTube on PS3 just got a lot better with a brand new application beautifully designed for TV.
  • Prepare for 20.02.2013 – What is it? There’s only one way to find out. Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you posted.
  • 10 of the Best: Downloadable games – Check out these great value titles no gamer should be without, hand-picked by and available from PlayStation Store.

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12 Author replies

“PlayStation Meeting 2013 kicks off in New York at 11.00pm GMT on Wednesday” That is all i can think about really! :P :D ;)

More PS Plus content…. my precious….. >:D


Super hyped for PlayStation Meeting 2013. I know you won’t let us down Sony! Also interested to see the Plus content for March as I will likely be re-subscribing to Plus – hopefully some good Vita stuff :)


It’s subjective of course, but it’s looking like a really good Plus month for March. I think you’ll all be content…

We can not continue skyrim dragonborn experience because you do not add TURKEY PSN. We hope you add dlc Turkey Psn as soon as possible.


Agreed: The PS Meeting this Wednesday (Thursday basically lol) is the key event this week. Is anyone from the Blog going to be at the other side of the Atlantic for the Meeting?


Yes, PS Blog will definitely be there.


2 exciting things to look forward to! Roll on Wednesday!!

Can’t wait for Wednesday. So much hype over the last week has me excited.

How long will the show run for? I have work in the morning but I want to watch it.

supersmith2500 17 February, 2013 @ 11:52

Wait a sec, revealing new PS Plus for March that early? = )
I bet 20th is going to be the reveal of the new PS4.


Hey Fred, I’m really excited for the event on Wednesday (and the Destiny reveal today!) any word on Vita streaming for the event?
If not this time, could you see if this functionality can be added for the future: I always miss E3 because I don’t want to keep people awake!


We’re still finalising streaming details – I’ll have firm info for you soon.

nonkelvladimir 17 February, 2013 @ 12:05

No Weekend Debate this week?


Sorry :( I was on my sickbed on Friday so couldn’t source a prize. It will return!


exicted for the playstation meeting on wednesday. Im guessing its going to be a busy week for you then fred.

Hi Fred,

Do you know if Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is also getting digital release on pns store next week ?!

Same question for Tomb Raider(released at the beginning of March).

There should definitely be more PSN pre-orders !

Or at least some announcements what’s coming as day 1 digital title.

Otherwise we have to wait for store update or keep on asking here on the blog :(



Alas, Metal Gear Rising won’t be getting a day 1 digital release. No news on Tomb Raider at present, but we’ll keep you posted.

*psn store

typo error

Lets all hope the PS4 is released this year and not March next year like Edge was saying.

declan__watson 17 February, 2013 @ 13:00

Hey Fred
Like many people im super pumped too for #PlayStation2013 meeting, I think Jack Tretton will be presenting it with maybe Kazou Hirai maybe, not sure but lets hope its good and we can get a few good laughs. Is there any chance of a square enix colab in PlayStation All-Stars Fred? Id love it if I got the game to play as deus ex or agent 47.

Still Hunting for trophies in games, think im gonna play battlefield 3. But yeah another busy week for the PlayStation nation, and another busy week coming up. LongLivePlay and enjoy the rest of four weekend Fred. :)


I know you said it will be on here(the live event) Fred but will it be on YouTube as well? As we can watch it a little easier, on a big TV through our Ps3.


As above, we’ll confirm details soon!

Revealing PS Plus content for March next week !

That’s great :)

When ?
On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ?


It’ll probably be Friday. There’s a small chance that it might slip to next Monday/Tuesday though.

Hi Fred, another great week on the blog.

The months really are flying past. Still not got a chance to play Sleeping Dogs from last months PS+ update. :(

Roll on Wednesday Hyped to the max.

Devil_May-_-Cry_ 17 February, 2013 @ 14:07

So many games are coming out soon! Keep it SSStylish Sony !

I think you’ll all be content…

Does that include Germany too Fred? ;)

I wonder if the PS4 reveal will manage a surprising factor.
It seems so far that everything has already been rumored, estimated etc. I want a “whow” moment!


I hope so!


“Yes, PS Blog will definitely be there.”

Good to know then! Hope you guys there have a good time (and for us who can’t go too!) :)

looking forward to next weeks big reveal………………….the plus content lol as we all know what the other big reveal on the 20th is going to be.

supersmith2500 17 February, 2013 @ 14:53

Next week is going to be a great week for the Vita. Ragnarok Odyssey and Persona 4 Golden is coming out and not to mention. We might see some more games being announced for the Vita. The meeting is just about the rumoured PS4 reveal you know. I would be so happy if Gran Turismo and God of War were revealed then showed off at E3 later this year.

supersmith2500 17 February, 2013 @ 15:19

*not just about the PS4 reveal. We need an edit button.


Hey. So why Dragonborn DLC isnt available in Croatia? Still no response from any of you, really professional…


This is a question for Bethesda – they set release dates for their titles, not Sony. Hopefully they’ll have news to share soon.

Hi Fred, any chance of a psp or ps1 classics sale anytime soon?


There’s nothing on the calendar right now I’m afraid, but never say never…

ryannumber3gamer 17 February, 2013 @ 18:19

Wednesday is going to be a good day. First the Playstation news and The Sly Cooper demo is out on wednesday :D

Think there’s a problem with the Kat and Emmett DLC, downloaded it there and it says i have the Vita DLC, checked the store and it said i had already downloaded the PS3 version, but not according to the file i downloaded. Is this correct?


I’ll look into this one for you.


I was so excited for the ps4 announcement but it’s starting to turn around on me. The leaked pictures of the new Dualshock might very possibly be real, and I can’t help but facepalm at it.. Pretty much all of the traditional elements have been altered.. Joysticks are not rounded which probably makes for an uncomfortable feeling to the thumbs if the joystick is not in its neutral position (Xbox controllers have these kind of joysticks too and I hate them). Sticks further apart which might be good for people with big hands, but how it’ll manipulate the overall feel of the controller is yet to be seen.. Dpad was perfect with its ‘seperate’ buttons and they’ve changed that too. Gimmicky adds of touch pad and move sensor, only adding weight. The handles also look bigger and broader.. It seems like all the traditionel elements have been kept, but changed upon. I’m surprised they didn’t change the actual facebuttons at this point..


After the horrible resdesigns of the XMB (trophy section and syncing, singstar spam, slowdown,..) and the PSstore (less accessible and user-friendly) this is another tough pill to swallow.. I miss Ken Kuturagi.. When will you guys at Sony learn, not to fix when it’s not broken! Will this be an optional controller on top of a more traditional one? What about the fans who’ve been enjoying the traditional PS controllers since PS1? Didn’t we make it more than clear that the controller is perfect as it is and any change to it results in dissatisfaction?
Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness. Nothing should get lost and nothing should be added to it.


Load up the game and see. I think it is installed already leaving the vita ones to be transfered.


@29 Yea I already complained about this in the original post. Just another one of those Store flaws.. After you downloaded them from the store (Vita versions for some reason), you can download the PS3 versions from your download list.

supersmith2500 17 February, 2013 @ 20:12

Also I hope there is not much shooters or puzzlers. I think I had enough puzzlers by now. = \


March Ps+ Update? Maybe there will be finally our first RPG? That would be great.

Ragnarok Odyssey + dlc skyrim i wil buy ( stil no demo on vita , needed to download tru ps3 !!!! )

( hope no mistake like viking game , price tag free on ps3 but i needed to pay 12,99 after dowload = mistake of sony , i have no problem al peopel make mistakes but refunds need to go faster )

ps4 i am not intrested
reason =
– singstar not optional on ps3
– to many mistakes in store + rude service
– games to expensif
– Need save data cards ore free storage on psn to put mi save data on ( not want to pay to get mi saves somwhere stored )
– ps3 games not play on ps4 on disk i already buy ( not want gaika streaming )
controler ps4 = not mi ting ( ore put litel screen in like vita ore change only l2/r2 more fps trigers + littel bit bigger )

ps+ need more % on games + faster price cuts ( last jear i use ps+ )

The big news on the 20th will be the removal of the singspam icon :-)



XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 18 February, 2013 @ 10:24

Please do a PS1 sale.

Well, I have to work the following day and have a baby that gets me out of bed early in the mornings, so I can’t really stay up and watch the event live on February 20. Will there be any way that I can watch a replay of it he following morning (Hopefully without any spoilers, lol!)Because it will go live at 0:00 February 21 central European time, right?


Yes, fear not, we’ll have plenty of options for re-watching.

When do Sony usually update the playstation plus games collection? i’m new to plus, thanks.

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